Societal Manipulation Magic

Looks like the guy who wrote Memetic Magic is back at it again. Just read this one yesterday. 'Utopian Magic'. It's surprisingly good. Like an expansion of meme magic out to contain a bunch of new methods for societal manipulation on mass scale and deep societal understanding. Worth checking out. Has anybody seen this one yet? Despite the 'Utopian' in the title I get the impression this guy might be a bit pro-white based on a couple of little hints left in the book.

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just kill yourself.

That was a stupid reply. The whole book is about awakening people from the deception. What are you dumb? Or just didn't take the time to check out the post or what?

That was a stupid reply. The whole book is about awakening people from the deception. What are you dumb? Or just didn't take the time to check out the post or what?

b-but it's to wake them up!

stahp. It doesnt take a book or mind tricks to wake people up. Just make convincing arguments using proofs. God damn merchant.>>11125638

You realize this author is the guy who invented meme magic, right? I like this dude's books in a big way. I suppose you intend to twist anything I say, righ?

nigger the CIA has files on meme magic from long before this book peddling merchant kike came around

No actually the CIA didn't. Meme magic was invented in 2004. Whatever the CIA had before that was not meme magic, it was psych warfare. And why would a 'kike' peddle a book about meme magic? What a tarded comment. This guy is about as far from a kike as it gets. He created motherfucking meme magic, which freed us from the kikes. You foolish.

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2 years minimum

Memetic Magic: Manipulation of the Root Social Matrix and the Fabric of Reality. Published 2004. Kek is on the cover of the book at the bottom.

Nah I'll pretty much keep posting as much as I like. But thanks.



What are you a kike? Kind of sounds like it. Trying to derail a quality thread.


The stupidity being exhibited with your replies is legendary. It's this kind of stuff that turns allies into enemies. Are you guys the kind of people who are pro-white? If so, maybe I got the wrong scene.

Memes were created as concept way back in 1976. Meme Magic was created in 2004. This 2003 stuff you are providing examples of is not meme magic. It's just meme talk. Did you even read the articles you linked to?

No, the CIA did. Memes and magic have been connected for years before your kike book. Go kill yourself you absolute nobody.

In order to learn how not to fall for the kikes' tricks, you must first learn how they jew. ffs user close your jewpozzed anus and open your mind.


Prove it. Seriously. Prove to me that memes and magic have been connected for years before 2004. And it's not my book. But it is a really good book. Go back to your cave you moronic neanderthal. Seriously, is your purpose in life just to try to bring people down? You're genuinely pathetic. Maybe you should create something yourself, but you're way too dumb to do it, right? You're a disgrace to the white race - if you're even white.

the only kikes doing the tricking are the people replying to the post. Not a single one of you has read the mentioned book and you're talking like you know what it's all about.

That first one, the Wew one, dated 2003, is using a 2015 flyer! lol. Nice plant.

every interaction is manipulation by definition. are you the same guys who think propaganda means lying? or just plebs?
/pdf/ pls

not sure who you're talking to but you really think i would be dumb enough to think propaganda only means lying? Seems like a poor assumption if that's what you think.


Good. Lol. But seriously though guys lighten up a bit. I'm not Jewish. All I suggested was that this might be an interesting read. I'm not a merchant. What's the book charging? $1.99? There's no money being made here.

this thread is fucking terrible

Not really. This is probably the best thread that being posted this year. Most of you are too mind-controlled to realize what is being offered here. Genuinely. This is the key. Just like meme magic was the key in 2015/2016.

The jews created objective social reality through perception control caused by massive propaganda, the media, and memes passed via interpersonal interaction. This book explains how to develop individualistic language that can explain what societal reality really is - as opposed to how it is projected via Jewish propaganda. That's the key to figuring out how to change things back to how they should be.

go tell cuckchan then your speech resembles that of a man who has never seen a naked woman

Cuckchan is my next stop.

One of you seemed decent. The rest were chumps. I'll take my interests where they are appreciated. If no one appreciates them, I'll make my own way. Night meme dudes.

Oh both the first and second links were plants. Notice how the back issues section no longer exists and the author's name is 'Jack Handy'. LOL. Somebody actually went to the trouble to put up those plants to make it seem like meme magic was invented in 2003 and not 2004. How cute. HAHAH


gib pdf or fuck off. we do it for free.

Oops OMG how did i manage to scan this so quick. My guess is this guy doesn't do what he does for the money. Check Holla Forums/pdf for file.

What the hell is this cancerous spam? Meme magic? You mean psychological manipulation, you absolute betamale? How fucking sad must your pissy little life be?!

Yes i crys all day everyday. It's really bad. No actually i don't mean psychological manipulation, though. Psych manip is nice and all, but it's not the same.

So what…you actually believe in magical powers? What the hell is the matter with you?

Well yeah. They're real. But I won't push you to believe in them. They're dangerous. It's probably better not to mess with that stuff. But secular (non-spiritual) meme magic works well too and uses mostly the same techniques.

You're a fucking fraud. A simple merchant peddling New Age bullshit. I can't wait until you suicide yourself when finally realizing your life is shit because you believed in magic powers instead of actually working to improve your situation in a real way. Fucking die.

Really? I didn't write the book, btw. But hypothetically, if you're going to call the author a fraud merchant, don't you think he'd charge more than $1.99? Have you ever written a book, btw? I think this guy has written like 6 - sounds a little like he's trying to improve his situation in a real way. And the magic, fortunately or unfortunately, is very real. This universe is much more than you're pretending it is.


… all of our white ancestors, including the Vikings (my ancestors) very much believed in the magical power of runes which covered the soldiers weapons, boats, shields, and helmets, btw.

fucking die. youre the worst type of parasite. nothing but a cold-reading gypsy making money deceiving others, just like a kike

fucking idiot.

Yeah i'm that especially bad kind of parasite that hypothetically would make like $.70 off a book sale teaching people how to free their minds from mainstream propaganda. Except, as I mentioned, I'm not the author.

Superstitious is a word invented by positivist materialists to disempower belief in spirituality. Kind of like how the word "paranoid" is used to discredit people who believe in a conspiracy to control and bring down white males.

if he's making so little why not just release the book for free? information should flow freely, dont you agree? and whats 70 cents anyway?

Yeah? Hows your runes working against white genocide in Germany and Sweden you dumb low IQ cuckold?

#1: Well if you check Holla Forums pdf you might something interesting.

#2: how'd my meme magic work against the left in the US? Well i mean, how did 'his'. I'm not the author.

No nigger. Answer. How is the Aryan meme magick working against white genocide in Europe and Sweden? Is it still happening despite all the retarded rituals, sigils, "praise keks!" and etc.? Fucking imbecile.

Nothing against Europe and Sweden but I'm kinda focused on the US myself. I don't how is it working? I would be interested in knowing. I haven't heard too much about it.

The US is literally run by a Rothschild puppet. Stop reading bullshit you don't understand. Magic was never about changing the outside world with super powers you god damn retard. Magic originates with the Zoroastrians and it had nothing to do with supernatural mumbo-jumbo. KIKES turned magic into woo. Read a book.

Well shamanism has been around since the dawn of humanity and probably before. Magic is just controlled shamanism. And I can assure you, it's very real and very potent at times. As for Zoroastrians starting magic? Did they? Well that's interesting. I read some books on Zoroastrianism. I don't think they were jewish though. And yeah jews have their Kaballah and ceremonial magic, but I don't practice those. I practice meme magic.

Shamanism isn't magic or occult practice. Magic as you know it came from the Zoroastrian priests called Magi. This is the very root of the words MAGIc and MAGIcian. God dammit! Go read something you absolute retard.


Get the fuck out of here and kill yourself on the way out.

Well actually I knew that's where magi came from, I just always thought it came from the Persian I wasn't being specific enough. Shamanism is very much an occult practice though. Shamanism is spirit-work. Magic is spirit-work. You get many of the same kind of experiences and effects.

You first. I give absolutely 0 shits what you think because you've demonstrated you're a subhuman.

Does anyone have a linm to that interview from the 70s about that guy talking about memes? It was really interesting.

I think I saw it on /32/ when that was still a thing.

I do appreciate the haters though. It really charges me up to focus on my next projects. I mean, if I was the author, which I'm not. You guys literally make my work possible. Thanks dude.

Magic was never about super powers like you're implying. Using meme "magic: to refer to supernatural hooey is a mockery of true Aryan spirituality. You're a kike. Die.

No it isn't. It's clear I'm the only one who understand magic here. I'm just playing along. I already knew everything you told I just didn't feel like typing a long response. Whoever said anything about superpowers anyway. Yeah, you can get some siddhas and they are awesome and astonishing, but meme magic works kind of like a spiritual ideological current. Meme magic isn't really about manifesting superpowers. If you want to manifest superpowwers get into art. Art is magic for the pure artists.

OP is the author

I'm not the author. And I'm not butthurt at all. I'm laughing. And getting charged up for future projects. It's all good.

I mean, i think one of the implications of a couple of his books is that 99% of people are bad news/idiots/controllers/holding humanity back from achieving its potential. So if he were to run into some annoying dudes in a chat room i doubt it would really bother him.


lol. But if i hunged myself i wouldn't get to live long enough to have satisfaction at overcoming the haters when my writing gets successful. If I were the author, which I'm not. I'm just some dude that got hold of a pdf. Someday I might write my own stuff though. :D

Did you ever consider that maybe the author might have had the same kind of responses from a number of annoying dudes originally when he wrote the first book about meme magic in 2004? I wonder how that one turned out. I wouldn't count this guy out. I think he's knows what he's doing.


People don't understand the implications of what's written in that book yet. I can't really expect them too. But it's the key. I hope a few people understand. It only takes a handful of dedicated people to set this whole thing off again.


b-buy this book goys!! it's pro-white, and also MEME magic XD. also anyone who doesnt agree is PRO KIKE and anyone who says anything about the book shouldn't talk about it until they buy it!!! (btw please buy my book)


The word magic came into the Western (Greco-Roman) dialogue as a term like "barbarian" as it meant foriegn philosophy. Zoroastrian god = "Lord of Wisdom". Philosophy = Love of Wisdom. Your hollywood magic is just like Christians calling Druids "satanists". It's retarded and shitty research from dopey posers like Many P. Hall or Crowley or whatever.

Freemasons/Roscrusians and the like were good at geometry but shit at historical research.

Hey dumbass did you check the FREE pdf section.

Dude. Have you ever even read either of the books? Retarded? Really? You have absolutely no idea the astonishing things I have experienced firsthand. Anyone who doesn't believe in magic is either brainwashed, purposefully deceitful, or stupid. And just to make it clear, I don't really give a shit where the term magic comes from. Hollywood doesn't do meme magic and they don't do automatic drawings. So basically you argument is based on a foundational fallacy. I.e. you are producing and transmitting false propaganda. Just wondering, are you a real person or just somebody who gets paid to sit around all day and respond to posts that push agendas you don't like?

Does the book talk about "le spirits" and shit? Because I don't need to read more pleb shit. Holla Forums invented meme magic when we reinvented chaos magic (which was only retarded sigel prayers from the 1980s created by neophyte plebs). If you don't believe me ask the Deep State and MIT studying us.

Oh and you can shove your Zoroastrians since I don't practice ceremonial magic or use any ritual at all it sure as hell didn't come from ancient Iran. Sounds like you're into the Stephen Flowers books.

No. The author invented meme magic. 4chan just discovered something 10 years later that i knew about naturally through observation of society. And 4chan sure as hell didn't invent chaos magic. Austin Osman Spare did.

I mean i honestly appreciate the effort in your response but all you have to do is look up Austin Osman Spare on wikipedia and your argument falls apart. And unless 4chan existed in 2004 4chan did not invent meme magic.

Well ok 4chan was 2003. But still, nobody at all was using meme magic there until 2014 or so.

If you don't manipulate them, someone will.

Kill yourself moron.
I'm tired of you larpers pretending you know things then throwing a tempur tantrum when you get schooled. "This is why johnny can't learn".

Oh god damn it. You're not very bright, you should go back to "the gathering" at your local highschool gym.

It has nothing to do with "ritual". Rituals are cultural value re-enforcement like watching a championship game and wearing your team's jersy with your dad and grampa or whatever, or like taking communion.

Again, read REAAAL SLOW:
It's just barbarian philosophy. Stop larping, Harry.

Sex art… Big deal. Yeah art is magic. Because art is based on philosophy. I don't think you know what the word philosophy actually means.

Ahura Mazda - lord of wisdom, archetype of the light of creation and light of truth.
Angra Manu - darkness, archetype of being blinded or stupid.
Philosophy - Love of wisdom, art, math, ect… "I know that I know nothing. Heraclitus also used the devine fire of the Zoroastrians to define one of the first philosophical schools.

There you go.

Also I said 8ch, not 4ch you selective reading kike. We re-invented chaos magic. If you read old chaos magic shit it's all retarded and has nothing to do with what we do.

Meme magic was meaningless until KEK and Holla Forums gave it some real power. Chomsky talks about memes and so does Dawkins long before 2004.


I just can't get over that post. LOL. I already know the author invented meme magic, so that one is solved. But 4chan invented chaos magic????!! Come on. That's just absurd. Who's paying you to post. Russians, Americans, Israel, what?

I agree with you there fully. Somebody is going to be in control of the programming, and I hope it's us.

I said 8ch twice.
I said re-invented twice.
You are purposely being a cunt.

I'm not educating you anymore. You're not worth it. You're the kind of person this place attracts now but at one time we were the tip of the fucking spear and had very high IQ anons from all over, from all walks. Now it's just… well, you and japanime loli posters.

"Meme magic was meaningless until KEK and Holla Forums gave it some real power. Chomsky talks about memes and so does Dawkins long before 2004."
No shit, sherlock. I already said that in an earlier post. But did they talk about meme MAGIC? ←- please read really slowly to understand the difference between 'memes' and 'meme magic'.

">The word magic came into the Western (Greco-Roman) dialogue as a term like "barbarian" as it meant foriegn philosophy. Zoroastrian god = "Lord of Wisdom". Philos… blah blah blah."

Who really cares. If there is no ritual involved, how exactly does this Zoroastrian magic tradition get passed to me and control my work? It doesn't. And that was my point. You created a straw man because you couldn't deal with my argument.

"Meme magic was meaningless until KEK and Holla Forums gave it some real power."
No it was not meaningless. It had meaning to people. 4Chan is not the determiner of the worth of something the author created. But it's nice, don't get me wrong. Second, where do you think Kek came from. I mean honestly, who do think posted about Kek first? Think about that for a second. Think about societal manipulation. Did you notice the frog magician on the bottom of the cover of the 2004 book? Did you?

Dude, you can't even keep up with me and I'm only paying half attention to your posts and the other half to a big booty ho i'm currently fucking.

In truth, I really didn't see the PDF until after posting, but am still of the opinion that the only reason you even posted it is out of some hopeful conviction that, knowing most people here are highly unlikely to buy a book, just spreading it will further you in the long run through some osmosis of information or the like. I think that you genuinely believe your book will pick up some kind of cult following if just a few people read it. Frankly, you are much too ambitious for your childlike abilities ever to provide for. You appear hesitant to take credit for your work here, which I think is funny, because I theorize it's out of fear of being definitively connected to these posts should you ever become successful. I will relieve you, by telling you now that you won't. I read about one page of the book, and it seems to be approximately as pretentious as you are, with no justification. What do truly expect it to become? Some kind of equivalent to Ride the Tiger? It absolutely, positively, will not. You are caught in some kind of struggle between appealing to the average le meme magic retard and traditional occult-book readers. I don't want to forget to mention the fucking god-awful and tacky formatting of the book either. Shitty graphics and horrible use of font, spacing, etc. Looks like some autist on DeviantArt made his first Bladerunner fan art.

Daily Reminder

Post christian-rome "Magic" larping is just for people who are do philosophy because they're too fucked in the head for serious grown up thoughts.



it's ok user anyone worth their salt could understand

Dude. I'm not the author. But let's play hypothetical. The author already is successful. That book was selling for $5,000-10,000 a copy three years ago. It will get back to that level again most probably. Nobody gives a flying fuck what you think about him or the books. You are what is called a 'hater'. Only dumbasses listen to haters. The purpose of haters is to block people from achieving things. Bladerunner is the shit, btw. I love the comparison. Holy crap you're a subhuman. I honestly seldom run into people as absolutely pathetic as you. Go suck a fat dick you faggot and choke on my 10 inch cock when this dude's books blow up again like they have twice already. You fucking parasite pseudo intellectual jew enabler blocking talented white people from expressing their talents.


Oh can you please shove your philosophy up your cakehole? Philosophy is for people who like to sit around, think about things, and act pretentious. Your philosophy changes nothing. I actually change things with my work. You just hang out in chatroom and pretend to be an upper class aristocrat. I really am one. Because I really do the work and initiate the changes which create the world people like you live in.

Plaze tell me more about Zoroastrianism and how all us white people should follow an ancient Iranian religion. Plaze. You my teacher. Plaze teacha, enlighten me more. I want to follow a 3,000+ year old religion. It would totally work in the modern world. Fuck memes. Lets focus on incense burners and philosophy. You absolute moron.

Ban this slider fucker.

I thought people on Holla Forums were supposed to be smart. Now I beginning to wonder if maybe I should switch to the Left. Is that what I'm fight for? This?

For fucks sake stop formatting everything like shit man, The most basic shit people do, and you cant even do that. It's eye cancer. Even Shareblue manages to format things in a way that aren't so fucked. Also, that book is shit. A quick glance shows that the author offers nothing new to the conversation, but redisguises old things as new through clever wordplay. It's the most highfalutin fuckery Ive seen in a long time, and it all means literally nothing. the actual content that's hidden in those wide and varied words is weak as shit. The concept of being a good person and telling the truth is simple for a reason, and if you miss that reason, theres no helping you. If you must shill, atleast be good at it, for fucks sake.

Another Slide Thread

Trying to slide this thread about the new leaks of Friends of Democracy that they organize riots.

The only people who care about formatting are people who care about style over substance - aka fake stupid people. If you can't recognize the value of the book you don't have the sight. Nothing I can do for you there except suggest you are making a huge mistake and are being controlled by the mind society and culture have implanted into you.

I was kind of joking at first, but are a couple of you actually paid to make these posts? I mean, it really seems like it. I actually hope you are, because man you'd be really sorry people if you just do this kind of thing in your spare time. You've got the key in front of you and not only can't see it, you're attacking the key bearer. I bet the author went through very similar nonsense in 2004.


That book is way deeper than you may be capable of understanding. That's Ok. If you can't get it, maybe you weren't meant to. We were all born for different purposes. But I continue to believe anybody can free their mind and develop the sight if they really want to become a good person. You clearly don't at this point.

Well i mean honestly, how you going to argue that he didn't invent it? The proof is right there on the Internet. And plaze no Zoroastrianism.

You just don't invent magick, you can create a practice.
Also it literally came forth organically on the internet, i followed its advent since day one.

Yes i'm going to argue that what you're saying is bullshit.

Thanks for the tip OP, I'll put this on my reading list. Have a bump.

It's not bullshit. Organically? Really? just an accident? Maybe. You never know who's doing what behind the scenes. But yeah, I knew it emerged 'organically'.

Ah good to see a smart dude show up. Thanks.

Memes exploded on the internet, memes represent symbols, symbols can be exploited for esoteric practice, willing or unwilling, sooner or later someone would have noticed, It's just natural.

Also what the fuck are you posting trough?

Protip:Holla Forums is under 24/7 memetic assault and half the people you're arguing with are bots.

I want Current Year back.

I was beginning to come that realization. I mean dude wasn't a bot, but he clearly was trying to undermine me without a particularly good reason why.

This is not a meme magick thread, this is a dude trying to shill his book

Wonder why? Spewing bullshit on the internet shouldn't raise questions

Yeah, so? I mean, i understand all that. It doesn't really influence much of what I said. It was a matter of time before meme magic started happening. Never claimed it wasn't.

It's not my book for the fifth time. Nothing I've said is bullshit at all. It's quite the opposite. Almost everything posted in reply to me was bullshit. Even worse, it was sprinkled with Zoroastrianism.

Arguing with semites

OP is a stupid fuck that only read the title of the book.

The original book wrote by this cuck is some satanist esoteric bullshit.

I'm pretty sure he's not a satanist. But the magic is some dangerous stuff so he might as well be. What exactly would make the original book author a cuck? I mean, i doubt he's subservient to women. So what it is?

Is op the author?

kys faggot.

source for the tesla quote?

memetic magic created itself after enough retrochronal mages woke up the timeline, dork.
Will read the book, tho.


Anyone have a link for pdf?



Memetic Magic was not so much invented, as it was discovered, exposed and isolated. It's been around for a while.

I think the implied themes/important things about the book are:
1. Society is alive at a meta-level beyond human comprehension and can be contacted at its archetypal points. Kek was an expression of the living society. Society is not a biological organism but its still an organism and some 'magic' powers are actually the result of society transferring some of its power to achieve its purposes.
2. Because propaganda distorts reality to such a significant extent, people have to literally create new sublanguages to even talk about society in a valid way. When these languages are created they can form the foundation for genuine and substantial new theories and practices.
3. Societal archetypes can be attached to memes and draw the power of those archetypes to increase the already substantial power of memes.

thread anchored
come to /bmw/ for further discussion


Deserved for OP being that obvious of a newfag. Anyway he uploaded a new version of that book: >>>/pdf/902