Lads, it now begins

Lads, it now begins.
Eat shit and die, I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white asss.('kay)

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t. el goblino


I do believe your wish will come true :^)

Now wonder your countries are such shitholes.

Epic meme, goblino.

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hmm. whats the filter? jew nigger black mexican immigrant foreigner

Hotpockets didn't edit OP's post, right?

bumped because nu/pol/ is easily triggered

OP is an admitted /int/poster bragging about this thread on Holla Forums.

have you ever seen 1984? the television would be displaying the evil cis white man, not a jew.

I can't think of any other activity where the announcer repeatedly assures people that what they're doing is actually really difficult
where does this faggotry come from


The difficulty in speedrunning isn't always obvious because you're fucking with stuff that doesn't show on the screen, like hitboxes, frame-specific windows, RNG manipulation, etc. Games better known by the general crowd have way less of this because everybody knows when something happens that shouldn't. A perfect shinespark combo through Super Metroid will get a huge cheer and applause without explanation.

Check out the stream, free lewds

Holla Forums is cancer.

Ow, the edge.
Back to your cancerous containment website, edgy skinheads.

then they can explain that something has a one frame window, or that they're manipulating RNG, not

fuck you mark

Yeah, these commentators are shit. But that's a problem with the couch cast, not the speedrunning. Actually, the ones on now are doing alright explaining things.

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you are closer to Holla Forums than Holla Forums can ever worry about achieving.

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Don't worry.

You nazis and commies are gonna be thrown out of helicopters soon.

You are really bad this.


the fact that you think me making fun of shitskins makes me antifa literally proves you are one. only an amerimongrel can cook up such an illogical idea.

Have you played Doki Doki Literature Club yet, user?

You will never white faggot.

Casey was here, you guys are faggots

meme must have some truth to it if it causes so much butthurt

Stay mad, shitskin.

Stop calling us shitskins, mutt!

I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white asss are truly subhuman

America a.k.a. "Jewnited States of AmeriKKKa" a.k.a. "New Israel" or "Murrika" is mutt-nigger shithole in Northern America, filled with the penis-mutilated human-like illiterate mongrels. Amermutts are multitalented people, adept at a multitude of professions: whoring/sex slavery, drug trafficking, general crime and especially gun crime. Abroad they're well-known for their retarded behavior, warmongering, being the #1 obese nation and as well as being uneducated. Amermutts are a miserable race that loves flying around Europe to 'see where they came from' in order to reinforce their "Muh Heritage" mindset. It should also be mentioned, that "23andme" test is a pretty much must do, if you're Amermutt. At least according to them, since it'll help you to claim "Muh Heritage" more accurately. Although, it usually doesn't matter, since Amermutts just claim be "European", while diving it into 1-100 [insert any ethnicity here you're fond of] /100. A nice example would be a person saying: "I'm 14/64 Cherokee, 10/64 German, 10/64 Irish, 10/64 English, 10/64 Scottish and 10/64 Spanish". Something a normal person wouldn't understand.
But since for some of those people just claiming "Muh Heritage" isn't enough. They came up with the thing like "White Nationalism" to reinforce their insecurity.
"White nationalists" are lunatics because they think all whites should come together under one country and nation and have open borders. Should such thing happen and any sane European person and their fellow countrymen would fight that concept to the death if they have to.
Outside of the Anglosphere and the Americas, nobody identifies by their race. I don’t know any European who would identify as “white,” it’s a colonial concept, a social construct, that has no scientific basis. Nature is not divided so neatly into categories. But unfortunately, the mongrel people like I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white asss that isn't a race that can be stopped by a logic or scientific facts. Only a fire is a cure from their pathetic pest race.

We need to find a final solution to the merimutt problem