The Alt-Right has a new hate symbol, and it's terrifying

It should be out goal to get anything and everything labeled "white supremacy" until everything is, so nothing is. Especially those things that youth are exposed to.

As we continue our culture jamming operations, I think I know the next good target. What can we do to ensure this kncukles meme gets the pepe/milk/ok hand sign treatment?

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"Toot toot jews get the boot"?

Don't force it, they are already making fun of africans so it's naturally a "racist" thing.

Like King Midas whose very touch turned things into gold, our "touch", or repeated exposure to innocuous subjects and things turn them into nazi propaganda. Every edit, every shooped swastika, armband, uniform or association with us turns the innocent into the antisemetic, moreso if there's any tangentially remote connections to us (i.e WH40K, Starship Troopers, etc).

Best done non-forced.

'Da OP knows de wey, come bruddas, let us make battle for king fag OP. '
Wouldn't be hard to get them to start chanting 'heil'.

I'm partial to agree with the TORfag for once. That is if things are allowed to develop as they currently are. So long as commies don't try to do anything with it since Knuckles is already red.

da chanting of da heil would kill da meme. knows de way

OP, im afraid someone has beat us too this brilliant meme before we could capitulize on it.

inb4 chris-chan becomes the leader of the alt-white

our ways of warfare become more and more absurd. but the left manages to be even more ridiculous

I mean, it's not like it wouldn't have overlapping fans.

And too think i thought deviantart was useless

Yes my brudda. But the oddas must be shown da way.

Waiy u do dis?!


I just got a kid to start chanting "Logan paul is the savior of the white race" and "the holocaust is a lie"

The sense of unity with a bunch of bruddas must be what it feels like in the ehtnostate

I don't know why I find this whole thing so damn hilarious. Probably because of the absurdity of tens of small retarded looking knuckles running around speaking with the most retarded accent in the world is so out there. Fuck me this shouldn't be as funny as it is.

Why the fuck are you posting that shit?
The 2 first pics should be a bannable offense tbh.


Ma brudda you da mane

Why you do dis?????!?

is a normie meme. But is funny.

why you post da furfag pornn brudda?
why u do dise?

I always wonder how things like this take off and then continue to grow.

The question of who our queen will be still remains may brudda, I suggest pic related

Librals be gay so jews

The origin of the unique deformation for any curious.
Still the best quality rip of the song I've found on jewtube to my bemusement

I was at divantart found big stash of knucles porn i be sawwee my bruddah

for teens atey ate


The Ernie gang are kikes confirmed. Can't wait for the Oncoming vrchat Race War.

While I fully support this op, I shall not be fully satisfied until the official list of white-supremacist hate symbols includes the stars and stripes.

sage for tangential comment

Why haven't we subverted this brand either?

It's almost too obvious.

Is this really the origin?

Takes a coordinated effort of funposting, and that image is lacking in fun. This goofy knuckles image is in itself sort of funny and expressive so it can be worked with.

Like this?

And there you are

Just get porgs

I don't get it. Nothing posted in this thread has struck me as funny. Is there a webm of people acting like ugandans that will make me finally understand or is this it?

What about Tide pods? They should be next.

The old ass shows are the only shows I can watch without throwing a hammer through the screen.

It's extremely stupid until you see the vids.
Nothing can explain them. It's an experience.
Still stupid after, but with a chuckle after

That show is 10 times better without the canned laughter. Give it a see if you haven't already.

"It's never gay if it's in Zimbabwe."
Meme it.

Independent trucks is pro-ayran look at the symbol they use, an iron cross.


Who the hell are those people? They're supposed to be the big names for the conference?

Those Trump-Rothschilds threads are kind of autistic. You're grasping at straws with those pictures, yet he has direct ties to them via Resorts Unlimited and Wilber Ross. Yael even dated one.

Oh the travestite jew and the other jews on mash don't make you want to smash that fucker up? Guess you cant feel the thin edge of the wedge in your anus then.

*Resorts International

Any axons that use vr chat start saying this, I have it installed but it won't run properly on my laptop because I have fuck all space left.

Section eight, head to toe, trying to draft dodge after being drafted. I'd hardly call that a roll model character, and more punching bag and butt of jokes
It had degeneracy, it also had culture. It was a microcosm of the period.

this was a great short lived company


Trump attends Rothschild party, employs Rothschild banker, is endorsed on FOX News by Andrew Stine in 2016. Define "grapsing at straw"

Huh. I used to be a pretty avid skater but I've never heard of them. Are the shoes actually good? I work a job where I'm on my feet all damn day, I could definitely use some comfy shoes.
polite sage for off topic



they only lasted a couple years, I had a couple of pairs they were decent. For comfy just get some NB runners. I had ankle surgery last year and these are the best thing if you're on your feet all day

That was before she was a Rothschild.

Nazise everything until everyone get sick of the Jewish drama.

I don't understand the Ugandan Knuckles Army meme and for some reason I know I don't want to.

I'm surprised nobody put swastikas on them yet.

We could say the cluck is like a crypto way of saying "cuck"

I was thinking about this meme recently. If someone were to edit the model and use Rich Piana's head, the catchphrase would instead be "Do you know the whey?". Now that you've transformed the meme into a /fit/ meme, it's in a slightly more Holla Forumsish direction. I don't know how to progress from there though.

stay in the meatspace then

I saw someone walking around with the aryanne avatar like this.

Although the way the avatar system works, it sucks you can't just search and have to stalk down these halls of random avatar lobbies.

Are you retarded? Lynn Rothschild has always been a Rothschild.

No, she's married Evelyn de Rothschild, they were introduced by Henry Kissinger at Bilderberg 1998.

You dont just "become" a Rothschild. Lynn was chosen to wed into that family. It's not like Lynn was /ourgirl/ before she married Rothschild and then suddenly became the evil witch. Plus Stine endorsed Trump is 2016. If this is the best damage control you got in response to me you now know why you're losing.

Never implied anything good about her, but being at a party with her before she was a Rothschild isn't a Rothschild connection.

She was always a Rothschild, kike. As I said: you dont just "become" a Rothschild. Plus, Andrew Stine still endorsed Trump in 2016. You have nothing m8.

How is someone a Rothschild before they marry a Rothschild? Is Rothschild a title and not just a name?

She wasn't "always a Rothschild", Evelyn was her third husband.

I have solid connections I can point to

>In 1987 Donald Trump purchased his first casino interests when he acquired 93% of the shares in Resorts International. Resorts International has a sordid history which began in the early 1950’s when it evolved from a CIA and Mossad front company which had been established for the purpose of money laundering the profits from drug trafficking, gambling, and other illegal activities. On October 30, 1978, The Spotlight newspaper reported that the principle investors of Resorts International were Meyer Lansky, Tibor Rosenbaum, William Mellon Hitchcock, David Rockefeller, and one Baron Edmond de Rothschild.

>In the late 1970s, Ross began his 24-year career at the New York City office of N M Rothschild & Sons, where he ran the bankruptcy-restructuring advisory practice.

Not to mention that Yael dated this fucking demon.

All you have are pictures of him with someone who didn't realize wasn't a Rothschild by blood, and are now trying to do damage control for.

Bad angle. And you're still not addressing Stine's 2016 endorsement.

I watch M*A*S*H pretty often even though even though even there, there is some black acceptance bullshit. Like the episode where the "dumbo slob racist" guy didn't want nigger blood put in him so the guys put shoe polish on his face to trick him. All in the family was definitely the #1 for cultural marxism at the time though.

it’s like poetry

cant find the knuckles version of pic related, theres a few of them I think.

It was the absurdity of it. The people in VRchat just wanted to have some fun. In large numbers a shitty 3d model with an african accent becomes a meme.

Convince the media that "Steamed Hams" is now a white supremacist slur against Muslims.

i.e. "Those steamed hams forced the school board to shove Ramadan down our children's throats otherwise we can't say 'Merry Christmas'."

Bannon/Spencer/Dugin's (((Alt-Right))) has nothing to do with whites, Holla Forums or Nationalism. Fuck off

>>>Holla Forums

Isn't he just making fun of sensationalist headlines?


Don't force memes newfags
if youre going to make it aut-right dont do this


Hey look on the bright side! We're not on 4chan. Right? RIGHT?

*clicking intensifes*

devs are fags who ban 'h8 spesh'


There was no reason for you to bump this thread.

I don't even know what's happening

Mash was a Jewish show starring Jews and written for Jews. Disgusting and brimming with degeneracy (fags and trannies).

Before a tranny shitstorm erupts; Klinger was funny as fuck. He was crossdressing to get a Section 8 discharge and go back home. This is a time when you could laugh at a man in a dress.

Rebel Media still butthurt that its honeypills are being rejected.

Sorry that you find jewish humor "funny as fuck".
The cultural marxist propaganda that has been ushered into White living rooms under the blanket of "but it's funny", "lighten up, it's JUST A TV SHOW" has wrecked millions of lives already.
Unfortunately it looks like you were also raised by the television and now have no capacity to see what is actually being presented.
Walking dead.

No, Klinger on MASH was funny.
Jeffrey Tambor in Transparent is not.

Rey from the new Star Wars movies, a strong example of Aryan women completely outperforming lefites and untermensch.

Probably won't work, but if we can claim a strong figure like that as "ours", then that will at least cause some butthurt.

Just focus on how it makes fun of africans accent

It's a raid like in habbo hotel and club penguin

Don't just fucking steal memes like that you stupid fucks.
The OP has to be atleast 15 year olds and half the thread can't be older than that.

Going around warping shit other people made to fit your views is nigger-tier "We wuz kangs".
Make your goddamn own.

Uganda Knuckles is good and funny because it's original, spontaneous and wasn't forced.
It doesn't convey any kind of political ideology and that's how it should fucking stay.

What is Pepe

Pepe is a fucking ancient meme that grew with Holla Forums/, Holla Forums and a fuckton of other minor boards, spread over at least 6 different chans and was always with us.
It was not stolen and warped.
It was always ours and changed with time.

Finding something that's a couple days old and going "We should paint swastikas on it, that will improve it!" is fucking stupid.

Actually, I just remembered something.
Pepe is the right example for this.
Reddit tried to steal it. They failed.
The Lamestream media tried to steal AND warp it. They failed.

You can't steal memes. They exist in a manner that prevents theft.
If you steal a meme you kill it. If you warp it, you kill it faster.

Nah subversion works, you're wrong.

Oh shit, I could I reply to such a powerful argument as "You're wrong."
I guess I'll just wave my white flag and pack it up, someone said I was wrong, it clearly means I was indeed wrong.

Listen here you fucking mong: I didn't say subversion doesn't work. It does.
I said it's scummy and something I'd expect from a nigger or a Jew. From someone who is at a spiritual, genetic and philosophically level unable to create something new.
This shit is reddit tier: lurk on Holla Forums for months, find a funny picture and repost it on reddit going "hey guys, look at my funny meme, upboat please".
I guess was right. The constant crossposting with reddit has taken it's toll when this kind of shit is allowed to happen.
There's 55 UIDs in this thread. Only 5 (counting me) are telling this stupid shit to fuck off.
The thread isn't even anchored for being a downright dumb idea.
I get linking shit on reddit. Don't like it, but I understand the why.
What I don't stand is letting reddit walk among us like they belong here.
I'd rather be banned than see this type of shit threads proliferate.

As the de facto leader of the Alt-Right, I accept this for our movement.

< b tries a raid
ohi obye


It's a good meme. It will come around to us naturally, trying to subvert organic memes is sacrilege.

It's only a matter of time now.



If you were there in 2014/2015 when our edits of pepe became associated with the alt-right, then you would be calling that stealing too. I agree some of the posts in this thread are retarded but the core of your argument is flawed. The recipe to owning a meme is to make your edits the most popular ones. That's how we took ownership of pepe, but that wasn't what made pepe popular in the first place, e.g. back to edits of feels good man and sad pepe. But then ask yourself? Was that actually stealing or was that evolving the meme?

The actual best example of (failed) meme stealing is when Holla Forums tries and fails to make memes commie flavored. The reason why they fail is because they aren't funny. Pepe brutally murdering a jew while wearing a smug smile is funny. If this idea by OP succeeds it will only succeed because the edits are funny. People repost things that are funny because it makes them and others laugh. If people find themselves laughing at something NatSoc flavored then it makes them more receptive to things that are NatSoc.



No one remembers what porgs are anymore.

lol this one too
yes. It would have been just as funny.


Ok anons, here's how we co-opt this meme: Go on VRchat and spam the audio of webm related. This has some serious meme potential since the Ugandan-sounding accent of Nigger Spectre matches the accent of the Knuckles meme almost perfectly.


See where I'm going with this?

Ok anons, here's how we co-opt this meme: Go on VRchat and spam the audio of webm related. This has some serious meme potential since the Ugandan-sounding accent of Nigger Spectre matches the accent of the Knuckles meme almost perfectly.


See where I'm going with this?

Shit, sorry for doublepost

we did it twitchat, we even have threads on Holla Forums about our memes

no, this is the source, but I have no idea how it evolved into what he know now


Tide pods is the shittiest fucking meme. Nobody wants to fucking eat tide pods honestly why the fuck does it even exist. Im also pretty sure that its some kind of covert advertising campaign. Same with last month when "Sprite Cranberry" became a forced meme. The big companies are starting to learn how to force memes of their products to get free publicity.

Someone needs to make him sing the nazi anthem or something.

I am also annoyed by these knuckles… But rather because it is a meme which had been (finally) adopted by normies.
But this makes me actually happy.

Top Lel.

With the fact that de wei involves having Ebola, I'm surprised no one had made an Ebola chan model in vrchat yet. Still op, your idea is pretty shit, as it already makes fun of black people.

Godwin's Law applies to memes, too, and they're getting close.

thats actually fitting since they are basically commies

This one does not know de way..


I’m considering getting Vrchat just for this meme. Is it worth it?

What's next guys

Washington nationals baseball = white nationalist?

Ok, NOW it is hate.

jews turn to soot

Logan Paul is a fucking Jew. If you can't tell by looking at him then I suggest you fuck off.

because they like to loot

there was a nigger walking through richard spencer's bedroom @ hr 3 of the warski chat and the mods here are censoring it

It was only a matter of time Leftists got salting from this.
But I'm not gonna contribute to bumping this on this board.
More or less should be on Holla Forums

The writer of the MASH theme song was a Jew, friendo.

Pst. Nazi flags were red too. And they hadsocialism in the name too. Kikes do the d&c fam.

So fucking what.

They don't taint everything they touch, you just need to keep the lefty kikes from subverting white interests.

I was going to say, didn't this start as a Forsen meme.

There are no good jews and the semite taint is inescapable.

kikes trying to besmirch my kike hating reputation, I see.
Begone, mutant!

Ugandan accent is inherently funny, you probably don't even need to be racist