Trump: "We All Want DACA To Happen"

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Sounds like lip service tbh.


Trumps a kike, what else is new?


I stoppling Iran lip service too? Or NoKo?


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I'm a nervous man and I agree with this post.

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What do those issues have to do with DACA?

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Instead of doing something for the white people that helped him get elected by putting the white genocide issue at the forefront, he will double down on shitskins like all previous traitor degenerate gambler presidents and continue the free fall to turd world status.

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we already know, retard
it will come to war, he's waking up more whites than any other candidate would have

He should be raising the minimum wage and fining companies that adopt the Rubashkin business model.

>panicking on the man that wrote "The Art of Deal"

He will not win '20 if he allows DACA to happen even if he builds a wall and the economy continues the flourish. It just won't happen. That was his biggest campaign promise.

We know. He's been saying this for a year. Too bad dems will never agree to the terms.
Guess DACA will just have to expire.

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No. I'm not saying anything to D&C people. That was his biggest campaign promise by far: ending and reverting illegal immigration + (((high skilled))) laborers etc.
If DACA stays it's not going to change shit.


no one cares about DACA, for all we know, Hitler's descents could be here on DACA



Hitler had no children.


Ah, dangling that carrot in front of their faces again, are ya Don?


He said he will back DACA if Dems support defunding sanctuary cities, and since kike will never agree to cutting their own shekel flow, it will never happen. He's setting the kikes up to expose themselves.



Not to say "Anything that Trump says that I don't like, he actually means the opposite" but this, I get a feeling on this issue he's completely bullshitting.

If I were in his position I'd probably say the same thing with a shiteating grin on my face, knowing that the Dems would never be able to meet the conditions to get it and have them take the blame.

Are you fucking retarded? He went to retire on South America with the rest of redpilled germans (look it up). of course he remarried and had children.


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"Allowing DACA to happen" = another temporary extension of work permits for invaders who remain non-citizens. Which is obviously still bad, but trading it to get all the other immigration stuff he's demanding would in fact be worth it. Anyway it's highly unlikely that dems will fold on all those demands, and even if they did Trump's base is demanding more like an end to birthright citizenship too. So this is primarily about making the dems own the expiration of DACA, bring down massive rage against them from spic activists.


kikes wont agree to a shekel cut to their home cities, so, it will never happen.


He wants DACA because he wants The Wall. That's been the deal he's had laid out for months.

The Demokikes will never allow the wall, and therefore, never get DACA, so he's further alienating them from the beaners by making it look like their fault that DACA isn't getting passed, further weakening their voting base.

But you already know all this, and you don't care because you're paid to kikepost and try to mislead people.

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Doing god's work, user

But what is the point of saying shit like this all the time? What does he gain by doing it? It just pisses off people that support him. Those that don't support him are never going to change their minds or cave at all.

After 2018 elections there will be a significant GOP majority in the senate, I don't see why the wall wouldn't happen then. If it doesn't then the democrats have nothing to do with it, it's cuckservatives refusing to vote for anything remotly right-wing.

Don't be surprised if the 2018 election results are not as you predict. The Bolsheviks won't be taking any chances when stuffing the ballot boxes next time; no more of this "make it believable" shit.

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It's also why we need an AG with balls.

reminder that the newspeak term "undocumented migrant" used to be "illegal immigrant" until a few years ago.

Ilegal immigrant used to be illegal alien.
Illegal alien used to be invader.
Invaders used to be killed.

i don't like these odds.

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White people didn't get Trump elected. Jewish donors, jewish media, and jew agents in the military did.

He is the executive. He has total and complete power over all immigration issues. If he wanted zero immigration, he would have it. There is nothing that can get in his way except him not being particularly motivated to do it.

Trump already canceled daca, idiot.


That's illegal.

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DACA is expiring early this year. The plan is to let it expire and blame the dems for not agreeing to save it by also accepting funding for the wall.
It's going to be gone before the elections.
Then, when the dems lose, there'd be no reason to put anything in the budget for "muh dreamurrs".

The dems are fucked. DACA is fucked. Chain migration is fucked. Wall funding is guaranteed.

Still saging because OP is a fake news kike.

Except for kike courts unconstitutionally blocking things "because racism" and the lower level kikes in various govt institutions upholding what the kike courts say "because fffuck drumbpfp"

I fucking hate it but unless we gas all kikes and leftists we're going to have to keep putting up with their insane bullshit.

Checking those dubs of truth. It'll always, and I do mean ALWAYS lead to "much racism". Couldn't be more accurate, goddamn kikes and others need to be removed in order to move forward with anti-immigration in significant ways.


Wouldn't that be great?

You silly faggots; Trump is the merchant. He New York Kiked his way into office.

What Trump did in september was make it so no new illegals could get DACA permits, and no permits could be renewed.

The permits from the first recipients will expire in March, making the holders fully illegal and deportable.

The permots last 2 years. So the last "Dreamers" to be deported will be the ones that got theirs before last September, and they'll be fully deportable in 2019.

I dunno if the permits will still be valid for that long, though, since the program is getting dismantled.

Still, beaners and their anchor baby beanlets are fucked and it's fucking wonderful.


Okay, nevermind.

What the fuck I wish Jeb won now.

Well shit guess I'll stop voting against the kikes now

Sarcasm hurts, Goyim.

Can we at least agree that any measure that would grant DACA would be a disaster unless Trump gets every single item on his 70 point immigration plan? Fence funding for DACA would be a fucking disaster. We agree on that at least, right kike mod-kuns?

You need to understand that Trump has 0 intention of renewing DACA.

He's dangling it in front of the dems like a carrot on a stick. Then once he gets them to do what he wants he's going to hit them with the stick.

But I guess yeah if for some retarded reason he does renew DACA it would be very very bad.

What do we gain by not freaking out on Trump, letting him know he will be a one term president if he accepts DACA? There is a strong bipartisan push for DACA that seems near hitting supermajority. I counted 5-7 senators from the R side that would vote with a bloc vote D side for any limp wristed DACA deal. It's likely Trump wouldn't even enter into the equation.

I support jailing trump along with everyone else if he does DACA.

What do we gain by "freaking out" about something that's not going to happen, apart from playing directly into the hands of D&C kikes that want us to stop supporting him?

It's bad enough we have the "DRUMBLPF DIDNT GAS THE KIKES TODAY THAT MEANS HE'S A KIKE" retards, you want to give them permission to REEEEE about shit he might do?

Nah fuck off.

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tl;dr There's no way in fuck dems fund the wall = daca is over. There's no way to make a deal. The wall is funded after midterms when GOP picks up the states that Trump won.


I'm so glad I didn't end up registering to vote. I couldn't imagine how angry I'd be getting called into jury duty for DACA and greater Israel

They'll blame Trump because he is the white person.


Daily Reminder: DACA is non-negotiable.
They have to go back, or its Reagan all over again.

I'm sure a judge will rule its expiration illegal.