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Chabad house in London honors convicted child sex offender

''The completion and contribution of the Torah scroll by Menachem Mendel Levy was celebrated in an event held in Golders Green on Monday, attended by members of the Chabad community among others.

Levy was recently released from prison after completing a three-year sentence for two counts of sexual assault against a teenaged girl.''

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Chabad house is pretty active in the U.S.(>filename)

Yeah the Chabad Lubavitch Messianic jews are a global conspiracy fact

From City of London To New York/Washington and everywhere in between

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Of course they do.

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Sex offenders? They have a country to call their own since the 40s.

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I know that Chabad Lubavitch is huge in Russia. They're the ones that pushed for Russian intervention/pro-Russian mercenaries in Ukraine. It's basically masonry for Jews, which is really saying something.

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U rang nigguh? WHAS GOOD

In all seriousness jews rule the world and hitler was right.

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