German CDU/CSU push for deporting anti-semites

Angela Merkel's bloc of the Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Social Union wants to introduce draft legislation at a session of the Bundestag that allows for the deportation of foreigners who have anti-Semitic views and do not recognize the existence of Israel as a state, local media reported Saturday, citing the document.

"The ones who are against the Jews living in Germany or put in question the existence of Israel cannot have a place in our country," the draft read.

The German lawmakers would reportedly like the government to consider whether prosecution for the public burning of Israeli flag or anti-Semitic motto could be initiated as well.

According to the newspaper, the proposal will be introduced shortly before the International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27.

The initiative comes amid renewed tensions between Palestinians and Israelis triggered by the decision of US President Donald Trump to recognize the city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The city has been contested by both sides since the Six-Day War in 1967, as a result of which Israel gained control over the holy site of the three religions. The move also provoked protests in Muslim countries across the Middle East and Muslim communities worldwide.

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Kike free first post

We will finish what you left unfinished Mr. Hitler; we will not be deporting jews to palestine, but deporting them off to hell. 尊皇討奸 tbhfam

soooo all of the nu-German mudslimes have to go?

This means every Syrian Migrant and every Afghani Migrant has to go

I fail to see an issue, let the EU collapse

Ha, maybe this is the wedge after all. Germans are more guilty about Hilter than they are about turning away Muslims. And here I thought they would just grit their teeth through the cognitive dissonance.

literally thought crime

fuckin hag

Well, we all know it is going to be a white-only law.

I bet this will only imply to Germans, and not to refugees.


Inb4 they only deport and unperson while people because achmed dindunuffin'.


This legislation will go nowhere. They can't deport foreigners with anti-Semitic views without deporting 98% of Germany's Muslim population back to Religion of Cuck™istan, and doing that would be racism.

don't be fooled, this is aimed at anti-semitism among whites

Deport them where? Who's citizens are they? Fucking dumb cunt.

That's because they are semites.


Read it, it says it only applies to foreigners

That kind of foreign?

How many white people are immigrating to Germany?

What about communist because the Berlin wall was a thing?

inb4 this is not gonna be used on Muslims, but to silence native germans.

all this is, is lip service to the people who have become more and more rightwing over the last decade.
dont forget that the german government did everything they could to give the rapefugees german citizenship so that they can vote.
when she said this law is against "foreigners" she means the rapefugees that never even tryd to apply for citicenship and more importantly all the eastern europeans that live in germany.

all this old whore did was the absolute minimum effort to appease the people that voted afd while still signaling how much of a kike loving communist she is.
i fucking hate that my neighbors were stupid enough to vote her into office again.

Soon it will be time for you to bare your fangs little wolf.

Just wait until she realizes, that the entire muslim population is anti-semitic.

What the fuck?

Oh and the Christians for calling them a synagogue of satan!

I mean, this just effectively puts us back to where we started. It doesn't even attack home grown anti-semites.
Strange old krone.

BASED Merkle, this is a victory for the white race because deportation will be increased!

I fucking love deporting foreigners because that's based and a victory for our race.

deport them all merkle

are you unironically retarded?

No, what if the whole point of the influx of migrants was to create this situation where the right is on the rise?
What if her goal was to let the migrants spark the right wing.

Remember her party was initially the more right wing party of the main parties.
I mean… jesus christ that would be some amount of chess work. I bet they wanted this to spark a unification effort of the EU too…

What the fuck are we seeing..

I've never met a muslim that was like that. Jews also ran a website doxing muslims for being "racist" and "anti-semitic"

Wow look at all those white anti-semites!

the breakdown of every plan that was ever made since the jew took over after hitler died.
its the only thing that makes sence, the jew was so investet into the soviet union that it fucked up all there long term goals when it desolved in the 90's and everything that happend since then was little more then (((them))) making shit up as they go and failing tremendously.
im pretty damn sure these idiots have been lazing around since the 60 because there was no one left to oppose them, wich made the later generations both complacent and stupid.
and now that shit falls apart at the seems they can do little more then do random shit hoping that everything will turn out good in the end.
we dont live in the time of freud and trotzky anymore, the modern kike has bought intro there own bullshit to such an extend that it brought back honest to fuck national socialism.
there stupidity made us and doomed them.
best of all they are starting to see it and it scares the shit out of them.

Maybe if Israel would open its borders and be less racist against what they call "goyim," anti-antisemitism wouldn't exist. Tear down that wall, Bibi.

Depends. Kabbalist Jews or Orthodox?

Few, mostly Southern and Eastern Europeans I guess, which may have more antisemitic views than germans, for sure, as they don't have the WWII guilt brainwash.

But I'm an I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white ass who is 30% German Blood (I got it checked with 23andme). 30% British, and the rest a mix between Finnish, Danish, and "Western Europe". 100% white. I did racemix with a Chinese woman though.

good question
honestly i have no idea and pulling things out if my ass that make since with the things im seeing fueled by little more then an interresst in history and mild autism.

but dont forget that the jew isent just an end of the world cult, the kaballa is but the communist on the other hand sure as shit arent.
the jews have proven with there actions that they are far from united and have different goals and strategys.
the bankers seem to mainly care about optaining and keeping power.
while the ortodox want to fulfill there prophesy's.
and who knows the the franken/sabbath does.

Is it?

it seems to be, from the ritual murder of the russian tzar 100 years ago to the modern day pedo shit the kabalist has been doing fucked up rituals in the name of there volcano demon.

from the things i see there is very little difference between the kabalistic and the ortodox jews, both want to bring about there version of the apocalypse.
the only difference is the ortodox do it in a religious manner while the kaballa goes the magical route.
but both of them still work the end of the world.

It's true that it's not working exactly like they wanted to, but it's not because the soviet union fucked up, it would inevitably, and today they still control the Russian and even more the American government and the majority of its corporations. It wasn't that what failed but rather there was a return to national values and identity.
Them having to create the aut-kike is good news, it's a desperate attempt to control "antisemitic" views in the right and turn them all against other races and to push a load of degeneracy into nationalists.


It's important to work towards sensible priorities. Thankfully Europe has many Christian parties to tackle the really big issues and threats facing European peoples. God bless our Judeo-Christian heritage.

Waiting for Christcucks to say

Fucking hell.

This is not about lipservice to the right. At best its wrapped as such to appeal to "conservatives" with something that isnt conservative at all.

Its about keeping them Muslims in their place until Germany completely loses control and Jews leave for Israel or America to ruin that one next and not make them touch the unquestionable authority. Muslims are still only second to Jews

Jews put up this farce qwetsching about victimhood after drawing swastikas on their own doors but if Muslims would really trouble them it would force them to really act against Muslims within Germany. This would run counter intuitive to their efforts to swamp it further with muslims and niggers.

The message simply translates to

Angela "Spread Your Butthole for Diversity" Merkel is just mad that her countrymen don't want a heaping helping of rapefugee cum.

Fuck her. She is done.

very true
Merkel: Half of Germans Want Chancellor Gone Before Next Election

Anyway, it is good to see all muslims in German gone.

Deported is deported, I guess. Let the kike's plan get foiled by the good goyim trying to protect them.

Will Germany be the first to ban Israel for being antisemetic?

I vaguely remember a greentext where the Germans put the Jews in gas chambers for denying the holocaust. Does anyone happen to have it? It ended with something like

No one is going to be deported. This is just to rile up the rapefugees to get them even more violent against whites.


Accelerationism doesn't work. Whites are too worried to lose their job and wealth to chimpout. Just ask around here about the use of violence: first they'll call you FBI, and if you earnestly inquire further, they will tell you that it's useless and they need a political party to be effective. That's right, they have no balls and are hoping a mainstream antisemitic party to magically sprout to life and taxi them to destination.

Make rape not words.

Instead, most of them have the anti-German brainwashing…

Like they cant just take away citizenship for "antisemitism" or "terrorism" "next law on the list probably

While importing anti-Europeans. Amazing when you think about it. Maybe they are chosen. Ethier that or Europeans are braindead. The latter seems more pluasible frankly. Even more ironically, who are really the "semites". They'll litterly be deporting slims for supposedly hating themselves.

Lolocaust guilt feedback loop


Yeeaaah… Riiight….
Forget it. Not going to happen as you might expect. These imported monkeys are here to stay, she welcomed them. It is highly likely that only white anti-semitists will be turned away.

Polls don't mean shit. Merkel only needs 51% of the people who bother to vote to keep her in power and there's no chance of her fellow kike slaves taking down her government before the next election.

Top kek

It's no problem or even welcomed if migrants don't accept or detest German culture or people but beware if you're an evil anti- semite… you'll have to go back.