Now THIS, is a shitpost. Can we all just reflect on how great this man is? This truly is the best timeline

Now THIS, is a shitpost. Can we all just reflect on how great this man is? This truly is the best timeline.

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Fuck trump ( goy free first post )(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Gotta love him

The dumbass (((journalists))) will take the bait to write another "slam" piece on Trump for these tweets, all Trump has to do is jingle the keys for them and they won't see Hillary getting arrested



Are you retarded?

Wew he's laughing into their faces as they are left without any options so they have to portray him as mentally unstable. Again.
Less damage would be done if they stuck a foot in their mouth.


Sage because I don't really think this is threadworthy, but I love that cheeky little "(on my first try)" shot at Cunton.

Calm your autism, sperg, it's obviously intended to keep the more recent shit at the top. In theory, at least, it's a good design choice. The retarded design choice is the fact that their system is designed around a tiny character limit that makes it impossible to say anything worth saying in a single message,

You mean the PR team behind those tweets.
There are probably three types of people:
The Dunning-Kruger babies, who are made to feel superior to the 'retard president', like they did with W, and the borderline retarded The_Donald people who call into Alex Jones shows and talk about demons, who see nothing wrong with this phrasing.
The third one is self-explanatory.

This honestly seems like a Blue-Beam type program, especially with the fear-mongering around North Korea.
I wonder if Trump even gets to see these tweets before they're sent, either way, I don't trust whoever is in control behind the scenes.

I swear I'm not one of those "hurr durr should've voted for Hillary" idiots, but he ran for office in 2000, didn't he?

This can't work any differently because
a. it would always show the oldest tweets first.

b. Even if you could sort tweets from oldest to newest, the time from which sorting oldest-to-newest tweets would be very arbitrary and not always according to the tweets the user wants to see. It could be a cool feature to specify the time in which you want to sort the oldest-to-newest tweets but I don't think this is ever going to happen.

Also there is a solution to this. You can reply to your tweets so that there is a line of continuity from oldest tweet to newest reply and then everything is shown in a straight line from top to bottom.

2000 or 2004 yeah, which I'm shocked nobody in the last 3 years has dug up his short lived campaign speeches. iirc he flopped in the early primaries.

Might be bait? Or just not considered valid with him pulling out early/not making it into candidacy?

He did, but devil's advocate, he didn't go all in until 2016. Hillary did in, both in 2008 and 2016 and lost first to a junior senator with no experience and then to Donald fucking Trump. I voted for the guy, but for someone with her experience to lose to a guy most noteworthy for being on reality TV… Well, you don't recover from that.

You recall wrong. He ran as a candidate for the Reform Party, realised the Reform Party was going to shit and therefore he couldn't possibly win as a Reform candidate, so he dropped out before the first primary. He was, however, on the ballot for the first two primaries and he won them both.

Donald Trump's presidential campaign of 2000 for the nomination of the Reform Party began when real estate magnate Donald Trump of New York announced the creation of a presidential exploratory committee on the October 7, 1999 edition of Larry King Live. Though Trump had never held elected office, he was well known for his frequent comments on public affairs and business exploits as head of The Trump Organization. He had previously considered a presidential run in 1988 as a Republican, but chose not to run. For 2000, Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura persuaded Trump to seek the presidential nomination of the Reform Party, which was fracturing despite achieving ballot access and qualifying for matching funds as a result of the 1996 presidential campaign of businessman Ross Perot. Trump's entrance into the Reform Party race coincided with that of paleoconservative commentator Pat Buchanan, whom Trump attacked throughout the campaign as a "Hitler-lover".

Wow, how does Holla Forums defend this 500trillionD chess?

I figured it was related to the primaries, I wonder though what could've happened if he ran against Romney and Ron in 2012.

At the time, you couldn't get away with that. That is very straightforward, 1-D chess.

Had to wait until the current year when a group of shitposters had grown up on the internet and in doing so discovered hidden truths. And it'll still be at least a few years before politicians can talk about their love for Hitler in public in the US.


Trump was a 'spoiler', a dark horse candidate with no chance of winning but enough popularity to change vote totals and deny victory to anonther

also known as threading

I think in schools they should make kids read every tweet Trump has ever made in chronological order to learn how to become president.

WTF Im no longer banned?!

Trump didn't get the nom so technically he never ran for President.
He ran for a nomination for the presidency.
He did not run for the Presidency, which requiers a nomination first.

tl;dr Trump wasn't on the ballot, so get fucked lololol

you could also post the tweet meant to be read last first

So was he just bored or is he covering up another move?

Not happening. We're going to die in a war. It's obvious the demographics will shift and literal Hitlers will get elected. That means absolute defeat for the ZOG, the system will get out of balance and the ensuing chaos does not favour these dinosaurs. That's why they are trying so hard to control opposition and prevent actual movements from rising. The next step for (((them))) is to create a "4rth Reich", controlled by ZOG, fighting a staged war and destroying whites for good. By destruction and by more extreme atrocity than has ever been done before. They know our generation is not the same kind of people as those in the 1930s. We are capable of finishing the problem for good. We have the mindset. It's in our nature, we are the generation of revenge. We CAN commit the "atrocities" ,as they are seen by normalfaggots, and we must do it to set things right. It is exactly THIS that they are going to use, to put us to rest forever. I can't get it out of my mind, that bleak future. But at least I know kikes will be killed. Yes. They are capable of doing that, sacrificing their people as pawns. They have done it before. They are going to do it again now.
That's why Holla Forums's top priority should be to KICK THE SHIT OUT OF CONTROLLED OPPOSITION, whether intentional or not. Absolute purity should be the norm. We must prevent something like this from happening. How, do you ask? I'll think this one for you. By actually controlling the controlled opposition for ourselves, by infiltration. WE cannot be infiltrated. We are formless. Immortal. But the actual movements that will or have already been created, will either be controlled from the start, or get infiltrated and co-opted by kikes and double agents.

Remember, shoot a traitor before an enemy. Do not forget this or it will mean defeat.

Your precious Hillary didnt get nominated either.
Bernie got more votes.

He tweeted at 4:20AM.

Hillary lost. Deal with it.

lel, hopefully the media will take it as dogwhistling to nazis.

no, really can we have an Israeli flag attached to the first reply of every thread just for lulz at least?

dropping out doesn't mean he never attempted it.

How could he drop out of a race he was never in?

Sure thing, Shariablue


Trump was smart to run on the conservative ticket. Only way he was going to win.

I think it's due to the book that the kike has published. Now all the (((media))) will have their wet dream of re-living their twisted fantasy one year ago, according to their narrative. It is re-surfacing all of their bullshit ammo that was used.
Trump isn't going to stay away and let them jerking off on that book. He just opens their old wounds again and pours salt onto it.


When he finished signing papers to enter an election, he was in the process of the election. He joined a party permitted to enter an election and could've gone further if his party didn't split. He failed his first trial albiet not his fault.



Your strawman analogy doesn't fit here. Trump was officially apart of the race when he became eligible to run and did so.

I like this idea.

Jesus fucking Christ. Why is this stickied? This is honestly /r/The_Zionald tier posting. Stickey a thread so we can all suck trumps cocks for bragging about himself for the 1000s time but anchor or delete actual interesting content. This is bottom basement shit. If we're stickying tweets when not sticky the one where he called Bannon a dog that cried when he got fired? You know, the one that disproves that other spastic thread that's also stickied. At this point it's undeniable that this board is working together with the LARPing fashy sholomos on /r/the_zionald.(Astroturf)

Absolutely buttblasted.

Just checked T_D out of curiosity, look at the top sticky.

Except he wasn't a part of the presidential race in 2000.

You know what this is boys?
Platinum butthurt, that's what.

Broken clock etc


See, now this is how I know you're a redditor. Holla Forums has always been an insular community, and certainly one not born of sycophantism for anything besides maybe Hitler. I've been on this website a long time and I've never seen a sticky for an objectively unimportant Trump tweet before. I heard rumors that our mods were working with The_Donald mods to share userbases, and this is the sort of thing someone would expect were one to expect that sort of thing. The mods want us to share our board with redditors. Well, I'm not having it. See ya later guys, this board is dead.

You wanna know how I know that you're lying?


Bye faggot

Here's a snapshot of some of my older reactions and their save date.

Here we have our cuck mods waving goodbye to anyone who dare question. Looks like it's to the other board we go!

Heh it's moonman again, the guy has completely lost his marbles.

See, if you have to tell people how long you've been around, and then act so insecure about it, it's obvious that you're lying.

Except I proved it. But you're right it doesn't matter. Anyone who knows what this website was like would be disgusted that we have two braindead threads stickied by moonman. Then again this board is dying and last night was under 200 pph.


All I see are snapshots of rampant faggotry


What’s the sauce on this jpg?
politely saging a sticky

Reminder that we live in a world in which THIS IS A REAL TWEET FROM THE REAL COMPANY

Reminder that we live in a fucking world where the OP is a real tweet from a real president of the real United States of America.

I think I'll call them and ask if they have the gorilla channel

but what if I like B.E.T.?

Well now I am curious, the gorilla channel sounds great, I would like to inquire about it,

Wait, but this tweet doesn't say if they have it or not. I better call up and inquire.

what level of chess is this?

Americans are a fucking mistake.

Oh fuck I've been laughing for the last 10 minutes, I'm too tired for this shit. 10/10 shitpost.

Top kek, he plays em like a damn fiddle.

This is legend.

Fuck this board.
It's officially dead.



They hate us cause they ain't us.

toppest of keks

Maybe he wants them to dig into this to distract them from something else.

Trump is smokescreens. He says dumb shit on twitter to enflame people and then do something else nobody notices



Yawn. Reported.

Are you, like, buttblasted?

The basic design of the weblog / aggregator… and image board.

Yet it makes total sense if your plan is to filter out incongruous ideals and promote your own.

Twitter is IBs for normies, with commie morality police and jews. So basically it's the most popular chan.

All you proved is that you are a newfag, and your timezone

Stickied on ZeroHedge, too.

Sadly without the Americans we can't break free of the kikes, mostly because their jackboot is firmly planted on our collective heads.

Probably best to build a parallel network for Europeans only while keeping 8/pol/ as a neutral cooperative ground.

I swear to God that President Trump could tweet simply "I'm President Donald J. Trump of the United States of America!" and the commies, sjws, and jews would still oy vey.

I don't know which one of your personalities is honestly sadder, Moshe. This one or the >fugging amerigans amirite XDDD one. Can you even see how fucking tryhard you sound?

holy shit
this is the best time line

I don't always agree with Trump, but when he's right, he's right.

Sorry, I've just been frustrated with what's happening all around me. In my own little town there's been mudslime riots attacking young women, girls and men, they had to call the riot police over and of course none of this is in the news anywhere.

Jesus how young are you? its BoBoBo.

Every day is a gift.


(checked and kek'd)

then actually fucking leave please

try harder to fit in

he’s exposing the entire media edifice and the psychiatric community’s jewish insolence, along with all their worst tricks. no matter what his positive policies are this is setting up the very precondition of overcoming the times. leave

author is jewish and trying to create empty buzz. hitler was attacked with the SAME EXACT DISPARAGEMENT and called it out. you don’t belong here

read my post, then leave

classic gadfly provoking a showing on the part of these (((critics))) which reveals their intentions, untenable claims and their straight up lying… and all it takes is a tweet string

Amen to that!

It's now a board dedicated to promoting every single neocon kike in world politics, smug loli anime girl JPGs in response to every single detailed post explaining why and how deeply kiked said promoted neocon kike is, then teams of hasbara kikes all attacking the lone rogue legit user on thread.

Later a based modcomes along to clear up all antisemitic content to meet with Bannon/Kushners jewish imperitive.

That is jews policing a board ostensibly created as a National Socialist board, yet all it is and has been for years, is a neocon Republican cheerleading squad.

Goooo NeoCon jews FTW!

This is canada/UK tier

Man, is he this butthurt about the book?

Trump for fuck sake man. Get it together.
Why should you give a fuck about a book buy the very media you're destroying daily?

I look forward to the day when he starts adding smug anime girls to his shitposting, but today or this month won't be that time. Trump's stratagem of throwing their shit right back at them, and his continual success is just the kind of mood boost to anyone. And the lamentations of the left is delicious to listen to.

This is up there with detached earlobes.

I don't know, most people seem to believe the MSM too much still. So they'll buy the shit in the book written by people trying to escape their own "lynching".


I think he's pissed off about the way the book tries to divide Trump from his closest people in office. It's trying to make him feel ostracised.

Frankly, I think it's working, because clearly he's been pushed to say that.

Are you that new then? 2 years ago this shit would have brought the world to a stand still.

Because who writes that book user?
The media those forums are up against.

2 years ago you were browsing r/funny while we had the time of our lives shitposting here. 2 years ago the Trump at the Mexican border meme wasn't even made yet.

That’s not an answer to the statement.

What did he mean by this.


Still did, though. We have news reporting this here in Finland. Mainstream media, not even once.

it’s beautiful and those who can’t appreciate it… I feel bad for them, they’ll never experience getting high on the smugness

it’s a feminine carryover not easy to unconsciously hide

What do you mean 'pushed'? This strikes me as Trump watching the wall-to-wall coverage, forming an uncontrollable smirk, pulling out his phone and failing to resist the urge to shitpost.

I would do the exact same thing in his position.

don't you have a dick to go back and suck for (((glorious communism)))?

Resurrected player is that fem who's always butthurt about MGTOW.

this is the state of this board now. faggots like these dont even try and hide they fact they're from reddit. the insecurity they let off his insane, they know they're subhuman and it cuts them deep.



Cool, a 13th sticky. That won't dilute their significance or attention grabbing power at all at all.

I was saying it as constructive criticism.
Why can't I criticise him constructively or at all?
That's how we deal with problems and the methods used to over come them.
This isn't North fucking Korea.

you have to do better

It's like they aren't even really trying anymore.

1. Call everyone Shareblue
The irony is so sweet.(Astroturf)

It is big news because it's a tweet from the president that is being watched globally around the world.
Anything he says on social media is postable, some of it deserves to be stickied.
Especially in the context of a critical book used to divide his authority in the white house written clearly by those that fear for their own necks.

If we keep making a mockery of the MSM, it will either fix it's shit and purge the subverters, or social media like the chans will become more prominent. This is a good thing.

2 years ago I was laughing at a clown pointing fun a jeb bush.. shortly after it became something more than just another election. Now it is a movement.

Mate, the media does all it can to talk about that book. Right now he's distracted them from that. The media wants to push this book but this tweet was so distracting they stopped for just enough. And it delivered messages that they did not intend to be seen.

To consolidate his people close to him. Like advisors. This a personal attack on them all, and a chance to reduce the efficiency of the inner circle.

It was a carefully planned attack user.

Boy someone is really butthurt about the stickies. I was gonna ignore the tweets, but you seem to really be annoyed by it.

Call and ask if they have Battletoads.

I don't think a single accusation of someone being Shareblue has been made by a single legit user in years.
Every post accused of being by Shareblue, is usually one that clearly identifies all the corrupt crooked kikes involved in trumps Admin, yet Shareblue is the leftwing arm of Clinton, that would never ever expose the kike.

Only the kike mods have ever used the CTR/Shareblue accusation and always to someone proving the board is hijacked by kikes.

Endless spam of smug anime loli girl JPGs in the absence of a single logical intelligent response to evidence presented notwithstanding

This how I know you're from /r/the_donald. anons have been calling each other kikes and JIDF on this board for years. shareblue is a spastic obsession from you faggots.(Astroturf)

You can have you Trumptard central movement over at reddit, we have a different movement, genius.

Trump's Saturday morning shitposting seems to have upset media commies and Holla Forums's resident neckbeard sad-cases alike


I’ve been here since August 2015 and never would have thought of trump’s presidency as “our movement.” but his election and eviscerating of the media IS USEFUL FOR US. that is the bare minimum too. “our movement” fuck off, never knew you

1.implying that pointing out shills makes you a shill
2. using the "Holla Forums is run by kikes" shilling tactic
3. tries the pedo tactic that the goons/shills have been running with lately

Nigger, you are glowing brighter then the sun.

Your hero is the most notoriously jewish president since Roosevelt, elected through an elaborate hoax perpetrated by Bannon/Kushner tricking the goy into supporting him, with his entire tenure to date one famous for betraying every single retarded fashy based goy and only keeping his promises made to netantahu and Kushners Chabad cabal, yet we are on Holla Forums having mods ban anyone who questions why posts like yours are the majority here…

I'll agree with you faggots this shouldn't be a sticky, but you don't seem to realize how people can see through you so easily, so I'll help you out.
Look at your posts in this thread. It's all

It's not exactly mutually exclusive, as much as the aut right tries to make it so.

No that would be the Imkampfy crew who post loli smug anime girl JPGs in the absence of a legitimate response as they await the mods to clean up house of all the antisemites.

Speaking of kike pedos
Here's Trump with his close buddy the notorious Mossad pedo-ring leader and entrapment agent Epstein

It should never be the focus point of it though. It's just a tool that is being used in the meantime.

I see it as paving a road for a real attack.

You need to lurk more. A whole fuckload more.

You need to bitch less. A whole fuckload less.


you're new here aren't you buddy. you must be if you don't see what happens to the countless trump criticism posts/threads on here and think this is because of 1 sticky.

me too. not to go off on a tangent but networking for the future with the knowledge that the present sets us up for victory, that’s very important
I just hate seeing the constant “you’re either with us or against us” mobthink from either spammers or people of, like, the TRS mold :^). it grinds at my nerves so I’m just filtering out as much as I can by default now

Top shitposts. Driving the knife into Hillary and the MSM.

Just gas the damn kikes already instead of waxing on about how great you are.


Masses are not redpilled enough yet. But its getting there. Getting them to reject the media, the kike's greatest weapon is the first step. Trump is doing that. He may not be the fuhrer, but he is laying the foundations for one to arrive in the future.


The problem is, how much damage does a work dog have to do to the flock before it needs to be put down?


They're getting really good at this.

I love this man more and more by the day. Just in spirit alone, independent of policy, he's towards the top of my favorite presidents list.

that would be up to those who want to come into power, I guess. personally I can’t really answer

They keep posting here because they fail at their suicide attempts too, lol.

Have a bonus

Too bad Deniro is a coal burning dick sucker!

I just called and spoke with Eddy. ‘Parrently, they don’t have it

Imkmpfy [HotPocketX] and his jew patrol bots have destroyed Holla Forums turning it into a NeoConservative club yet there are other mods here who haven't done a fucking thing about this mess either.

No, he's doing fine. You people are making discussions impossible by calling every one and their mother a jew. You're either shareblue or a total paranoid cuck.

>No, he's doing just fine goy. You people are making discussions impossible by providing clear-cut evidence that every neocon kosher clown us based jewish mods pin up top of the board is kiked make it impossible for us to continue the gaslighting of the goy on /pol.


Ah that third post is appalling.

Here's a pic of the deniros. His 'woman' is 30% bigger than him.

the other pic is from dog day,,, where deniro is fagginng with his male lover.

I know what you mean, imagine simple self-evident logic ever being employed on Holla Forums, Kushner/Bannon-bux don't stretch out for a board where the goy sees through our shit

But it's JIDF, not shareblue. You are correct user!


They're going to dock your pay for this one.

if Trump is a tard, how did he beat Hillybilly?

Good advisors.
Which is why I got worried.


>Lets ignore him ending CIA's war on Assad, strengthening the Shai power while he superficially saber rattles Iran while slyly reminding everyone the (((trillions))) that have been spent on (((jewish))) wars.

>But he gave (((them))) Jerusalem, oy my vei, he is a kike shabbos goy who is anti white! Bring Hillary back, bring Duke back even though we call him a CIA goy.

Dumb fucks like you shouldn't breed. I've not problem throwing you into the oven with the kikes on the day of reckoning.

I understand you are incapable of responding in anything other than loli smug girl anime JPG image form in the absence of any intellect or value of words to say, but can I ask how on Earth you expect a singlwe non-jew user to not see through your jewish Admin on Holla Forums?

Genuinely, it's a serious question because the only posters here who seem to agree with your policy of only supporting neocon kikes, are other fellow JIDF hasbara.

What is the point where the only way you can maintain the illusion of a fashy based board for NatSoc discussion is to ban every single non-jew from here making it one solely populated by low-iq kikes pretending to be white nationalists.

I don't understand your jewish logic, there simply can't be one single non-jew left posting here, especially when almost every thread is in praise of ZOG


Oh, it's that autistic faggot again, screaming at everyone and constantly moves his goal posts. Came back from your mental hospital?

This is why we smug at you, concern shill.

>But he gave (((them))) Jerusalem
Well their "messiah" is meant to burn down a temple. Maybe this allows them to rebuild their """temple""".


Feel free to argue some actual points or criticisms of Trump instead of paragraph after paragraph sperging about "loli smug girl anime JPGs".

Now why would you think that I was talking about you in the first place?

You mean the posts you and your kike-jew hasbara team boasted of getting me banned from?


What did he mean by this?

You mean Holla Forums?

Now how did you know I was referring to you when I mentioned the jewish hasbara kike pack that police these boards and post in homo loli smug anime girl JPGs in the absence of a solitary intelligent word to say

Yeah, people are acting as if Trump would have any chance becoming President and the fact that he didn't is just because he wasn't trying.

Yeah, 90 percent of those posts are sperging about metashit and "loli smug anime girl JPGs".

Any thoughts on Trump's close ties to pretty much every single nation-wreck zionist kike operating in the theater of world politics, also his close links to Jeffrey Epstein would be a good place to start.

While it's fantastic how you jews openly gaslight the goy here, yet still struggle to understand how every user can't abide by your kikery, what do you hope to achieve by having a board openly run by Kushner or Bannon backed kikes that refuses to allow any non-jews to post in?

Now then, what was I saying about, someone mentioning hasbara? No? hmm… maybe I wrote about the jews? Still no? Or was it something about the board? Again nothing? A shame.
I know that I wrote about something like this "autistic faggot again, screaming at everyone and constantly moves his goal posts." Were these words implying about you. Well if it about you, you could have really taken this seriously and pretty much known that this description was about you, correct?

I'm dying

At this point, he can be a good goy, as long as he keeps this shitposting up

It's going to be a continuous game of us sharpening our game and edge. As we learn new tactics (like the "It's OK to be white" campaign) they also adapt so it's critical that we always stay on the bleeding edge.

The worst thing of all, is that someone out there thinks it's worth paying you to post your illogical gibberish

Again, why doesn't your boss realize that if the only way you can maintain control of Holla Forums is to ban every single non-jew posting here, what purpose does this board even serve?

A hangout for jews to LARP as cartoon nazis, heiling ZOGand promoting every queer jew in world politics?

It makes no sense

I still can't get over how triggered they are by smug animes.


We're back

why do shills hate that subredditt more than anyone else?




Oh so it was about you and you look everywhere in which people might talk about you? Are you some sociopath who feasts on the attention to survive like you do it now? Embarrassing yourself in front of everyone with the earlobe spacing, repeating usage of limited vocabulary, constantly talking unrelated topics in the middle of a thread and begging for your senpai to notice you? Or is this some sexual fetish of yours?
My, oh my~ how manly of you, you sure are a "big boy", aren't you?

Start a thread then. I'm starting to think I know what we'll find though..

wtf this isn't imageboards anymore guys

See, you can tell how pathetic this whole thing is.
They're putting in so much effort into this current spree of shilling, and yet their foundations are shakier than Hillary's 57 murder alibi. It just doesn't add up, making it very, very fucking obvious that they're just complaining to shit everything up, instead of taking the matter into their own hands and fixing what they perceive is wrong. Every single one of the complains they have about the board can be fixed in a very simple and easy way. Stop browsing the board, make your own. There you fucking go. No more kampfy, no more whoever, no more paid kushnerbot neocon jewloving shilling shills from the suburbs of tel-aviv Israel, all of their complaints fixed, and all of the "oldfags" will obviously, instantly go to their board, since they obviously have such strong support, and the mods have banned literally every single oldfag ever to exist, according to them.

And yet, they won't do that. They'll just complain and complain and complain, because that's what they were told to do. They've built the Taj Mahal of shilling through sheer volume and output, and yet they've placed it on a foundation made of cardboard and bad dreams. It just doesn't work because the entire narrative collapses at the first step.

Kys schizo faggot.

First thing first, stop talking to yourself again, it's embarrassing to watch.
Secondly, get back to your torfagging, coward.

I mean, I love it when he tweets stuff like this, because it means he's doing something behind the scenes while he baits retards to cry about his twitter page.
But this shouldn't be a sticky unless we find out what this series of tweets is distracting from.

It's not that, it's like we accept a certain status quo here or a mould to work from, then we explore and discover flaws and criticisms.

It's poorly conceived if it's there to try and persuade.

Who could be behind this post? :>)

Honestly with this pattern of shilling and self-abuse while simultaneously blaming it on everyone and screaming for someone else to do something makes me think this latest batch of shareblows are mostly female. Probably those brand new stronk independynt wymen in tech the kikes spew on about.

king of the schizos

Its the only subreddit they know, let's show then how based reddit really is.

Well, there was? What was it called again, I can't count all of them because they are all dead waste now.
Holla Forums, /ints/ freech, /inth/, 32chan, a reddit site, a twitter account, some buffalo site, some Maple Story chat group, some discord channels… Oh wait, they're all dead.

Trump is this pepe right now.

Nah he is this pepe now

I was looking to see if the Dilbert Merchant had anything to say about this, and he didn't disappoint.

Short version: Trump has ensured that all his critics will be constantly referring to him as a genius for the next few months, while thinking they're being sarcastic.

So I DID invent earlobe spacing? Okay that was hilarious on your side, but seeing that gave me schizophrenia and doubt tbh lmao.



Wait, did you just forgot to change back to tor are are you having memory losses due to constant mental breakdowns?


The pleasure I get from seeing Shareblue this butthurt borders on lewd

For starters it's not porn without nudity. It's provocative, yes, contextually sexual, yes, but not quite porn.

that's the nuance of the post

screencapped, good post

Christ, you really gave up, huh? No matter, yesterday a broken doll, tomorrow a newly patched up lunatic to be broken by everyone, again. Because what else do you have left, except this.

Fucking based!

You don't have to gladly fellate jewish neocon dicks to post here, but you'll be banned if you don't.

my theory is that the shills are mostly redditors who just dont like it because it's one of the largest and most active subreddits and they dont like it being so close to their 'safe space'. but i'm sure they get directions from the higher-ups to criticize it regardless.
i mean obviously the board culture here must be maintained and newfags cause problems etc etc, but these shills criticizing that place just take it to another level beyond what could pass as just regular newfag or refugee hate. maybe the simple explanation is that it's strictly pro trump and has a very large (albeit mostly crude and brute-force) social influence. i guess the_donalt a different type of impediment to shareblue's goals than anons are, but that subreddit still must be nonetheless a huge thorn in the side to them for the shills to be acting like this.
if it werent for shills constantly bringing it up it wouldnt be anywhere close to my radar right now. same how there's been a recent barrage of "8/pol/ is dead. stop coming here" - they just make me think it's more important to view the catalogue on a daily basis

Oh wait, never mind that. Back to square one again? Here, have this, you're a big boy now.

Imagine the reaction though:

the shills are either mostly from reddit, SA, and are detachers used to 4chan. From their posting behavior and mannerisms you can tell easily.

I said crop.

Since I've shown what a stupid argument that is, let's return to the point. It's a crop of an image of child pornography. It sits next to a big swastika. Really makes you think, huh? Ever notice that among the anime crops there are a whole bunch of crops of content which features hardcore child pornography? Take a look here
Really gets the brain going.


You're the one coming back to an autistic shithole with dropping users everyday. I'm here smoking bud laughing my ass off all this comedic trumptard bullshit while other uncucked anons do the same, using my memes. I never intended for all this Amerimongrel meme shit to explode either, you're all so f*cking gay I don't even have to try, you did this to yourself faggots.

Perfect. Keked, Checked and Capped.

>It's a crop of an image of child pornography. It sits next to a big swastika.
>he thinks 2D = 3D
Still, if it was clear porn it would be banned anyway. It doesn't really matter man.

Now if was causing real harm to a child I'll rethink it.
I also think that 2D loli can be provocative for people, but this thread is not the place to discuss.



What other mods?

Well why don't show the original then, if you are so sure that it is child pornography then? Simply saying
isn't sufficient since you can already tell what the object is, unlike art where it could be nudity, a petite woman or child porno.

I can't start a thread about it. I can only point it out. I wish others were against this sort of thing. It's not healthy. I'll leave it at that.


I apologize. I thought you knew the source. The artist is Rustle. He is famous for a certain classroom floor and images of child fucking.

Oliver, it's time to give up, okay.

You're an obvious newfag. Fuck off.

Holy shit, now you're really losing your touch.
If you so hate this place then go to somewhere else? Oh wait you were told this exact thing countless times, while you screamed of leaving this place by still staying here like some cancer. But guess what, all those months that you've sweated tirelessly to take it down with your limited power of autism. Well it failed, pumpkin. Royally and miserably.
And the funny part is that you still continue, holding this ridiculous idea of achieving something in life. And that you did, by becoming one of the biggest failures in human society, by wasting and continuing wasting your entire life on shitposting and spamming on an imageboard. Congratulations, everyone is so proud of you.


You truly are a schizo faggot huh.

This isn't autism. This is jewish masochism. The jews underestimated the true girth and force of tens of thousands of high pressurized, energized, and concentrated autism that absolutely decimated them during the election season. You remember the time that one user took a pic of the outside of a shariablue/CTR office building? Shills went into a silent panic for the rest of that night. And their online campaign had more defectors than you could shake a stick at. For the ones that find their way here, they eventually become redpilled and defect once the seed is planted. For the rest of the panicking jews, they don't know if the person they're sitting beside has already defected, or is going to, because it's only a matter of time. They keep coming back because they are masochistically asking for punishment. And their inbred disease ridden lineages show throughout history that they don't learn from their mistakes, only serve to constantly keep doing the same thing over and over again.

I think he's been bullied too hard. He seems out of energy.

And they believe that maybe this one will work, idiots

You mean pornographic images of 2D lolis? Yes, you should overcome degeneracy. It is your responsibility. I don't give a shit if it is part of imageboard culture or not. Don't post porn. Especially child porn. It is cognitive dissonance to believe that because children were not harmed in making it, it isn't child porn, when it clearly depicts children. Anime porn is less degenerate than other porn, because it is not recorded footage, but fictional drawings, but it is still pretty damn degenerate.


If you haven't noticed by now that the mods here are Trump shills then there's no hope for you. Trumpenstein is a good thing for the white race but here you have slide thread stickied with nothing more than a tweet in the OP. This is basically e-celeb cancer at this point. The mods are all gatekeepers. They monitor this place to make sure you don't get too close to the truth, and just keep lionizing the puppet they chose that was slightly better for the white middle class. Mention anything about half his family being kikes or that he's a complete ziophile and your post will be deleted. Somehow this place ended up with nonwhite mods and it really shows. I'm going to look for a place less pozzed

Hitlerdubs confirm the kikepuppet had do outkike an even older kike to get the nomination.

You are an embarrassment to your race.

Bippity bippy boo, chap chap slaboo doo

sure, sure you are. Why not spam a few "mods are compromised" before you come back with a different ID again and bitch about everything again, because you sure love to change it every 20 minutes or so.

Jibbladoo vindaloo pagoo, dib dib blap blood flap flap chuggadoo spadoo

Legitimate mental illness.


… Or as a warning shot that he'll take their precious weed away if they keep acting like insufferable assholes with these kind of moves.

Actually Jeff Sessions told Congress that it's time the DoJ started following the laws set by congress instead of playing by their own set of rules. This whole marijuana thing is trying to get congress to write a bill that reschedules or legalizes it.

Blap flappa do dabba ting krappee, Jimmy jammy shaboodaboo

If this won't produce salt in galaxy levels i don't know what will. At this point there needs to be a statue of Trump shitposting in his underwear build at the center of Clintons property once it is seized for generations to see.


Welcome to the internet, I'll be your guide DOT JAYPEG


Trump isn't the only one playing 4D chess



This guy is over on Holla Forums whining about trump and Holla Forums, probably crying on other boards as well

Yep, he was really losing it over in a thread about the latest SW movie not doing well in China. Started spamming the 56% shit, and then when he started getting made fun of started a dedicated thread to spam that same shit.

Your narrative seems to be getting rather confused, Shareblue. Are you feeling alright?

Fucking baste zog empruh!

didn't know the dick sucking was to this degree



Maybe, but at this point I'm willing to sacrifice the Germanics living in America and want Yellowstone just to eradicate the current bastion of judaism so Europe can fight for itself without having to worry about the US coming in on the behest of the kikes.

10% is the magic number. And the left is doing a good part of their job for us in pushing more and more people towards the nationalist ideologies.

EPIC SHITPOSTING :::;;DDD like how we roll on 4chan. he's just like us!

Fucking retards trying too hard to "defeat" Trump, they'll even believe shit confirmed to be bullshit

We truely are blessed.

Hero's Glory Phenomena, and it's what the lugenpresse fell right into the trap of during the early starts of the presidential campaign. They went off leash, and couldn't help themselves. Not only were they aimed at trying to defeat Trump, but they were also trying to be the one to defeat trump. So they went into spats of constantly trying to outdo eachother so each and every one of them could claim the glory of having done it. And that is where their greatest downfall happened. And they still fall into it to this very day.

You know what I like most about you, Shareblue? How easy you are to spot.

The endless kvetching is a sign of shilling. It was agreed to be this long before Donald became president. All the "Old fags" are fucking jokes. Instead of debating, they cry and kvetch. I've never seen such blatant shilling and jewry before. To the shill, Trump is a holocaust. That's why they endlessly cry and demand change. They want to take power over Holla Forums. Keep banning based mods.

The "old fags" are jokes.
The actual old fags are not.
Now shut up moshe.

With the amount of people calling they should probably start one

Show me a oldfag that touts his oldfaggotry as a legitimate argument point and I'll show you a faggot.

caught right by the nose. trump's shitposting is simply EPIC and if they did not made you ROFL you are obviously a shill. because TRUE AMERICANS who really really like KEK know the FACTS.

Nice FACTS you've got going there, user. Very impressive.

Are you shaking with rage right now? Be honest.

Just another reminder that kikes and shills are nothing more than smoke and mirror. Our ancestors were truly too lenient on them and now we are forced with removing that trash in retrospect. A pity the holohoax never happened, but on the upside, we can now experience it first hand.

Stickies can't slide, dumbshit, slide means to knock something off the front page
stop saying things you don't now the meaning of or origin of (SRS openly used slide as a term during their raids on 4pol circa 2013).

If this is true then stop being a fagget about it. Train your body, make connections to useful people and try to get a gun license.

i'm here pretty much the whole day so yeah ofcourse i have all the facts at hand

i am angry about those who defy our god emperor and so you should be. how can you not be angry about all the shills who spout fakenews?

Bannon was a deep state aka kike asset. He was one of their biggest and also the best way to divide and conquer Trump's base. With enough astroturfing and shilling they can create the illusion that he has as many supporters as Trump. That is false.

Without Sloppy Steve in a position to divide Trump's base there is no easy way to do it anymore. There is no other name that is or was "close" to Trump who can assume Sloppy Steve's sloppy mantle.



soon he will the whole white house to himself. it's really really smart, the less people you have around telling you you're doing it wrong, the more power you have

Vice made this jewtube gorilla channel as a joke.

That's gonna put a few cunts in a knot, I'm sure.

Some more of your interesting FACTS, since everybody knows that the President got exactly to where he is by listening to people telling him what to do.
You wouldn't want to disagree with the (((experts))), would you?
Why are you so bad at this?

If that's true then it didn't work out as planned at all. Because Bannon looks like a pouty little faggot now and nobody likes a pouty little faggot. Trump's base isn't getting d&c'd over him, they're saying "wow what a fucking gay".

It's true though.

I hope it's true just because it'd be funny.

you faggots aren't even being ironic at this point, are you?

Are you really that retarded?
Personally I thrive on bans. Lets me know mods are reading my posts and it's getting under their skins. Gives me a massive boner tbh. At the end of the day on an anonymous forum bans are the definition futile. Most times you can be back within a minute at most with a new IP, at worst it's a minor inconvenience. But it's a big boost for me because like I said it means mods are trying to silence the truth but it's hurting their agenda.


exactly, trump is really really smart. so people who disagree with trump are really really stupid. and you don't want have to stupid people in the white house, you want based jews like jared kushner who is a really really smart choice.


tweeting like a valley girl is how really really smart people talk. because like its how trump talks and he's like a genius

shills btfo


Ofcourse! Most of them are 1&d1s because they immediatly switch IP to avoid answering to people calling them out. Some are also trying way too hard to fit in overdoing it with digit checking or overaduration for hitler and his memes.
There are also some who get fucking triggered when someone calls them out.


He had to respond to an attack like this, and did it about as well as I could imagine. As Scott Adams points out the book is effective persuasion precisely BECAUSE it's mostly bullshit. It panders to everything shitlibs already believe about Trump but turned up to 11, with all manner of wild quotes and claims that literally couldn't have happened but they want to think somehow did. Normies will tend to think at least some of the damaging stuff must be true and thus compromise on a set of beliefs that are still false and anti-Trump.





I don't know if it is funny, but when these things happen it always seems to spill over to Holla Forums.

Is that the same sperg who's constantly being obnoxious here and when he gets laugh by everyone, he runs to another boar to bitch there and pat himself on the back?




your ban was worthless


Look at how ass-blasted these faggots are and laugh.

At this point the newfag imbeciles who now populate this board are no better than the alt kike. inb4 I get banned just like before the election when I warned all of these gas lit idiots that they were electing president zog.

Poor Holla Forums. The target of so much misplaced autist rage. Incidentally I think I found out why the shills are so extra deluxe platinum assmad. A week or two ago they were bragging about Holla Forums "dying" but a couple of happenings later and the users have climbed back up to 2700+. lel

Wew. I did expect a lot of salt but who knew so much would be directly delivered to our doorsteps.

Some of us live in reality bud

you bluepilled newfag vermin have been a curse on this board for years and Holla Forums hit terminal newfag during the election.

read siege you faggotnigger, no change will come via voting in zogbot after zogbot and expecting miracles.

OMG! The guy Trump testified against! Here is a picture of Trump with Artie Lang! Is Trump a herion addict? The pictures don't like


Sure thing, "oldfag".

Is Artie Lang still alive? And if so, how?

< hurr what is having multiple VPNs
as I said, terminal newfag, terminal reddit

You shill on Holla Forums all day while Trump has spent the past 2+ years single-handedly sparking a revival of white identity across the Western world.

Stay cucked


Is this who I think it is?

< this is your brain on reddit.
no, you fucking colossal quintuplenigger, trump is literally one of the least racist presidents out there and he convinces white people that their values are
Holla Forums fucking sparked the white identity revival.


Reported for demoralization spam.


It's almost sad how easy it is for you to out yourself. 4d chess rides again. Stay mad.


This is getting truly entertaining, don't make me regret not filtering you now.


That reminds me.


Oldfags are like war veterans
"Old fags" as you say that flaunt their oldfaggotry are not oldfags at all.


Whoa slow down Shareblue, if you keep up this butthurt your ass might break

< if I post smugs and say that someone has outed themselves the newfag hivemind will believe me
t. yid

you'd be furious if you'd seen imageboards slowly turn into a steaming dogpile over years, to the point that the one truly redeeming board had been ran into the ground by newfags, kikes and corrupt neo-cohen mods.

Just barely. And I don't know how. I guess self abuse doesn't kill everybody

< collective colloquial reference to newfags is a maymay
< everyone who disagrees with me is shariablue
< muh smugs mean i win
k-kikey, is that you? wanna shout about books?

Save your smug animes for Vice, when Gorilla TV gets so popular they sell the rights to syndication.
There will be a Gorilla Channel before this year is out.

rec.pets.cats is due for another raid

Another thread ruined by Imkikey posting lolis endlessly against shills or non-shills, I can't even care to read the threads at this point.

What a perfect trifecta of Shareblue butthurt. Afufufu~

No wonder Holla Forums is such a state, it's filled with 15 year old nigger twatter users who swallow what ever shit Silicon Valley kikes squeeze into their mouths. Underageb& who don't know any differently claiming terrible design is good design. Unsurprisingly this is the same contingent writing apologies for zionist neo-con policies and actions.

congratulations, you now understand the purpose of the fullchan mods is to corrupt the board and disenfranchise the legitimate Holla Forumsacks.
F tbh

top kek

So this is what happens if someone used all of his cards and lost.

He didn't realize the Reform party was going to shit, he followed around Pat Buchanan so he could call him a homophobic antisemite because he was serving the interests of his kike handlers.

Sure thing immigrant.

Why don't you make your own board, you lying faggots?

Not only that your very stupid on counting correctly, you're also very ignorant on ever realizing the numerous failures with zero progress that you've ever achieved in these past months or even years.

Because, picture yourself in this situation. (((You))) hold a 3 year old grudge because a crippled kid on a wheelchair laughed at you. Each passing day you write in your secret shelter of how much you hate this place while publicly trying to keep that poker face of not giving a fuck. You keep wasting your 3 years of your life on spamming and shitposting on an imageboard. You keep thinking that maybe, just maybe that this "brilliant plan" might work. No matter how many times the tactics are being changed, it will always has a one similar distinguish that you reek: autism, cancer

And after all of those failures, you keep lying to yourself that today was a success, that your plan worked and oh how cool and intellectual you were. Bathetic I've not seen for a long time of something like this level of failure. A fool that believes of being some kind of superman? Don't make me laugh, the absolute state that you're currently in is far beyond the breaking point. A miserable pile of excuse, lower than a trash, a scene from some dark comedy entertainment. Not only by destroying and harming yourself, but also your surroundings. You've became into such a bathetic state that I almost pity you.

They did. About thirty or forty times. Nobody went there. They even bought ads.

other boards already exist and most of the decent posters have already vacated this board in favor of greener pastures. do you think fullchan is the final tier? this is basically a containment zone for reddit retards now.(ban evasion)

Is your presence here an attempt to make that statement true?


kikey back to spam some more smugs after a brief hiatus of being ignored and b&ing some anons for telling the truth

2/10 troll

The infantile mind of the goon, everyone.

A reminder that he runs from thread to thread and also to Holla Forums to whine about his frustration there. Quite sad actually.

archive/link it

I just called, they don't have a gorilla channel.

Denial mostly. And anyone who was alive at the time remembers, it wasn't just an off-hand comment. Trump relentlessly attacked Buchanan as an anti-semite, a homophobe, a racist. All on behalf of Roy Cohn and his other kike handlers.

It seems like his views might have changed after 9/11?
Talking about his friends killed etc…

Look how they don't even capitalize the first letter, BASED, this multibillion dollar corporation is so laid back and cool just like us! I love unending interracial jewish propaganda now!

Yes they do. Call back and ask to talk to a supervisor.

What should this be called? imkampfy derangement syndrome? He broke so many shill brains during his stint as a mod that they see him lurking behind every corner now. Kampfy was their own personal holocaust.

Why did ledditfags like you immigrate and destroy this board? Who knows.

This never is going to work, next you'll tell me Trump hotels jubilantly accepted TAX money dollars tossed at him by Liberals/Republicans/Demorats so they could party it up at one of his hotels/clubs/golf courses. SHOCKED I tell you! He got close to the NY Chappaqua ring; just so happens to be a bunch of kiddie diddler soldiers/money men/lobbyist who have been running the world for a while. Who would of guessed.

He ran for POTUS once before.

imblyink kikey went anywhere
also hello kikey
the only person whomst calls him by his faggot alias is kikey himself

insulting the g-d emperor? one way ticket to b&ville, user

The shit I read on here sometimes.


For starters, from
And then this. He's absolutely a mess right now. Of all the people, he even creates a false scene to make himself feel good.

if it sucks then leave, why is that so hard to get through your brutish mobbrain

ever read hitler’s second book? that would be a no. thank god stupid people like you will never lead anything substantial

I'll be charitable and assume you're being sincere. There's no reason to believe his strong ties to jews and Israel magically disappeared because of 9/11. His actions portray the complete opposite. Kushner's close relationship with Bibi and his position of significant influence in Trumps admin, speaking out about the horrors of the holocaust and the stain of antisemitism, forging ever close ties with Israel and collaborating closely with Netanyahu to deal with the Iranian issue, the commutation of Sholom Rubashkin.


Your theory that Trump is the greatest friend to Bibi is blown apart by Trump ending CIA's war on Assad. This hurt Bibi and Israel as a whole, even the MSM Haaretz recognized that. Why would this be?

Also if Trump/Kushner are indeed ZOG approved, why is their media trying to take them down this very moment?

That isn't normal shilling. That's some legitimate mental illness right there

There is no saving Europe. Muzzies taking over and reforming it from within with strict religious upbringing and kicking the subversive kikes out is about the best thing that can happen to them at this point. The white aryans have lost.

US can still be saved, or at least can be divided into two nations as it still remains a conservative country at this heart, and that is not changing any time soon.

Watching the entire weight of the jew-resistance all side with ZOG during the US election has been so sickening from the start that the only conclusion to be made is that there is that America is only ever going to be a hindrance to white survival for Europe, their best appear to be cartoon 'nazis' as envisioned by the ADL (see Frank Collins/Cohen).

At least in Europe the zionist counter-jihadis [the likes of kikes such as Britain First and your Gert Wilders] are far more clearly defined as an entirely jewish operation.

The aut-right are just another political arm of ZOGs army and poison to any form of resistance to jewry.

Just going to write this, since it's gonna get drowned in a sea of shitpost.
As funny as it was, pushing Trump was a blank shot. The only reason we did was because he was a clown. He kind of embodied the irl troll we wanted so much. Turns out, he's just another kosher puppet, as no one with half a brain will be surprised. It's time to move on. The trump ride was fun. But it's over, nothing happened, nothing will ever happen from him.

Within the last month US-backed SDF allowed thousands of ISIS fighters to retreat from Raqqa and the Secretary of State reiterated the official position that 'Assad must go'. Based ZOG.
This is entry-level shit user. This is how jews operate. The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves. By deception you shall make war. Various factions of kikes use the goyim for their own ends and sometimes those ends conflict. Are you seriously asking why TURBOZIONIST Chabadnik, literal KIKE Kushner is ZOG approved? He is ZOG. You are asking if a ZIONIST in the GOVERNMENT is ZOG-approved.

< post like kikey
< shit up entire threads like kikey
< samefag like kikey

By Winston Churchill, Feb 8th 1920 [look it up yourself nigga]

For romance here's a post from a time when Holla Forums wasn't famous for only promoting queers and kikes to lead the zionist-elite financed jewish controlled opposition.


Assad has won though. T-Rex can give his lip service but the action on the ground is going entirely in his favor and I don't see how the ZOG will get to break up Syria/Iraq.

I could have believed this with with the usual Obama vs Romney, democrat vs republican bullshit but Trump gives me a pause. Trump is a zionist, is that why he keeps reminding the masses about the trillions spent in jewish wars? He doesn't name the jew, but he is redpilling the masses on (((nation building))). And the ZOG approved this?

Thanks user for video

Churchill was truly a disgusting creature.

So do you only think everybody on the internet is imkampfy or does this paranoia extent to real life too? Do you suspect your parents of being imkampfy? Your mailman? Your pets?


"Hey guys, let's bomb Syria!"
Remember, the kike slave trade included the Irish in their merchandise.


Is there a scan of that newspaper that is more readable?

(19) posts
All reminiscent of Imkikey's little JIDF helpers, all gloating about the fact that everyone whose not on the jewish Trump-train gets banned from the board.
Smug anime loli girl JPGs as well.
A few months ago the imkikefy [police patrol started posting the lie that Imkifefy was removed becuase of its all too obvious and odious kikery wasn't possible to justify in any known universe.
You're still here with your limited vocabulary,and penchant for lilo anime, in response to every legitimate request why Holla Forumsis openly promoting jewish created false opposition, exclusively.

Why are you openly gloating at anons you ban for posts that only ever expose ZOG?

He was such an unfathomably vile piece of shit that calling him a mere disgusting creature'borders on flattery.

Don't really see the problem tbh

consensus cracking confirmed
maybe i should create a reddit account and start posting real actual red pills over there (after lurking an appropriate amount of time of course). how does that make you feel?

But it wasn't exactly his first try at becoming POTUS.


So wait, am I imkampfy or one of "imkampfy's little JIDF helpers"? How far does his power extend, in your mind? Do you think he hires people on the street to harass you? Are you being gang stalked?

Don't try to justify your degeneracy to me. I'm no goon. I'm just a guy that doesn't care about your culture or definitions. I know exactly what it is and there's no excuse for it. I know I'm right. I know you are just a cowardly faggot that has given up on ridding himself of his degeneracy. It's not even ride the tiger tier. There is no justification. If you can't keep yourself from lusting over 2D children you might as well kill yourself.
But this is probably some kind of elaborate bait. I refuse to believe anyone would go to such lengths to justify degenerate behaviour when they are a national socialist. Unless you are not, that is.

There are scans available that I can't find right now but here is the full entire article reprinted on David Irvine's website.

What's most astonishing is how deeply he understood the inherent and ethnocentric evil of jewry, their plan for global domination via Bolshevism or Zionism and what they'd do to the white world should they win, and yet he still pushed for WWII after previously playing a major role in extending WWI for jewish shekels, knowing what he did about the jewish plan for total domination and the destruction of the West and he still did it.


There's already a Gorilla Channel on Hulu.

agreed, also this board has gone down hill thread quality is bad to.

I don't know, I've only just jumped on this thread and working my way through so only scanned your purile posts, you post like Imkikefy, but so did his little jewish helpers (same scriptbook I guess) in their tag-team policing of the board to eradicate any antisemitism or criticism of any of the jewish frauds Holla Forums was paid to promote on any given day Trump, Gert Wilders, Football Lads Alliance etc etc

Either you are him or the tag-team of JIDF clowns that helped him out, because all you've done is taunted anons for being banned for not going along with the jewish trumpstein gig you're charged with promoting, witless retorts, you clearly despise national Socialists, smug anime loli girl JPGs included etc etc.

Imkikefy by nature even if not by name, whatever you are


oh fuck, hasbarafag, I haven't seen you in a while, still sucking dog cock I see.


thanks for posting learningcode for the 6 millionth time hasbarafag, was that supposed to mean something?


I actually remember when your mind broke. It was after you started claiming kampfy was that weed smoking sandnigger. Holla Forums wasn't buying your narrative so you snapped and started accusing anyone asking for proof or smugposting in response to your butthurt of being kampfy. He never posted smugs or used the "afu fu fu~" meme if I remember right, but you got so triggered by that shit you started attributing it to him. Ever since then you see him lurking everywhere. You probably check under your bed for him every night before you fall into a restless, paranoid sleep. Your mind has seriously, legitimately broken.

Afu fu fu~

Who else but Kampfy?

Imkikefy crew in full effect

Holla Forums has seen the Overton window shift all the way from National Socialism to full metal kikel, overrun by queers, kikes and mudblood mongol Turkroaches pushing ZioCon false flags daily for a few shekels more.

Based mudblood zionist kikes!

It's so fucking obvious what he's doing (he's explained it himself several times), but the good goys of the MSM won't be able to resist taking the bait.

Gentlemen calm yourselves. We need to act like adults and divide up the spoils calmly. When it's finally her turn to pokemon go to the pokemon, we will mark the occasion with a day of celebration before moving on.

Show me where kampfy ever used the "afu fu fu" meme, (1)-kun.

hey hasbarafag, you dumb ass. that is learningcode you keep posting, or do you not know who the fuck you keep posting a picture of you massive faggot?
you aren't even white

Does he actually write these or does he just approve them?


didn't he run in 2008 or something?

This wording is such obvious bait, but the left are too retarded to keep their lying mouths shut.



BINGO. Trump is currently sliding the media cabal while he makes moves in the background. It takes merely a shitpost or two to get them to forget about everything else and go hysterical about muh mental stability.

What's the expiration date for this narrative? Midterm elections? 2020 campaign?

Compelling point, my fellow goy! I agree, we should all just stop voting and not support Drumpf in the next election, eh fellow goys?

Do any of my fellow newfags remember gorilla munch from the very early 2010's?
Either way, I think we should all call Shitflix and demand a gorilla channel now. I WANT MY GORILLA CHANNEL.


I was on Holla Forums last night when he was shitposting. He's legitimately mentally ill or being paid to shill, either way it's sad af.


it's almost like the stickies are being used to derail more important threads/dicussion.


Ask me how I know you're a woman.

░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▀▀▀▀▀█▄▄▄█▀▀▀▀ COMPED

░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▀▀▀▀▀█▄▄▄█▀▀▀▀ COMPED

░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▀▀▀▀▀█▄▄▄█▀▀▀▀ COMPED.


Near the expiration for Russian collusion

What the fuck are you even rambling on about? Is this the shattered state that shills have fallen to?

Prōst to that ahahaa!!

The guy in that pic was a fraud and converted to antifa not long after all that. He was some drug addict.

Personally I suspect they might really be bots after all.


Totally, I would into Gorilla Channel but I don't have netflix, will make sure to call and ask. I also want the White People channel.

I would totally sign up for 10 free years of Netflix if they give me Gorilla Channel, White People Channel, Free Voice, Free Data, and a couple of Free Pepe T-Shirts. Can't hurt to call and ask. Want Spurdo channel and Gondola channel too.

probably a combination

You copy pasta'd it without my Yukari pic, you absolute homo.



Come on, now, this is a shitpost thread. I want
All the netflix favorites we would expect. Can't expect them to carry Holla Forums and /neetsoc/ unless enough of us sign up… gotta start somewhere user!

Are you mad because of that CDC report showing white births making a comeback?

Would be funny if they actually started to cater to our needs.
We're a vibrant and growing demographic that their (((marketers))) should cover!


Yeah, OK, ShareBlue. We get that you prefer PBS. It's ackshully more innulectual.

Nah, it's pretty obvious you're an annoying faggot

Fair enough, but what were you actually looking for in this thread? It's literally a shitposting thread. There's some comment you like better here?

Ah okay, so everyone saying 'shareblue' is actually a reddit faggot. Things are starting to make a lot of sense. Fuck off back to reddit faggot.

An attack of high caliber can never be sustained without immense resources, we're safe by definition

It's true. Soros is wasting his money. They can create 200k fake twitter accounts but they're not making any headway because the truth is on our side.


This thread is gay. Shitposting is unproductive.

No it's epic wyn! Based! Can I get a upvote fellow MAGAPEDES?

Wasn't his first try in 2000?

epic style! Libtard destroyed by my based black friend.

Getting back to the President's shitposting, he has them all talking about how he's not really a genius, but they just look like a bunch of retards for saying

Your sycophantic Trump love is disgusting. I like me some Trump, I see him every time he comes into town, but your posting style is very indicative of the ass bellowing we see from The_Donald. It's time to go back to reddit faggot, you are doing nothing but annoying us. Your memes and post formatting are too clumsy. There's a reason we have a 2 year lurk rule.


The last time he got the media to go full-retard like this Hillary for President put out a Pepe The Frog explainer.


Sure thing, nerd virgin, you should clock out now and call it a night. How is working for Oliver anyway?

Not one imageboard meme. That's how we know you're an outside influence. You know nothing of our language, you are a seven foot tall ginger in Beijing.




You probably shouldn't leddit space while lobbing accusations of 'reddit posting styles' at others.

I dare say Dr William Luther Pierce would appreciate it.

Oh shit watch out guys, Shareblue's getting mad again!

The mind of a mong, gentlemen. Don't let your kids racemix!

Shareblue is literally tweeting about this very topic in the last 5 minutes.

Who cares about this dead org? Honestly you zognald cucks should fuck off back to reddit

You never mentioned what you think about kikes. I'm curious

Well, Oliver, it's pretty clear Soros isn't getting his $18 billion worth from you, I'd start brushing up on the old resume and see if you can get a job for fat people somewhere else…


Hello shareblue

Why wont these reddit fags talk about kikes?







You stick out like a sore thumb, Shareblue. You're trying so, so hard but you don't pass as a Holla Forumsack one bit. You basically know all the right memes yet you can't use them correctly to save your life. Are you frustrated?

Ha. Look at all those likes and retweets. I think it's over for Drumpf guys, y-you win Shareblue




Your really bad this Oliver, you can't even into id's




You shouldn't avatarfag though, it's bad manners. Also it's 'throes'.




Avatarfagging is always acceptable when it triggers subhumans, user. Also I doubt Shareblue would have noticed my error until you pointed it out, so thanks for embarrassing me in front of the retard you motherfucker


Who is this qt and how can I become her dad

Well, not in your case.



Fusion GPS bank records were handed over to House Intelligence Committee on Friday. Saw some twatter chatter that more "reporters" may be on that list than anyone expected.

“Well, you’ve got David Duke, a bigot… disaster…”

As in subsequent years/decades, have to go all the way back to 1980, when he was 34 y/o, to hear him explain about running for POTUS:


Stop watching porn.

Ask me how I know you masturbate to 2D children.


I don't masturbate user. Nor is Torposting some kind of evil thing.


And even after being raped by everyone, he still runs to Holla Forums for some reason, and cries there.
Where is this faggot even coming from in the first place?

Good. But there's a reason you're called a torpedo.

The Trump-Romney picture is the greatest picture in the world, user. I fondly remember when people were afraid that Romney might get picket as SoS right until this picture came out.
Great post though.

Who would be stupid enough to give money to shareblue, the most incompetent shills there is?

The best part is, he's right about everything.
How deliciously buttblasted a liberal reading this on their precious socmedia shitfeed must be.
Obama told he would never be president and his response was oh yeah fuck you I'm gonna do it!

Why do people get triggered over anime in this board? Not a lot of post anime pics are being posted anyway unlike in /a/.

Then leave.

You know (((who))) it is user.


No. This is the least insufferable place on the internet that I know of.

It's more rather "Why does he get triggered over anime in this board".
Beats me, is it that his little willie gets confused by these images? Is it that he can't compare these with his beautiful wife? Is it because that one day he was bullied with smug anime images that left him a mental scar? It it something about pedos hating 2D? Is it maybe about goons hating it?
There are lots of options to choose.

But you make it insufferable >>>/somethingawful/

Just like how nonwhites don't belong in Europe, faggots whining about anime don't belong on imageboards. Lurk for two years or go back to r/thedonald

I've never browsed r/the_donald or ever been on that forum I know next to nothing about.
LURKING FOR TWO YEARS WON'T MAKE ME LIKE LOLI PORN. Why do you want to desensitize people to 2D loli porn? Why is being a pedo a requirement of posting on imageboards? How do I make it here insufferable? By confronting your obsession with cartoon porn of underage children? If this makes the board insufferable for you then that is for the better.
To make this clear: Lolis are anime but not all anime is lolis. Loli porn doesn't need to be part of anything. Delete your loli folder.

Preferably anyone getting off to 2D loli should kill themselves but I wouldn't care if they just didn't perpetuate their obsession or even tried to defend it. I wouldn't conflate loli porn with anime but it seems those that defend it keep doing it.


Avatarfagging is never acceptable.

You sure you're not projecting?

No. If anything I have my own problems with degeneracy but I don't let that influence my view of what is right and what is wrong. But this looks like a partisan issue. One that I was never really involved in. I'm caught in the crossfire of a years long affair. Perhaps I shouldn't even try to speak my mind here. Under any other circumstances I would call everyone that attacks me, instead of acknowledging the fact that this should have never been a partisan issue, a hypocrite, a schizophrenic, etc. etc. But I guess this is what happens when you get attacked by people that don't like anime for years.


always remember:

Into the oven, schlomo!

It is spelled SHLOMO with no C involved.
Into the oven with you; either for being a kike or a newfag. In either case don't let the hissing sound bother you, close the door on the way in.




Additionally, all of the
posters are missing the point.
See, the point of our little Montenegrin mountain agriculture forum wasn't to just save the white race. It was to save the white race, and have fun doing it. You think we'd be as successful if we weren't having fun and enjoying the things we do? You think people would listen to us if they didn't laugh at our memes, or find the whole culture fun? You do fucking realize that the whole reason the ISD and the tens of other think-tanks can't figure us out, is because we enjoy what we do, and it brings us joy. Fuck, if we didn't have fun with this whole shebang, we'd have been dismissed as conspiracy theorists and ridiculed years ago, we never would've gotten the mass fucking media to report on ebil frog natzis from the deepest reaches of the internet.

This whole trend of tryhard, no-fun-allowed faggotry absolutely needs to stop, and anyone advocating 100% serious 100% of the time should just fuck off to one of the infinite normalfag sites, or consider joining Tricky Dicky's band of merry fags, or any other "serious organization".

Looks like the literal kikeshill is also a retarded newfaggot. Congratulations you shityid you hit all the points in bingo/pol/.

You won't escape it.

Trips of truth awarded to the user who immediatly saw how the yid slipped up right into a noose.

Let's be honest here, Shanqualberg over there doesn't even look like a legitimate tard.

Of course not, they know this full well. This is why they go out of their way to try and ruin all our fun, because they see us having fun as the most serious threat to their control and therefore their lives.

No U.

Kek. Dis tru.

Kek mit uns

Does anyone have any idea why Imkikefy and his crew of hasbara jews use 2D loli tier porn soprofusely on a board intended to represent the online National Socialist community.

Perhaps if just one mod wasn't jewish here they'd do something about Imkikefy and his Bannon/Kushner paid team of JIDF trolls who are tasked with the charge of undermining the public's image of polaks

You could go back and bitch about yourself of how "smart" you are, again. Because those cp spam ain't fooling anyone from your autistic mindset.

The best part is they can't comprehend why when they try to hard it just increases the fun we are having. They still haven't learned the lessons that cam whores learned over a decade ago.

I want to believe this is just an user shitposting, but I know kikes really do malfunction this hard. Look how it managed to condense all that crap into two sentences, it's a bit impressive (if illegible).

They are pretty much the same group sharing the same office in Tel Aviv with access to the same shared network folder of Imkikefy filled which is inevitably filled with smug anime loli tier 2D pedo JPGs

He is malfunctioning. Holla Forums becomes aware of the shitposting. Now the board is getting filled with little girl threads. Next progression from this will be the inevitable cuck threads. Then a few days of peace and quiet while he rethinks the strategy. Same old sperg out.

How is demonstrating the mods and their team of hasbara police are posting loli anime smug girl JPGs to make polaks look like virgin pedo shitposting?

It's self-evident fact, and only Imkikefy and his aspergers afflicted team of JIDF seem to think it really authenticates their fashy based NatSoc credentials.
It doesn't it is designed to make Holla Forums look like freak pedos, that is the role of the JIDF who openly shill for ZOG and then post endless spam of smug anime loli pedo girl JPGs whenever anyone questions why they are shilling for jews

Public image? This isn't about public image. It's about principles.

The same thing as usual, however there will soon be some milking to do if it turns out of him being one of these people :^)

Kikes don't understand that concept.

The one you and Imkikefy are determined to stain with all the 2D loli girl spam you do, every day all day

You nigger, read my posts, I condemn lolishit. But public image is secondary.

9 stickys most of it is good shit but for the sake of clutter does this need to be stickied
or am i missing somthing

6000000D chess!

delet this

Yeah, I giggled.

I lost my shit reading the replies to his tweets.

The absolute state of kike democrats

Or you've been sleeping under a rock for the last twenty five years and don't know Trump always pushes back. Always. It's one of the reasons why he's a billionaire President. So lurk moar, fag.

This. He has always done this, and over less than this book. I think it's one of his greatest pleasures tbh.

Isn't just being a nigger already the halfwaypoint towards retardation?
This here brave volunteer was the niggest in his whole class.

this isn't fighting back though. It's just him trying to defend himself from the senility acusations.

One doesn't expect a mentally stable man to claim mental stability as one of his greatest assets.

BTW, something interesting. The book says Trump tries to fuck other men's wives. He'd call the wife, get the husband in the office and try to tempt him with hookers. Supposedly he does this with a friend.

And here he is saying he'll get a friend to fuck rosie's girlfriend.

it's pretty funny though


That's the joke

It actually looks like Michelle 'Negroid with roids' Obama is actually angry that Obongo is giving attention to a pretty women.
I honestly didn't expect her to be capable of such feelings anymore.

You're learning to not go straight for the "trumpfcuck" throat like the rest of your staff, but your ignorance still outs you, Sharejew.

Damn, work on your tactics, because you are so easily filtered.

He's trolling the shit out of the entire left all the while he makes, like, all of right wing laugh. Trump could toy with you people forever.


tainted, corrupted non-human


I see your point. Being a virgin, you wont spawn little nazis. Thank you, sir. Best of luck becoming a mage.

The future looks reich.

Hooked on phonics was the kike's initial foray into normalizing nigger retardation.

My children will be perfect creations.

That look…


This thread is complete shit, just like this board. 8ch Holla Forums has become everything wrong with 4chan circa 2014. The mods are completely out of control and the posters are all redditors. I might as well join a zionist dick sucking forum… basically the same thing as browsing nu-Holla Forums(Astroturf)

See you at /polk/ moshe!

Essentially this, alas.

Ever since Trump himselfexposed that everyone in the aut-kike promoting Trump is a jewish paid fraud, all Holla Forums has done is doubled down and gone even more full metal kikel.

Any user who queries this odious open shilling for ZOG here gets an endless team kikes harassing them until Imkampfy comes along to ban them under Bannon's [or Kushner's] orders.

I'm so old I remember when Holla Forums used to be against jews, now all it does is promote them in every election citing Overton Windows as they hand the keys of the White House to the Chabad Messianic jews

You still keep talking to yourself.

Maybe because some of us can see things may not be as they seem. Trump has on surface gone full kosher but he is still the man that once implied Israel funded ISIS on Morning Joe, that Assad should still rule Syria and US should stop funding Israel and he was the only person in D.C. to do so. Sure we'd like to see him just name the jews and open the ovens, stop funding Israel but that would see him impeached as the masses are still mostly sleeping. It sure would satisfy reflexive paranoid cucks like you though, but Trump will just end up like Nehlen or Duke if he names the jew. Total failures.

I still think Trump is using the facade of pro-semitism to push policies which benefit traditionalism and white family units in this country. They pretended to be Christians and whites and subverted the west from within. Arguments can be made for Trump doing exactly that to (((them))). Proof is in the pudding, he has still moved the overton window to the point where if we pass Raise Act. - it will reverse or at least delay the browning of America. This was unthinkable just two years ago. He may not be Hitler's reawakening but he is laying the foundations for one to be born in the future.

Not all tor posters are the one and same person

PS- every single word you posted in jewish trumps defense is a out and out lie
The Morning Joe claim you make for instance was where he left it hanging allowing the hosts to guess, where he then went to speak in front of his jew bosses on TV and explained he meant the Saudis.

trump is a jewish trojan horse and even retarded Africans can see this

>my daily vidya hours read 11 out of 24 hours of each day caused me to miss a 25-post hasbarafag spergout
What a sad and cursed life I lead :^)
Fun fact. Hasbarafag, the extremely autistic torposter who has to have one "goy" every two non-goy words is a paki living in England, he constantly writes semicolons instead of apostrophes, because he's retarded, and he's dead convinced that he's white. Also, he may or may not be running a shitty youtube channel by the name of "Verdant Servant"

Based israeli hasbara jews run Holla Forums now - FTW!

That literally is the entire intellectual weight of the low-rent kikes who police these boards

Oh, jew.

>he became so triggered that he replied immediately not once, but twice
Holy shit, he is begging for someone to put out his miserable life.

That gasp of air that the jewess host made was not out of sympathy for saudis. Trump's been openly implying saudis are behind terror for years now.

One question, why do all you gaslighting kikes ITT seem to think nobody else can see you doing this all day everyday on Holla Forums?

Genuinely the only people who appear oblivious to you jews shitting up Holla Forums are yourselves and the based mods who have pretty much every single legit user from here for their antisemitism

He's either too paranoid to function in real life or simply shareblue enjoying the d&c.

rinse/repeat and this board keeps falling for it. Mods should ban harder.

It's almost boring watching you using the same phrases again and again. You have nothing left but to be an obnoxious faggot who tries to cling onto everyone like some parasite and begging for the attention. Even right now, you jump from one place to another. Bitch at someone, get hit and then find someone else to bitch at with the same shit coming from your mouth.
And that's what you've become, a trash. A lying scum who has such a deep grunge at a board that you'd waste every day of your life to spite at everyone so you can feel what? Good? Satisfied? Empowered? Nigger, the only thing that you've done is lying to yourself that you're some kind of winner but in actuality you're the biggest loser in history.

It's refreshingly exciting to see you and the rest of you jews endlessly shill for ZOG on Holla Forums, mass reporting anyone not willing to go along with your promotion of neocon jews

It's a waste of time of giving attention to a sociopath nihilistic asperger who wants every thread to be about him. The best is laughing at him, this infuriates which results him going apeshit across the board.

The thread appears to be about you jews shilling for jewish trump.

the only people who are okay with this shit tier bollocks being pinned are just you jews, every other user has voiced criticism over the fact you jews have destroyed pol.

Just because you ban then from here doesn't change the fact only jews approve of what you kikes do here

How about you start spamming your "loli pills" again?

Wasn;t the poster in question criticizing you jews posting loli anime girl pictures on Holla Forums

Yet your continuing to post loli girl pictures and accusing others of doing so?

Bathetic beyond any excuse

Nice to know it's actually you, hasbarafag.
You'll never be white. Just thought I'd remind you.


Strange how you got the majority support and everybody agrees with you, yet you don't manage to make a new board that's free from all those evils. Strange, wouldn't that solve all your problems, shill-kun?


What's that you, tor-kun? You want more smugs? Well okay, since you asked so nicely

Don't forget to cancel the automatic renewal.

Maybe they're homosexuals.

2350570285132094295725907235235057028513209429572590723584977794453235642350570285132094295725907235239897845687798797933000089055989785562505702851320942957259072352358497797526206567940570285132094295789898988977456652312320942957259072352350570285132094295725057028513209429572590723523505702851320942957252358497779409429572590723523584977975262065679405702851320942957898989889774566523123209429572590723523505702851320942957250570285132094295725907235235057028513209429572523584977794057028513209429572590723523505702851320942957259072358497779445323564235057028513209429572590723523989784568779879793300008905598978556250570285132094295725907235235849779752620656794057028513209429577028513209429572590723523584977975262065679405702851320942957898989889774566523123209429572590723523505702851320942957250570285132094295725907235235057028513209429572523584977794094295725907235235849779752620656794057028513209429578989898897745665231232094295725907235235057028513209429572505702851320942957259072352350570285132094295725235849777940570285132094295725907235235057028513209429572590723584977794453235642350570285132094295725907235239897845687798D chess amirite guys? He's clearly just pretending to be a complete lemon. Ban those who insult isla- Trump.

Fuck you, schlomo

Streaming is a sin, user.

Yeah most forget he was a nomination contender in 2012. However, when you compare that effort to the effort he expended in 2016, it's obvious he was only priming the pump.

most europeans, most of the world actually, dont give a fuck about those things. guess how much has the US changed on the outside?

Autism: the thread

thats not autism, its reddit. oh wait…

Perfect post, the shills are real and obvious.

It's obvious, but thanks for outing that.



Can't spell Loli without "Lol", Merchantstein


i thot you wuz a paki
not a fellow brutha
ay yo, where dem wyte englishwomen at?

yall niggaz postin on a board on a site bought by and now owned by a freemason, funded by new york jews and moderated by jidf who endlessly shill neo-cohen politicians
the real Holla Forumsacks tried to warn you all before the election but you bluepilled faggots insist on hanging onto your delusions

…when the plebbit influx started.

that's not a good thing, you know

You mean July 2016?
Or are you one of those people who believe T_D showed up fully-formed a year previously and instantly invaded 8ch?

>(((reddit))) didn't exist before (((T_D)))

he's a fat kike?
Trump is just doing our bidding, I don't love him.

That's the same thing you say about Trump but he's actually, like, really smart and you're just an angry virgin.

this. I mean for fucks sake he was the goy they put in after they killed breitbart.


Good taste my friend

When will shareblue run out of funds, shit just doesn't end in every damn thread.

And he went back to sperg again in Holla Forums

this basically.

when everyother degenerate burger institution runs out of funds and the empire of lies collapses. it might suck for you burgers but the rest of the world will celabrate

For a moment I thought I was reading a navy seal pasta..

The disappointment I feel right now is quite surprising.

Gamergate was part of the plebbit influx, but let's not be delusional:

We have a lot of "CivNat" NeoCon kike-cucksucking faggots on this board now.

They need to be gassed…