Former WTO, Goldman and BP chief Peter Sutherland dies at 71

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I didn't know about this kike, but now I do, and I'm tapdancing on his grave

Fucking finally
Rot In Pit

Tbh I feel like all the real masterminds of the ZOG are dying off and the replacements are spoiled, entitled kids who care about their degenerate lifestyles more. We're gonna win bois






Wanna bet this has something to due with the pedogate shit coming crashing down? Got himself anorder saying either kill yourself and go silent or we will rip your tarnish your families name.

One down, hundreds more to go. Time to uncork one of Great-grandpa's wines, it seems.
Hope someone finds the time to come around and piss on this kike's grave.

David Rockefeller died last year, let's hope kikes like George Soros, David Rothschild and Madeleine Albright make their visit to hell this year too.

This is what happens when they are deprived of kiddie blood so they can't extend their life unnaturally like before.

More like the child blood well is drying up thanks to actually enforcing laws regarding human trafficking.

Póg mo thóin
Go hIfreann leat a shlíomadóir lofa.

Rip in Pisseroni

Ardú mo dheartháireacha lig dúinn a mharú tiarna Londain.

You probably need to lurk a few more years then.


He wasn't a kike. He was a Catholic.

And he was biologically Irish.

Don't jinx it fags

Jinx what? And It's not two people, just me.

excellent. burn in hell, kike. praise kek.

Rest in piss in the bowels of Hell you rancid fucking heeb, and may your entire tribe join you there shortly.

Source on him being jewish? Wikipedia says Irish Catholic with some Scottish as well.

He's not. He is an honorary jew because he does their bidding. Might as well be one himself

Rot in penis you fucking kike. I hope you're enjoying your eternal stay at hell

Fuck homogeneity!


Party time?
It's party time!

Are clowns Jewish?

well, that one certainly is.


The sad part is that it's not a fucking win, it's just time and old age. When your enemies die of old fucking age, I don't really chalk that up as a 'win'.

Are you still breathing?

There's no such thing as an honorary jew, just like there is no such thing as an honorary aryan.

Wow, our enemies got exactly what they wanted, while abusing our race almost to the point of annihilation! What a fucking win!
The only satisfaction I'll get is when every single fucking kikelet dies, down to the last cell. If our enemies are dying of old age, we're not working hard enough.

No I'm wondering why you haven't been thrown into the oven yet.

Mere survival isn't a win. Slaves survive. Cockroaches and rats survive. I'm working for a win. How about you?

for dubs

kosher post

Always a good day when there's another dead kike. Enemy to my people rot in hell and fire.



If anything we'll hit the eye of the storm and need to use the lull to prepare for the next onslaught, when these globalists realize what the world really thinks of them and their lifestyle, they will fight for it then and use their resources at 100%

rip in piss kike, may the rest join you soon

Or the modern "SUICIDE" method for the elite. Just "die" and you are wisked off to Lolita Island to spend the rest of your days with other members of the elite who had to leave the world stage.


Juncker next

really doubt that shit exists user.

but then again nothing shocks me anymore

So unless a kike is dead in your grasp, it isn't a win? Love the false dichotomy you kikes bring.

im seriously mad someone hasnt killed George Soros yet or at least he have a stroke and die. ill be happy when that piece of shit dies.

If you outlive your enemies, they win


Kenneth Lay, and Kris Kyle the American sniper come to mind. When a elite, or a protected member of the elite become problematic alive, they "die" conveniently and assume a new identity.

Kris Kyle was proven to be a liar and fraud in a court of law, not good for a "hero" so he "dies" and now he's a martyr, with problematic problems a thing of the past.

And he can still work for the Seals or CIA doing whatever he does best, killing people for the .gov and training other killers

Oh no!

This needs a Lain edit.

He wasn't Jewish.

He was a hybrid crypto nephilim Khazar, no doubt feeding on kiddie foetuses since his teen years..

Nope, he was an Irish Catholic.

Do you know what a crypto-Jew is?

also 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

Enjoy hell kike!

That's a bit disappointing tbh op. I was hoping he'd live until tdotr so that I could watch him slowly strangle at the end of a rope. I hope he died painfully.


At least that Greenblatt kike is still kicking.

thats what i'm saying, he has the spliced Khazarian genetics. Irish Catholic is BS, my guess he is a royal nephilim type, in the same vein as child sacrificing Ted Heath. Look at those cold blue eyes.

For the same reasong Åke Bonnier is bishop in the swedish church?

The Bonnier-family also happens to own a majority of scandinavian media along with also being heavily jewish. Just a coincidence user.

The thing is, for jews aswell with muslims, it's okay to lie to non-jews or non-muslims. For we a merely cattle to prey upon. It doesn't really affect them to have a double-standard when it comes to lying to us. That's what most don't seem to get about the jews. They are liars of nature, because to them, as long as they can gain something from it, they will do it.

soros next

inb4 another kike desecrates his grave and frantically half asses a Swastika on Sutherland; headstone

Make kikes die again!


Reminder that "Hell" is a viking goddess. And she's too good for this kike. He's going into the void and will never return.

fuck this, we live in the Weimar century

If it looks like a kike, acts like a kike, and talks like a kike, then it probably is a kike.

Holy digits user, fuckkkk

The first of many in 2018

Why couldn't it have been soros?

you've got two days till that image either becomes void or goes down in history


I saw Hel in a dream once. She did not look like that (as I had read also). She was actually very attractive. She wore a white gown with some lace on it and cloth vambraces. Everything she wore was white. She was as still as a statue. I almost thought she was until she moved her hand. She pointed into the next doorway and marked a target.

That was a dream I had about a raid on a plantation house in a jungle. I killed some very young kid fucking off on post in that next room. She marked him for death, it would seem.

I did not look up at her eyes (since I was busy at work), but I have heard one priestess I know say that she has worlds in her eyes. It seems that she is the Lady of the Lake from the legend of Arthur, based on what I have seen, and the fact that if she appears to you near a lake, then someone you know is going to die, or you are dead. I confess that I do not know why she has worlds in her eyes, exactly.

After I killed that sentry in a breezeway wing of this mansion, I came upon a museum with Masonic flooring. It had a museum of ancient Egyptian art in it. I had never seen anything like it before or since. There was a stairway going down very far. This meant I had to break off my one-man op and link back up with the other three operators in the main wing to report that out intel was off and get reinforced to clear it.

Sage for off-topic.

Hell, even though carrying the name from Hel, means the Underworld of the Greeks and the name of Gehenna. There is no association created with Hel, the norse goddess.

they can't keep eating babies forever

No we're not rid of his influence.

He still has 3 children and a spouse.

All of them deserve to be put to the torch.

Uncle Adolf would disagree



If America does not become the new Nazi Germany all is lost.

Hold on, but he's a zionist super bad fashy neocon elite jew
Why is this one bad yet every single elite neocon kike running for office is sticky pinned to the top of this board to promote each week?

Consistency Imkampfy, that's all we ask for as you openly shillall day on here for elite zionist kikes

She looks like she's into litle girls.

At the very least, he was spiritually Jewish.

I would very much appreciate /baph/ or kind user to give me dox

it is relevant to my…quattro formagio pizza ordering

Kikes are gonna die

Get the fuck out of here. These kikes take so long to die, we're lucky his terrible genetics and lifestyle killed him at 71. With all of his pissrael money he could have probably lived another 30 years.


I guess that explains why he's dead rather than living forever on sacrificial blood and replacement organs or crazy new tech hidden from goyim.

Why is Sutherland a zionist elite kike bad, yet Henry Kissinger a literal jew world order warmongering monster elite zionist kike, who just so happens tobe best buds with Trumpstein is a super-bad-based neocon zionist jew?

Tis a bit strange to observe all this schizoid contradiction of Holla Forumss jewish mods watching from a position of someone who isn't a jew or a retard


he needs company


the European people you murdered, the women and children raped and destroyed
call your name. You can't resist it's like a fever.
Louder and louder, the chants beckon



Oh, I member


Hopefully mogherini will be next

he was a Jesuit

since fucking when

boomers dying is bad demographically, but excellent ideologically



Hip! Hip!

Good riddance.

pure scum

He screams in Hell.
That is, unless he's at the level of Hell where screaming is not allowed…

Depends on the boomer, asshole.

They survive, reproduce, accrue wealth, and slowly genocide your people. When they die of old age and get replaced by their next generation who still rules over you, then yes, they're winning. Until you kill every last one of these slavers, they're winning.

Kike genes are such shit - every one of those fucks has glasses




must have declined the baby blood for some reason