JF suing Destiny for 51k



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How's this political or politically incorrect

this is better suited for >>>/cow/

Not really as bad as Destiny deserves, but okay.

What is the background of all this?

Destiny is some fucking faggot who talks like a fag and streams xirself playing vidya while spouting SJW bullshit.
JF is a Quebecois Übermench chad biologist who uses science to prove that niggers are subhuman.
The faggot got butthurt at nignogs being BTFO so claimed JF is a paedo.

Not sure why it didn't sage - the box was checked.
Those double dubs need checking too though.

Damn, that autistic lisper who sucked at SCII is still around? Mental.


Wasn't it Zeph that claimed JF was a paedo?
There was a whole stream where he tried to apologize to JF and JF told him to go fuck himself.

shitposting turned into defamation or something court worthy. the Frenchmen is cashing out.

God speed frogman.

Manlets can stay alive and unable to learn for an unpleasantly long time.

The smelly Frenchman is shaping up to be a major figure of our time.

Let's also not forget that Destiny believes in "ethical cp".

Québécois, wtf he is.

What the fuck?

OF COURSE. There's always a (((reason)))…

You mind defining that term? Is cp ethical due to the nature when accessed (e.g., you're aids constanza and you just so happened to be researching cp while also indulging in tentacle porn), or ethical due to the manner of creation (e.g., kids who stream shit and want attention/will do anything for it because mom/dad are negligent + the electric jew tells them overly sexual=good)?
(Note, I'm asking how the faggot defines it)
Also, since I believe this Destiny faggot was also the one who debated JonTron on "how rich blacks don't commit as much crimes as whites" (yet was shown that the commit more than poor whites), it follows that I hope he does get slammed with the lawsuit.
(Does this Destiny guy just plan to make enemies of everyone? Is he so far up his own ass? Maybe it attracts views, but too many enemies leads to situations shown in OPs post)

I don't know much about Density, except that he's some pro-pedo SJW faggot, but I was thinking maybe JF suing him is a bit excessive. I didn't know he's Jewish as well, but since I do now he deserves all the shit JF can throw at him.

Just listen to the fucker for a short period of time if you have any difficulty figuring out why people hate him. You will quickly come to agree with them.

Report Steven "Mental Midget" Bonnell for violating the twitch TOS. SHUT IT DOWN!


"defame, harass, abuse, threaten or defraud users of the Twitch Services, or collect, or attempt to collect, personal information about users or third parties without their consent;"


Well, to be fair, DesTINY is probably shorter than a six year old, so he believes that any girl bigger than him is fair game.