2017's 9.7% drop follows 8% decline of previous year

We have to break the bread and circuses cycle, when the time is right with people show them how (((programming))) like this is meant to keep them complacent.

They are now binge watching cuck training videos on Netflix.

I can only hope the Superbowl cucks hard this year and tanks the ratings even more.

sport is for boomers, normies and cucks

Good. The less bread and circus for the normalfag tides the better.

The boomer cucks need to see how their bulls really view their country.

The shit doesn't make sense to me.

You know even when I was a kid i always thought football, and sportball in general was really stupid and boring.


Damned if they do, damned if they don't

They televise the anthem for that one. That'll be interesting.

You're not the only one fam. I was never into sports.

The article also says NBA has 20 percent increase in viewership since last season

Even if I do like watching sports with people on seldom occasions, I could never understand how can you enjoy handegg. Soccer or baseball, you can shitpost or talk with each other during the slow moments and only watch it when the announcer sounds like he's gonna have a stroke, but handegg is just short, unenjoyable spurts, and assloads of shitty commercials. The fact that they can't celebrate or do certain things because it offends some nigger with fragile feelings only makes it worse.

Show me what's really different between a sportball game from this year and a sportball game from 1997. Aside from more niggers now I assume, it's nothing.

They already have a cuck message planned with a bunch of players saying prerecorded stuff before the game.

Seems like a nigger plot to destroy the NFL and get more NBA gibs for BLM.

All of them are tumbling down, at least in the USA. TV ratings are down every year. Box office hit a 25 year low in 2017. NFL is dying. You can't even talk about the weather at the office break room without it going to climate change. The war on small talk is in full force.

This is not as big of a deal as The_Donald makes it out to be and not just because of kneeling faggots. The NFL over saturated the market, boomers are dying off, parents aren't letting their kids play football anymore and soccer is gaining popularity as well as lacrosse. It was expected the NFL would lose some viewers, the idea a hobby is going to exponentially gain new viewers till the entire planet is watching is retarded. They still make billions in profits even with a decrease in viewership.

Bingo. I hate how literally everyone on my state university sports teams is a nigger from probably over a thousand miles away. We are supposed to be the cowboys. Niggers are not cowboys.

Way too many commercial breaks. It's impossible to watch sports in the United States.

I understand the nigger hate but you're just saying that you're a Walmart fan and not an alumni/student or else you would have something in common with the people on the team.

I am a student, also grew up here. Definitely not a fan, never even been to one of the niggerball games here. I know they are all niggers because they put posters of them all around campus lol. I guess my point I was trying to make is this. In my state there are basically zero nogs locally. Wyoming. Wyoming people pay taxes and stuff that funds our state university, I would rather see Wyoming kids get the full ride scholarships for passing a football around, than nogs from Alabama that have to have special tutors do all of their work because they can't read.

Wyoming is almost entirely white outside of some natives, but the university of Wyoming mainly focuses on (((diversity))) with their funding, so I'm not sure why you would think local students would have anything in common with the teams or really anything here.

Was in the bank the other day and there were two 60-ish year old tards in line talking about Quantravious Jackson and M'butu Jone's great game the previous weekend. These people are fucking brain damaged.

Good riddance.

The less normalfag tide for the bread and circuses the better.

FYI soccer is a communist conspiracy. Same as the metric system.

Will sports scholarships and college sports be next to? I sure hope so. It keeps Marxist brainwashing camps alive.



Burgers have you tried watching rugby? It's whiter, more combative, and much more entertaining

They canceled a game recently, that's never happened.

New Year's game or something.

why'd ya sage?

Thanks for the correction, though.

I actively ridicule people wearing sports merch.

Less sports ball means less lemmings

The problem is the lemmings will just switch to another commercialized nigger-infested sports league.

Good. Mark my words they'll never wear it again after that.

Like E sports?

I'll never understand how you burgers can even watch Mandingo Sports™.
This is why I stick by winter sports. All the cold drives the tropical beasties away.

This is a slide thread!



Its the same with proper football too. The teams in football, such as Manchester United, are practically all non-British and the few that are either not ethnically British or not from Manchester anyway. But we can't understate the importance of sport for the cucked male of today. Celebration and reverence for outsiders and the invaders all because they play under the name of their local town.

This will be the first year I will not watch the Superbowl. I will never watch it, highlights, none of it. Never again. Zero NFL. College ball is OK.

Good grief, do something with your family instead, something actually masculine. Televised sports are just a sad artificial stand-in for real communities and community activities. You don't need any of it, spend time with your family instead.

You're pretty fucking stupid. You assumed things, because you're a fucking moron.

Stop being a faggot who watches people handle balls for fun.

Televised sports are just an older form of video games, they do the same thing. That feeling of accomplishment and belonging you have when "your" team wins isn't real, you know that right? You didn't accomplish anything, the niggers throwing the ball aren't your comrades, and you will never be a pimple faced 16 year old in high school again. Get over it and do something productive like waste your life on an imageboard.

You missed some good games. They piled on each other real good again and again and again.

at least our brothers are here user
Sieg Heil

You're a fool. the normalfag has countless times through history shown they are incapable of producing their own thought. It's only when they are pushed to the brink they ever produce change. The NFL is only a single attraction in the giant circus of Western media. For that matter media is only a slice of what they have for entertainment. And let's not forget the more important food. No user, it will take a much larger shove than having people cut out the sports nigger from their lives. Instead of tuning in to watch or attend the game, they'll just go and watch Netflix. Take away the food, take away the entertainment and you'll find that instead of being mindless npcs hooked on the drugs of Western life, they'll become mindless npcs following the major ideaology that promises better life. You just better hope that right ideaology is followed when that time comes. Polite sage.

No you cuckold faggot. it's not okay.

Whilst largely true, you are being unnecessarily jaded. It may be so that 99% of the people who used to be addicted to niggerball instead simply take up video-games or netflix, but there will be that 1% that see the truth. Every time we have a break-through: be it with GamerGate, Commoncore, Pizzagate - even Brexit, Trump's election and the EU putting sanctions of half of Eastern Europe - and not to mention every time there is a terrorist attack, gangrape or chimpout; every time one of these things happen we gain allies. Slowly, slowly we are growing into a formidable force, in fact we have already grown into something quite terrifying and that is why the media is constantly posting articles trying to demonise us, or giving us fake kike figure-heads that are intended to lead people with potential away from us and thus the truth.

We have come a long way and it is certainly in part due to things like this. The foundations were laid long ago and there have been small but frequent victories for decades. Now all that hard work is coming to fruition and we are actually a genuine threat to the establishment. Keep pressing. It would nice to have one huge, decisive victory that ends it all - but we may never get that. Lots of small victories, in the long run, is just as good though. Keep fighting brothers. We are in a position that our forerunners likely believed would never come again after World War 2. Back then fascism was alive and well all over, but it was a huge set-back. Finally we are back to where we started.

Expect a war with Russia to be honest. They stopped Britain from becoming fascist with a war against Germany. They will try it again. We have the advantage of knowing their playbook, as well as being able to reach the masses via the internet. We can beat them this time. We can make righteousness triumph.

God bless you all. In His name we will have our victory.

It's been almost two years since I watched any game of handegg and I don't miss it at all. The time I used to spend watching sports has been filled up by doing other activities that I enjoy. Especially once I saw how the kneeling shit spread like wildfire among all the millionaire niggers and how Colin Kaepernick got turned into a martyr figure by the left, it became easy to just turn it off. During my life I've seen NFL go from mostly white to 80% nigger, I've seen baseball get invaded by Cubans and Dominicans, and now they're trying as hard as they can to push niggers and other shitskins into hockey as Canada becomes the fastest country ever to change its racial demographics for no good reason. It's even hard to watch the Winter Olympics (called the "White People Olympics" by various nigger blogs and Jew NGOs) because of the pozzed coverage: during the Sochi games NBC would go back to kvetching about muh poor oppressed gays every 10 minutes. There's no athletic competition that interests me so much that I'm willing to sift through hours of anti-White/pro-gay/feminist propaganda to see it.

If the gladiator is to become legal today then I would go there and watch them to admire how brave of them to fight fatally.

You can take your assfucking 35nd/12ths fractional rubbish and fuck off with that backwards horse shit. Good riddance. Even the commonwealth got rid of that jack-around under the English noses.










Agreed. My dad is a boomer and sadly watches nigball, but his favorite sport is hockey which is predominantly white, because like you said it's a winter sport.

So I watch the occasional hockey game with him. It's the only sport I tolerate in Murica.

I like ice hockey but there is almost no snow in my country. ;_;

Has Fantasy football ie D&D for normies suffered too?

Yes. I think the FF fags inflated the number unrealistically because degenerate gambling fags went in on it too. Now those former ff nerds are leaving the game for the next fad, and these NFL numbers will continue to decline.

there isn't a young new audience for fantasy football. it's all 30+ year old fags that didn't do shit with their lives that are still into it, which keeps young people away

Good, 82% left to go.

Might be a plot but more than likely it just means that boomers switched the sports their favorite niggers play.

i HAVE GONE COLD-TURKEY. I absolutely will not support this racist, treasonous organization any longer and I deeply regret the years I wasted ever doing so. Whenever I discover any advertisers stepping over the line and making blatant statements supporting this sporting league – such as Papa John's – I will no longer support them ever again either.

It will be noticed most if people decide not to care about the Superb Owl this year.

Not only are most of them not British they're a bunch of mudslimes, niggers and mystery meats on the team that it's a fucking circus at this point. In addition to all that the league (and the greater umbrella of football) has adopted ultimate cuckoldry with embracing literal faggotry, SAY NO TO RACISM, moments of silence every match due to terrorist attacks and an assortment of other retarded things.