Our Cartoon President

Our Cartoon President
Stephen Colbert creates animated series about Trump

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Trump is a Rothschilds plant but Colbert is still a kike


This probably won’t have too many viewers tbh

Yeah well if Hillary didn't lose the vote of white women she would have won. How bad does a woman candidate have to be to not win the votes of women.

karmic backlash incoming

She would have been bad first impression buy
starting Cold War II


I admit it, I laughed

Women generally hate each other and I can't imagine they'd make an exception for Hillary 'I support rape victims but if my husband raped you I'm going to call you a whore and ruin your life' Clinton

Hahahahaha. I'm guessing it's cancelled after one season. The kikes may hate Trump but that isn't enough to justify keeping a show with no ratings on the air. They hate losing shekels even more.

The only funny thing here is how incredibly poor at parody they are.

How new are you?

Pennies on the dollar in this case.


This guy's a fucking lunatic


So did Michael Wolff and Colbert teamed-up?

Do they not have a higher budget?

Fun fact: The correct pronunciation of "Colbert" is Cole-Bert. He deliberately mispronounces his own surname because he wants people to think that he's got French blood.

Kinda hard to pull off since he has the rat ears and nose. Who the fuck am I kidding, jews have done it for centuries

That was so bad, I am simply at a loss for words. The amount of intellect that went into what can barely be called a 'joke' in any part of that animation is equal to that of a small child.

The animation itself was also extremely bad, with little effort going into it.

I want to insult this more, but it's so bad it's not even worth the time.

The left is pathetic.

The name is Irish but it's common in France, which leads a lot of people to believe it's a French name. Because of this, it's sometimes pronounced "Col-bear"
Colbert's forefathers aren't French, though. They're Irish.

That trailer was embarrassing. Jesus Christ.

Everyone will lose interest after the 3rd episode minus the absolute drones.

I couldn't fucking believe it.

At some point this shit has to be labeled an enemy of the state.

Colbert had a similar cartoon on the election night and it turned out so well for him, right?
This one looks like a collection of liberal memes put together by petulant children.

Is Colbert talking about Trump like almost every single day?

and this guy calls Trump obsessed.

Imagine the 24/7 news outrage if someone made a series mocking Obama

and showed him having exaggerated ears like a monkey

Does Colbert plan on doing solely Trump jokes for the rest of his life?

I wouldn't count on him living for much longer. He'll probably have a heart attack due to some liberal outrage like Trump asking for ketchup or something


It's funny because Michael Wolff made it up too

This. Colbert's just added another level of fun to laughing at the book. Clearly Michael Wolff actually got sent a preview of Colbert's new cartoon, and his TDS-addled mind believed it to be real life.

Colbert now has TWO TV SHOWS dedicated to Trump???
When is Colbert going to thank Trump for boosting his show's ratings just by being the president? His, Meyers, and Oliver's shows would be wading in average ratings and viewings had Clinton been elected. Meanwhile guys like Fallon and Corden are eating shit because they won't touch politics.

It checks out

Just like Hitler :^)

Hitler jailed the Rothschilds.
Trump employs them in our Government.

Shit will get canceled without even finishing the season. Normies are tired of Trump now

That was an ok joke tbh. Lets hope this shitty propaganda goes so poorly that it crashes and burns before the season is over.


This will fail like the show Lil' Bush did on Comedy Central during that presidency.

Did the pedo busts run his supply of lolis dry?


You'd be surprised at the huge amount of Jewish organizations, programs, etc that operate at a massive loss year by year. They're not there to make a profit (anymore), they're for pushing control in various forms.

They are not creative, nor talented, they are not playful or comedic, likewise they don't want to hire any really talented goyim when they can give their cousin Schmouley the job and keep the money in their 'community'.

They steal all their jokes. All of them. Kikes don't have creativity.

also wtf are the mods? fucking nuke the numerous troll threads

Totally not racist or stereotypical of Jews at all. Nope. This shabbos goy and his kike producers and writers should be hammered on this.


Just make sure you cut the showtime logo out of any sockpuppet kvetching, clearly meant to shill their network and this show.


He was put in place right before the election to do just that. When he's no longer useful, he'll be mothballed. That day can't come soon enough, his act is stale and irrelevant to all but the drooling imbeciles that actually find late night shows worthy of two hours of their life.

I'm just waiting for Colbert to shave his head and accuse Trump of rape.

It's okay when we do it goyim, it's satire that way.



Good lord that was terrible. The Trump curse will kill this show off in no time at all.
Captcha: unedFx

Even in spite of this being another throwaway "Lil Bush" style smear piece, animation is dead, dude. Where have you been?

Little bush number two.

Welcome to yet another bandag retread that didn't work out the first time.

Viacom strikes again.

Or the sitcom version.

Note: there was never a show like this directed at Obama or Hillary or Slick Willy.
(((Pure Coincidence)))

I can already feel the heat of the burning wreckage this is.
It is literally this

How about a cartoon goat?


How hard would it be to make a Cartoon about Colbert in response? Because this looks like it took zero effort.



ffs they really have learned nothing from Bush

Keep telling yourself that. Rothschild money goes against Trump

Reminder: Colbert is pals with Podesta the Molesta and likely a pederast himself.

The fuck's a pederast, Walter?

Just imagine if the Rothschilds had been given the Romanov treatment.
Europeans always seem to lack the necessary ruthlessness to do what it takes where the jew gleefully soaks his hands in blood.

Thanks for the free propaganda, kikes!

It reads like praise for a longtime running successful comedy, not a pilot for a new show. Colbert is already congratulating himself. It will bomb horribly.


I 'member


Remember when Univision made their Election parody? Early-on I actually laughed and started using it for memes. The old adageof "Every Anti-Trump Meme Becomes a Pro-Trump meme" is still seemingly true. When Univision had Trump call Obama "Not-President Barrack Hussein Al-Jazzera Obama" I started saying that. This show have any great one-liners like that?

Also embed-related is a music video I found. Perhaps it can be made memetic too.

Trump is a kike lover but that's pretty funny.

It wouldn't be the first time.

Are you triggered drumpfkin?


Thanks for reminding me about this low-effort bottom of the barrel trash, assholes. Bush wasn't worth respecting but this unfunny libkike puppet show somehow managed to be a bigger shitshow than his presidency.
Believe it or not the webm converter didn't even make the quality worse. This episode I got off of jewtube was actually this bad.




I look forward to the "2 Scoops" episode

Any animationfags ITT?

Is this supposed to be comedy?
One of the most autistic things I've ever seen

Do these people fail to realize that this is a direct insult on a man? Their liberal elitism makes them fail to understand that we're both men and we have the right to critisize each other, but this is a direct insult on this individual, Trump.


What the fuck is this? First, I didn't know that Penny Arcade was still a thing, and Second this isn't normal. They realize this, right? Do they fail to see that their pettyness and artisitc style is at the same level as someone like Babystar? This is crap

This was on Television? This looks worse than JibJab, and JibJab was funny. I can't finish it.

I sometimed wonder if there were any Obama cartoons where they made fun of the ape. Clinton appeared on the Simpsons and they ridiculed him as dim-witted, horny or even stark-naked, Bush had that awful Lil' Bush cartoon where, surprise surprise, Obama's group were the most sound of mind. But what about Obama? Cucks and lefties sure like to use self-depreciagion flag to show how humble they are, but there are people where you just can't put in any sort of bad light, now even comedy.

What am I looking at?
Are they trying to elicit a reaction?
How misguided to not produce pre-packaged 4 minute clips for facebook instead.

This might also be a copyright placeholder

South Park made him a thief stealing the hope diamond or something. The episode was tame and kind of stupid, but it may have contained subtle digs. Like McCain being on his team, and them robbing the country in general, but it was done in a campy way where they were actually the badasses, like an oceans eleven type plot spoof.

Actually The Boondocks ironically made fun of him though, and had an actually clever and funny rap song about people sucking Obama’s dick constantly. The maker of that show has some awareness, though I bet he’s been swallowed up by the Marxists by now. He’s probably an admirer of Malcom X tbh, which is dangerous but at least somewhat respectable.

Inb4 3 seasons


The George Clooney reference kills me every time. The show is definitely worth a watch if you haven't seen it already.