Saw this picture on 4pol asking to point out 5 germans and 5 slavs

So i am asking you fucking mutts right there. You fucking disgusting Amerimokeys as a slav. Do you need genetic tests to prove that those on picture indeed have mongol genes? I was banned calling you mutts here and yet you can call us slavs mongols?

You fucking shitskin hypocrites?

kuso thread

Your average poltard these days is a kneejerk, memespouting redditor in disguise. Don't be too upset

i was banned here not on 4chan

1,2,5,7 and 10 are germans. shit thread tho

absolutely wrong


This thread on 4chan was made by slav for americans to guess 5 germans and 5 slavs. Everyone guessed wrong then Americans demand genetic tests.

1,3,5,7,10 are German.

still wrong

6 looks Romanian to me.



Then they're all jews.

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men with high testosterone levels in mothers stomach tends to have slithgly darker skin.

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I just wanted to know if he was Romanian or not.
Additionally, 1 & 4 look German. Am I correct?


i said slightly

Which ones are "Slavs" and which ones are Germans? I am a Slav and 4 looks just like a German to me.

That's becasue there is no difference. Yet amerimonkeys call us literally different race.

I have not seen this from any American who shares my beliefs. They know that Eastern and Western Europeans are the same race but with different languages and cultures.

Dum d&c
Sage and b&

Absolutely untrue up until this thread you thought we are literally half mongols.

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Sage and b&

Slide thread, they are trying to distract the lurkers from this
The pedo spam too.

Then why do you bump my thread you special or what?

I am a Slav, you retard. There are certainly some Slavs who are mixed with mongols just like there are some Slavs mixed with turks (fuck tatar scum), though these are a very tiny minority and are clearly very different to actual Slavs like me.

How stupid would a shill have to be to try and slide a pinned thread?

Never seen any

this mix is nearly non existant saw maybe 2-3 people in my life who had dark hair and brown eyes and darker skin.

Easy. The slavs are those squatting.
you slavs are alright

my guesses, #5 is tough to call

top: german
bottom: slav

top: german
bottom: slav

top: slav
bottom: german

top: slav
bottom: german

top: slav
bottom: german

There are a very small number of people living in Slavic lands who are Slav/turk or Slav/mongol. Though these mixed "people" are not Slavs in my opinion and should fuck off to the bottom of the ocean.

Where are you from?

still wrong


1,3,5,6,9 Slav


There's nothing wrong with Slavs, per se- they're just the lower echelon of Europeans. You can't just equate the average Russian with an Englishman or Lombard. They're still white and still on the good side of the global race war.
Idrk though because there's a lot of German phenotypes and I'm not familiar with them because there are not many Germans where I live. Nor Slavs, for that matter, and the few there are mostly Poles. Speaking of Poles, are you that Polanon that's always 'muh corridor', like you actually think Pomerania/Prussia are Polish lands? 'cause nah

I actually don't know much about your country, even though it is just to the left of mine. Maybe my country did a good job at shielding you from mongol/turkic hordes :^)

We need to put them all in the street and say "OK, guys, let's seat down". Then the genes will talk.

Kill yourself kike. We Ukrainians are well-known for being excellent at mathematically-orientated subjects like computing, as well as producing some great musical composers.

your guess is wrong

We have famous poem which everyone is taught in shcool how we btfoed turkish hordes.

and some great artists.

Kek, name of the poem so I can search it?


poem is: "Mor ho!" in translation 'KILL THEM" "DESTORY THEM" i dont know proper translation of this.

Go away, shlomo.

wrong and this guess is really bad

are you an I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white assen or something?

Thats because youre a D&C kike who knows hes avoiding word filters designed just for D&C kikes like you. Go post on cuckchan, its for you. Got banned there? Too bad, you have no friends now.

what a butthurt wordfilter.
lets try it again


You people wont simply be killed, gas would be too kind.

Come on.

So we're being raided right? or has the quality here fallen this much

Our ability to point out slavs out of the group has no implication on genetic difference between Germans and Slavs.

If we trained our eyes long enough I think every Holla Forumsack would see differences in facial bone structures between I2a and R1b/R1a haplogroups.
But I assume some people here mentioned as "slavs" are R1b/R1a since no slav land is without those haplogroups within their borders.