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The shills on this board, cuckchan and the reason the_donald has turned into a jewish cesspit of zionist filth is because Bannon controls T_D through the mods and has shills on there as well as here.
That's why Roy Moore was shilled so hard and you actually got banned if you said to trust Trump and support Luther Strange.

I also found out that some guy who posts pizzagate related threads and spams all caps as if he's saving the world and it's imperative, but not only does he do that, he is also IP switching and being the clown shills his other persona freaks out about.

Anyways some very interesting things to think about

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Kushner owns this shit board

Wow, another slide thread.

Trying to slide this thread about the new leaks of Friends of Democracy that they organize riots.

You know, given the frequency and low quality proof of this bullshit lately, I'm going to assume this is a new shareblue/whoever tactic.

Sage and reported

post yfw realizing both sides are Zionists and it doesn't matter who you choose to support before Israel wins

Here's the link to the archive

Trump is no zionist.

that's all talk and show tho, user.
what has trump actually done?
he moved the embassy just like Israel wanted and employed a former Rothschild banker.

actions not words.

Is Assad dead yet?

You mean like these actions?

How bout ISIS? They dead yet?

Dont deflect. It's a kike move.


Looks like Thernobitch tweeted out that at one point Bannon tried to buy 4chan and Hiro turned it down. Either that's not true and Bannon secretly owns 4chan or he found a way to pay off the mods and janitors.


Guess who didn't turn down his offer?

I know Cernovitch is a no integrity kike. Are you talking about him or hotwheels?

Hmmm yes a poo in the loo designated shitting street user has intimate knowledge about who is shilling who when it comes to US politics.
the_donaldo was effectively always a zionist cesspit. and seriously
4chan went to shit before Bannon was even on anyones radar and this board is fucked because mods suck trumps jewish dick hard. i mean they still sort of suck bannons cock, but nowhere near as much as trump. in conclusion all three websites are fucked because they are full of neocon, civnat, zionist alt-kike morons shilling for a jewish overlord.

APPARENTLY Cernovich was paying Baked Alaska 4000 a pop to cause trouble or some shit.

They probably do hire call centers full of pajeets for their shill teams, you know how kikes are with their shekels.

IDGAF anymore. I'm making good money in my career. Got a good amount of weaponry and food to last me and my family a year. Bring whatever it is coming so we can get over this.

Endlessly defending Bannon is really strange. Why the fuck would anyone care if they weren't shills.

Also (((Cenrabitch))) was on Alex Jones. Jones was shitting on Bannon hard and Cenrnovich was affraid to say anything bad and kept deflecting.

I'm not sure if you saw it or head them talking about it, but Cernovitch and Alex Jones were talking about the President being poisoned by his generals…..Well some guy also posted this last night.

hotwheels. is why this board is so pro-trump despite everything. cernokike is behind this biased agenda.

dont doubt it. these jews are pure cancer

No one gives a fuck rich boy. Bannon shills annoy me.

So what we all suck Kushners jew dick now? fuck off. Your the only shill here shareblue/CTR pushing your D&C garbage. Gas yourself you fucking faggots.

We get it Sloppy. You are jelous of her milkies and hate your own.

Jared Kushner is going to be the Jew who exposes the zionist agenda to the world when Muellers indictments turn into arrests and the tribunals being. Why do you think Bannon hates him so much?

Globalist Chinese money – Eurasian theory – Dugin – Bannon – Spencer…

That's the trail. Bannon needs to be looked into for treason.


Do you have a single fact to back that up? Because I just read all (9) of your posts and I didn't see one.

Why in the fucking hell would people be raging with thread after thread after thread trying to get Holla Forums to side with Sloppy? Cenovich was scared to say anything bad about him. He claimed to be the leader of the alt-right. You don't need "facts", it's staring at you like a wart on a kikes nose.

It's called pattern recognition, it's a sign of intelligence. I'm sure you can find the patterns I'm talking about if you actually browse 4/pol/ .

There's a ton of circumstantial evidence already posted to back up the claims.


A simple effort to d&c Trump supporters by splitting them into pro-Bannon and anti-Bannon camps.

HAHA. Sorry no, we don't listen and believe here. If you want to claim Bannon is behind the shills you're going to have to prove it or get the fuck out.

So in other words you don't have a single fact to back up your claims. Neat.

OH look the shills smelled the division and rift and are emphasizing it.
I can just imagine you bastards orgasming over this new material on your discords.

Richard sure seemed sad about Steve getting called out like he did. It's okay. Steve's been found out. Nothing you can do to put the genie back into the bottle.


See this post
How the fuck do you cause division with a traitor taking Chinese money? You know how you know it's fact? Thy speak the exact same way, use the exact same behavior and monitor full time just like the (((Alt-Right))). It's the same fucking group and Bannon claimed to be their leader to the world.

What would you consider a fact? Wikileaks is the only way to get these facts. Otherwise you just have to have an IQ over 110.

Facts or get out.

God fucking dammit, cat walked on the fucking keyboard

Someone show this man Spencer's inner-feelings!

A fact. The definition isn't ambiguous. Either provide facts that Bannon is behind the shills or you're making it up and will eat a lengthy ban.

Paul Joseph Watson is an ethnic Jew?

Listen, your criteria for what does and doesn't suffice as evidence shouldn't constrain our ability to discuss this. If you're claiming a position of superiority because you're not happy with what's been provided that's a personal problem.

No, but his mouth spouts kike propaganda 24/7

I don't care if you ban me, Zuckerberg. And your reaction is telling.

Like I said. It's not normal to defend a fucking news man like this. Let's say it's D&C as you claimed. OK, but of what exactly? Bannon was caught red handed. Chinese red. So who are shills trying to split anons into? What camp does Bannon have? He's not Brietbart anymore. What camp is Bannon now? He's dead.

Did shills try to get us to side with other people fired?

I'll tell you what camp.

The (((Alt-Right))). The group that Bannon said he ran as the master mind of the campaign, right? Now we see Bannon shilling. And it's the same Spencergate type responses.

Sometimes facts come from logic. It's not a fucking murder trial. He's not OJ Simpson. You don't have to defend Sloppy Steve.

But it does

Go masturbate over your D&C fantasy on >>>Holla Forums or a discord of your prefered shill central.
And take your official "facts" and blow them out your ass.


What's the D&C though? Bannon is the enemy. What is the group we are splitting up? Is it the (((Alt-Right)))


lolwut? Where did Zuckerberg come from? Are you just throwing his name around at random because you think it gives you Holla Forums cred? I thought this was about Bannon?

You retarded faggots are falling for this very obvious psyop to turn this place into a place where arguments are based on which politician/eceleb you like, rather than on ideology, current events, history, etc.
This is all one big psyop

He probably is, who knows or cares, they're certainly all masons and most likely all jews at infowars. Their whole raison d'etre is steering all narratives away from jews.


Are you fucking retarded kike? He called you Zuckerberg because Facebook bans anyone who criticizes Israel.

He use to ban me all the time.

There is no divide. Trump is the President, Bannon's not.

Wow I can't believe someone would do such a thing.

Everything is Jewish but me I joke but everything apart from Holla Forums is openly Jewish as fuck

Abso-fucking-lutely correct. Holla Forums isn't falling for the Team Trump vs Team Bannon garbage so b48299 and 2090fa are trying to make Holla Forums fall for it.

Holy shit, you're completely all over the place. Nobody said anything about Pissrael until you brought it up. This thread is supposed to be about Bannon but you seem to keep drifting further and further from your own topic

Pic related is your modus operandi and it smells to high heaven.
Couple that with >east asia has always been your enemy and you get my sentiments about your amateurish psyop.

Nice Quads. Mooch approved.


So Bannon isn't the enemy?

KEK has spoken.

100%. Mods keep banning people for saying it, but this place used to be about supporting people that fit around our ideology. Now it's about trying to fit ideologies around people we support.


They all are, everyone is against us, even our supposed allies, especially our supposed allies, we want our volkswagen well we're doing it alone

Cry more you little bitch.

"Bannon is /our/guy. It's D/C!

This smells like Unite the Right threads all over again.

Bannon's a pathetic alcoholic faggot with hurt feelings and a bruised ego. Your claims that he's a string-pulling mastermind are entirely without proof.


Both of trump and bannon aren't /ourguys/ as far as i'm concerned.

"Bannon is just as much our enemy as Trump"


Bannon's (((Alt-Right))) shilling is a total myth right?

Wow that's nice. Now where's your proof that Bannon's behind the shills and controlling r/the_donald? It's still so strangely absent, almost like you're making up bullshit.

What's your point other than to reinforce my own, he's liked just like the rest

Fuck meant to say kiked not liked

Damn you guys are REALLY invested in Steve Bannon. Very interesting.

There is no possible way that a media mogul, former Hollywood producer and Navy Intelligence, working with the Chinese Billionare who tried to false-flag Trump and calls himself the leader of the Alt-Right (who he claimed to be the leader of) would possibly pay for shills to defend him!


Where are the facts!

Retard, read my posts, I know he's a shitty Jew lover

Nope, I'm not letting you dodge the question. Where's your proof to back up your claims that the pathetic, salty drunk is a mastermind controlling a shill army and a sub-leddit?

Actually, according to Trump, Bannon loves to make himself appear to be a much bigger deal than he is in reality. So if anybody here is working for Bannon I'd say it's you two, because you're making baseless claims that a butthurt lush who cried when he lost his job is secretly a mastermind.

Well well, looks like somebody got the order to abort the psyop


It's totally a conspiracy to divide us against Sloppy Steve. He's not a master shill and Brietbart wasn't posted on chans 100,00,000,00000 times a week. Bannon has nothing to do with the Alt-Right.

(((Cenovich))) refusing to insult or accuse the guy on Alex Jones is because Cenovich is based.

Bannon was fired and he's going to retire and fish all day.


Oh there you are. Were you off crying in the bathroom stall because the evil nazi keeps asking you for proof you don't have?

You're a Nazi now? I thought you were Rachel Maddow

I ask for proof and yet again you fail to provide an iota of any.

I proved it logically. Even Dugin says it
So what else do you need? You want me to raid Sloppy's desk or call his buddy Kissanger?

lolnope. You claimed Bannon is behind the shills and (18) posts later you haven't provided any evidence whatsoever. Did you think we'd be as easy to trick as the drooling retards on cuckchan?

Seems legit.

Who do you think you're fooling? You come into this thread and the first thing you say is you're going to ban us for this thread. You're probably not even a fucking mod, you then spend the next 15 posts saying the same thing over and over and over again all the while tons of circumstantial evidence has been posted suggesting that there is creedence to this.

All you're doing is saying that what's been posted hasn't met your requirements. That's fine. That's a personal problem. I think it's time to go suck on another foreskin you fucking kike.

What exactly do you need for proof?

1. Bannon is a traitor

2. Bannon was the leaker

3. Bannon works in online media and politics

4. Bannon works for the Chinese Commies and with Kissanger

5. Bannon claims to be leader of Alt-Right

6. Bannon is ruthlessly defended on here and cuckchan, thread after thread. Even a sticky on how he never said those things.

7. Bannon defenders post in the same idiotic manner as the Spencer defenders.

8. Bannon had bad intentions from the start.

9. Bannon worked for Navy Intel and Hollywood

10. Bannon believes he masterminded the meme war.

11. Spencer has ties to Dugin through his wife.

12. Dugin calls Bannon soul mate

See the pattern yet?

No of course not. Just a D&C,right? But who the fuck is being divided? What kind of proof would be acceptable? You still have avoided my questions. You just keep screaming "shill!"

I'm sure $18 billion from Soros had nothing to do with it. You dumb fucks.

Bannon is working with Soros, Kissinger and Kwok.


Calm down hothead.

And there is your answer…


More like baneposting.

Bannon worked for Goldman Sachs and owns the rights to fucking Seinfeld, which is proof enough of his involvement with the jews and reason enough to keep him at arms' length, but you're a complete fucking retard.

I lurked on those halfcuck threads yesterday, apparently he was trying to create a series of /MPGA/ (Make Pol (sic) Great Again) threads. In those, he was the 80% of the posts and acted like the cringiest redditor you've ever seen. He also had no problem posting walls of text to fellow newfags who asked questions that should be resolved after a week of lurking. It was a shitshow and I'm glad mods actually pruned that bullshit.

Anyone who says this hasn't watched a minute of his content. He's quite a good speaker on some issues, but cucks madly on core Holla Forums ones like the JQ, ethnic nationalism and NatSoc.

This, he tried to sink the campaign when it did not work he started to undermine presidency. Spencer, Bannon, Kiked Alt-media play in the same team. Most likely this network was conceived to elevate perceived weak canditate "pied piper".




First pic sharehomo in it's work enviroment

What kind of chaos they want caused? Because for 4k per shattered shitter, I can do that.


That explains a lot actually.

This. OP of Trump/Chabad thread got a fat, month-long ban.

You're fucking us, user. Way to let the paranoia take over.

Wow, user, the world stage! Try to talk about the Israelis selling our tech to foreign nations, see where that gets you.

He used to tell the truth. The water filter merchant put an end to that.


Can't really make heads or tails of this,but i've seen enough to know that there is kikery afoot.

I can't help but snicker at you shills now,it's like you're not even trying but then again i'm sure they don't pay you enough to.
hmmmmmm where have i seen this before.Honest question,in which i completely expect a dishonest answer but still.
Do you guys really expect anyone here with 2 brain cells to rub together is gonna disavow trump simply because he isn't going full 14/88?Need I,a fucking euro,explain to you what happened to the last president that threatened (((them))) openly?Are we suposed to just ignore all he's done so far for americans just because he tows the line,willingly or not, like all the rest before him?