Cultivating Gen Z

How do we redpill young kids of ~10 years? I just spent two hours discussing politics with a friend's son. He asked very basic but earnest questions. I was pleasantly surprised. He was concerned that 'everyone at school knows more than me'…though hilariously he said that "they all hate trump and don't know why".

How do I keep the ball rolling? Are there any good resources I can forward him to? YouTubers? Where does one find baby's first redpill?

Drop your tips here for securing the future generation.

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Tell them that queers and transgenders are degenerate homosexuals
Warn them about pedos
Tell them about traditional values and gender roles
Encourage them to play sports and stay /fit/
Remember that our view is the natural and normal view that has always been what parents taught their children, and that the whole boomber cuck thing of embracing degeneracy is the weird hippie crap being pushed on them by the Lesbian Seagull teacher

There a lot of idols that kids have on sites like youtube. The best way is to call upon those individuals who are in high social positions Pewdiepie, Johntron, Notch to name a few.

Thanks, I will continue to be as present as possible for him doing those things.

I'm hoping to find material for when I'm not around to give him a little ammo/ background knowledge on politics. It's hard for me to find material on a such a young level.

Sounds like an opportunity to teach him basic principles of how propaganda works, and how those people are merely following an opinion based on media sources. If you make the idea of scrutinizing propaganda sources fun for him, that opens much more redpill opportunities later. Good way is to invoke memetics and humoring him on the absurdity of it all. Though he also needs to learn where to appropriate reveal his power level so he can redpilll others without getting too noticed.

Thx, I will look into them. I think kids like youtube a lot (or at least he does). So it should be a handy avenue.

Agreed. I will have to be a little handson at first I think. Send him memes, continue our chats. Definitely will have to be sure to make time for it when possible.

They also use iFunny and other similar sites for memes.

Apparently his time playing hearts of iron lead him into Holla Forums memes

I'd encourage any kind of traditional offline father-son stuff or father-daughter activities.
Need non-pozzed real-life role models, people to look up to.
I'd try to have the kids spending as little time as possible in front of the (((TV))) and (((computers)))

That's why gaming is an important field for Holla Forums to cover in memetic warfare. Just casually talking to other players and injecting relevant memes serves a gateway for advancing redpills.

Honestly there's no limit to the psyops we could run on White America. We just to keep cranking out good memes.

Remember the cultural marxism is all about destroying the traditional family, so anything you can do to have a strong and positive home life for the kids is going to have a big impact on them and make them resist commie and trans/homo propaganda

HS senior here, there's not really much you have to do. Gen Z already has latent underlying ideas that redpilled people have, the problem is they don't really have any solution or direction for those ideals to actually go to. The way to redpill them is to connect ideologies to their ideas and ideals, explain why they work and what kind of society they would create to them and there you have it.

The kid is extremely sporty, so I feel pretty good about the amount of outside time. I will try to look into books etc, but it's more current event he doesn't feel caught up on.

So redpilling is universal then. I guess I want to take advantage of his screentime by redirecting it to redpilled sources. But if that's not possible the old fashioned way face to face will work.

I can tell you guys from personal experience in the community I am in, I can honestly say I have redpilled at least a few hundred by proxy.

It's not universal strictly speaking, a majority of the nonwhites still have opposition beliefs and a minority of the whites hold them as well, but the whites with opposition beliefs can be spotted from a mile away.

If I had to give one specific piece of advice start with anti faggotry/slutdom/transsexual shit then work up from there, try to hold the JQ and race till the end of the conversation. They still have avoidance triggers against muh racism and antisemoitism but they are much weaker than the average millennial and can be bypassed with adequate explanation. Good luck

Gimme one week, and I will post my niece hailing. GenZ is light years ahead of Millenials.

Give you kids the tools to see what is true for themselves.

First, teach him to control his face. Practice staring at him while saying funny stuff. Kids can get freaky good at this and can spook adults.

Then teach them to read people. I play rock paper scissors, while either telling the kid the truth about my throw or lying. The trick here is you really have to make up your mind about what you are going to throw when you say what you are going to throw (whether true or false).

With those two tools in hand, you can start explaining the world and why things happen the way they do. The kid can now evaluate what you say based on reading others and hiding their responses.

thx, will get on it.

If you want to redpill a kid a good way is to tell them to trust their own natural instincts about race and point out that 99% of the "people" trying to police their thoughts and their behavior are non-whites, particularly kikes.

Oh, and any good kid will have an inherent hatred of unfairness. So point out all the (((unfairness))) and (((hypocrisy))) around them. Shit, just pointing out how the kikes have deemed it okay for every race except whites to have racial pride should be enough to foster a deep loathing for them. But above all else, teach them to hide their power level. Seeing them goose step around yelling "HEIL HITLER" might be funny but it won't do them any favors in the current political climate. Teach them the ways of subversive resistance.

OH FUCK. I'm being a total faggot replying three times in a row, but holy shit, get kids into classic vidya and then show them articles written by blue-haired cultural marxist kikes saying that classic games and gamers are evil. After that you might actually have to hold them back from stabbing the next kike they see.

It is that easy

It comes naturally too, (((they))) hate the idea that people can make themselves happy since they want goys to substitute consumerism for true joy.

Gen Z here,
yes I'm underaged, I've been here since Dorner
Humor is easily the best thing to draw us in.
We laugh at 'racist' jokes, they help normalize out-group thinking. It's safe to laugh at these, it's safe to think different. Anonymity is crucial for this, especially to remain under the radar of helicopter parents who monitor each and every action. It's true that most modern "parents" don't care about their child, but if Stacy found out your kid was making racist jokes, your social life is in jeopardy, so they watch for that shit. Initiate through comedy, reinforce that it's okay to laugh, then they open. It's that easy. I've converted a lot of my friends from the pro-poz social norm into acolyte NS. It takes time, but the easiest way to start is through humor. As I got older and learned more, I was able to convey my thinking to my family, and slowly but surely I helped move them from "I don't see race" to "There is a strong correlation between behavior and race and these fucking mexicans have to go". I graduated last spring at 17, all of my classmates who aligned even slightly to the right were poorer, while the rich yuppie faggots were all diehard bernouts or hillary shills. It sounds commie as hell but play on class differences, point out how these rich kids all seem to be effeminate socialists.

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This thread definitely deserves more attention. I know I'm not the only underaged GenZ on here, and it'd be nice to get more input from them.

Second that. If there are more in your generation that are as articulate and not material driven, then I have higher hopes for the future of this country.

This. Having a strong and stable family life is probably the only reason why I was able to resist kikery and reject the blue pill, despite living in Commifornia.


Fuggin hell dude; don't stick them in front of a screen you dunce. The chillins need human contact.
A child's mind is malleable i.e. flexible. Be their role model. Be their hero.

Don't give your kids unrestricted access to a computer. Nothing good can come out of that.

I am also Gen Z (17 years old). I agree, humour is the best way to draw kids to the right. Just harmless jokes that make kids go against political correctness. There are definitely some redpilled people in my school thanks to racist humour (not 1488 gas the kikes yet, but they are against all non-white immigration)

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It's ridiculously hard to redpill kids on Gen Z and National Socialism. Complex ideas such as economics, subversion and tradition are lost on a young person. We just don't know enough to fully understand politics. But, you can still redpill kids enough so that when they graduate High School, they leave redpilled on crucial things that pretty much prevent them being fooled by left-wing propaganda and place them close enough to our beliefs that they will naturally be drawn in and fully redpilled.

it is theoretical but at a young age, when the children still may have some hope. May notice how the adults cuddle the niggers, and other weird people. As the kids come from families, maybe even white neighborhoods. The programming and desperation has not been put into place yet.

so the most logical thing to do is to feed those little flames of disgust…to show the kids that they are not alone in what they feel and that there is no need to turn to desperation. For that obviously lower races are needed close, especially dangerous ones like niggers. Just a little acknowledgement is all they need probably.

Positive Futurism

No one want this

When the whole world has gone mad, the only way left for the next generation to rebel is to be decent and honorable people.

Kids want to be part of a group.
Inform them that they are part of a super secret special group called the Celts Slavs, Nords, Germanics, you get the point and that they are under attack and have been at war for thousands of years.

1940-1960 - Generation: "Baby Boomers"
1960-1980 - Generation: "X"
1980-2000 - Generation: "Y"
2000-2020 - Generation: "Z"
1990-2010 - Cohort: "Millenials"

Like they won't do a web search on their super secret club.

An easy trick is to tell them not to do what their liberall teachers/parents want them to. Kids arw naturally rebellious and will go to any extreme that is deemed inappropriate by society.
Also make them watch Sonic Boom

I'm 20 and I really hated commercialism as a kid. I grew up with a lot of old stuff and hand-me-downs and thought the new versions were always shit, like when I went from my parent's NES to an OG Xbox and thought the games were already too easy. I took "they don't make them like they used to" to heart and noticed all the new toys were made more cheaply than before, and from talking with my parents and older siblings I knew it was from "corporate fatcats" cutting corners. I just had to be told who (((they))) were, and it didn't take me long to get the picture when I was. And I'm not sure how useful this example is but this piece of garbage embedded introduced me to the idea of holohoax exposure when I was young and made me start to doubt it. I didn't really pay attention to WWII in general, so I thought the holohoax was the only reason why hitler was a bad goy and if we found out it was fake everyone would like him. I was homeschooled though, so I missed out on most of the indoctrination in the first place.
>mfw i had to sit through the boy in the striped pajamas when it came out

This. After a year or two of constant shitposting my closest gen z relative is perfectly fine with me pointing out jewry and saying nigger.

It helps when they laugh at absurd things like the cboyardee videos. Surrealist/absurdist humor probably helps more than I realized, since you can take things back easily when you go too far. You tell them jet fuel can't melt steel memes and then you tell them gas chamber doors open from the inside.

I talk to my family about current events a lot and with all the happenings lately it's not hard to focus on Holla Forums topics. The other day I told my mom about how jews pretend to be white and she agreed with me.

Hah. I have similar experiences. The people in my life who 4 years ago were average centrist / right wingers are now discussing white genocide and how the state censors everything right wing and against Religion of Cuck™ / multicult.

With the influx of modern agriculture + internet and social media the political landscape is a lot more about addressing information and the flow of information in a network than in the past. It's quite strange to see lengthy posts that I've made in the past manifest themselves into reality 3-4 years later.

Yes. It's important though that it appeals to the correct mental state of a person though. For example it's really easy to make memes against refugees in Europe, they have so many flaws, the leaders who promote it are doing it for personal reasons and it's easy to make memes or videos that reach a wide audience who will take hold of those ideas.

A bad form of redpilling is bashing blacks because they're black. The normie won't be receptive and perceive it as something done by a 'racist asshole'. But if the message isn't just blunt but backed up by credible sources the normie can connect the message with their own personal experiences.

I see 'academics' trying to push the lie of multiculturalism through anecdotes with poor sources. These works are accepted and praised because of the biased academia. However their works are often hard to read for normies, and are unappealing. So they never reach the normie in a proper way. The normie just gets a message 'don't be racist', and that is easy for them to digest. But memes, videos and interesting content can sway normies quite easily. A John Oliver on the left has insanely more reach than the academics describing cooked up social patterns in favor of multiculturalism.

With the above paragraph regarding academics my goal was to describe that discussion doesn't mean much. Yes for smarter people it matters, the average normie is reached easier through meme images or meme videos.

> I just had to be told who (((they))) were,
This is also something big. There's savage antisemitism everywhere being churned out by the media, mainstream and alternative. The only thing is that they blame it all on white patriarchy. Hell the only difference between most of my views as an anarcho-pimitivist and the nazi shitlord I am now is that A: Jews are the ones behind most things being shit one way or another, and B: most people (shitskins) cannot be relied upon to figure out the right thing to do, let alone do it. Once you get them to see that everything else falls into place.

Something I found particularly important is that Jews don't just want to rule, they have a deep seeded hatred of both our peoples, but far more importantly, the very natural world itself.

Thanks for that simple, easy to replicate example.

I kind of get the feeling that all the years of lies about what happened in germany are going to inadvertantly have given gen z some pretty creative ideas on solving the problem


Send them this video.

So goddamn hard to do with my stepson and stepdaughter (12 and 14). They're lazy shits with a lazy shit man-child father.

They think he's going to shove a ruler up their ass?

The best way is to be a teacher

Taking suggestions to raise a good white woman. She’s 7 yo.

Show dem da whey bruddah


They will ask WHO, of course.

"Son, one thing which you will notice is that almost all of them seem to be jewish"

GenZ here with socialist, boomer parents. I've tried redpilling them both about national socialism by phrasing my arguments carefully on multiple occasions but I haven't had much luck. My father was a vietnam vet that voted for Reagon in the 80's however, he's since changed his positions and switched his support to the democratic party. We had a discussion the other day about democratic socialism and I tried explaining to him his idea of socialism doesn't work unless it's implemented in a culture that has ethnic and national pride but he never addressed any of those points. He's the kind of guy who watches (((MSNBC))) all day and genuinely believes that Trump colluded with Russia despite evidence to contrary. It's very difficult to have a thoughtful discussion about politcs with him because he always shuts me down before I can make my next point.
I've also tried to redpill my mother on race but, it's a bit difficult since she suffers from pathological altruism. She told me the other day she was going to adopt a "dreamer" once I leave the house and I explained to her that she would essentially be encouraging illegal activity. She didn't respond. I've made a tiny bit of leeway with her though. She told she would read any book of my choice if I read a book of her choice.
Honestly, I feel like it's a bit of a lost cause at this point but, I'm going to keep trying without explicity revealing my power level.

be a little edgier than you would when conversing with adults

We have the midas touch where everything we touch turns into nazism. If we repeatedly meme on things that Gen Z likes and be actually funny and relatable, since Gen Z loves being able to relate to others, they'll be flocking to us in no time.

Do you have any younger family? I share this problem but through debates with my father I've received some very interesting questions from my siblings in attendance. My sixteen year old sister asked me what ideology could institute the society I believe in and when I proclaimed National Socialism she wanted to know more while my father's brain fully shut down at this prospect.

GenZ is ready to reject the propaganda they were indoctrinated with, they just need a little push. Be the role model your family needs and show them the path.

they need uncompromising youthful natsoc figures they can look up to. there are none because all e-celebs are cancer. national socialism needs to become fashionable but nobody is stepping up to the plate. only eugenics tier jewtubers in it for sheks.


This thread got me thinking… Recently I purchased The Culture of Critique and began reading it. My mother saw me holding the book and asked what it is, so I let her look at it, at which point she read five or so pages of the forward. She at first questioned if it was an "antisemitic book," to which I responded, "no, it's a part of a series dedicated to understanding the causes of antisemitism, this part of which involves detailing the influence Jews have had on political movements in the twentieth century." She then read a few random pages throughout the book itself, and commented that she didn't understand the point of the book, and found the writing too thick to get into right now. I will encourage my father to also look at the book. They both seem skeptical of it, but don't seem too worried about me buying / reading it.

Do anons here with more redpilling experience recommend CofC for boomers / gen X? I think it could be good because it is academic, but it's also hard to understand for that same reason.

I can see it being like teaching calculus to kindergartners, as one user once said … but also as a good redpill intro.

"we" have some steady breakthrough on 9gag with easy Holla Forums memes ,if he wants to browse anything point him there

Slightly off topic, but this has been nagging me when it comes to the attitudes of young people. Do any of you remember being really young, like 5 years old and having parents or teachers tell you that it was wrong to discriminate based on race, gays are okay, men and women have the same capabilities, etc..?
I can't recall details, but I remember hearing these "rules" and thinking; oh I guess I'm supposed to try to change my attitude now… (This was also before the age at which people started calling each other niggers and fags to be edgy) Prior to the first instance of the PC lessons that I remember, I thought it was just normal to think that blacks were fundamentally different because they were loud and smelled funny and the gays down the street were creepy and the jewish girl in class was frankly pretty jewish.
I think one of the reasons that places like this and the books and resources mentioned have such a natural appeal to people once exposed is a re-awakening of these inborn instincts.

I feel like this attack vector is understated a LOT. Honestly, part of what initially made me a nationalist and gave me an interest in history was playing historical RTS titles from a young age. Even in my inevitably leftist teenage years I still was quite on the right-er side than many fellow leftists.

People believe that shit most of the time because it isn't part of their life to interact with minorities like this. If all the niggers/homos/kikes/etc you see until you become 16 are a combined number of 50, it's easier to be brainwashed with whatever kind of BS leftist professors want you to believe.

Ask them "how comes all the sportsball sims have niggers or half-blacks as the stars instead of folks like you?" and instill the notions of blacks raping whites in their heads. Baby steps until they mature enough they can see they're in real danger - also give them huge red lights on how their privacy being invaded by third parties is bad but on a personal level (like having something they hold dear and secret being very much visible to others).

Show gen Z this kind of stuff:

Take this mindless gay niggerness back to your VR chat.

Well first thing you do is teach him to walk on the front part of the foot at all times to fix his posture and give him strong legs, and secondly a minute of pull ups a day. That is strength with fast gains, do this early and avoid the cucking that comes with weakness.
Second, Show him how to make his own toiletries cheaper and better than anyone elses and avoid the poison that will interfere with his growth,\.
And thirdly and lastly Show him this article by a former faggot when he gets past puberty (, and leave soft core female imagery lying around for him to find.

Fable of the Ducks and the Hens:
Jas. Townsend and Son: A youtube channel that t\has never cucked out on historical matters and features 18th century recipes made with period techniques and period costumes and period tools.A great start on self reliance.

P-pure coincidence.

This was a response to this:

I don't think that being rebellious is natural to kids at all. Maybe they are more emotional during their hormone growth, but it's purely a jewish invention for kids to rebel, and i think it was invented with rock&roll, hippie culture and the franfurt school, and even earlier. Any motion for kid's to disobey their parents and destroing "patriarchy" tardition and any destruction of authority and hierchy really. Think about it, they use impressionable youths to rebel to their conservative parents, give them a hedonistic approach and cram "fun" into their throats. I don't want to sound like a senile "kid's were better behaved in my day" type, but maybe the stereotype of such a guy is also a jewish psy-op just like "conspiracy theorists", all for stifling dissent from anyone thinking objectively.
A family used to be centered around doing things at home, with the kids helping their parents in chores, listening to them, getting all their ideas from them. Then, it changed to a group or public-education type of control. We see it in the West now, with kids being taken from their parents, thinking them "lame", being more in school and on the internet and TV, than to be with their family. Parents stop being authority figures and the educational and entertainement jews inflate the divide even further.
We need to bring back discipline, change their habits, make them to do chores, teach them responsability and make sure that they understand how this benefits them in the later stages of life. Above all, make it positive. Don't say "you shouldn't listen to the TV" (although that's good too), but say "love your family", "listen to your family". Give them a feeling of understanding. Bond with them and be their friends, but don't forget - you're also their peers. And all of the above shouldn't be done straight on, but by telling stories, metaphors and allegories about a strong family. Do, don't say. Above all, be a role-model for them. If you want them to grow up good and red-pilled, be the man (or woman) you want them to be. Love your wife, take care of your family, be straight-forward and just.
Something about their group(friends), which they are bound to have: If you teach them how to be a good person, make sure that they are sort-of a leader for their group. I know that not all people have charisma, but if anyone thinks about your child, be sure they think that he is trust-worthy, honest, caring, helpful and so on. This way you will not only red-pill your child but also red-pill your child's friends. By the time he will have political opinions, people will think of him highly and more will listen to him. And if they grow up a good person, more often than not, they will have our views, more or less.

TL;DR Kids rebeling is a D&C by the jews; be a good man first if you want to be a good parent; do, don't tell; let as few outside infulences as you can to them.

Gaming and streaming. Kids dig it if you're nice to them.

That is a very pure coincidence.

Do not insult Uganda Knuckles, faggot.

I tried redpilling my father a few times, he has a serious knowledge of history and seems to know how the wheels are turning. Unfortunately, like most boomers, he has been propagandised from birth and has thought up riddiculous arguments as to why the jew's aren't at fault in anything.
The thing in trying to red-pill parents or grand-parents is the though that they know more, the feel of "been there, done that" is to strong in them. They just won't believe you, no matter how much facts you bring up. They are lemmings, NPC's, however you call them, they already made up their mind most of the way and it's extremely hard to redpill them. Keep trying, but you must be aware of how their entire perception of reality is based on the jews' lies of history and if you change their mind, their reality will collapse and they will have to make up a new one.
With that said, it is feasible, try using the already discovered lies of how jews were turned into soap and lampshades, show them the "holocoaster" and other stupid lies of the jews. But don't start with the Holohoax, it's too important in their minds, keep it for the later stages redpilling. Use their own knowledge to your advantage, make them agree with you about how you shouldn't trust the media, that the WW2 german attrocities were propaganda, how the communists claimed they were bringing peace and justice. Mostly, they have the knoledge in their heads but you need to connects the dots for them.

No TV. Teach her to cook for fun. Be the guy you wish you were

From my experience jokes and memes like Picardia and Pepes are a great for redpilling. I have successfuly converted one of my friends to fascism and pushed others into the right direction. Kike, nigger and commie jokes are the most successful. Pointing out the Truth at every possible moment is necessary, but don't show your power level, you will scare them off and people label you as a weirdo. Even when it isn't a good situation to point it out, you have to do it. You can't afford to chicken out. If you don't know your arguments, read Hammer of the Patriot by Zeiger and don't engage. While you know you are right, they will just steamroll over you without mercy and instantly lose all reputation. No reputation = no redpilling.

An example is how I was disagreeing with feminism. Some soyboy told it, that it is harder for women to live. I asked him, if it were women, who stood in the frontlines, taking cover from machinegun fire, poisonous gas and artillery shelling. We babbled something about women having to work in factories for long times. I responded that most men work the same, long, strenuous jobs in normal lives too and that women should be at home, taking care of the kids. No more arguments, he just went ad hominem about how I hate women and how I am a misogynist. The girls at our class weren't pleased, but they didn't say a word. Don't be gentle with them, scold them when it is needed, but don't over do it.

The thing about redpilling someone, they won't always eat it. Especially if they are happy with the Modern world and don't want to rebel. The teenage rebels are easiest to redpill, adults not so much (I managed to push my stepmother into an almost berserk state when I said that I am a racist and I hate niggers.). Especially if they are slowly turning into a degenerate.

Another thing I noticed is, the more the person got beaten in life, the easier it is him to redpill. Betrayal, bullying, conflict at home, raised by a helicopter parent… Basically that 'sperg in your class. If he doesn't shit his pants and can keep his spaghetti for the most part, he is ready for the ride.

Take them to a mountain/forest hike. Plinking cans with an air rifle, sitting near a campfire, and singing songs with my father is one of my best memories as a kid.

Youth rebellion is a natural part of puberty, predominantly in males, it's not really about hating your parents but more about a decreased sense of risk awareness which in turn can lead to conflict, but sure if the parents are weak faggots kids certainly won't listen if they're told that what they're doing is dangerous or stupid. But this rebellion isn't necessarily destructive, as idealy males would have to stake out a life of their own and gain a place within society early on, so being willing to take higher risk to built something of their own has it's advantages. But since in our modern societies youths spent their puberty getting their mind broken in public education while there are hardly economical or productive opportunities for them in their private lifes. Without any positive outlet for this rebellious drive, any real concept of a future or a solid set of values, young people are practically lost in our decaying society, which makes them vulnarable to be instrumentalised on one way or another. I guess what defines the coming generations the most is a constant sense of dread, they may not know the details, but they instincitvley get how fucked up the world is. What you said is still right though, family structures are the most important part of a soceity, if kids don't have a support structure that keeps grounded, rebellious phases can lead them into all sort of shit that may fuck their lifes up.

Best advice I can give you is be the best role model you can be.
Women need a strong male role model so they know what qualities to look for in a man.

I listen to William Pierce in the car. Last week I'm driving, and my daughter asks if she can listen to something. I said "sure, what would you like to listen to?" She said, "Can we listen to more of Doctor Pierce?"

Another thing about that is a lot of the older folks are exposed to stuff which says kids nowdays are and they'll think you're telling them some bullshit you read online that someone made up and you're stupid for believing it. It's almost a lost cause unless that person really trusts you.

Open pic related with winrar, it contains the book "the female brain" by Louan Brizendine, it's a pretty solid book about the development stages of the female brain and puts an emphasis on the inherent gender differences between man and woman. She also wrote a book about the male brain that especially underlined the importance of testosterone for the development and well being of males, both books are worth a read and refreshingly free of ideological nonsense. The book does provide a better understanding of womens behaviour and might help you with raising your daughter

Get them off of Netflix and tv at any fucking cost. Netflix is the biggest brainwashing tool that the kike uses at this point.

Kek, what exactly were you listening to?
I admittedly never listened to any of his stuff.

You could be right, in that case rebellion would be a biological construct for an improval of the species. And if it's mostly male, it would make even more sense, as males help push society forward, and females help preserve it.
In that case, the jews have used (again) one of our biological traits against us, turning the rebellious and idealistic spirit to defy tradition and family, instead of improving a society.
So, how do we turn it around? How do we change it back into it's traditional role? First, we can use the jews' tricks against them. Seeing as the liberal culture is now the mainstream one, we can steer the youths to rebel against it, but not against their liberal or conservative family, but against the very group and media-centered culture. When the media and estanlishment say how we must destroy the patriarchy, we should push the youth to want to go against the flow, and instead protect the patriarchy, start a family and build on that.
The biggest problem with that is that the kike media want to keep the impression that the conservative views are still the mainstream, and you can only rebel against them. This is how all the "journalists" say they ara fighting the evil white supremacy and male-dominated culture.
For the youths to be on our side, we should convince them that liberals and jews are the mainstream, and they are cool with family values and having a steady homestead.

Man, I miss Ice and the chat. I was astounded how such a coherent and creative community could arise just from a bunch of people making fun of niggers.

believe it or not curious george is extremely red pilled in a very very subtle way. Maybe make it 'trendy to watch curious george'

We need someone with strength enough to stand up and do the right thing. Problem is that most people have been conditioned to believe that they must either hide their strength when in public or "exaggerate it by acting like a skinhead tier nigger".

But also, relying on "one guy" or "a small group of guys" will never work. We need everyone to live their lives to the fullest and adopt eternal self betterment as a personal doctrine. When everyone is doing their best to always improve themselves as much as possible then anyone who purports to lead them but comes with lies or ineffectiveness will not be tolerated.
Not him, but enjoy.

You really should, it's good stuff

Thanks user.

The absolute state of retarded niggers in 2018.

Don't be surprised. The highest form of creative output can only be achieved in an environment of unabashed niggerhate.

I agree, humor really is the way to bypass the effects of brainwashing. Also, when you have friends you can make "Alabama Windchime" jokes with, it makes daily life much more entertaining.

Fucking kill yourself, you imgur nigger.

Maybe reinforce our grip on halfchan/pol/ there are applications for janitor,leftypol is going in in force.
Do some more info graphic dumps every now and then,for kids some murdoch murdoch might be ok and some eceleb tbh

Gen Z here as well, the 3 types of political mindsets I saw when I graduated in 2016 were the numale faggots and blue haired cunts that wanted "muh first womyn" president, followed by a decent number of people split between the inconsequential libertarian/bernout voters, followed by an increasing amount of Nationalists and Trump supporters. The idea that Gen Z will become more conservative as time passes is not just a meme, the underclassmen and younger students all gravitated toward racism and nationalism because it was more entertaining, and they got the message through the humor. That is why the left really has no grip on the future of politics, the dopamine hit that communists get from being edgy and anti-authority is gone because they have been in power for so long. Nationalism and being far right has become the counter culture, and is sweeping through the younger kids like wildfire. As long as people are laughing, you're able to break their conditioning.

Youngest of the young of the millenials
20 nearing 21
but that 's what happened to me, I was always naturally immune to leftist propaganda and I remember as far back as elementary school hearing kids say "white people are boring" and feeling pissed and disgusted by it, remember being in middle school and non ironically not wanting obama to be president because he was black, etc etc

Then again I tested out of mandatory reading exams in 1st grade instead of the usual 5th, always got perfect scores on everything without even studying, and everyone always told me how smart I was
I think there's a certain level of intelligence where if you hit or go beyond it you are just immune to leftism because you are literally too smart to fall for it

But this can definitely be taught though as you said

19yr old user here. Gen Z is the most divided among opinions as said. It bodes well for us if we keep up the good work and don't let disinfo and shills dilute the message. The general consensus for ensuring our message I'd say is being fit, presentable, and humorous. The rest comes naturally

Older gen Z fag here with a younger brother just starting puberty.

He already has some base redpilling. Along with some MGTOW principles, likes the old Deus Ex, dislikes materialism, likes Trump, etc.

He takes to videos well. I was wondering if I could be directed to red-pilling sources that aren't full on race and JQ bombs. Trying to do that right away won't work.

The reason the right is making a comeback is because we know how to laugh and have fun.

why do those look like buttplugs?

You probably fap to too much degenerate shit. I thought they looked like salmon eggs since my mind isn't a cess pit.

when I read 'cultivating' it reminded me of grooming, and the thoughts went from there

also subliminals are a bitch

Impressive. Gen Z is truly superior.

How about we just tell them fucking truth and not use fucking kike tactics on children.

OP is a tremendous bartenda chugging shitdick

They say the devil is in the details. Well at 25 I have realized there is too much information for me to go through to verify everything. So I just fall back on what comes naturally. I don't have to know everything to the last detail about history or politics. Knowing that nationalism is the correct and natural way to be doesn't require endless research.
And when someone promotes something entirely unnatural like importing 3rd world trash to replace the dwindling white man (who is advised not to breed for the sake of the oh so fragile climate) then chances are it's a kike in need of gassing.

control the game medias, video entertainment, and music. simple.

The three major problem groups show up in that graph. Blacks, Latinos, and women. Restoring a patriarchal society would mean securing victory for a long time to come. I am glad that there are some statistics to back up my experiences. Thanks user.

I'm no child psychologist, but this sounds spot on. When children develop, they will naturally reach a stage in adolescence where they manifest rebellious attitudes. I'd assume it happens around the time they develop a sense of autonomy from their parents (this probably happens in stages, from preteen to teen). I feel that if a parent pushes a doctrine too much, a child would outright reject it on the basis that the child wants to prove his own autonomy. However, this rebellion is natural, and if a child has more opportunities to rely on and test his own autonomy, the better odds he has of staying true to any values you try to imprint on him. Think about it, whenever your parents tried to tell you something as a child, even if you tried to take it to heart, you probably had some resistance to whatever it was they told you. At some point you probably didn't listen and you fucked up, resulting in some kind of punishment or negative emotions. This process allowed you to gauge your own autonomy and decision making at a young age, and most likely helped shape your mental processes to this day.

Of course, teaching a child through this positive-reinforcement cycle (positive, meaning that you add punishment to reinforce behaviors) can go wrong. Some children will continually fuck up through adolescence, and simply get more clever in order to continue their own potentially dangerous behavior while avoiding punishment. This is probably where the stupid teenager archetype comes in. When a child isn't given enough chances to fail early in life, they will continue to do so into their teenage years; getting in more dangerous scenarios as they first learn to drive or want to drink underage or whatever. It's also a possibility that some parents don't believe in punishing their kids, or that they don't give them decisions altogether. At that point you're bound to get kids who've grown up without their autonomy being challenged (i.e. spoiled yuppie brats), or they rebel because they haven't been allowed to rely on their own autonomy in their formative years (beta-male altruistic cucks).

I think the best thing you could do (WARNING: I'm not a parent, so my two-cents might not be worth much) is to give your children chances to fail early and often, and be able to punish or help them accordingly when they do fail. At the same time, you want to try and imprint some core values into them; things like self-reliance, determination, and diligence. Honestly, I'm not sure if you can imprint specific values like that in a child deliberately. I think what shapes the disposition of someone happens in their formative years, probably environmental factors that parents could have not have hoped to control, or even minor traumatic events as a small child. Hell, genetics might even play a pretty big role, I don't know.

Yes, and that how is laughing at actually funny things. Not a turd on a lamp on a stand or some other nonsensical shit that leftist mental retards would laugh at. The faggot echo chamber you're defending has no substance, it's slave/hive mind initiation. When I was watching Ice's stream most of the voices from your fag crew were obviously shitskins and other browns, no surprise. Non-whites have considerably lower IQ and obviously their sense of humor is going to be nigger-tier. Raid, "hack", meme, make luls of substance. Don't parrot "one of us" bullshit like a dumb niggergoy unless you want to be a dumb niggergoy.

Gen Z are notorious contrarians. You almost have to be an extreme tranny-muslimite that hates nazis for them to do anything to protect their race and people. Remember that women control men's minds after the 90s so the key is to control them first.

Shows it as deleted for me, do you have another link?

I just turned 18 (have been here since first exodus), and posts like yours make me believe that I will not be alone in my perpetual fight against this corrupt establishment.

Generation Z is polarized to two extremes: the extreme of hedonistic, insatiable materialism; and the one of psychotic self-destruction. What the kikes want to do is narrow that spectrum down to such a fine line that ``everyone`` becomes an addict with no sense of self, striving towards an unattainable ideal until his body gives in and his mind regrets the repetitive rat race of a life he lived. To some extent, they have succeeded: many of our girls have become proud whores; many of our boys, unmannered chemical eunuchs. If the Weimar Republic doesn't find a spiritual successor in our country now, it certainly will within the next generation.

We all know what happened to Weimar, though. All it took was a couple dozen men like you and me to open the eyes of ~60 million disoriented Germans to a golden age of humanity.

14/88, brother. May we cross paths eventually.

Make your own.

I used to teach English III and IV in a 90% Hispanic school and I always used school itself as a redpill.

The way I taught my class was by putting forward the values of the first amendment and the free market.

For the freedom of speech, I told my kids that I would never send them to the office for what they say to me. The example I would give is, "if you said to me, 'you're fucking stupid, do you know what I'll do? I wouldn't send you down to the office and get you quarantined off to a cubicle for the next week like all the other teachers who can't handle criticism, I'll ask you, why, because I may be wrong, and you could very well improve how I teach.'"

And as for homework and classwork, I'd explain, "how many hours a week is a full time job? 40, right? That's also how many hours you go to school every week. That's no coincidence. School was designed to prepare you for the workforce. Now, when you graduate and get a job, when you wake up, do you HAVE to go to work? Of course not. So what sense is there in hounding you for classwork? Additionally, if you don't like your job, can you quit? Of course. I would like to prepare you for that world, but in doing so, I have to give you the opportunity to fail. If you don't want to listen to my lessons, that's your choice. If you don't want to do classwork, that's fine too. The only thing I ask is that you allow those who do want to do these things, to do them."

I'd also explain things like voluntarism and compulsion and go over events like the white feather movement during WWI where women would shame men into joining the British military and fighting WWI. After that I'd have them evaluate whether the White Feather Brigades were more or less ethical than a draft, and whether or not women should be included in the draft.

I also taught them about the Soviet Union, and Solzhenitsyn while we read through 1984. I made parallels between authoritarian states and the school system.

Surprisingly, many kids don't know was communism is, but are very desperate for an answer. The short answer I give them is, "imagine school, but you don't go home at 4 o' clock." My long answer of course involves teaching about property rights and having the right to keep what you earn, vs. working for the benefit of others and not being able to tell your boss no, much like how you can't tell a teacher no without some kind of repercussions.

I'd point out the hypocracies of the school system, like how teachers only work 180 days a year, 6 hours a day, yet they get paid the same amount as a full time worker.

I explained progressive tax rates, and how because of them and college costs, by the end of their lives, a plumber and a doctor make the same amount of money.

I teach them incentives and how taxing people more as they make more money would discourage them from working hard.

Then I show them the flat tax and ask which one is fair.

I taught them about the slave trade and how it differed from the Religion of Cuck™ic slave trade, and I'd also teach them about indentured servitude.

After teaching them about the Religion of Cuck™ic slave trade, I'd ask them "The Religion of Cuck™ic world enslaved more than the Western world, but there aren't very many blacks in countries like Saudi Arabia. Why is that?" I'd then tell them about how all males were turned into eunuchs upon entering slavery and how 10% of them all died from infections.

I'd compare this to Western slavery where slaves were allowed to marry and have families, and how once the British ended slavery in their country and colonies, they used their navy, the largest in the world, to hunt down slave ships and end the slave trade worldwide.

I'd also teach them about indentured slavery, spirit gangs, and kid nabbing. I'd show them the math on how it was easier for plantation owners to buy kidnapped orphans and vagrants off servant boats rather than buy a slave. Indentured servants weren't laid until their lease was up, and those were typically 7 years. Most would either run away penniless or die before then. The most famous example is in Barbados where Oliver Cromwell sent all his Irish POWs. The island used to be nothing but paddies working on sugar plantations, but they all died of sunburn infections and being worked to death before their lease was up. Celtic songs are still sung by the current black slave descendants in Barbados, but there are no more Celts on the island.

Anyway, I'd teach about a few more things like how McCarthy was proved right by the Venona Papers, etc., but my biggest lesson I wanted them to walk away with is their ability to say no and explain why they disagree. Anyone in my class my allowed to take any position they wanted to in a debate. They could be a straight up commie, but as long as they argued properly and articulated their points and told me why they believe what they do, I never penalized them.

Nice. I'm a highschool freshman. I originally found this website through cuckchan, and cuckchn through YouTube. I lurked on their for about three months before lurking on here for about nine months and I intend to lurk until I'm eighteen. My fondest memory from this board is downloading a PDF of Mein Kampf. I remember the Vienna chapters sticking out to me and how much it blew my mind. Hitler talking about the Social Democrats and the construction yard really stuck out to me. After I read that, I could not watch TV. My dad liked (((Macgyver))) and he wanted me to watch with him. The opening credits had more Jewish names than a Tel-Aviv phone book. "Greenberg" and "Goldstein" were just to name a couple names I saw. And he thinks that Jews controlling Hollywood and the media is "just a nutty conspiracy theory." The Jews are playing a fool's game. You have to have a nigger level IQ to not notice this shit. It blows my mind.

My school is really Jewish and really liberal. There was a "walkout" where students would walkout of the middle of class to protest Trump. There was also a pledge we were forced to say. It went something like this.

I don't remember the whole thing but that covers most of it. In history class the teacher keeps pounding white guilt in to all of the students and she would have these "Socratic seminars" which are similar to struggle sessions. If you said anything wrong the teacher herself would debate you. There are also the faggot kids who have no personality besides their sexualty. Besides this stuff, the school is okay.

Polite sage for gay blogpost.

Honestly, the best thing we could be doing to redpill Gen Z is for a bunch of us to get into video game streaming.

Streamers are the new celebrities.

There is real potential to reach a massive group of them, and even half of the liberal streamers make Hitler jokes because kids already love being edgy and contrarian.

If you add an actual ideology onto that and play up how bad the world is, you will basically have them paying you to redpill them.

Sure it might seem weird, but just take the youtuber KBVTV for example. He makes league of legends videos and says a bunch of racist shit constantly and he is one of the more popular content creators.

To quote one of his videos:
"Don't forget to pick up Vape drake whenever possible. It will enable you to run faster than Usain Bolt and longer than a runaway slave whenever you are out of combat. By combining all of your movement speed bonuses together, you'll be able to run a mini blitzkreig campaign that results in various champions getting gassed, slowly giving them the sweet release of death."

This video has 874k views and 13k likes.

In another, he says:
"Finally, your last item is going to be a Hextech gunblade to turn his long term cancer inducing second hand smoke canisters into a highly deadly, life extinguishing Zyklon B.And if you know anything, you know that this gas was proven a highly effective bug repellent when it left millions of followers of Judaism dead, and also alot of people."

That video got restricted on youtube but before it did it had around a million views as well.

This is a prime opportunity for us. We can literally shitpost holocaust jokes into gaming communities and kids will eat them up.

Checked. The one on the far right is going to be for the far-right.

Regular calibre dubs observed.

I'm confident that Gen Z will redpill itself eventually. You can't grow up around this much degeneracy and obvious mental illness and not draw your own conclusions.

If true then this explains the Ugandan Knuckles meme. "do you know da wei brudda?" They need direction.

Damn kids if you ain't making an old nazi shed a tear of joy for the future of white children.

Can second the part about being beaten in life leads to questioning everything more thoroughly and not putting your faith on bullshit.

Just keep memeing.

It all starts somewhere user, don't jump the gun too early

It's beautiful.
We must meme harder, we are their teachers and their guides.
In them and through them we shall have the lives stolen from us

Nobody notices the D&C happening with genders though. Those little boys are wearing pepe shirts and talking about cultural marxism, but the little girls are wearing pussy hats and talking about transgender rights. We're raising a generation that CANNOT reconcile with the opposite gender.

Women are malleable. When wearing pussy hats and focusing on identity politics fails to attract a mate or even beta orbiters. They will change in order to obtain these things.

This, instincts will gradually override ideological beliefs over time. All they need is to see men being strong again, or at least refusing to bow down to the nonsense. When you really look at it, (((their))) whole ideological scheme is rather fragile, breeds mental illness and only reinforced by peer pressure and increasing authoritarianism. It's unsustainable.

Buttplugs? They look like red marbles.

thanks for the baking soda stuff, saving and going to make some asap

can I have the source?


(trips of truth checked)
I think pointing out the distinction between whites and (((whites))) is very important. It gets them to categorize those who spout anti-white rhetoric as non-white, which is crucial in providing clarity for younger people. It's when they think people like them are spouting marxist anti-white insanity that they get confused.

I feel for you and the other anons who are trying to educate family members and it feels like talking to a brick wall. The hardest part of this battle is understanding that our energies are best spend on recruiting potential allies to our cause, and sometimes are friends and family cannot be recruited.

They need positive white figures to look up to, if the trends continue all actual whites will be Nat/Soc by default. This is why the shitstaining of historical European/White historical figures is such a significant problem. We need to have the older/original texts/sources to show the young ones that those are OUR people.

Those who have been wronged are more willing to open their eyes and start their climb up the mountain of truth. It's fruitless to try and tell someone who is comfy in this society that the society is broken

I hope these are the kind of things I will one day get to hear my daughter say

Show them Holla Forums… let them swim.

They'll either get it or sink..
Actually, wait till around 14 or something.

yeah let's show 10 year olds pedo threads and "rate my dick" threads to teach them about how great white culture is. Fuck off faggot.

I graduated HS last year and have a lot of examples of lefty bullshit, but nothing that extreme. A "pledge" is truly insane. Would post some of the videos I have of shit my teachers did, but I'm worried that leftyniggers would dox me.



You left out the part where the councilor says it's girls turning right too.
I smell kikel.

There doesn't need to be reconciliation.
There needs to be male awakening, and a reinstatement of the natural order of things.
This isn't your marriage counseling class.
Women listen to the strongest man.

Any gen z goys: are there redpilled girls at your schools? Restore my faith


This. You won't believe how many people GamerGate converted, me included.

Women, like water, conform to the shape of their container. Be a strong container.


I know one who has potential implying we talk to girls

This needs to be capped and put in a banner.

Worked for me.

I'm well aware.

The right embraces objective reality, while the left hides from it and screams that stating facts is 'hate speech.' That's modern politics in a nutshell.

When mainstream society is right wing teenage rebels will be left wing(1960's hippies) and when mainstream society is left wing teenage rebels will be right wing(us).

(Impressive. Very nice)
There is a plaque with that pledge on it. I can post a picture if you really want. But I don't want it to reveal my location because there is the school name and logo on it. I guess I can just blot it out.

Not at my current high school. It's so overwhelmingly liberal there that many teachers cancelled classes after Trump's election. I do know one qt who was for Trump but was silenced by that majority.

We did the political compass test as a grade and only three guys (including me) came out in the authoritarian right quadrant. Everyone else, including every single girl, was left-wing (save for one chick who was just barely lib. right).

My school is "one of the best" public highs in the country, though, so it could very well be merely an outlier. I guess they were all selfish enough to fall for the "left-wing = intellectual" meme or something.

I was giving a speech to my speech class about climate change and the paris climate agreement. I knew as a college student that I was in deep retard territory so I shittalked Trump so as to not get crucified for no reason. All the complaints about my speech (Three or four out of a class of about fifteen) said to not shittalk the president.
Nobody in my class looked conservative.
'98 here by the way

Try dumping a bunch of our best memes on sites like memecenter, they'll hit front page in no time.

This. This kid is growing up in the most hostile anti-white media environment that has ever existed. At his age, I consider it most important to teach him to critical thinking skills, to understand the role of propaganda in influencing people's minds, and to question everything. This will immunise him against the bullshit he will inevitably be fed through education and media, and prepare his mind to accept the full truth at the right time.

He's probably too young to take in the full, depressing red pill, and anyway it's a truth that people need to approach and take in at their own pace. Force-feeding it to a young kid is likely to lead to a rebellion and rejection of the idea. One of the reason we're picking up so many from Gen Z is that they've been force-fed fed a pack of lies and they're naturally rebelling.

Try to nurture his inquisitiveness and build a rapport with him. Let him be the one to ask the questions, answer the simple ones with simple honest answers. If he asks more complicated questions, then break it down and guide him through the logical stages to reach the truth. Always try to let him figure it out for himself as much as possible.

Another Gen Z here freshly 18, this is how you do it. I've been browsing 8ch ever since quinnspiracy made it's debut in August 2014, and I can tell you how to really sell the redpill to them.

While many kids my grade are into pop culture shit, dark humor is really prevalent. I've heard classmates sing along to Johnny Rebel, hitler salutes to the flag, even aping our memes. This is because all good nazi jokes and redpills are humorous and generally enjoyable, although sparce. If you want to try and get it in there, try using cartoons they remember or fawn over as a vehicle or platform for it, or better yet, integrate it. Be smart.

Now, if you want to intensify the humor effect and really cement it, make like and educate them on who "The Man" really is, point them to the truth, and teach them alternatives to college. I cannot emphasize this enough, exploit their rebellious tendencies to the fullest extent." Teach them the way of our memes and wake them up. The goal here is to make them know that this is what's actually going on and to reject leftist talking points. Do what the communiggers have tried and actually'' complete the link by telling them or hinting at who the man really is.

Also, kids like targets. Give them an effeminate, socialist soybeard to laugh at at and shit all over and you've won their attention. Make them laugh, make them think, and bypass the "oh that's messed up" by also teaching them to foster a deep seated hate for leftist propaganda by encouraging them to really look at how much pastel, pro-equality propaganda the school is forcing on them, and to argue against egalitarianism.

Yes, all the fucking time. They went to extreme lengths and even hosted in-school events dedicated to these topics alone. I've had many an instance where I've asked a friend "hey, ever wonder why the school's trying so hard to force us to believe this one thing?". Eventually, he drew this for me.

That sounds exactly like me.

just post the text with the location omitted

Easy: make them attend integrated schools. It'l take a week, max.

Show them Murdoch Murdoch.

When I was a kid I was always skeptical of authority, and Id imagine most kids share that natural inclination. If I were 10 years old, and someone told me of a cartoon that YouTube, grown-ups and (((society))) didnt want me to ever see, Id want to find it and learn all I can.

Just a thought. More shit like that is what we need for gen z. MM, Take Back Our Future, et al. We need more content.

I don't know. Murdoch Murdoch isn't really something that captures your attention if you aren't already partially redpilled. There isn't really that much humour and the show is too far redpilled to not scare away normies. Also, how would you show it to them? If your redpill fails, they can report you to a teacher or a parent and tell them you are racist, which is immediate suspension.

tell them they don't understand satire

"Younger" GenZ here. I won't say my age exactly cause I don't want to get b& but it's somewhere between 15 and 18.
Gamergate is what started me down the path. The best first redpills I got were from the e-celebs you all hate so much today, Shoe0nHead, ArmouredSkeptic, Sargoy etc.
I remember ages ago I was super into Memecenter, of all places, and they would joke about how halfchan was like the Hell of the internet, so it had been on my radar for a while but I didn't actually decide to go there until I think 3 years ago. I didn't actively start browsing 4pol until like 2016 and things started taking off from there.
I'm homeschooled, and have been all my life, so that probably played a role in my redpilling process. Being homeschooled and all I don't get out much, but last time I hung out with my irl friends who I haven't talked to in a while, one of them read a headline about the ok hand symbol apparently meant "White power" and he seemed to find it somewhat ridiculous, so other kids are waking up from what I've seen.

Since I'm probably never gonna post my age here again, I wanted to extend a question concerning homeschooling to you guys. Would it be good to "try out" a semester of public school just for the experience/possibility of companionship? Or would I be better off just staying away from it all? My social skills are obviously lacking, so personally I think it would be a good learning experience but I also don't know what I'm getting into.

I'd politely sage for the blog post but I'm still an infinitychan newfag so I'm not totally sure how. I'll go back to lurking moar after this

Half the work has been done for us as Gen Z is turning out to be the most conservative generation since (((WWII))). That research from a couple of years ago alone made the media kvetch hard for at least a month. The other half has to come from us.

What we're looking at is a generation of young people that are primed for redpilling. When things are good, you don't get comfortable and relax. You seize the moment and maximize your yield.

18 y/o here too. You couldn't be more correct about our age group. 14/88, brother.

Junior in HS here, trying out public school for a semester might be a good idea, because social skills are very important to have. You could also try to participate in an extra-curricular program with the school, like a sport or drama or something. I know lots of schools let home-schooled kids do them.
If you're going to try out school, do your research on what's the best school in your area to go to. I go to a 40% white shithole that's the laughingstock of the district, and constant exposure to coalburners, faggots, niggers and spics puts a real drain on your psyche.
Pic related is what to expect, but you might get lucky.

first time I'm noticing the holocaust shit in the background

I've swam competitively for like 6 years but I stopped a few years back cause the team shut down and the other ones are shit, but I never really made a point to socialize much. According to Wikipedia my county is 70% non-hispanic white, but from experience it seems like less. My mom's always said if I was going to school it'd be at this small private school just down the road from me

Warning: More than Blogpost
Highschool sophomore here.
My situation has not been kind to me.
I grew up in an hyper-diverse hyper-liberal DC suburb since childhood.
The western part is almost all Jewish, the eastern part is nog and beaner.
It starts innocuously with "kindness", "respect", "tolerance", "equality", "diversity", all very sweet words.
They try everything to break you (Imagine Murdoch Murdoch's "Obama's Legacy" video times six million).
They will try to ding you with ADHD or something and get you on their kike meds.
(((My KINDERGARTEN teacher))) brought my parents in and said I might have Asperger's or some shit like that and she recommended I was being a problem child and I take a laundry list of drugs. I got out of that quickly enough.
I went to another school for smart kids where we had the teachers (((Kohan))) and (((Cashmann))) (a leaf and a fellow white), teach us about not only science, but also why Christianity is bad and why we should care about (social justice CultMarx topic of the day).
By the end of middle school I had gone from my Frankfurt school post-left anarcho-nihilism through a skeptic phase then into r/The_Donald Kosher conservatism, which my teacher named (((Bank))) didn't like. That year's class was pretty much entirely revolving around "ebil Nazis" and "hawlokawst". She of course gave stories about how she escaped from Auschwitz only because she was so thin she flushed herself down the toilet. She had us do this activity with the "Ladder of tolerance". All the Jewish kids, about half the class stood up and put their little stickers on "Extermination". I went up to since my family was killed during communist purges.
This is what she said, I quote: "Oh user, take your sticker off from there, that wasn't really extermination in the same way as the HOLOCOST™. Maybe one level down?"
That still (((echoes))) in my mind.
At this time, I had progressed in my kosher conservatism to the point where I had pretty learned Hebrew inside and out and some other teacher named (((Szrenke))) said I was more Jewish than she.
I broke loose in high school.

Apologies for the formatting.
I went to high school and it was not fun.
Some other kids and I were bussed in to raise test scores since the school's in the east side and only 20% white. I walk in and I smell some kang's cheap cologne mixing with the scent of wet marijuana and beaner sweat all mixed into a nice multicultural stew.
You can imagine what happened when I walked in one morning after Trump was elected.
People were hugging each other and crying because a large portion of them were illegals.
They held a whole-day psychological counseling in the auditorium for any kids who literally couldn't even.
Or when the "It's okay to be white" flyer went up on the entrances to the school and they had another mass psychologist bus-in.
The school has one of the only women's studies courses in the district as well.
And pics related to help you understand how the school operates.

this one isn't my school, but it's in the same district. this is one of the more conservative ones.

Jesus christ, that must be hell. Are there any other redpilled kids you know of?

what is the name of the poz book?

Jesus christ those book entries were the most nightmarish shit I've seen all week.

you sound like you've got your head on correctly, go get a gf, user.

That has to be a full-chan op. No way in hell that picture is real.

you still teaching?

That is sorcery lmao. How the hell can you do this zip wizardry.
Sage for offtopic.

It took our enemies half a century of infiltrating every institution to achieve their position. It's going to yake something dramatic to turn things around.

In a school of 3100 kids, there is exactly one other kid who is redpilled. When his parents found out about his political views, they took away all his electronics and were considering getting him a (((psychiatrist))) and putting him on (((SSRI medication))) for some reason.

The rest of the right wing of the school consists of:
That's about it.

Edwards Government In Action for AP 2014
The history teacher is a fellow white and he shows us Vox videos unironically.

Between the POZ books they hand out in english and history, the mossad jew kid giving the morning news, les independent thicc blacc and hispanicc womxn who get 20 minutes on the broadcasts, I have simply tuned out most of it.
In the french classroom, they had posters from the World Bank and other fellow white (((policy institutes and commerce institutions))) showing boat loads of 'refugees' and celebrating the EU.

It's real, it's in hell, and it's on every single door.
Take a look at the bottom of the flyer.


Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking


Remove the Holla Forums mod

Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.




























































































































There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"u kfbyt ct

Found your problem.

I agree. Anyone who has ever lived out of the city and couldn't observe that chickens are not feminists or any other marxist bullshit seriously needs to be shot. It is obvious what is natural.

Sure, that's why the majority of White women are fine.

I am about 30 now, and have been fighting for about a decade now. It is good to see that Generation Zyklon is as polarized as I had supposed. We are going to cut our way through ZOG and everything they have and we are going to gas these kikes. 14/88!

I'm still on you, you spamming fuck. You had best batten down the hatches if you keep this shit up, kid.


27 year old millenial here, seeing these posts from gen z is very encouraging. Do your best to keep the redpills flowing to your friends and peers. I remember a time when millenials were supposed to prioritize freedom and individuality above all else. As I went through high school, college, grad school, and my career, I watched in pain as my generation withered away intellectually and gave in to identity politics and post-modernism. Take it from me - it's not fun to watch everyone you grew up with abandon sacred ideals, embrace propaganda, and slide further into rampant degeneracy. Do your best for the sake of your peers, and for yourselves. You don't want to witness friends fall the way I have.

I haven't had too many chances to interact directly with gen z, but that should be changing soon. My career has been advancing very well, and I should have a little bit of extra time on my hands shortly. I plan on using it to start coaching a high school FIRST robotics team. It should be a fun way to pass on some of the technical skills I've honed, and hopefully I can serve as a good role model and mentor for the generation coming up behind me. I should be able to pass on the value of hard work and meritocracy as well.

Why try to redpill Boomers? They're not only going to be set in their ways, they're increasingly irrelevant. They aren't an important demographic in any respect. They aren't the "movers and shakers" of society anymore. I get it if you're trying to maintain relations with your relatives and don't want them to think you've joined a cult just because they don't understand, but trying to turn them into political allies is a waste of time. Beyond them accepting your views and understanding you're not crazy, it's pointless. You're better off convincing younger people.

Fucking foul. You know what happened to him?

They go a lot deeper than sexual innuendo.


i have similar experiences, it really starts with good humor and the obscure super sekrit internet club feel.
redpilling people of our age isn't very difficult, it may be that i'm going to a school for autists but half of the people in my school casually heil eachother unironically, i often get people in my class who genuinly point out jewish propoganda to others. recently we had some bullshit posters hung up about how our generation shouldn't be afraid to be whateveryouwantsexual, and they were ripped down immediatly and replaced with printed memes.

i know this is kind of a blogpost, but i feel like some of the oldtimers need a whitepill from time to time.

Another good way to repill people is to put a comedy to facilitate the message. You can use memes, for instance. Most people are uncomfortable discussing topics such as the holohoax, some races being genetically better, jews being jews, elite global bankers and the few financial elite family dynasties (also jews), etc.

Make them laugh.
In a world gone mad with PC bullshit and trannydykes running the schools, kids find talking shit against them to be funny.
Trannies are so outright alien in both appearance and nature that most kids will know something is fucked with them and try to naturally distance themselves away from them. I came up with a bit of a theory on this, bare with me, my head is all over the place but I'll try and pin it down.


It's not just a meme that we call Gen Z 'Generation Zyklon', at first they may be heiling Hitler as a joke for the sheer purpose of shock value, because they will be angry at this poz and not truly know why it's the case.

Meet Gen Z. Certainly the most pozzed up world awaits them, while most of us grew up in a fairly fucked up world, many of us still had fundamental values of what is right and wrong (though we learned more about our traditional values as we became redpilled)

Gen Z were raised with total fullblown kikery. In the education system, in the media. They had very little concept of right and wrong. However as soon as an average white kid messes up, they will be struck down by the snarky horrible pignosed problem glasses wearing scumbags that run said school. Yet niggers will still chimp out at any given moment and will be rewarded for niggery.
They will pick up on this quickly. They are not the same as blacks.

But here's where things get interesting (I know I'm ranting a bit at this point).
years now, our influence grows with every happening, we're getting mentioned in the media as 'evil nazis'

I never once regretted what I did, I stuck to my guns, it was tough but I learned something that no one stuck in the 'mainstream education system' (aka kike propaganda factories) could learn. I learned to see from an outside perspective.

I remember people talking about how they hated school and how they wish it just died or whatever, meanwhile I'm out innawoods learning cool shit about trees and whatever because I wanted to work outside, I guess in a way I evaded the conditioning, but I also saw how literally *no one* likes school.
This is important to note because it's fundamentally the education system that preps kids up for the poz. Use this hatred of school against the schools. Eventually they learn through reading and actually looking into how the world used to be that they were without a traditional peoples all this time, trust me when I say this… They will become awakened.

Of course, they can also end up going the way of the neckbeard, but in a world full of degenerates, I have a hunch that we'll gain more genuine defenders of the white race real soon. When we become truly organized and cohesive, when we just get the message out there that being proud of your race, heritage and culture is okay and that it is morally just to defend yourself, we win.

Leftists can't into comedy, Gen Z will be pushed to make a decision, none can stand on the fence. We must use the fact that the Kike has been forced to play his entire hand against them. They did not intend to throw everyone at us at once, but they've had no choice to do so. Yes, time is ticking, but we have been given an opportunity, through the chaos we shall awaken many and march on stronger than ever.

And once the idea of edgy things are funny and that they shouldn't care too much about political correctness, we have planted a seed in their mind.
It is from there, we point out the truth, the facts. White genocide is happening and it is not just a 'nazi meme'. Instill a sense of purpose among a generation without a cause.
Make them fucking angry about it, but also give them hope that they are not alone, this is one of the things that redpilled me. I used to be an angry racist mainly for the sake of being pissed off at what (((they))) done to me. Now I realize that the love of my people is what pushes me on to do what I do. Yes, hatred is normal, feeling angry is perfectly fine despite what the kikes will try and condition them with (why do you think libshits are all cuckolds and numales? They have been taught to never get angry and when they do feel pissed off it looks pathetic and cringy). Instill pride and confidence in our newest generation, if you have younger brothers. Be a good role model, they may be little shits but they are your family, your kin.
If you are an instructor for something like Goyscouts or if you volunteer your time working with young people for whatever reason, get to talk to them a bit if you can. Realize that they'll put their trust into strong and inspiring leaders and while they may not look up to you as a role model, they may confide a bit in just what is going on around them.
I used to volunteer my time with the Goyscouts and I realized that yes, Gen Z have a chance, sure we had a fucking lesbian couple in the group but their constant fuck ups and bitching was a sure example of just why the other lads were fairly based.
One kid in the group went from exploring Marxism to becoming a full on white nationalist. With a encouraging push in the right direction, he realized that his traditional Christian values were more important than just 'going to church'. I wish I stayed in contact with him but alas, a generation apart is a big gap to cross these days.

You must remember that Gen Z has to put up with the poz every day, they learn through simply observing how fucked up the world is. Sure, the kikes will blame everything they do on us, but through the merchant memes and through the redpills, the Youtube videos (that's a topic for another day) and just a sense of community (which is what Holla Forums had provided us in the past), our little Scout became /ourguy/. It is a stark difference between a degenerate who has bathed in the propaganda and a young White male who has seen what the other person looks like.

What have we lost as a civilization the most?
Is it our moral compass? Is it our achievements and history?
Is it our art?

We have fallen far from what once was, seeing everything we have accomplished turn into mockeries. Art is corrupted and twisted to become purely degenerate scams for money hoarding Jews. Our architecture is being defiled by 'street artists' who like to paint penises everywhere and put communist styled blocks of cement everywhere. Our music has been twisted also. What was once beautiful pieces of work full of emotion and talent (or just a really catchy song) has been distorted by nigger rap.
To quote my late grandmother, "a bunch of darkies chanting loudly into a microphone"

Why is this? Well it is obvious, it is part of the plot to destroy Western civilization. Everything we've ever known and loved has been attacked by Jews who are both jealous and afraid of our skills when we work as a cohesive peoples. They have succeeding in bringing down greatness and now we are lost.
Let Gen Z know of what once was, let those who stray from the flock find greener pastures. I'm sure there's plenty of shitposting edgy memelords on Youtube and that's all funny. But in a world where everyone is so disorientated, fearful and low trust (thanks to diversity) there is no sense of community. When Gen Z grows, they will realize that they are also part of a people with no community and will yearn for what was lost. This is also one of the ways Communists are able to recruit the young, they have more influence in the education system, but when our stray Whites realize that the communists are part of the problem and that they are shunned by anti white literally EVERYTHING, they will bound so far to the right Hitler will be proud.
I have never once heard of anyone who has come to the conclusion of nationalism (or just to paint it with one brush, defending our race from extinction) that has ever rebounded to the Left. Once the redpill is taken, there is no going back.
It will be a hard road to walk, we are all walking it now. Self improvement and struggle is part of the awakening, so encouraging healthy lifestyles is also solid. We do not need an army of neckbeards, we need an army of strong men, fit and keen of mind.
Hitler really did nothing wrong

Dont. All you need to do is be the group that opposes censorship, is seen as edgy, and promotes values that someone can get behind while being called something different by the media.

Dont. All you need to do is be the group that opposes censorship, is seen as edgy, and promotes values that someone can get behind while being called something different by the media.

>in a

This radical leap in their propaganda seems like they are trying to condition the next generation for war

buddy you seem to be unable to comprehend the amount of influence mocking niggers as retarded savages has.

give that teachers full name and school i want this kike to be skewered publicly

Stay up with current events, user. It is a never ending battle to supply information to a forming mind.

You have to stay on the forefront, craft the narrative to support your past points and ideologies, then use that same narrative to ridicule your opponent.

Easier said than done.

An example would be the current lawsuit against google. There is a section in there regarding a company presentation on living as a plural being ( what we used to call multiple personality disorders). This company presentation was put on by someone who believed they were an ornate building.

As always they will give you gifts like this as they continually exploit the most vulnerable intellectual resource ( notice how its these types, or trannies doing most of their work now?)

Take this gift and bring to light in the most ridiculous way possible. State that this belief is common towards the left, and go from there.

Absolutely CAPPED.

Nope, I got fired.

They say that teachers are hard to fire.

Those people never had different opinions from their department head.

Aren't GenZ more based than millennials? I thought vids like pewdiepie made them like trump memes and form a backlash against progressivism?

That just ain't true.

Every bird I've shagged has been very conservative. Most of my friends are somewhat conservative, even the slaggier ones.

Pretty much the entire working class here in the North is very UKIP-y and less like their traditional Labour.

Middle class who have never actually met Pakis before are pro-labour.

I'm 90% sure that's in the UK.

Yeah, we had a lad get kicked out because he interrupted and said "Can't we just watch some Jews getting gassed"

The only millennials that seem to be worth a shit today are those who are combat veterans, those who do blue-collar work, or those who live in a rural area far, far away from the poz.

MGTOW is a decent short term solution, until the (((family))) courts are dealt with. Along with #metoo and all this false accusation bullshit.

It is not a long term strategy however.

Great game. Bloody great game.

Keep the red pills mild and lead by example.

Dude, how do you think we built this culture? It was in those "wasted" years of our youth on the old Wild West Internet jacking off and calling each other faggots where we learned how to meme. Our outcast autistic humor and the force created through our interconnectedness has changed the course of man's history here on Earth/in our timeline. Maybe the kids these days need a little more guidance than pure unfettered internet access….but that shit was the fire we were forged in m8.

Bumping for based gen Z anons. It really does give us hope to see you carry the torches on. Our future is a shared one and we could not do it without you. Personally, I'm glad to have you faggots onboard this wild ride with us. May your children be able to explore the stars in a (((parasite))) free world, for a more noble cause than that does not exist.

I think you need to look more into the generation terms. The whole point of the term millennial was people that became "of age" in the new millennium, 2000. It most definitely does not start in 1990.

how so?

Culture of Critique is great, impeccably written and sourced and with a very neutral POV about the morality of the movements MacDonald talks about. If the person in question isn't interested in sociopolitical analysis books, they probably won't like it. I'm going to send my father a copy for his birthday.

Youth rebellion has always been a thing to some extent; Cicero talked about it in his writing. It makes evolutionary sense for young people to try to strike out a bit on their own, defy some rules and such, but modern society takes that instinct and turns it up to eleven and leaves it there.

I was homeschooled up until high school. It's definitely a different experience, and you do have to want to learn things (fortunately for me, I was always a reader.) It depends on your public school, mine was rather quiet and nice but if yours is a shithole I would say no. Other alternative would be to try to go to a Christian private school, which although subverted to some extent are still miles ahead of the public education system.

No, rebellion isn't a natural thing at a certain age. It happens because of the way young people are treated.

>HEM: Why do you believe that adolescence is an artificial extension of childhood?

>What are some likely consequences of extending one's childhood?

>How is adolescent behavior shaped by societal strictures?

Ironically, because minors have only limited property rights, they don't have complete control over what they have bought. Think how bizarre that is. If you, as an adult, spend money and bring home a toy, it's your toy and no one can take it away from you. But with a 14-year-old, it's not really his or her toy. Young people can't own things, can't sign contracts, and they can't do anything meaningful without parental permission—permission that can be withdrawn at any time. They can't marry, can't have sex, can't legally drink. The list goes on. They are restricted and infantilized to an extraordinary extent.

>You believe in the inherent competence of teens. What's your evidence?

>If teens are so competent, why do they not show it?

>Do you believe that young people are capable of maintaining long-term relationships and capable of moral reasoning?

According to census data, the divorce rate of males marrying in their teens is lower than that of males marrying in their 20s. Overall the divorce rate of people marrying in their teens is a little higher. Does that mean we should prohibit them from marrying? That's absurd. We should aim to reverse that, telling young people the truth: that they are capable of creating long-term stable relationships. They might fail—but adults do every day, too.

>What's the worst part of the current way we treat teens?

>What can be done?

It's a simple matter to develop competency tests to determine what rights a young person should be given, just as we now have competency tests for driving. When you offer significant rights for passing such a test, it's highly motivating; people who can't pass a high-school history test will never give up trying to pass the written test at the DMV, and they'll virtually always succeed. We need to offer a variety of tests, including a comprehensive test to allow someone to become emancipated without the need for court action. When we dangle significant rewards in front of our young people—including the right to be treated like an adult—many will set aside the trivia of teen culture and work hard to join the adult world.

>Are you saying that teens should have more freedom?

With a competency-based system in place, our focus will start to change. We'll become more conscious of the remarkable things teens can do rather than on culture-driven misbehavior. With luck, we might even be able to abolish adolescence.

>The Adolescent Squeeze

challenge the idea of moral relativism. Talk about how the universe is built upon the interaction of physical things, which follow mathematically describable rules. It is from this base of manifest reality that everything is constructed. Somethings we may think or say resonate with the universe - they are true. Some things clash - they are false.
Gay sex, Transgenderism, rape, murder, theft, miscagenation - teach him to develop his sense of rightness, and to look within himself for his connection with god and the universe, so he has a light to guide him through the darkness of lies of the lost of this world.
And love him, unconditionally. Correct him when he is wrong, with love. Don't have sex with him, you'll be right.

>(((Robert Epstein)))
Stopped reading right there.

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

Do you have any proof he is jewish or are you just basing that off of his name?

Gen Z here, our school is in the Midwest so it's mostly white, but their are still some jewy teachers. Most kids that care, seem right wing, but a lot are anti-racism. I think the most important thing is capturing the natural meme culture, and giving teens something to believe in.

My Dad actuality let me buy a paper copy, even though he himself is a typical cuckservative. I love those parts too. Really eye opening.

These are typical (((psychology))) kikes. Don't post their communist garbage here

They will seek peer acceptance, i made the mistake of talking about the jew's occupation to a young relative of mine just for her to come to me next day and declare that i know nothing about the subject, from this i learned two things, one: even here the jew question is seen as a taboo and two: she actually approached a teacher and asked her/him about the jews just to be reprimanded.
Curiously, in the village-controlled television network a "documentary" about the (((holocaust))) ran the same day she said that to me.

There is no such thing as a good Jew, only an useful one, Torpedo.




Proud of ya, sport.

poor form tornigger

You're a goddamn wizard user.

So communists usually encourage monogamous relationships, marriage and strong families with reduced conflict? Taking responsiblity? Entrepreneurship? Using actual science to obtain objective facts rather than accepting MSM and government propaganda? Speaking out against degenerative media? (Although including tattoos and tanning salons as examples of what young adults should have the right to do was a bit weird. Alcohol was a weird example too, but I guess so many people drink it that too many forget how degenerative it is so I'm not as surprised they mentioned it. Just a little disappointed.)

Do you not agree with this for example?

Oh look, here he is speaking at that well known communist organisation American Freedom Alliance. I think he's basically Stalin.

Right now, pull up the kikepedia disambiguation page on "Germanic" and tell me thats not precisely the historical, cultural and mythical knowledge we desire the younger brothers of our race stumble upon.

Yep. I told her that I want to have children for the sake of preserving the white race. Wet as the ocean in an instant. I'm saving for the wedding ring right now. And looking to expand my apartment for more than 1 child.

You guys really think Gen Z is posting here? Or that they are typing coherent statements? Are you sure it isn't just some pedo kike larping a gen Z trying to relive the good ole days?

The best red pill is to teach people to think for themselves and search inward to decode whether knowledge is useful. Don't end up like the AB and preach you are helping whites when in fact you are using them to promote your own bias and sense of power.

Humility is a virtue.


Bro, there were at least ten of us in this thread alone. I very much agree with your sentiments in the second paragraph, but you must be kind enough to respect the younger folk embracing your cause. Be a mentor, not a detractor.

either she has redpilled parents using her as a proxy or she is a destined brainchild and will be the future waifu of whoever becomes fuhrer

There's a really small Charter school nearby that my mom would probably try and get me to go to. I hear they're kind of difficult to get into though