Austrian Vice-Chancellor: "We should lock refugees up in camps, put them under curfew"

Austria’s new far-Right vice-chancellor has called for refugees to be housed in old army camps and put under a night-time curfew.

Heinz-Christian Strache said asylum-seekers and recognised refugees should be placed in “underused” military barracks and forced to return at night.

“Order is needed as long as we have an open asylum system," Mr Strache told Austrian television.

Opposition politicians spoke out against the proposals, comparing them to the forced “internment” of refugees, while other government ministers sought to distance themselves from the idea.

Mr Strache became Austrian vice-chancellor last month after his far-Right Freedom Party (FPÖ) joined a coalition under Sebastian Kurz, the 31-year-old chancellor who is the world’s youngest leader.

Both men campaigned on a hardline policy towards migrants, and the government is already set to introduce tough new measures which include seizing money from asylum-seekers to pay for the cost of their housing.

Migrants will also be forced to hand over their mobile phones on arrival so data stored on the can be checked.

But Mr Strache went further by suggesting military barracks could be used to house refugees. The idea follows a proposal by another senior figure in his party last year to move refugees out of Vienna to “mass quarters” on the city outskirts, in order to show migrants that “Austria is not as comfortable as everybody thinks”.

“It has already been talked about in the past whether it shouldn’t be that they all have to be back in barracks by a certain time in the evening,” Mr Strache said.

Opposition politicians condemned the proposals. “These proposals are not worthy of a vice-chancellor,” said Sandra Frauenberger of the Social Democratic Party (SPÖ).

“Mr Strache wants to intern refugees instead of integrating them,” Jürgen Czernohorszky of the SPÖ said. “It's a political indictment if you do not even try to make people stand on their own feet and just lock them away instead.”

He called on Mr Kurz to “distance himself from these confused ideas” and “call off” his vice-chancellor.


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Gee, it's almost like the Commie Kike Party doesn't think of these shitskins and niggers as refugees, but as future voters that they can buy with gibs paid for with Austrian taxes. If they're actually refugees they should be fucking grateful Austria even let them in instead of building a giant barbed wire fence and shooting them like the Hungarians. Or confiscating their gold and jewelry and expensive smart phones like Denmark. Or just telling them to fuck right off and not acknowledging their existence like Poland. Based on their behavior I'm hesitant to even call these things humans. They absolutely should be locked up at night, after being put to work during the day to pay for their lodging and food and maybe save up a little bit to take with them when they go the fuck back to where they came from. Look at Germany and Sweden, or France, or Britain, or Italy. When these animals are treated with any sort of respect or kindness they rampage all over the country, raping, chopping people with axes, running them over with trucks of peace, blowing themselves up in crowds of 12-year old girls, taking over entire sections of town and declaring them Sharia Zones with threats that the whole country is going to belong to their goatfucking pedophile prophet. Hummus, samosas and nigger rap aren't worth having these people in the civilized world.

The refugees are welcome to go back if they're not happy with free security, housing, and food. This is actually too generous. They should be mandated to labour to help offset their mooching.

Perhaps they could be issued coupon in return for work redeemable for non necessities.

Just checking those heavenly trips of truth.


the fuck is he talking about, after more then 2 decades of budget cuts we have bearly enough barrecks for our borderguards, every time the fucking burgers show up to a mountain manuver we need to put guys into local hotels, and now he wants to put the shitskins into the little bit of military infrastructure we have left?

well truth be tolt most of the old bases like almsteig are well and truely shit that have bearly been maintained since they were build during the coldwar era and have half a century of sweat in every milimeter of them not kidding they stink to high heavens
so maybe now our guys will get some actual housing.

No. They must be repatriated not put into camps. Running should never be an option for any man anywhere in the world. You remain on your home clay and fight for it. You win or you die. All you have are your own people and all they have is you. If you are landless then you are not a people.

They're still open thanks to our greatest (((ally))). A great way to solve the temporary labor crisis while they wait for deportation. Once they work off the costs to the people and for the trip back home of course and whatever small profit the operators seek as restitution.

This isn't a bad move, actually. I know this guy is a kike, but if he actually does any of the shit he keeps talking about it could do a lot of good. Austria isn't ready to leave the EU, so kicking them out isn't really feasible at this stage, but making it as unpleasant as they can get away with, would chase them all to greener pastures, making a future clean up operation a lot more realistic.

I've actually been wondering if Austria gets an actual white man to run the country after this kike, whether or not they would throw their lot in with the slavs or follow the occupied countries to their destruction.

i dont quite remember but dident one of the eastern european nations anounce a few months ago that they want to open one of the old concentration camps to house refugees?
pretty sure there was a thread about it

the problem isent that our leadership isent white, it has always been white, jews are nearly unheard off in austrian poletics.
our problem has been fullblown communist masquerading as moderate capitalist, socialist or enviromentalist that slowly infiltradet our political system after the red brigate failed there revolution in the 70's
since then they have slowly but surely made small changes to our social structure.

hells untill the 80's austria was a defacto ethnostate with the worst being a few turkish guest workers.
by the mid 90's i was one of 3 native austrians in my school class.
the population replacement has been going for a long damn time now, dont forget how old the rosentall plan is.

We really don't hear much about what goes on in Austria, but as far as I can tell it's the only western country even intimating that it might take a hard line stance with this stuff. How long is this guy's term going to be, and is there any true nationalist party that could be feasible in time for the next election?

Would rubbing shoulders with the v4 be a option to distance yourselves from the EU in a way the average people would accept? I know there's some bad blood on both sides in regards to relations between states of the former hapsburg empire, but is that water under the bridge at this point?

FPÖ the only true nationalist party is actually in power, it formed a coalition with the ÖVP (Kurz' party)
Austria always had good relations with eastern europe so it's not unthinkable. There are lots of trade deals going on with the V4 actually. There's actually no bad blood left from the former Habsburger Empire, one could argue there never was.

Bruno Kreisky was a jew. He was chancellor from 70-83.

That's further along than most get, it's almost sounds like good news even.
There's talk here in especially optimistic circles that Austria might consider joining an intermarium style alliance if we can stop shooting each other long enough to set one up, but I've yet to hear an Austrian weigh in on such ideas.
I've been talking to too many angry magyars.

kreisky war a jud?

honestly ive only ever heard about that here and when ive talked to my friends about that none of them ever even considert it.
im honestly liking the idea of essentualy bringing the old empire back together for a second try but i just havend heard anything about it being considert by anyone in power.

Yeah, it's the general thing that you will find in Hungary. People are just full of anger and hate for everything and everyone, including refugees, jews, the pope, women, fags, russians, communists, liberals, conservatives. Pretty much everyone hates everything and we create such a toxic atmosphere that nobody really wants to stay too long.

Starche, pay attention to what you are doing not saying, understand that it takes steps, never be overwhelmingly doing a thing.

Jews are based tho!

Remember, /ourguy/ got jewed out of the election. This is what happens when you don’t elect Hitler the first time. Everyone knows which way the wind blows.

>They're still open thanks to our greatest (((ally)))

And America. You are the arm of the jew.
Any nation who tried to oust muslims has been waged war on by America.

We have plenty of what once was military barracks that are still owned by the military, except they've seen an Emperor or two but no workmen since '45.
You mostly just don't notice those because they're just crumbling brick structures that look like old factories.
Hell, if we're lucky one of those relics might collapse on top of the rapefugees.




They HAVE to go back.

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Extremely good government in Austria.
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that's good though.
t. your neighbor

I must visit sometime to stock up on hungarian salami / gulash and kulen



So Austria has 2 jews on top of the far right, gee what a coincidence how these nationalist and conservative groups all end up with jews at the helm. Fucking based amiright? Austrians wouldnt do this they need jews to guide them.


The more I hear about this guy the more I like him. GO GO GO!

Am I the only one? He kinda reminds me of Don Jr., Burgerland's 46th President, in the OP pic.

Free showers?

I always said the refugees should be confined within an enclosed village where they have to farm or do labor to pay for their own expenses.

You are right on the money!

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