11 More Pedo Saudi Princes Arrested

The Storm Is Here : 11 More Saudi Princes Arrested and Sent to Prison as Purge Continues


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Fuck off Jim.

Has the new Saudi King gone crazy? Is he the new Saddam? Is the (((Saud)))-Iran Proxy War his Iran-Iraq War, and he'll get his ass fucked for no reason before being invaded by the West?


He's buying GBP with Trump by giving him the DNC on a platter in time for 2020; in return, if KSA ever implodes (militarily or otherwise) then the US will be on his side.

Does Saudi funding really work though, since all the money in the world didn't get Hillary in.


I'm not exactly informed on this topic but is this (((good))) or bad good? Isn't SA the last region needed to create greater israel? Or is this purging that possibility?

Isn't the Q LARP angle that the bad Saudis are being purged and the ones who remain are /ourcryptokikes/?


Any frenchfags care to translate that? On a limb, I'm guessing FALSE?

whatever, here's an archive

It's not about money, it's about good will.

You have a containment board.

its all a big show, they know everybody wants the saudis to pay, everybody knows the saudis are pumping 98% water, the saidis are waging wars left and right because they are out of oil, no oil no more cheep Labor from India, no Indian Labor, no more guns from Russia and US… Saudis are out of oil, this is why they are spending themselves into the poor house attacking their neighbors. and tossing around tens of millions of dollars at every politician who will take the money.

The Saudis paid BIG TIME to Finland politicians, they want Norway!!!!!!! they want the oil by turning the place first Religion of Cuck™ then Wahabi and Finally a new home for their kids

dead inventors, tens of millions of Muslims dead in Iraq 9/11 Syria….

the world dousnt want storms and fake propaganda.

Cunt of course it's on the same servers hence calling out Jim, you fucking kike faggot.

There are no good semites user

The fuck kind of post is this? Cuckchanners actually fall for this shit?


Draining the global swamp.

I'm all for cleansing Arab crypto-jewish dreck but I'm against trusting the rest of the Arab crypto-jews one bit as well.

Draining the bog was yesterday, today we're filling it back up to make room for CIAniggers and other swamp creatures.

The nose knows

No, hes doing this for PR and dumb fucks like you eat it up, hes the same Wahhabi shitbag as the last
No, just another kike puppet like the rest

The House of Saud are all Jewish in origin, but Arabs in general are also a Semitic people, the same as Jews and a few other minor groups - but funny enough, not Levantines, i.e. Syrians, Lebanese, etc.

Arabs are to Jews what Franks are to Germans; different language, different features if you study them very closely, but plenty of mixing and essentially indistinguishable to out-members of their broad racial group.

P.S. Race doesn't exist, but I'll save that particular redpill for another thread.

Until kikes start going down its still the calm

thats what the newfaggots are taking from it. I was following it for a while there was some really fucking good shit being shared but the newfaggot cancer was too thick.

And I stuck with it for a while to and then the fucking morons started splitting into rival boards and eceleb cancer swooped in just like with gg. Theres fucking gold in the Q shit but is it worth digging through all that fucking newfaggotry? No.. some reddit homo will do it eventually.

interesting but wheres your sources?

No. Trump expects royals who were against him to receive payback. Funny how Hillary's big supporter is being hung upside down and being tortured.

That's what real men do, deliver payback. Trump and the Crown Prince are simply utilizing their pimp hand.

Wealthy Saudis are fucking parasites, they're basically NEETs with money and fly around the world trafficking children.