The Fourteen Words

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children
The most important thing you (a white man) can do is get a white wife and have children with her, raise some strong actualized humans to carry on the line.
It's time to stop and think seriously about where you are in life and how you are going to achieve this. You may need to improve yourself physically with better diet and exercise, you may need to improve yourself socially with practice, you may need to focus on getting stable employment. It will be different for each man, we are all at different ages and places in our lives.
Not everybody is going to succeed but women are extremely shallow so don't write yourself off as undependable based on personality. All you need is money and no beer-gut to have a very good chance. The key thing is that as many of work hard to try to steer our lives in this direction as possible.

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Thread needs serious formatting done to it so just going to politely sage. However, the notion of the thread is just and I hope that the OP can take the cock out of his mouth one inch at a time and learn to lurk abit more before posting.

So I have a dilemma, I am joining the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. This means I will recieve EMT and light infantry training alongside with recieving the post 9/11 GI Bill. I really want to travel somewhere like Austria, Switzerland or maybe Iceland so that I can meet a wife and bring her back to the states. What is the best way to go about that and ensure said waifu is pure enough to have my children? I will have to travel to these places on leave and basically attempt to meet a woman.

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My plans more or less the same as yours, I want to go to a poor Slavic country and try to locate the best genetic material there

Fuck off nigger. There's no work. I don't need a pep talk on how to be sexy as fuck, I need money.

I would argue that that is actually the bare minimum, not "the most important thing" one can do - the "most important" thing is to create the conditions where one's genes do not merely survive, but thrive

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I make 65k after a nice raise to start the year. I know my wife and child appreciate

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This is the dilemma. I think we have to settle with White women who have taken the least amount of cock. There are super religious girls but they usually have a beau and get married before 21.
Of course. Try meeting some online and setting up dates before you head there. But online girls are hit and miss. They try to lock in foreigners for green cards. So hit middle class to high class if you can girls on your travels because they don't need your money or green card.

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Women only have loyalty to their conquerors.

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If we were conquerors, then we wouldn't be here, would we?
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All you need is a job.
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You should study
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Torrent RSD Resonator. It's a video and audio guide on how to become less of a beta faggot. Ignore the reddit cringe, extract the techniques.
Quit porn and masturbation (>>>/nofap/)

"nofap" is manipulative in this Porn World. Reduction is a reasonable demand. More is asking too much.

Much more time is wasted by videogames, movies, netflix, youtube, TV.


That is the "doing stuff" killed. It must be eliminated. Unlike "nofap", the urge which is spoiled by gaming, movies, the like, is to DO. And doing is precisely what is needed now.

Obviously, if one were stuck on a ship at sea then movies and gaming would be sensible for some, as the drive to do can make one simply irritated, being able to do nothing but wait, and, at best, plan.


White men are not the problem here.

Nofap isn't about saving time. It's for undoing sick fetishes developed by continously getting dopamine rewards from more and more depraved stimuli. You can't be a decent right wing man while fapping to degenerate filth

does femdom count as degenerate?

Few are so addicted as to actually waste time. The fact you didn't even address blue balls indicates you've never even actually tried this.

When you rub one out you're not doing anything real any more than you have become a commando after playing 1,00,000 hours of bf1.

Anything that is not male domination of female for the sole purpose of reproduction is degenerate

You can only get blue balls as a result of ending a masturbation addiction

Wrong. You are an illiterate idiot without any biological or scientific knowledge. In addition, you have never done what you advise for others. FOOL! YOU'VE BEEN FOUND OUT!