Ben Garrison is such a fickle little man

LOL! Compare his cartoon from last year with his most recent one after FIRE AND FURY came out.

(((you'll))) get some you's out of this for sure
could've posted in the sticky

op is the "Everything I need to know in life, I learned at 25" mentality on full display
There is no room for growth or development and everything is set in stone. People cannot change and there is no such thing as living honorably or speaking truth to power.
It goes without saying, but you are a faggot.

Pretty much. Trump vs. Bannon is a squabble among rabbis, but OP is acting as if human beings do not process and evaluate new pieces of information to refine their positions. Brainlet.

But, people have to retain the same positions for the rest of their lives.

That art style reminds me of when I thought America was going to be great again. Good times.

Ben Garrison is shit and always has been

The real lesson here is that it's easy to influence and manipulate the masses, even those who think of themselves as smart and intellectual but are still NPCs. Likewise, having their support is temporary, will quickly turn against you and are unreliable in any long term if you do not control their entirely input-output via media, authority and education.

Tell me one thing that Steve Bannon actually did while in the white house
go ahead

Ben was always a retarded boomer and a shitty artist. No one on Holla Forums respects him, as they should.

The fucking AstroTurf up in here.

One of the main contributing factors as to why this board has a decent amount of shit threads is that a number of people have decided to worship certain political entities that they do not fully understand, which has resulted in petty discussions such as "if you don't worship X politician, you are a shill" and more of the same.
At this point, many discussions are based more on which political personality one prefers rather than ideology, history, current events, etc.

Thats all it takes these days to spot a shill


The public opinion on pol was pretty much the same

trusting kikebart hahahahahahahaha

He's just an anti-'NWO' lolberg. No more no less. He's not a shitty artist, his political cartoons (not to say anything of the content) are skillfully drawn and tend be very creatively thematic and absurdist. Have you seen the work of his contemporaries? If Garrison is low quality everyone else is far worse.

He's alright, needs to lurk moar though.

This. He does pretty good considering the alternatives, and is just further proof the left can't meme.

Also, where the fuck is the original you fucking newfags?

Eh. Have a (you). sage :^)

The fucking cringe of the 4D Chess people trying to figure this out.

The leaks.

As stupid as Krugman is, even more stupid are the fuckwits who keep believing anything he says.

Why was bannon on the national security council? Maybe they were baiting him to leak classified info so he could be imprisoned?

I never liked playing on astroturf. It always hurt, you know?