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Not a bad idea but lose the trip. We have IDs.

Why not use an ID as your voter ID? When you go to vote you scan your card and perhaps use bio metric to verify that it's you.

We could even take it a step further.

We could use this ID as a Conceal permit card,and a EBT card.

When you scan your card to verify that you're 21 to buy booze, or to make sure your 18 the card would tell the cash register worker that you're on benefits so you can't purchase booze or smokes.

Places like commiefornia give drivers licenses to non-citizens.

that's illegal.

Wouldn't you agree?

Wait, isn't that what the democrats hate to use?


good goy, give more personal information to the governemt! It won't be used in automated video surveillance. Promise!

So you want to trust some piece of tech that you can't verify. Can you be sure that foreign governments can't flip a few bits and say, change their citizenship status? How do you even check that for forgery? Do you want every shop you use your card in to know whether you own firearms? What happens if the chip breaks, can I still vote?

Grade A propaganda OP. Giving a bump, still got these from when I spread them during the election lol

Don't forget to #DraftOurDaughters :^)

Best campaign.

Make that 2 attack vectors: also demand voting machines with safe and audited code not supplied by Soros.

Posted too soon.
I understand that these memes are meant to be delivered in a way appealing to Dems, but we must still keep exposing Soros voting machines for the subversive kike tools they are. But we could also turn this to our advantage, saying that "unaudited/unsafe voting machine code is codeword for Putin hacking the election".

Good idea. When the jew gives you lemons, throw them at his face and meme away.

This is good, play on their fears to make them give us exactly what we want. Best case scenario they do it and lose 2018 and 2020, ratcheting up the muh russia narrative to even more ludicrous levels that will turn more middleground folks away, worst case (((they))) need to try and explain why protecting our elections from outsiders and noncitizens is bad and racist.

Anybody have the pics of the salt this caused on twitter?

Funny thing, they think marking them as non-citizen driver license works around that. I'm sure they are scrapping them since ICE says they want to use the database for this to find illegals.

Too bad mods are total fags and keep the front page on lockdown, severely lowering ones chances of catching another user's eyes.

The catalog is hard to stare at, because it's so FUCKING ugly.
Fuck you mods and anyone who disagrees with me.

This only disables us from leaving the Chans up to the collective conscious, and besides we all know that the mods are quadroon tranny shills on every board, I know you felt it.

These are really, really good. Not over the top, not obviously fraudulent, and plays directly to the internalized narrative of the average shitlib. This one has legs.


Why don't you just chip the goyim while you're at it? Just require a fucking ID (state ID or driver's license) to vote in all elections, it's that simple.



Why is it in every thread that someone posts a great, simple idea, and retards want to take it to the next level and make it more complicated. Or are you (((retarded?)))

I started talking to shitlibs about this. Start by appealing to the MUH Russia propaganda. Most of these folks literally think hackers hacked into voting machines and changed the number of votes or some shit. Or Putin had agents physically tamper with things. Play off their irrational hate of Russia and the election turnout. Go on by making the case for needing security to prevent this again. They will agree. Then drop VOTER ID LAWS and e-verification and purging old voter rolls. Watch their heads spin.