Stephen Miller makes first TV appearence since Jim Acosta incident

If you haven't noticed in the last 6 months, the left has realized that Stephen Miller is being set up as a major chess piece in this propaganda war, but being held in reserve. Today the unleashed another Stephen Miller propaganda storm which will inevitably hit all networks in the next few days.

Miller is the same age as Hitler was when he started his political career. Miller is known as a related to the "fake jews" , but himself doesn't even consider himself Jewish… because his ancestry has nothing to do with the tribe of Judah…etc, this is the new propaganda meme they will be spreading eventually, and standard Judaism is hell bent against it ever even becoming a propaganda talking point.

Many of you may not like Miller because he has family that calls themselves Jewish… but if the man sees through the lie, and doesn't even consider himself Jewish…. then shouldn't he be our ally against the group of people that wrongly label themselves as Jews.

And if you really want to bring the anti-jew crowd into this; we need to hammer down what is the definition of a Jew. More and more people throughout the centuries get sucked into thinking they're Jewish, and after awhile it begins to stick the and poor folks don't even realize it was a lie to their parents generations before hand. Do you care at all about helping these people realize they're not Jewish? This would be an epic victory against Judaism if we could cut the majority of their numbers simply through conversion.

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also, its worthwhile to notice, that breitbart purposely screwed up the headline to read that Miller said he wasted my viewers time, when it was tapper who actually said this. little things like this reveal motives behind websites like breitbart.

Careful user, just remember who finances the teams of jews who patrol and police this board

Miller did well overall, though he could have done better. When you keep talking and repeating points, you end up showing your weakness which Miller did in this interview. Though thankfully Tapper's bias was so overwhelming, and that soundbyte where he denied "Its my show and I don't want to" is going to get some mileage. Good stuff but Miller can improve. He's Trump's sharpest attack dog currently but he's not Katrina Pierson tier yet.

Do we have any good information on Miller? Any evidence he's actually anti-kike rather than controlled by and working for them?

It's better to be an archive and a webm, OP

No they can fight it out amongst themselves in their own country, or die in ours. It's time to stop accepting the old switcheroo of one jewish thought leader for another. They are inevitably all the same.

The only acceptable is seeing Miller blasting Acosta again. This time not in the press briefing, but in Acosta's show.

They can't even keep their thieving hands off the scots only logical fallacy?

I'm personally bored of seeing one jew "fighting" another. I don't watch wrestling either.

But this Jew is fucking baaaaaaased. He's on our side dude. BASED AF renegade MAGA Jew!!!!

How about watching some Japanese wrestling? I think this might be good to watch?

Your acting is as terrible as torpedo.

Do… do you think a jew would do that? Just, lie and mislead you into thinking they're on your side?
Seems implausible from the most trustworthy race.

Current Year +3 Gobbels knocked that interview out of the park. Fuck anyone who questions his loyalty. Miller from day one has been America first, on the Trump train and has only ever spoken with the utmost respect and with the highest regard with respect to Trump. He is ourguy and all you black pills can suck a nigger dick for saying otherwise. He is good in my book until he does or says something to prove me otherwise. Great interview Stephen.


He can serve his purpose and then fuck off because he's a Jew. Trust no Jews ever.

Oh, wow. I was just wondering where all of the carefully messaged threads trying to pain this rat-faced heeb as a "nazi" went. Feels like the campaign days again.

Nancy Pelosi
‏Verified account @TeamPelosi
1h1 hour ago

The bigoted world view that Bannon pushed remains at the WH. White supremacists still have the ear of Trump and are shaping national policy through their hate-filled lenses. Yes, that means Stephen Miller who must be removed.

Boy sure is trsodomite in here. But go on watching the TWWE and Miller the magic not a Jew boy. And don't question that the mods make and auto sticky these threads….nope, don't question it or the eceleb cancer at all. Especially don't visit this threads about Sandy Hoax and Dylan "got no" pRoof.


Of course he's America first. Kikes control America absolutely. It fights all of their wars. It has a mongrelized, debased population for them to lend money in. Anything of value within that they wish to sell to foreigners they are free to do so. Anything that foreigners have they wish to illegitimately take possession of, they have mudrace ZOGbots at their disposal to do it for $30k a year and deferred free marxist indoctrination.

Miller doesn't mean America first like Lindbergh meant it, e.g. no fucking kikes calling shots on anything.

Bryce Tache
‏ @brycetache
1h1 hour ago

We can never forget…
@realDonaldTrump is a white supremacist.
Stephen Miller is a white supremacist.
Steve Bannon is a white supremacist.
Setting aside questions of sanity and intelligence,
These men spread hate.
They must be stopped.

Bryce Tache

My #LGBT, multiracial, immigrant family is #TheResistance. I value equality, inclusion & empathy. I love my kids, husband & mutt. #INFJ #FBR #Ω

Lol time to go in on pelosi calling miller a white nationalist fucking retarded cunt


take it back to the_donald.


Bad day at Temple moshe?

They are the mutt.

This is the last time someone will do this for you.

Demand that they list what makes them believe this.

It literally depresses me to imagine the plight of the kids forced into that shit.

There are no good jews.

If you don't understand the context of my post, you're too stupid to be here.


We need another exodus.

With a direct link link to kikebart too.

Miller = kike = must be gassed

Wtf happened to real Holla Forums? Since when do we give kikes any mercy? Fuck nu-pol. Fuck (((Jared))) and (((Yael))).

All kikes must get the gas, even (((Miller))). Fuck boomercuck CivNat.

Gas every kike. Commence the race war.

Show me how he has done or said anything to not lead white Americans to a better place than they were in 2 years ago. You offer nothing other than

Prove me wrong. Please. I found he latched onto David Horowitz in his early years, who now describes himself as agnostic, converted to the conservative ideology many years ago after he was raised in a socialist household. I’ve read a few of Horowitz articles and although I don’t say he’s on our side, anyone who right now is promoting American first and American values, which currently makes you a white supremacist in the eyes of the Marxist left, I’m ok with. Baby steps are needed to get to where we want to be. The Reich wasn’t built in a day

Horowitz is fucking cancer. FUCK OFF KIKE.

No, he's a yid. He gets the gas. I love his speeches though so he gets gassed last.

You're clearly not familiar with Dr. Pierce and the concept of moderate conservatives. Read The Turner Diaries.[Spoiler]tl;dr you are not our ally, the battle lines will be drawn based on racial ancestry.[/spoiler]

This is now a kike redpill thread.

Fuck how much (((Jared))) paid (((Jim))) to own this board.

It's not about him being unfamiliar or needing to read anything. Read his posts. He's a fucking kike.


This is now a kike redpill thread.

Fuck Jim getting money from (((Jared))).




I’m plenty clear with the turner diaries. I’ve read plenty and know all about the JQ. Trust me, the kikes need gassing. I can guarantee you I’ve exposed more minds to the JQ and have spoken openly about it for the past 5 years. However, good luck sending all the Jews to the gas chamber in modern day in the political environment we have CURRENTLY.

We need to slowly change and expose more people to the lies and usury of the kikes before you’ll have enough people on board. It took Hitler how many years before he had enough support he needed? All I’m saying is baby steps. And if a racial Jew, who has denounced his racial religion for the sake of Christianity and to promote Trump and American First ideals, for the time being he is good in my book. Please if you believe otherwise, actually explain yourself other than trying to divide this board.


Any other lurkers need any more proof after this doozy?

This is now a kike redpill thread.

(((Miller))) is a kike. All kikes must be gassed. Go back to plebbit.

The absolute state of nu/pol/.

A jew "converting" to BASED christianity and pushing our agenda means he is /ourguys/, I mean, where have infiltrators done that before? We should trust jews! If only we take them to lead our movements, it's going to get places against jews haha!

Just go work as a prostitute in Israel

Have faith in our (((controlled opposition))) goyim.

This is now a kikepill thread.

This is a kikepill aka kike redpill thread. All Jews can't be trusted. All Jews must get the gas.


And jews want you to hate all jews - so to leave no ground for deserters and make it us vs. (((them))). They push anti-semitic hate so to strenghten their own bonds.

But so what?

Lol. These insufferable faggots calling me a kike is hilarious. Can’t respond to my posts other than calling me a kike. Imagine that

It is not hilarious. It is accurate. You've already sunk yourself. Time to burn another IP. Filtered, by the way.


All kikes must be gassed.

I think you’re the only kike here heeb

Fuck nu-pol. Real pol is anti Jew.

This is a kike redpill thread. Fuck (((Jim))) getting money from (((Brad Parscale))) and (((Jared))).

Never trust the Jews. Fuck nu pol. Real pol is anti kike.

Grow the fuck up. The world is more complex than that.

i have been watching Miller since the campaign. He has been my guy since he read Clinton Cash on the Campaign trail. Also he was Session's right hand man. which gives me some faith in regard to what Session's is doing.


Reminder to make sure you filter new (1)s who slither in after the primary kike gets BTFO.


We are anti kike you idiotic double nigger. Holy fuck you D&C shariablue posters are fucking stupid. No one here is trusting of kikes. However show me ONE instance of Miller acting like a kike. One! We have our eye on the heeb waiting for him to act up. If he does off to the holocuaster he goes.

/r/ing thereirepliedtoeveryone.jpg

Go back to wherever you came from.

I believe it, this thread is full of JIDF. Phoneposting so checking IDs is a pain. Visiting the family, ya know.

Phoneposting error, user

Like Bobby Fischer?

Where in my post do I say every race is equal? Oh right I didn’t. Another D&C kike.

Next please.

Well, there's his unwavering support for Trump, which is actually useful and not detrimental, unlike Conway, Priebus, Spicer, etc.
There's his actual ability to argue conservative viewpoints, which has never in our generation been shown on television and that's why their heads explode when he shows up.
There's his assiduous dedication to a pro-American immigration agenda, ultimately resolving in a pro-white agenda.
There's his excellent speech-giving fluffing job he did while on the campaign trail that many of us here adored; he should have his own space to speak.

I think Steven Miller is our strongest player by far, and he's not put to use. He's almost fully leveled up, has immunity to antisemitism claims, and is fully loyal from day one.


go away

OP, stop. Miller's done great work so far but a kike is a kike and they all have to go. You can appreciate Miller and still accept the fact that his ultimate destiny is getting shoved in an oven with all the rest. But he goes absolutely last.

Oh wait.

So many D&C shariakikes filtering me because they cannot respond to a single claim. Wonderful Sunday on Holla Forums while the CIANIGGERS spray down the chemtrails.

This has meme potential.


There is no arguing on StePHen Miller's quality and dedication to a pro-america untreasonous rational ungenocidal immigration policy and I do agree he seems to be underused, but the way this thread was written, with the "trust the jews" and claims he is not a true jew because muh tribe of judah plus the instant sticky and hasbarafags is unnaceptable on a NatSoc board…

So…"nuttin personnel kid?"

You still have chemtrails? Build a bunch of these, put them near every powerful antenna in your town, and watch them disappear. They'll still spray even after it stops working though. Completely fuck up billions of dollars of geoengineering with $15 of Bondo.

Based ZioCon Miller is just what America needs to make isreal great again

Nearly a 100 replies into a thread about an interview…with no link to the interview????
Lazy niggers can't even include a link.
Interview starts at 2:23

I dunno nigger you tell me. Woke up to blue skies, went to the gym, as I came home saw (((them))) laying it down hot and heavy. Just took this pic related.

God damn. So, want to try this? Next time you're at the hardware store, pick up a quart of liquid fiberglass resin. Ask the key maker for the brass shavings from the lathe. They'll usually just give it to you. Then while you're outside hunt down as many clear quartz stones as you can find. Or just buy a tube at a craft store. If you have enough shavings and quartz stones, you can probably make 100 3oz devices with a quart of fiberglass.

How exactly is this device going to accomplish anything? Sounds like some snake oil

Miller is a real enigma
He was there at the start (first Trump appearances) filling ideological gaps in Trumps agenda, before practically anyone else
Hes from Santa Monica (wow ok)
He also has almost zero connections to any biased outlets and organizations etc, as clean as it gets
Seems to completely exist on his own, perhaps on purpose

we need more people like Miller

This whole situation is so fucking stupid. They deny that a deep state(read:fifth column) exists yet simultaneously claim that a moron can get elected. Which one is it?

Dare I say…

Stephen Miller is /ourguy/?!

He's a kike, of course he's not. What a stupid question.

Roger Stone wears blue iris contacts. I suspect Miller is like Stone in that they want to be white. Self-hating jews. The only trouble is that they'll turn on you in many contexts. They can never be fully trusted.

Fuck I honestly don't know who's jewing who anymore. Miller says what I want to hear, is a kike. Trump says what I want to hear, works with kikes.

I hope Trump really goes ballistic this year. We need to hang traitors in public again.

Oy vey you must be new round here goy
This board is strictly pro-ZOG since Trump announced his standing for election

Now leave with your antisemitism before Imkampfy wakes up!

Don't you have a thread on Holla Forums to complain in?

Treat kikes like biological weapons and it makes sense.

Do a web search for orgonite. I didn't think it'd work either. Shit, I think I found out about it from a Tavistock Productions thread. But somehow it does work.


Race traitors get the rope first user, there are no good kikes.

German official in WW2 stated that even they knew the German people were not racially pure, but a mix. At least not all of them were, and others at the time like the Latvians, Lithuanian, etc were even more pure blooded.

this whole poast sounds jewy if you ask me

Ethnic Germans are a mix of Indo-European with prominent Nordic racial characteristics. Kikes are Semites, and only carry the central European genes they stole through parasitism. Not quite sure what your point is however.

He has no point, because he is a kike trying to muddy the water rather than make a coherent argument.

Jesus fucming Christ… And its fucking stickied.

Fascism is CIVIC nationalism.
For fucks sake. NATIONAL SOCIALISM is ETHNONATIONALISM and is science applied to man. Fascism has nothing to do with such, its just an attempt to LARP as the Roman Empire.

God damn you civnat faggots have been pushing this shit too obviously hard.

EXACTLY. I never knew about him.


This is the most blatant shill thread I've ever seen, why the fuck is it stickied?

Jews are a race, not a religion, and their origins are irrelevant to that. It doesn't matter if they "khazars", "neanderkikes", the jews of the OT, or "the lost tribe from outer space", they're still biological parasites.

Then you should probably listen to him, because he'd be the first to tell you that there are no good jews.

If the board wasn't kiked, you'd be banned for slander Goebbels and, in association, Adolf Hitler like that.

Isn't that what you fags said about "based" Bannon, the only man who stands between Trump and the deep state? The same Bannon who, for years prior, had been running kikebart? I think it's safe to assume the reddit queers who have flooded the board aren't the best judges of character.


I am a national socialist user, don't make assumptions. Check my post history if you'd like. If anyone is capable of making similar NS edits of pop figures with Nordic racial traits I'll post those instead.

Its truly amazing.
Watching the slow and purposeful shift in terms of permitted speech on this board, as its become more and more in-line with some kinda reddit pro-Trump Zionist board has been absolutely fascinating.

I don't give a shit about your excuses faggot, because if you were truly NatSoc you wouldn't be promoting fucking fascist civnat trash. Stop using flawed rhetoric and delete that fucking shit-tier image.

Fascism is civic nationalism. Stop trying to promote it likes its fucking NatSoc because you come off like a faggot whose trying to promote civnat trash.
I have no interest in some stupid fucking Roman imperial LARP, and neither should you. The best things about 'fascism' came from German National Socialism - and the rest can be discarded.

Are the mods going to overturn all the bans on shills defending jews, since it turns out we were all wrong and there were "good jews" all along, and that we just need to convert them, after which they'll magically lose all their jewish traits?

Of course not.

Once we tell these "good fake jews" that they aren't really jews, will their rates of schizophrenia and jewish genetic diseases drop? Does this magic work on other races too?

The whole political system is a mess, a civil war waiting to happen. If you remove one guy for having jew connections along come 5 more that have deeper jewish ties are jews ,communists, feminists, spics/arabs trying to steal US land, is some kind of degenerate,etc.

Okay fine faggot. Can't figure out how to delete files while phoneposting but consider it rescinded you autistic fuck. Heil Hitler.

Neither Hitler, nor Ford, nor Goebbels, nor Rockwell, nor anyone you idolize took a position as retardedly overboard as you, and many faggots on Holla Forums do.
By your standards, people like Hitler would be considered civnats cucks. You take such a surface level analysis on the JQ, you're beyond saving. People on this board do not understand the JQ, it is just sad. Stephen Miler is probably the only seat at the table with Trump who will keep his feet to the fire about immigration, he is probably the furthest right in the WH right now, without Stephen Miller I would wager that things would be a lot worse than they are. Seriously, you people are going to be left behind when things start going our way unless you can learn to get a better understanding of whats going on and learn to be less explicit.

Show me where Hitler or Rockwell denied that jews were a race and claimed they were just poor victims of the wrong religion/culture.

Himmler on "the decent jew":

Dr. Goebbels on the jew:

Der Giftpilz (The Poisonous Mushroom):

Why is it that every time anybody defends kikes, they use the abbreviation popularized by TRS? Really makes you think.

Spoon feed me some Rockwell statements on der juden, please.

Sounds like someone wants me to constantly think about jews.

If you're not familiar with Rockwell you're in for quite a treat user. Not the user you quoted, but I'd recommend listening to his speeches yourself, a lot are on jewtube.

but the Romans destroyed Judah and outlawed even the mention of Judaism in Jerusalem, resulting in the expulsion of jewish culture from Jerusalem for the next 1900 years.

Why is Rome your enemy? Or the enemy of Deutchland?

We need Israeli flags for you retards. You stink like hummus.

one of the biggest mistakes of his campaign

He removed them from government, industry, education, media, etc. and then he started deporting them to "israel" under the havvart agreement.

As far as "gassing jews" it was not possible had he even wanted to get rid of millions of jews during war time due to the huge logistical problems this would have caused to an already stressed country being constantly bombed and attacked on 3 separate fronts.

Sieg heil and, unfortunately, this is the truth. Jews are clever. They sense when the winds shift and know how to shift to whatever form helps Jew survival. The second your team doesn't appear to be the winning one, they'll turn around and stab you in the back. Backstabbing seems to be a universal jewish characteristic. No hyperbole here. I don't think I've ever met a Jew who didn't stab me in the back personally at some point or screw over others around me.

I didn't say that. In fact I do believe in those things, just as a believe there is a difference between a Chihuahua and a German Shepherd. But saying that someone's race is the dividing line between a potential friend and someone you're willing to kill is short-sighed and quit frankly, immature. To be more precise, if I am an American and my neighbor with Jewish ancestors is raised with Christian/American values and espouses and fights for traditional Americanism why should they be arbitrarily made my enemy? Race is one component to consider when building a strong nation… But it's not the only component.

Miller is ethnically a Jew you stupid newfag reddit retard. The Jewish religion is irrelevant. It is only a means of preserving the Jewish biology. The jew is a biological problem, and all biological Jews need to be exterminated.

This board has gone to shit. A fucking "good Jew" topic is stickied today. Two years ago there was near unanimous consensus here that all Jews need to be killed. Nothing but Trumpcucks and conservatard morons here now.

No, I think its more accurate to say they are opportunists and will attack or steer things to meet their agenda.

Because they are foreigners with foreign interests that are not yours despite how similar their upbringing might seem (also most jews have mental illness), by your logic there is nothing wrong with niggers or spics that "have integrated" either.
Race is the most important component
(pic related)

Yep. Kikes like Miller are just ZOG first.

Seems that kikebart and Bannon have bought the mods here. This is now a Zionist civnat bannonist board. We must secure a place for the Jewish race and future for Judeo-Christian values.

I agree. Judiasm is a cult. Just like Christianity, Religion of Cuck™, and Communism. If a person can sincerly break free of the cult through their reason and will to power then I say more power to them.

Fuck team Bannon (((Alt-Right))) Zionists and Duginists on this board.

Go tell the Jewish SS member or Bobby Fisher if they have to stay a mythical tribe of money grubbing wiener slicers.


You know those were Jews right?

Don't D&C the Jewish master race goys. They're IQ is way to high for us. Just support Bannon and Eurasianism.

He certainly killed a lot of Jews, but the notion that he killed, let alone primarily gassed, something close to six million is really outlandish.

Adding up all the Einsatzgruppen and Ukrainian/Croatian squads, and the camp killings that were deliberate, and all the (essentially reckless/quasi-intentional) deaths in the camps due to disease and starvation, you're talking maybe a couple million Jews at most.

Even humoring the Jews and saying sure, six million, compare that fake six million number with, say, Russian non-combat civilian deaths probably numbering around 10 million.

What's sad is Hitler had to go to war to get the final solution moving. He had to go to war because Jews in English and French finance made outrageous repayment demands and occupied the most important German region they needed to make money to repay the kike debt: the Ruhrgebiet.

It's time to finish the job Hitler started, with a few modifications for our circumstances. We need to kill all blacks and all spics. Give them the option to leave–go to Liberia, and all spics must be forced to return to Mexico/Central America except white Spanish speakers loyal to European culture and civilization. Hard to decide those borderline cases but somebody has to do it. The first option for niggers and spics is deportation. The second option is die. Kikes all have to go back to Israel, but the killing policy has to be absolute with any kike who slightly resists. If they slightly say no or hesitate for a split second to go to Israel, they die. Just throwing out some ideas here. Trying to tailor Hitler's approach for our situation in the US.


Because "traditional Americanism" is cancer you stupid subhuman faggot. Take your civnat bullshit back to Israel.

That's accurate.

This is one of the most repulsive,odious, and self evident contradictions things neo-cucks repeat. They might as well say degenerate fag pushing christ-killers are your masters.

judeo-pedo-communist is more accurate.

The holohoax was real goy!

Point and laugh at this Bannon (((Alt-Right))) kike trying to be clever.

Judeo-Christian-Communist-pedo actually. The Roman church was always celebate, always gay.


no. we're talking about fake jews realizing that they're not jews after all.



A lot of alt-right people can be brought around. They just have to be informed. There is real value to going on Breitbart and arguing calmly but with good facts and logic to point out why Israel is not our friend, for example. Good entry point. Point out how Israel arms and funds both sides of the war in Syria, thus fueling the fire of war, but Israel also refuses to accept refugees. Makes people wonder about what Jews do and why.

Remember you are dealing with decades and decades of Jew propaganda. Hard to break that. To get the proper deportations and executions that must happen going, it will take a critical mass effort, particularly on sites where a lot of people are redpillable.


The Jew Pill

Juda-ism was created during the time of Christian Rome. There was no collective religion, just the 5 books of Moses and hundreds of city cults, messanic cults, and desert cults..

The 5 books of Moses were written during Greek occupation of Cannanite lands. So Levites (esoteric priesthood) used a bunch of legends from Zorastrianism and Babylonians, with Egyptian psuedo-history (because Egypt owned the land before Persia) and created the (((12 tribes))).

There was never an Israel and "Hebrew" is Aramiac for "nomads". This is why after 100+ years of archeology there is NOTHING left of the great wealthy kindom of Israel.

It's also why the Bible never mentions the Greeks or European peoples until the time of Christ.

That's the REAL story of the bible and the Jews.

Kikebart and Dugin/Bannon/Spencer shills think they can re-engineer Holla Forums. What's going to happen is we will re-engineer the people they bring to us.

who is biologically a jew? there is no precise definition; even if you do give a precise definition, it still leaves the QUESTION of what do you think of doing with people who were simply converted to Judaism, and then convert back.

The bottom line is, just give them a friendly option to go to Israel. If they don't, then they get shot or gassed, whichever's better in the circumstances. The same choice should be given to niggers, spics, and all other browns like Arabs and Indians. East Asians are probably ok, for the most part. But I think we know what we have to do with Jews and anybody brown.

Let's get it done. I'm sick of this shit, and everybody should be, and we know what the answer is. There is only one answer–deportations and mass killing. This country has been nearly destroyed in just 50 years since LBJ/Ted Kennedy, under immense kike/CIA cabal pressure after they offed Jack Kennedy, passed the 1965 INA. All of this is kike driven. They've ruined the country. They all need to leave or die, and the same goes for their shitskins and any useful idiots who want to whine need to be shot or gassed, too. Enough is enough. Let's get this done.

I think you need to get on Breitbart, too, as do a lot of people here. This is an important mass to get moving if we're going to do what has to be done. They are very redpillable. Just be calm and use facts and logic. It's not a chan. Facts and logic rule the day, but that is the way to get 1488 we have to have in this country if we're going to survive. People need to understand we will not survive. This isn't a joke anymore.

Just give them the option to go to Israel. If they don't leave, they die. That seems like a relatively humane but effective way of fixing this.

Peter, also known as Simon, is from the tribe of Simeon; obviously…. Jesus condemned and destroy Judas, from the tribe of Judah… not the tribe of Simeon. We're against Judaism, not again the other tribes of Israel which actually all went to war AGAINST Judah. Identify your enemy correctly.

Jesus was also from the tribe of Judah. He was descended from David. David was a Judaite.

According to Jews (who were born in a magic cabbage patch in the garden of eden) this is a Jew.

They were all sons of the mythical Jacob. And Jesus was of Judah and Levite through his mother. Learn to read you kike mythology.

With the solution of forcing all of those in suspect categories to go to Israel instead of killing them outright, you are solving the problem of possibly killing innocents, so these borderline cases don't need to be assessed by some arbitrary bureaucrat. The answer is send them all to Israel, whether biological Jew or converted (and those who converted back). If they don't go, they die. It's humane. Same thing with niggers, spics, Indians, and Arabs. If they don't leave, they die.

If this provokes a war, all bets are off, and then they all die. But maybe start with my suggestion.

Forgot pic

The people we know of today as "jews" are the problem, regardless of whether or not they have a link to the tribe of judah.

Can't afford a mirror, schlomo?

Those who know jews, know jews.

jews always look like melted wax. It's the telltale sign.

Tribes of israel never existed. It's a Jewish fairy tale, and you're the stupid goyim who fell for it.

so says the book of Matthew and Luke; and their ancestries connecting Jesus to Judah are different in each book. Roman Catholic Christianity is Christianitiy infused with Judaism; I dare to say if you took a poll of all non- jehova witness Christians; they would say Jesus wasn't Jewish. I say Jesus wasn't Jewish. Matthew and Luke are garbage. There was actually a whole Byzantine empire that disagreed with the catholics about all kinds of stuff. Christianity will fix itself and remove the Jewish birth myth. So much of warfare over the centuries has been a propaganda war over stuff like this. Constantine probably helped make a compromise to put Matthew and Luke in the bible. Stop saying Jesus was Jewish like its a fact.

She comes from a long line of rabbis, including the one who wrote the infamous "Dibre David", If I'm not mistaken. She's as much of a kike as you are.

I'm not saying they don't have Middle Eastern blood. I'm saying that Jews as a people didn't exist before 300BC and even if it was 3000BC that's not enough time to make you into a sub-species of Homo-Sapien (race). The Jewish cult are shape shifters and will become the fucking Pope if they can win the game theory.

Mexicans claim La Rasa too. And then sane people laugh at them.

From the perspective of the US, a realistic way to get this going is get civil unrest moving and martial law, and then have our guys in military issue an order forcing all Jews to leave. This might happen through a series of attacks on Jewish businesses and cemetaries, or some other symbolic area, but it has to keep going and be enough to cause national attention and unrest. Unrest specifically caused by attacks on Jews is good, but it can also be coupled with general unrest.

Lot of permutations there, but the key is, at some point, issue an order simply telling Jews to go to Israel, period. Any Jew that resists will be killed. That is a good time to take out all niggers, spics, south Asians, and Arabs, also, but with them, I'd say we don't have to do an instant kill policy if they refuse to leave. They can be imprisoned and allowed to die in jail. But any kike that refuses to leave gets killed on the spot.

This is just a version of Hitler's approach tailored for our situation. All ideas are welcome. Time is a factor now. This needs to happen very soon, or whites will perish.

Still looks jewish despite massive plastic surgery.



Miller is going to unveil the new meme "you're not actually Jewish" to people who have absolutely no biological connection to the tribe of Judah It will span the internet and get lots of non-thinking sheeple to consider that they're not Jewish after all. After it catches on, suddenly the people of Israel will be at each other's throats about who is actually Jewish or not; and they will fracture into a civil war where it will be Israel vs Judah all over again. Except this time, Israel will win.

This is why they're obsessed with calling it The Jewish State of Israel. The Jewish part matters to them. Judah was supposedly Israel's son… and they call it the Jewish state of Israel?

I have a hunch that the real wall Trump is talking about is actually a wall around Judah. What better way to separate yourself from evil than to build an actual wall to keep the evil out.

People need to update their anti-judaism, and I'm excited about Trump and Miller doing this.

Jew shill pushed anti-jew philosophy is designed to label as many people as possible as a jew, so that our numbers will be few while our enemy great. #They're not all jews …

That's a German nose she changed into a skinny bone

All it takes is one bad gene, and they all have it.
One drop rule, kike. wir mussen die juden ausrotten.

Appreciate that Bobby Fischer reference. Not only was he a phenomenal chess player, but he was honest and spot-on when it came to kikes. He got relentlessly harassed later in life because he turned on the kikes.

Kikes go to Israel or die on the spot.

Niggers, spics, South Asians, and Arabs get deported to their home lands (and for niggers, Liberia) or either get shot or imprisoned.

Let's get this done. This has become an emergency. Whites will not survive. We have to take the appropriate steps now.

if you had any sense, you'd stop supporting these bastards. When will we learn? When will the Reich return?

It may be better to keep Israel functional. That way, it's plausible to offer the policy option of go to Israel, a stable, first-world place. That's a humane selling point.

Then, if they resist, war escalates, and we kill them all. My policy would be at some point when civil unrest escalates, either go to Israel or be shot on the spot. All suggestsions welcome here, but I think we need to think through carefully how to get this done. Israel as a functioning country is actually a good way to justify a policy of sending them back to Israel. Then later the leave or die policy goes into effect.

He also spoke honestly about so-called "good jews", unlike the jew you're replying to.

The Reich will never return, because it was one place at one time. The ghost of Hitler haunts us, laughing, because he was right. He may be crying because of the horror he is seeing now in the west. He sacrificed everything to save us, and this is what we did to him, and this is what happened to western civilization.

That said, we have to channel Hitler's ghost. We can honor him by implementing his policies the way he certainly would have wished–intelligently and practically–in America today.

Actually it still exists, unironically, and it will revive fully.

Most Jews these days aren't even Jewish. They have no biological connection to the tribe of Judah. This is a biological Jew to me.

The day the TV starts telling modern Jewry about how its not technically correct for most of them to call themselves Jewish, is the day the Jewish population splits in half; north and south. North Israelis, South Jews. Then the adversary is identified correctedly, located acurately.

Imagine the people of Israel arguing in the streets "Don't call me Jewish, I'm Israeli! !" Victory.

Fuck you JIDF fuccboi. Kys. Being anti-kike is not Kikeblue, it's real Holla Forums.

'''When the fuck did a real pol user say shit like "smells like hummus?"' You smell like a kike, kikel.

Every Jew and nü-mod needs to be gassed. Unlce Adolf knew.

Haha. Sounds like somebody needs sensitivity training.

Fischer was astonishingly brilliant and very moral. The kike cabal truly screwed him as hard as possible for telling the truth. Fischer was one of the miniscule number of kikes who genuinely, really, truly left the cult and had the guts to throw every single thing away he ever had–his most prized possessions, his reputation, his chance at competing in tournaments again, every single thing–just to tell the truth about Jews. Look what they did to him. He's buried somewhere alone in Iceland. It makes me sad thinking about it.

This is where Bobby Fischer lays at rest. The kikes drove him out of everything completely. He has a lonely grave up in Iceland.

Bobby Fischer threw it all away–every single thing–to tell the world about the kikes. They ruined him. We need to honor his memory by reminding everyone what he said about kikes and what an honorable man he was.


Wonder why?

Are you implying the goyem are onto Jew tricks?

Because the thread served its purpose, you dumb kike.

Hitler was extremely practical. He would want us to take his principals and apply them to our set of facts.

Doesn't matter how "based" one Jew "is." Nice try on changing the narrative to evoke Bobby Fischer as a (((based Jew))) that goyim should "remember."

I commend (((Brad Parscale))) and (((Jared))) who now clearly pay the nu-mods.

Fischer should be thanked for his work in naming the Jew and told to get in line for the oven. The Jews do not forgive the goyim, so the goyim will not forgive the Jews.

(((Miller))) is not a based Jew. He's a kike that can shapeshift. He's a bullshit artist who pretends to be on the goyim's side.

Into the oven with every single Jew.

So, in a sense, yes, there will be a Reich, but it will not be precisely reviving the Third Reich, just in the way the Third Reich was not precisely reviving Friedrich der Größe. This is per Hitler's command. Hitler's philosophy requires us to address this situation with ruthless intelligence, aggression, efficiency, and practicality, all accounting for facts as they stand and the problems we face.

When you have to pretend this hard to be us, you've already lost. Keep doing our work for us. We're living in your head rent free now.

No, no. Bobby Fischer would have happily walked right into an oven. Seriously. Read about Bobby Fischer.

The poster you're referring to mostly correct, in that there are no "based Jews." Fischer doesn't fit in any fake "based Jew" category. The odd thing about Fischer was that he was a pure intellectual whose Jewishness gave him credibility and made him dangerous to the establishment. He chose to tell the truth at all costs. In effect, he committed suicide by standing up the Jews. Fischer would have voluntarily gassed himself to eliminate Judaism. In effect, he did. But intellectually, he was so honest, that he threw away everything to make a public stand AS A JEW. That's a powerful platform–famous American chess champion Jew–to take the stand he did for no gain. So, he would have gassed himself.

Fischer is an interesting guy worth reading about.

Almost every single one of the pictures he posted corresponds to a shill narrative. Post yfw it finally dawns on you that it's a kike pretending to be a Holla Forumsack and everything we are and do lives rent free in its head 24/7.

Every american should ask himself, why the only alternative is ever a jew.
They are 2% of your population, surely that should mean there are 49 other alternatives for each jew presented.
Simple statistics and logic.
Stop trying to reason why the latest one they've told you is different is better than the one they gave you last week.
Instead, ask where are the other 49.

For Europeans, this is even more pronounced.
Generally the proportional population of jews in European countries is 100 or 1,000 times less than in America. In England for example they are 0.05% at most.
Then ask yourself, where are the other 99.95% of non jew alternatives.
When you realise this, the whole theatre becomes farcical.

Let him prove this. Bobby Fischer style. Once all the Jews want him dead or in prison we can talk. Maybe.


It was two jews arguing on tv, any Holla Forumsack who didn't immediately understand the meta to this thread should be fucking ashamed of himself.

People even here, where some distance from propaganda and ability to reason should exist, seem to be more and more accepting of "the least worst choice".
Instead of "all the choices are rigged and meaningless" and a new choice must be carved out by ourselves.

user, even if a jew doesn't profess a jewish outlook, appears to share all your values, and fights for all the causes you do, he can still NEVER be fully trusted. Why? Because a jew can be turned by their racial brethren at any time. In fact, it's more or less an inevitability.
For example, several (tens) of jews arrived in Australia as convicts on the first-fleet. During the early days of the colony, these jews acted and behaved as any other convict would; in fact, for generations jews "blended in" with the Australian colonists, acting as the colonists did, attending the compulsory church services, etc. But all it took was the arrival of voluntary-settler jews during the early 1800's - jews with a strong connection racial and religious judaism - to form a "jewish community", proselytise to the Australian-born jews, and turn them from Australians into jews. Just like that, the Australian jewish community was born.

They are attacking him. They even brought Pauly Shore back from irrelevance to sick him on Miller. They even rebuilt his career I think, he was on the Joe Rogan podcast the next week after the Jim Acosta thing; getting all the glory of being a new podcast rock star or something.

Wasn't he one of the key players in defeating that disgusting "gang of 8" amnesty bills?

Yeah, the "judeo-christian" thing is some repugnant bullshit. Even Religion of Cuck™o-christian would make more sense, since the inbred goat-fuckers at least have Jesus as a prophet in their silly book. Which is quite charitable when you compare it to what the Talmud has to say about him.


There's only one way to remove the Jew from the Jew, user. Except, the side effect is it ends up killing them. There's only one Final Solution tbh fam.

A decent interview. To CNN and the host: I think most are still dragging themselves back to work, and traction isn't fast enough for CNN to raise drama: The people are tired. To Miller and his performance: Again, a decent interview; More than could be expected from a schizophrenic agenda-ridden slanderous host. Whether by intent, or holiday latency, or just by principal, the slow start and drawing in of the Host by Miller avoided the host calling for shut-it-down early on.

To Bannon: You haven't been productive with the resources and time aloted. You have also exaggerated your claims and aims. You have gotten lost in the past in your final battle, which no one cares about, but many do so wish you would resolve, close-out, terminate the losses, and get back to into play. Minutiae isn't play, it's low-energy autism: Unable to bring about production that people will pay for, unable to force payment either, and probably won't be able to attain much traction into the liberal, antifa, neo-con, nor coloreds crowds. All in all, a forced book launch, for a forced audience, that won't really be listening. The room is too late, too polarized, to already-been-mined and depleted for 2016 sales tactics to work.

To With Jews, You Lose: Yes. Which is why you keep containment, keep record and account, and eject them when they follow deviance instead of business. It is clear that Miller is both loyal enough, and productive enough, with delivery enough, and without any other nor add nor rider weaseled in, to stay. It is also clear, that he should stay specialized, infrequent, and reserved appropriately. Miller should be wary of inadvertently being conned into granting his production to the Soros traitors et al (as should all, regardless of autism status).

Stay focused.

The quote graphic needs to be filled in so it's contiguous, where from one speaker to the next two being quoted were both alive at one point, from present day to as far back as possible, showing jews have truly never changed.

Yes, he was, while working in Sessions office.

^ wisdom

Bobby Fischer actually said that all Jews should be killed, so that is as close to a "good Jew" as you can possibly find. Miller is just a typical kike who believes Jews should run everything

The Acosta exchange was much better because Miller had a fresh, logical defense of policy. Here he repeated his talking points too many times, which amounted to a subjective rebuttal of the People magazine tier coverage of Trump and Wolff's book. He loses points for forcing Tapper to yield at least twice, as if he had something very important to say, but then he simply repeated himself.

Nobody asked for your opinion, Eurocuck, and if you weren't so dense you would realize that my example is about an American and if American Traditions mean nothing to an American then how the fuck is he even supposed to give a shit about his country?

I don't know his story very well. But I find it a bit suprising he would make that statement. Did he consider himself one?

If not for Breitbart Hillary would be president. Normies needed a "legitimate news" outlet for any broad belief against Clinton's scam, which the MSM was fully onboard! Remember?

Don't know about you, but I'm White and family came to America from Europe. And not the Pale of Settlement, either. I suspect circumstances might be different for you. Just a hunch. Filtered.

If Kikebart is so powerful, why didn't Rato get the nomination?

I know Jews are a race, where did I deny that they're a race? You people are fucking dense.
I don't watch TRS, I just use that because its an abbreviation for Jewish Question, I doubt that has an "originator."
I don't understand how your dumb ass came up with the idea that hitler or rockwell denied jews are a race. I stated that they didn't take as retarded of a take on it as people on Holla Forums do.
I'm not defending kikes as a whole, I'm defending Stephen Miller who is probably our greatest hope for pro-white policies right now, and autists on here would rather cast him out and pay him, the furthest right-wing man in the WH in my estimation at least, no mind, because he's a jew.
To believe Jews are a race (which they are) would necessarily require you to understand that there are such things as jews who aren't evil (see: Stephen Miller. I forget the name, but there was even a jew in Nazi leadership who hitler made honorary. Tens of thousands of mischlings served in the wehrmacht)
Any attribute to a race has outliers. If you are of the belief that jews are a race, which they are, you must understand this point.
But that is also to understand the meaning of outlier. I am not saying let jews in, accept jews, trust jews, or anything of the sort. Of all the groups to keep out of a country, THEY are the most important ones to keep out, THEY are more destructive than any other Race, because they are cunning and subversive. Niggers don't create anything, they only destroy, but they're nothing compared to the jew.
My point is, given the situation, how direly fucked we appear to be, wishing ill upon someone like Stephen Miller, who is undoubtedly doing more work for our agenda than almost anyone in Washington, and can make a legitimate difference, and has a seat at the table for immigration talks of which at the table he has the strictest views on, simply because he is an outlier Jew is counterproductive and just shows what happens when you trap yourself in an echochamber for too long. People on here need to use their heads, they know too many truths to wither it away larping as some Hollywood jews propagandized caricature of a bone headed skinhead neo-nazi. It is embarrassing.

Jews are literally a genetically distinguishable group of peoples. They are a RACE. Maybe mixed with European blood many times, still jews, much like the niggers in america are still niggers.
Yes, that is more than enough time, friend.
Well, it depends on how micro/macro you want to get when classifying race. Mestizos would cluster pretty well, they're basically a mixed race group which has bred within their group for a long time, I would be willing to bet that mestizos would cluster very well genetically, enough so to consider them a race with reason.
But seriously, go fuck yourself with this "jews aren't really a race goy" shit.
It certainly isn't ALL racial, the religion itself is pretty reprehensible, and the culture created from that reflects both the genetic and religious influence. There is something to be said about a jewish "soul," but make no mistake, there is a genetic component to it.
To put it another way, if you took a bunch of jewish babies and had them raised in nice, beautiful well-to-do white families, on average these jews would turn out to be intelligent, slimy manipulators, they would hold the behavioral traits that we recognize as being held generally by jews. You cannot escape their coding.

Okay, but their race has nothing to do with the tribe of Judah. They're all just a bunch of muts conglomerated, from all different places depending. What Jew actually claims to descend from the Judah tribe… only like 5% of them.

This is why the definition of a Jew needs to be a person who calls themself a Jew. Otherwise the CORRECT name for the 95% is something else depending on which ethnic group of so called Jews are from. Some from Spain. Some from Khazaria… and they should be named ACCURATELY.

If you want to be extra nasty about it. Call them shit spanish. Or Kazarian Shit Turks. But don't call them Jews unless they actually are. They want to be called Jews, it's a compliment to them. Call them by their accurate name.

cuz there is a difference between a nasty ethnicity that adopted Judaism in some forest 400 years ago…. and someone who ACTUALLY believes Judah is in their family tree. It's the 5% that we need to focus on, and recognize the rest of the 95% are just useful idiots.

Aim for the heart of the beast. Not the bewitched foreigners that they've brainwashed to carry the name and fight their wars.

I mean according to Hitler's observation that Jews avoid work like the plague, and avoid danger of war as cowards, who do you think is fighting the wars of these true Jews.