Homosexuality and Fascism

Why are you all so gay?

I'm not shitposting here, I'm genuinely interested in what you guys think about the fact that a vast portion of the Alt-Right is legitimately homosexual.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Also inb4 salty mod bans me for "subversion".
I'm being genuine here, I want to know why so many alt-righters smoke pole.

There's a reason we call it the alt-kike

All right, I'll take the bait:
I just got engaged yesterday to my GF. If I'm a fag, I'm doing it wrong…

I didn't say everyone, I said "a vast portion" which is definitely true given that you can't enter a random thread/discussion without tripping over a homo.

Also I just noticed, Ultramarine….what absolute horseshit. Neck yourself.




I couldn't find it but I remember seeing an info graph made by some Australian antifa group explaining what different colors of shoelaces mean. There were the standard ones like red and blue but then they also had stuff like pink=gay skinhead, yellow?=feminist skinhead and brown?=non-white skinhead, it was weird.

Typical rectal pains.

I don't think random color charts from Antifa qualify as reliable information.

I don't see anyone on Holla Forums talking about being gay. Are you assuming this from the gay race realists like Alternative Hypothesis and Naked Ape? If so, they are not Alt-Right nor are they Holla Forums

I'm asking Holla Forums because of the relatively high number of Alt-Right people here.

You forgot Millennial Woes and quite possibly Spencer…and a few other people all of whom identify as "Alt Right".

And they don't talk about it(not often at least), but it's easy enough to observe.

Alt-kike civcucks aren't Holla Forums, they openly promote degeneracy such as drug use and homosexuality.

They are not right wing. It's a bridge to the right wing community to avoid the DOTR. Holla Forums isn't gay and we hated the faggots so I wonder what make you think that we are gay?

I didn't say the Alt-Right is wholly homosexual, I said much of it's members suck dick. Learn to read.

"so I wonder what make you think that we are gay?"
Well there's this theory about how people who hate gays are actually repressed homosexuals themselves but for me it's mostly the frequent gay porn, giant dicks and all the traps and overt homosexuals.

I mean I could be wrong, but when someone tells me they like to take it up the ass I generally accept that as their genuine position.

Also because at least half of your public speakers and people you watch have boyfriends…also that.

Your father is not alt-right, i think you are confused. He was just roleplaying with his husband.

There's a surprising amount of gay e-celebs associated with the label "Alt-Right". I think they probably come from the same type of people that become MGTOW. Overreaction to mainstream degeneracy and generalizing that all relationships with women are bad so they give up on them. These people are naturally conservative leaning outcasts and end up with views people would call Alt-Right. I don't think it reflects the majority of Holla Forums though. It's basically conservative faggots leaning altright rather than Holla Forums trending toward faggotry

How vast?
Holla Forums isn't altright

I'd say a far bigger proportion of leftists are homosexuals. People in all internet communities tend to be bigger degenerates for some reason, but either way, leftists are by far the bigger degenerates. Why are so many commies homosexual? Why do so many libertarians crave the cock? You're absolutely shitposting, and to set up a little caveat is just covering your ass so you can say "lol triggered" when you rightfully get banned.

I told you that they aren't right wing because they are trying to avoid the hanging. They will never be ally to the right wingists no matter how they try. We don't effin' want them here nor anywhere.

We are mocking them because we can. Please lurk the moar longer.

By this point we've safely assumed that nobody's Alt Right and the Alt Right doesn't actually exist.

Wait….is that…is that what's been going on all along? IS THE ALT RIGHT A PSY-OP?!

At least a quarter I'd say.
No shit.
No, I'm not.

Kill yourself. This is a National Socialist board.

You'll have to purge half your voter-base then.

It was a joke butt fuck it…literally.

You came in here seriously thinking Holla Forums is alt-right? Did you just hear about racist frogs from huffpo or something?

Define the difference.

Do they live in basements while jerking each-other off while you live in basements jerking yourselves off?

Personally I live on the 2nd floor jerking myself off.


So? Do you seriously think that's a relevant point?

Yes. It implies "strong links" between Holla Forums and the Alt-Right…links of origin and base. You must be new, kike.

That doesn't follow. It also reeks of horseshoe theory.


I think you should make that thread on halfchan or reddit, we're not Alt-Right here.

Neck yourself.

Lurk the moar.

Ewww you have a sick mind.

Holla Forums already existed long before made up alt-right came into reality.

I am not gay and Holla Forums do not welcome faggots here.

Why is OP so gay?

I'm not shitposting here, I'm genuinely interested in what you guys think about the fact that this baiting OP is legitimately homosexual.

Nigger I'm asking a question on why the Alt-Right is so gay, if you ain't got an opinion don't get involved.


But the alt-right didn't come from Holla Forums. Holla Forums, specifically 4chan's Holla Forums made white nationalism cool again, and certain groups used that to their advantage. You saying they're LITERALLY THE SAME OMG because they agree on some points is reminiscent of Sargon shit. Please try to be less of a brainlet in the future.

Because gays want attention, and the Alt-Right gives them tons of it for being "based gays". The same with niggers, jews and all other kinds of trash who support their cucked civic views.
That's all there is to it. Now please fuck off.

Literally what? What in the good name of God's only son led you to publish that brain spasm? How in the name of Christ does that even follow? So what if Holla Forums was around before(welcome to 2006, I guess?) that doesn't change the fact that the Alt-Right originates on Holla Forums and is largely based on both Halfchan and Holla Forums Holla Forums.

You rabid mongoloid.

Because it's a co-op mission to get the right wingist to accept them. Come on this is not a rocket science to figure this out.

Why don't you go ask them?

Most modern women are feminists, which means most modern men are either feminists or gay.

That explains the public figures, not their largely non-vocal followers.

There's a reason they want to be accepted. I mean being realistic Holla Forums's version of "right wing" isn't going to happen for the public for a very long time at the least so it's not like they gain much from it.

They're obviously genuine in their views, so that brings it back to why so many self avowed Nazis enjoy the dick.

1: I am.
2: I am also asking you.
3: I know you identify as Alt Right outside of Holla Forums so get fucked.

You're a time wasting chump OP, go back to Holla Forums and stay there.

Sargon, sweetie, it's over. Put down the dessert wine and go to bed.

Never said Holla Forums was gay. But that brings my to my next point. Why is it that so many people on Holla Forums can't read basic English?

No shit. Just look at TRS
Holla Forums is not alt-right by the way

No thanks, my ball pit isn't ready yet.


See what I mean?

I mean why does he happen to even possess that webm?

Highly creative and original comedy styling.

Salty Holla Forums cuck I see


You're a disingenuous commie that stopped by to claim Holla Forums is the alt-kike and that it's full of queers.

Remind me again why you even have that webm? Just out of curiosity.

The non-vocal followers see those "based gays" and feel welcome.
Most of them would never call themselves Nazis, in fact they try to distance themselves from those evil fascists to not scare the public with their racists ways.

No we don't.

So they won't be hanged by the nazi.

Why is the radical nationalism growing then?

You are effed in the mind. Nazi is anti-homo so they are not nazi at all.

Do you know who he is? There's a reason why we are mocking the faggots.

That's just sad. What happened with your "drumpf" posting? Was getting bullied by everyone so traumatizing for you?

To remind Holla Forums their BO is a cock sucking tranny and that marxism is for mentally ill faggots that love aids and cum.

I don't identify as a alt-right and I told you that they are not right wingist at all. Get lost.

Keeping it and posting it to trigger commie fucks. THAT IS THE POINT

Regardless of everything else said in thread, you do agree that marxism is for aids ridden faggots don't you OP?

Are these ones more to your liking?




I am disappoint

Go on, your greasy fingers sure are shivering to type. Or is there something about that some bumplock preventing you to keep this in page 1 constantly for everyone to see your bathetic excuse of being one of the biggest asperger who wastes his entire life on trying to distort a board and yet fails?
Why stop now? You sure love to reply to everyone.

Hey OP, you made this thread too, didn't you?

So in the end, you ran away back to your little bush like a bitch, again. Sad

Yeah even our board owner is a tranny who sucks dick… Oh wait…

Alt-right is for soylent pussies.
We are full fledged volk

I'm natsoc. For real. Also bisexual. Don't exclude us!

Right Wing Death Squads always have the best aesthetics. I'm not surprised fags want to attach themselves to the far right, have you seen the hats and boots?

No you're not, your a faggot posting on an imageboard.

you wanna be gay that cool

I think there was a video too…
Anyone saved that, so OP, the fag, knows where he's standing?

Just go back:
>>>Holla Forums