How to start a ethno-state first you have to buy land then the government can't ignore white people you can't out pay the zog machine for politicians that is a waste of time and money think of america as rhodesia or south africa the way white control is by mass property ownership and if the governement can't look idly past that are people control massive parts of the food in america and at anytime you can starve them for their dissidence.

you can't shoot 100million shitskins you have too do it the geneva way.

thats right goy. the government will definitely not ignore those property taxes. free shekelz.

Get out.

what will stop for succeeding from america at that point?

no property nigger stay mad.


The Isreali Revenue Service (IRS).

antonym with the help of china and russia.

if any of you truly believe politicians and voting in america will save white people then you are no better then a judeo christian or a boomer 50 years ago.


Make a gated community. If the kikes in hollywood can seal themselves off from niggers so can anyone. Don't waste money on 50 pools. Waste it on a bunker, or a castle.

1. Buy land
2. Buy more land & buy/annex your friends/neighbors land.
3. Use legalese to bamboozle the gov out of taxes.
4. Use contracts to collect taxes/rent for private security.
5. Continue to grow until autonomous then strict population control. Keep charts to avoid incest. We want less jews, not more.
6. Send your Aryan supermen to rinse and repeat in settlements of their own.
7. Exclusively trade with Aryan settlements.
8. Blend your "brand" with the American flag. The FBI can't fuck with nationalists without bad PR.

Contract law allows you to effectively make a smaller state so long as it is more authoritarian than U.S. law.


That's a good action plan… with a slight problem. Most of the alt-right/WN just want non-whites kicked out of the US without any break in their internetz/porn/vidya stream. Doing your plan would actually take real effort and daring and some hard work.

It's why ethnostate talk in the US is just LARPing. Americans whites actually NEED Soros and co. to start a race war and force the issue, because WN sure as hell isn't going to do anything besides youtube debates.

Why would we want that kind of people ? They're jokes, let them starve. They remind me of commie kids who tell you that no, they wouldn't be working in the mines, they'd be "card carrying party member advancing the cause" mixed with niggers who try to sell you their mixtapes.

They may be jokes, but you need numbers either way to form a state.

We need to fuck a lot and make the numbers happen. Maybe we're meant to setup the whole thing and our kids and grandkids will take it upon themselves to continue our idea.

9/10 anons will not survive a race war. There is no where else to move to. The accelerationist approach is not recommended.

The people who do not have the entrepreneurial spirit are still comfy with their state of decay. They are either determined to die, or waiting for leadership. They can populate the new zones if they are above a standard. If they are not ready for fatherhood they simply cannot enter.

That being said, I am not ready for fatherhood. Everyday I fight to improve myself. I work out 5 days a weak, started fencing, and shooting. Embrace struggle. Make yourself into something worthy of the life you were given. Make yourself a superman.

This is a long term plan that will need constant maintenance. If you are not willing to fight, tear, and claw away parasites & luxuries then it is not for you.

All of earth's monuments were made by man. Only the most wrenched lout would look upon the old world and feel low. Those great monuments of old, the monuments made by the great men who's blood you share, are challenges. Challenges to a new generation. One that will aspire to greater heights and greater glories than we ever believed!

Do not let your fore-fathers down user.

Yeah I agree with most of that. I think the more realistic approach is the benedict? option; the one where we survive in small pockets and eventually emerge to rebuild or take control.

BTW, why fencing, instead of Swords (hema)?

That would be a great way for all of us to forge a connection across the planet. ie. All Euro men must all be proficient in some form of martial (blade/mace) combat. It marks you as a citizen of the Aryan diaspora or something and only citizens have rights.

I like that your post is one continuous sentence without any punctuation and that it relays tons of relevant information and is well sourced and doesn't get hung up on things like fantasy or playing make believe like some kind of fourth grade masturbation marathon this is a quality post and people should make more that are just like it.

The fencing club is closer and the owner is a friend. I plan on finding a good HEMA gym and powerlifting gym this summer.

A good way to make friends it to lightly shitpost in class. Make yourself know as openly right wing, then make the case for right wing environmentalism. Lying is wrong, but you can't make gains as a ebil naZi. Catholics, federalists, and libertarian monarchists are right wing but do not raise suspicion. You can be openly NatSoc to your closest friends and closest family.

Lifting, philosophy, guns, politics are all good topics to flush out like minded individuals. Do not be afraid of purity spiraling. Always be honest and direct with your concerns.

Redpill your little brothers. They look up to you. Make their generation better than yours.

Yeah that's all good advice everyone should take on board.

What worries me is the "raising suspicion" part. The movements that raise suspicion are the ones trying to overthrow ZOG or threaten the political system. I don't care about ZOG or trying to ruin it (when it will likely collapse anyway).

I don't want to be around tards trying to determine whether politician x is /ourguy/ or debating ecelebs or plotting assassinations or stupid shit.

I want to be part of a Brotherhood of steel, that's united by certain principles, ethics, codes etc that runs parallel to the system. That forges men who will survive the chaos and carry the standard.

There isn't going to be a Nazi state (the best chance for that disappeared 70 years ago). There's only going to be men amongst the ruins… and I want this idea/focus to be differentiated from the political movements.

ATM there is no differentiation and that is a problem.

Live the principals of National Socialism. The name does not matter. Exclusion is not oppression. Remove yourself from ZOG's system. It does more damage than attacking it.

Skinheads are obvious honeypots. Make the home you want for your children.

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