Listen up anons.
With the the Steele dossier and Russian collusion story suffering being dismantled at an alarming rate, the press and media who played a role in this hoax and disinfo campaign cannot be allowed to back away or claim they weren't willing participants. There have been several stories in the NYT and others that are trying to walk back or attempting to confuse the history of the reporting on the dossier and collusion narrative.

For one year we have been called Russian bots and that Trump or any dissenting voice is paid by Putin. Now, these smug goons will be made to show that the only Russian disinformation of the past year was their coverage and publication of the dossier. The dossier was sources from Russian intelligence. No one bothered to think if it was purposeful disinformation. The press who promulgated the Russian collusion narrative, who became McCarthyism embodied, were the embodiment of everything they feared.

There is nothing more poetic and just about this conclusion for those people.

Now the time has come to archive local journalists and press tweets and stories who pushed for and alleged collusion with Russia. Do not let them walk away from their complete failure. These people need to be held accountable publicly for what they have done. Make sure they take blame and own up to their abysmal judgement and blind support of anything anti Trump.


Other urls found in this thread:


This kills The_Donald propaganda thread

Show me where Donald Trump asks a Rothschild for penance. All I see is Trump in a single frame photo with a Rothschild at a social event.

Can you provide proof beyond this single frame that Trump has ties to Rothschilds?

You see very little then.

That is in fact Trump attending a Gala event to honor Mr. Stine, who later endorsed Trump in 2016 on FOX News. If Trump is the enemy of the Rothschild Family why is he attended parties to honor them? Why hasn't he exposed the Rothschilds in the year he's been President and has had the opportunity? Instead he put, Wilbur Ross, a Rothschild banker into his cabinet as Commerce Secretary.


He is an idiot that will shill everything here, and strangely enough on Holla Forums. Just filter his bullshit. The are pictures of me in high school and college shaking hands with a Democrat governor and a for congressmen. Doesn’t mean I support em, just means that is sometimes to your advantage.

Thats all you had to say.

Okay. I see what you're doing. You're derailing the thread to take it off the subject in OP. It's fine. I'm just gonna keep archiving to expose the lies. I can't wait until Monday. Nothing is going to stop Trump, especially not your pictures and leading questions.

You can't justify it either, so now I'm derailing the thread. You indulged me before I rekt you, and now I'm just derailing. If you don't wake up from the cognitive dissonance your descendants and mine will suffer for your mistake.

Enjoy your thread.


is this some sort of reverse shilling tactic?

anyone have one of those shareblue employee lists they can dump in here?



yfw Comey leaked the memo because he was in on Trump's plan to hire Mueller and it was the catalyst to get him appointed to investigate Clinton.

Okay now you officially get the filter.
You are seriously just a fucking annoying boomer.

stay defeated.

Can you provide proof of his supposed "current" ties?

Or is your only proof a picture of two rich people in new york attending a social event for rich people?

I mean we know you're a kike either way so it doesn't really matter, i just want to see what you have.

Also bump

Wilbur Ross worked in a prominent role for the Rothschilds for 25 years. He's known Trump for at least 20 of those years. Trump has him employed as the United States Secretary of Commerce.

SOURCE: forbes.com/sites/chasewithorn/2016/12/08/trump-and-his-commerce-secretary-wilbur-ross-a-look-at-25-years-of-connections/#72ae6b22f820

Wilbur Ross once bailed out Trump and prevented his bankruptcy.

SOURCE: beta.latimes.com/politics/la-na-pol-wilbur-ross-commerce-20161208-story.html

The man in the original photos I posted with Trump and Lynn Rothschild also endorsed Trump on FOX News in 2016, proving Trump has long and on-going ties with them, and that they have helped him acquire Office by building his cult of personality.

SOURCE: insider.foxnews.com/2017/12/23/democrats-trump-president-donald-critics-are-suffering-trump-derangement

bump for curious user

Ok, now we might be finally getting somewhere, though doubtfully. So why was he the Next Hitler and opposed at every turn? Depending on how you handle loans and favors, they don't nessicarily make you "owned". I don't see Trump as a someone who when given the most powerful seat in the world would squander the opportunity.

Rothschilds control every world Government except three. America has been under their control and JFK was the last President thinking he wasn't. Do you really think they wouldn't plan for a Donald Trump if they knew him all this time? If Trump was legit he would have been murdered by now and you know it. And if you doubt that then explain why Trump hasn't exposed Rothschilds in the year since he's had the power to do so. Trump is just their charismatic leader.


oh boy you failed to give an argument


come at me when you have an argument




Shill is out in full force. You must be doing god's will, OP.





Probably because he doesn't have to worry about those people asking to borrow money.

wew lad

reported for derailment



Basementfag his peers are billionaires.

Comey's version of seppuku

There are a lot of billionaires he could party with. Why Rothschild and Andrew Stine? :)

stop responding to the derail fag

good luck nigger im riding the lulzboat on the 7 prox seas. we will have a discussion regarding Trump's Rothschild ties whether you like it or not.

There are 2,043 billionaires on the planet.
That's not as big of a list as you may initially think.

stay defeated shill


"parties" and golf outings are how they do business. Unless you have proof of Trump making sacrifices to moloch and performing 'penance' to the Rothschilds, I'm not buying it.

Ok now what if Wilbur Ross isn't necessarily a bad guy?

And what if even Trump doesn't know the depths of the Rothschilds involvement in the depths of this world (war, pedo rings, deep state)?

Why would Trump do business with Rothschilds?
Why did Trump make a Rothschild banker as our Commerce Sec?
Why is Trump still friends with Andrew Stine who endorsed him on FOX News in 2016?

Address those three questions if you're able.

socialite gathering, until they fuck children together I don't care
alliances and youre still working off a theory based on a foundation of assumptions
so the guy worked for the Rothschilds, you don't think its possible for people to be undercover/moles?

You sound like TRS defending Lauren Southern. Take a shot at:

if you're so confident.

Perhaps he doesn't know their depravity/involvement. And even if he did, why not? Are you saying you would cut off business ties based on things not even relevant to said business? You don't sound very bright.

Considering how much money the Rothschilds have made, sounds like a good idea if the guy isn't some scheming jew who's just out for himself.

That's not even what I said.

wtf it fucked up format off my last point
Tell me what Andrew STine has done that would disqualify himself and any of his friends by association.

Speculation? You sound like TRS defending Lauren Southern.
Are you really implying a Rothschild's Jew isn't just some scheming kike who isn't just out fo himself? Are you speculating again?
Married to what would become the leading female Rothschild, is a criminal Jew who launders money, is connected to the Jewish Mafia.


you argue that my points are speculation but alot of your own are as well

We've already discussed Trump in depth for the last 2 years.
We never thought he was Hitler, just a step in the right direction.

As long as the following happens within the first term then its all good:
1 - NO WAR
2 - wall needs to be built or at least 75% built
3 - fix economy (CHECK or at least on the way)
4 - trade deals (CHECK)
5 - rid of obamacare (CHECK on mandate)

In the meantime you are derailing this thread where we discuss further destruction of MSM
Surely you want MSM dead too?
If you want to make your argument then why not make your own thread?
All you do is come off as D&C trying to erode support for Trump (which until we invade NK /Syria / Iran IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN)

This is true. For example:

Your speculating that a Rothschild's connected banker who has worked for them for 25 years ISN'T an evil Jew. What is this speculation based in? I speculate he IS an evil Jew because when was the last time there was a goo Rothschild Jew?

In the meantime you are derailing this thread where we discuss further destruction of MSM

Surely you want MSM dead too?

If you want to make your argument then why not make your own thread?

All you do is come off as D&C trying to erode support for Trump (which until we invade NK /Syria / Iran IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN)

lol YOU answer nigger. Your speculating is based on what exactly? I told you what mine is based on :) Is yours based on anything but emotion?

screencaped for being nothing but D&C

Nigger I don't care.
Until everything gets much worse - there aint gonna be DOTR.
In the meantime if the economy improves, and more white people wake up, and the jews as a whole lose more power/influence I DON"T CARE



1 past NY business buddy equals surrounded?
I hope you don't act this cowardly around dindus


Oh and my speculation is justified by the old adage about in business you better be ready to swim with sharks.


Why do you guys keep taking the shills bait???? Start archiving shit fools! His Job is to derail and distract. He's putting you on the defense as if his arguments actually have any merit or grounding in truth. Just ignore that shit.

Sorry OP
If its any consolation I reported him multiple times
I get the feeling some of the "people" arguing with him was him IP hopping to further derail


Well he did resort to smug animeposting…


You mean like the way Woody let his picture be taken with Weinstein?

Smugposting is specifically to pissoff faggots (in this particular case who come off sounding like D&C shills) who are too stupid to realize people only do it because retards cry so hard about it.

you still havent explained how moving the Embassy hurts Israel. go ahead. ill wait.

lol look at you sockpuppeting

Are you desperate for attention or just some bot?

Please explain how it helps Israel


speculation and most boomer-cucks did not gain more kike-love following this nor would they lose if the opposite occured


you mean like how we invaded Syria?
pic related

still waiting on Syria
pic even moar related

You are either retarded or a bot
My suspicions are leaning towards software with programed talking points

And he even uses the same image files that he used on Holla Forums while crying there, talking to himself. What an idiot.

Are you denying the American people who support Trump are largely Zionists as well? Have you ever watched FOX News?
Pic related you absolutely bluepilled newfag.

cry moar retard

The fact you get so ass-blasted about smugposting and claim its pro-Trump shills
If you were legit you'd know that is impossible

Syria is under Israeli/CIA control, newfag.

Israel is not controlling Syria. An israeli UAV or Jet got shot down yesterday

Lurk 2 years.

Observe everyone

The whole Syrian airfield happening was probably the biggest fracture point to ever form between Holla Forums and pro-Trump support.

For a moment it looked like we were gonna invade Syria and further Greater Israel plan.

Luckily it turned out to be nothing.
Whether we got lucky or if it was a clever ruse (4D chess) we'll never know.

But for a week straight Holla Forums was divided.

Observe how it (I think its a bot) keeps bringing up the airfield
They are reusing old-fracture points the got a little traction.

So Syria was controlling ISIS and blowing themselves up

ISIS was a proxy army designed to destabilize and usurp Assad. Assad wasn't pro ISIS you fucking retard. Why do you think Russia came to Assad's aid.

7d52f6 is a perfect example of the kind of kike arguing style that made Hitler grow to hate the jews.

Are you gonna change again?

There was no damage to the airport in the pictures for a reason. There was a reason Steve Bannon got kicked off the NSC the same day that went down.

Trump fired 59 Tomahawks at an Israeli air base because they were using chemical weapons on Palestinians.

its a bot

While I would applaud such an action, do you have a single shred of proof (even circumstantial or implying)???

Full automatic jew

lol nigger ISIS exists to secure the territory surrounding Israel as they setup proxy regimes for Greater Israel.

Holy shit, even you know that you're full of shit. The entire life of yours has turned into a shit. Talking like shit, spewing shit, acting like shit and being a shit. And you still pretend that people take you seriously? Get a life.

Technically you aren't lying.
Its just that Assad and his army were one of the things they were trying to secure

Moving the Embassy to Jerusalem will only cause the already defeated Arabs to attack Israel, which will allow them to cry "anti-Semitism!," which will gain the support from Americans who are already tired of Muslim terrorism. Moving the embassy is not "chess," it's not causing Israel to be destroyed. Trump is a plant and you should wake up.

Ease up, that's OP youre replying to.

Unless OP is assmad/tv/poster and this whole thread was a ruse

That's what I'd like to know, if this in this thread here has a constant replying to one major sperg.

Stay with me 3PO, we're on the subject of your claim ISIS is controlled by Syria.

And your claim is still speculation.

No, you deflected from the Jerusalem argument by bringing up ISIS. ISIS is the CIA/MOSSAD army used to secure the surrounding territories.
I'm sure ISIS invaded all the Nations that create Greater Israel on accident.

Youre the one who brought up ISIS, and said ludicrous bullshit that they were under the control of Syria.

Is it an accident ISIS has invaded all the countries which create Greater Israel or nah? Just a COHENcidence maybe?

Yeah thanks for the tip dumbass. We've known since forever

Look at this fucking tryhard trying to fit in now.

POP QUIZ - what event caused Holla Forums to figure out that ISIS was kike-controlled????

Stay defeated, bluepilled newfag.


Moving the Embassy helps Israel, not hurt it.
Trump is a kike puppet and you fucking know it.
Enjoy the thread tho.

enjoy that min wage paycheck you get from Shareblue

It won't be enough to replace your shit after some niggers break into your cheap apt in the hood

Maybe you should have supported the ebil nazis

And why the fuck can't I filter anyone you absolute doublenigger mods


stop fucking arguing with yourself to save face retard

Holy shit if you actually filter the D&C this thread has a total of two on-topic replies. Mods pls

not an argument, boomer.


I thought you were leaving
You said "enjoy the thread"





one of the biggest reasons why shills are trying to kill Holla Forums is because they want to destroy anonimity. It's that simple. this all goes back to what became of 4chan. namefags. goons. globalist agent involvement in chan website history. the constant infiltration of our very culture. the invisible war. we are percieved as a threat. they expected gamergate to be their final killing blow upon us, but it backfired. now donald trump is president of the united states of america. we are on the winning side and it's our job to root out evil by simply telling the truth. the truth needs no lie to support it. the truth needs no propaganda. truth is easy and simple because you just have to tell it like it is. that's who we are and that's what we do.


God bless us all.

anonimity is important because Ego clouds your judgement. Having your name attached to what you say makes you less likely to learn new things and change your mind. People who are controlled by their ego strive for consistency. A psychological tendency towards consistency sets you up to resist learning and evolving into more correct or nuanced positions.

Ego-posting clouds the judgement of others. Instead of considering the validity of the contents of your comment, users will bias their reaction to your posts based on past posts. Good comments will be unduly overlooked because of bad reputations, and bad comments will be unduly exalted because of good reputations.

The idea that online reputation raises the quality of discourse is an idea that has been explored by many. shitspace, shitbook, IRC, independent web forums, shitter, shitddit, shitcker news, shitdot. Do you know what all of these have in common? None of them provide analysis better than anonymous imageboards.

if you want to use accounts because you believe it will protect shills from hiding behind anonimity, then that is a false premise. psuedoanonymity in the form of online handles has NEVER stopped paid shills and enemy infiltrators. also, why do you think shills attack anonymous image boards with such a fevered rage? because anonymous image boards are where good real discussion and freedom of speech occur. freedom to speak and tell the truth is what liars and manipulators fear the most, because they fear losing their power and control.

If you disagree, there is no shortage of web forums more to your liking, so why don't you shills go fuck off and go use them where you can be judged by a name and not the merit of your argument? because there's no good discussion there. they need to come here where they will have an audience.


God bless our future for the betterment of the world and humanity.


They get paid to come here


what book is that from

I want to call bullshit and say it's some fake shit made up by the globalists to ruin the covfefe meme but your dubs say otherwise. maybe I take back saying covfefe but I don't take back saying "WE WILL STAND UP"

You're such a shitty person, you know that? Trump virtue-signalled the fucking Cabal who uses occult symbolism for that very purpose.
Yeah it's a cryptic message but it isnt directed you magapedes!

It's from the compendium rarissimum totius artis magicae sistematisatae per celeberrimos artis hujus magistros you arrogant and uneducated brainlette.

I have a feeling that's staged – true communiggers would scramble to shut it down if it were true.

No sane person would take this job and keep repeating the same thing for months. Even by doing it for free is borderline insanity.

Not only does Trump hire Rothschild bankers in our government but he occult virtue-signals the Cabal using obscure demonology and you #MAGA retards eat it up! So god damn sad! I'm out. This thread is too fucking cancerous.

Huh, WOW

the shills and globalists are not mentally okay. they are very fucked up and they see those who are awakened as insane for opposing them. normies are become less like them and more like us every day.

cry moar bitch nigger

this shit is some kind of psyop to discredit trump or something. covfefe could mean demon in some language, but that doesn't mean that it means the same thing in another language. trump is our guy.


Its Wamidal

Nigger photoshopped covfefe in to scaremonger







Now wake up.

Clearly your screenshots from twitter and buzzfeed beat out my source


Kek. You beat me to it.

Wamidal is the same demon as Covfefe you dumb nigger. Just like Satan is Belial is Baazlebul is etc. etc.

THIS is the source you uneducated swine:




I thought you were leaving

believing in demons or satan is believing in the evil globalist false idol religion as shown in the cuck logic image

God bless president donald trump
God bless america
God bless us all

LOL stay defeated magapede.


never trust any shill demoralization campaign or tactic. if it makes you feel bad, it's likely a lie. just like that hitler's biggest mistakes copypasta.

except Hitler jailed the ROTHSCHILDS and Trump employs them in our government!

always remember that when all else fails, shills will outright tell blatant lies.

Hey, anyone remember the OP? I'll put some work into it later today if this thread isn't completely filled with garbage by then.

stay defeated ^_^

you listen to me and you listen good OP. you keep this thread going with good stuff, filled with trash or not. it's the opposite of what the shills want. filled with trash, you must post good things anyway. in GOD we trust!

sourced from the toilet! cuck cult BEGONE!

annnd you're done. :) are you mad? if so how much?




totally legit bro

are you implying it's not legit. why not explain how come? :)

don't think about what I am about to say or the guilt will consume you. do you think God is proud of you? do you think that God smiles upon your actions? are you even being honest to yourself?

I already did here

is their actual twitter

I don't know what

See my cursor over their website's twitter link?
See the url popping up in the lower left corner



fucking checked

God is not a counter-argument to any of the claims I made and sourced. In fact, the concept of one single God came not from the Jews but the Zoroastrians, which were Aryan not Semitic. Hebrews co-opted this religion, inverted it so it only benefited themselves, and voila! You have the kiked garbage that exists today as result. You dont know God and he doesn't know you.

Have a nice night.

Are you retarded? You glow in the darks realize the sleeping masses will not make such absurd arguments when I give them all this info and more, right? They will wake up, we will rise up, and annihilate the ZOG together.

Im off to watch Naruto. Cheers. ;)

Great maymay faggot.



You are fake-site

if someone believes in the one and only God then they automatically believe in the right God because God automatically knows that they mean the right and only true choice. God automatically understands that people who believe in the one and only God could only possibly mean the right God, the only and only.

It's not even a good edit. They left artifacts from the "d" and "l" of "Wamidal" in the black horizontal line. 7d52f6 will spend an eternity in the sheol when he dies.

7d52f6 BTFO

I'm going to post something deeply spiritual here since God is with us here at Holla Forums and with all the good people of america and trump. please mods do not interfere or insult the name of God by deleting this for being too much like /rel/ or /x/. I ask God to bless us and bless the world so that it may become better.

here's a really deep redpill for you all and a nice picture from Switzerland.

most updated God pro tips list: a guide on how to cut out all the bullshit and corruption and just simply be very close to God in the most innocent and pure and undiluted way possible while on earth.

here I will try to explain:

once I got rid of all the garbage between myself and god, I felt much closer to god.

I'm not exactly shitting on everything the bible or every religion says, since you can clearly see me using the bible as a source. just remember that there is wisdom in all religions but there is also corruption in all religions so read up on pretty much everything but be very careful. believing everything you read or experience in life as perfect, that's the problem.

simple pro tips:
try to be a good person by your own standards.
keep trying to improve your own standards.
avoid things you know are bad for you and try to expose yourself to things you know are healthy.
keep trying to learn more good things, and keep trying to unlearn more bad things.
learn to better tell the difference between good and bad and learn the differences in between all the absolutes and grey areas that exist.
who what when where why how if and/or/not/but/however. factors variables dependencies catalysts controls grey areas in absolutes, and absolutes in grey areas. recursive. meticulous. systematical.
just love and believe in God. pray whenever you want, wherever you want. no dumb ceremonies, no dumb rituals. you don't even have to talk. just whisper to God in your own mind with your soul and pray. just pray.
always try to just flow. move like water. (beware there are many corrupt teachings that parrot this because it sounds deep and edgy)
flow in the zone to flow with the force of God. (do not misinterpret this as doing what everyone else does. it is no measure of good health to conform to an ill society)
no strings attached. that's it.

pro tips continued: I will try to stay on topic and not derail too far unless it's slightly important to know or be aware of:

>there is no hell, other than the very earth we live on. when God made the earth, the sun, the moon, and the stars and said "and it was good" it was not good for humanity, but good for the purpose God has for humanity.

>some thoughts come up so that you can think "No! that's stupid, that's totally bad, lets not do that." because it can make you aware of what Not to do.

>many religions are intentionally designed to trick people into thinking they need to go to a special building to worship God so that they don't feel as if they are being heard by God as well as if they were praying in the (((approved place of worship))) like churches, synagoges, and mosqs.

Exodus 20

Deuteronomy 5

remember people, I'm talking about the one and only God here. the infinite, beyond infinite. eternal

look at these people, they are the globalist cult, the same builders of the tower of babel. the same who shill us and wish to become God and rule over us all (very ignorant and dillusional as this is impossible)


I win. Believe it ;)

rekt. now have a good night.

sure you win, but what kind of reward do you think God will give you?

It's not about me or you. Stop being such an egofag. It's about our descendants. Destroy ZOG or just go away. Cya.

I’d love to go back and time and tell Hitler his legacy will carried on by edgy conservatives that spend 3/4ths of their day uploading anime pics to a Japanese-themed image board to defend a Zionist puppet in hopes of him inexplicably planting the seeds of National Socialism for generations to come.

have fun with your lies, like old playdough they will eventually dry up and crumble.

He linked an article that references the same damn tweet with the same poorly edited image. Now please stop replying to that twat so I have some posts left to do the OP's work after I get some sleep.

Covfefe means I gotta go to bed.

It's nothing crazy.

Okay now, who's responsible for this "muh rothschild, muh smug anime, muh reddit, muh shareblue" flood of shilling?

I'd wager this is the people behind the r/the_donald stratagem creating an artificial argument to make people that are skeptical of Trump look ridiculous, to make retards of both sides of the argument to become more radical in their opposition of each other, to get them polarized. So it is whoever did the Trump/alt-right campaign vs a reanimated shareblue and other assorted lefties. That means both for and against Trump are the same people, kikes controlling both sides, attempting to guide concensus and hijack the narrative. Classic kike D&Q.

But this is just a theory.

if I get banned for posting this it's even worse than you think it is
archive.is/K5L4C (get here)
archive.is/pgPHu (thread created here to show the get also GETS) notice the spammer.
all posts deleted. get thread deleted.

thread archive in case of (((problems)))

Steve Bannon is paying the shills.


Except you got btfo because it's an obvious shoop…

You are such a stupid attention-whoring faggot.

It's pretty fucking funny how hard he ignores this.

Can you smell (((desperation)))?

cry me a river.


is this shadowbumplocked?

nvm I suspect thread sliding was the case here, my bad.

Remember Muh 17 Intelligence Agencies?



Haven't seen so much thread sliding in a long time. (((They))) are afraid. Feelsgoodman.

More Muh 17 Agencies:
JYT - "Trump Misleads on Russian Meddling: Why 17 Intelligence Agencies Don’t Need to Agree"

Some damage control on the 17 agencies:
Newsmax - "DNI Coats: Intelligence Agencies Agree ― Russia Interfered in 2016"



Fuck off, I enjoyed the webm








The second picture is wrong, it's 12 stars representing the tribes of Israel.
Also, according to the Jew book God had to destroy the Tower of Babel or Humanity could achieve anything. The Tower of Babel is a metaphor of People's progress(in the good sense) without worshiping Yahweh, the genocidal fire-breathing dragon.

I don't think the pic is accurate.
Rosenthal was killed in a "terrorist attack" in Turkey in 1976, months after giving the linked interview, which contains the cat and mouse quote and a ton of others.
Anyway, he wasn't quite 30 years old when he died. Pic is clearly not him.