Macron tells Erdogan: Zero chance of Turkey joining EU

The prospect of Turkey joining the European Union as a fully-fledged member is "hypocrisy", according to President Emmanuel Macron of France, who added that progress on the application was not possible given human rights concerns.

Mr Macron's remarks came during a tense press conference with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as the French leader warned against flouting the rule of law and freedom of expression while his counterpart accused some writers and journalists of acting as "the gardeners" of terrorism.

During the exchange, the authoritarian Turkish leader, who ordered the arrest of up 55,000 security force members, judges, academics, journalists and activists in the wake of the 2016 failed coup, said his country was "exhausted" after 54 years in the "antichambre" of the EU.

"When it comes to saying why, the EU is not really capable of giving reasons," he claimed, adding that Turkey is currently blocked on 35 "chapters", or policy areas, of the negotiations.

"This is seriously exhausting us and seriously exhausting our nation. Maybe this will force us to take a decision," he said, without specifying what that might be. Mr Erdogan said in October that Turkey no longer needs to join the European Union but added that "we will not be the side which gives up" on accession talks.

But Mr Macron said that political developments in Turkey were effectively blocking its EU accession bid.

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What the fuck even is Macron at this point?

He's confusing the shit out of me too

Probably two-faced with the constant U-turns like Merkel to stay in power. Meanwhile
>Macron made the remarks in a televised speech on Sunday evening, declaring that “we need to rediscover a (((European))) ambition, to rediscover a more sovereign, more united, more democratic, Europe because it is good for our people.”

I remember when everyone was afraid that Turkey would join in eventually and 80+ million Muslim would flood Europe. Oh wait

A dead goy if he keeps this up, I'm afraid.

+200 IQ

He did say his thoughts were too complex for most people.


I think hes just power hungry and doesn't want to rule over a collapsing country.

Man this weird little grannyfucker sure is bucking his controllers huh, what the fuck is his game?


My guess is he wants to be the next Napoleon. You can't become Napoleon if you rule over a failing country like Sweden or Britain.

he's unseating merkel
sit back and enjoy the two-part finale before season 2

To be fair, pretty much everyone's thoughts are too complex for journalists.

I'd just like to throw one thing out there: Paris is a fucking shithole because of the immigrants, so much so that it's impossible to ignore, even if you're fabulously wealthy. The city is simply too small to avoid them entirely. Even if you're a billionaire, your household staff aren't and they'll be constantly threatened and hurt by the shitskins and niggers there.
It's almost certain that Macron knows why Paris fucking sucks, and everyone but the most deluded fart huffing commies knows it. Given Macron's history, who knows what he'll do, but he's most likely not a fucking idiot on the issue.

They have the data, they know France and Western Europe is on the verge of a serious reactionary movement. Macron is doing what all jewish controlled puppets do when the system is under increasing pressure: act as a release valve.

Fuck macaron he is a globalist lackey.
And fuck this thread too

I'm a mobileposting fag right now so apologies, but to everyone who claims macron is doing what his masters bid of him please explain his "jupiterean" bullshit and him clamping down on jew banks and rapefugees because seriously what the fuck is he doing

A miserable victim of sexual abuse as a child, as evidenced by his wife
is the most plausible explanation


Macron will build a bridge to Africa but dealing with Turkey is beneath even his already low standards. How embarrassing. Kill yourself, Erdogan.

This. Public opinion is shifting so fast to the right that all the kikes plans are at risk.

Just last week I was sitting with friends openly discussing that it's the Jews behind everything, Hitler did nothing wrong, and the Holocaust is a total lie. There was broad agreement. This is among people who one year ago would have considered this unthinkable. This must be filtering back up to the top. They've pushed too far and blown everything.



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same friend I've openly discussed the JQ with many different people and its been widely excepted even my parents and brother were somewhat open to it but didn't want me to talk about it because it was "unsettling"