Why don't youtubers move to NicoNico? Isn't it more free speech than YouTube?

Why don't youtubers move to NicoNico? Isn't it more free speech than YouTube?
I'm sure if enough English speakers started using it, they would quickly begin translating it.

Sure thing, moishe. You forgot who was involved with Niconico douga years ago
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No. Also there is no reason to flood the Japs with even more Americans, the military bases are already enough.

Because they follow they herd, that's how they get followings. If you want to convince a popular face to move their base of operation, convince their viewers to move first.
Youtubers like the drama, it allows them to get their fans to start a #"x"gate every time one of their videos gets pulled in an attempt to gain a bigger following.

Could you tell us who was involved instead of being a huge faggot?

More like they like to bitch about youtube screwing them on money. But the thing is youtube doesnt owe anyone a god damn time. I will say this every fucking time and then again. Youtube doesnt have to pay anyone shit. I fucking hate youtube myself and wish it would die but as far as business goes, youtube can pack up all the parts that enable "content creators" to get paid for ads and views and decide to not pay them shit. Youtube only did this to gain more content than others. Its painfully obvious that Youtube wants fucking out of this model. I dont blame them either. By paying these shits it caused the majority of content to be about the money instead of good content.

Money ruined everything. Free speech is never a thing due to how private businesses operate under the laws. They can claim its "Moderation" and also claim that its their property and if they dont want something on it they can remove it. Logically its pretty fair to allow that. If I dont want something on my website I can just remove it so the same would apply to Youtube. In order for freedom of speech to be mandatory you would need a law made to where a site that has so much traffic adhere to the laws of freedom of speech or have Youtube be a public domain of some kind. That shit isnt happening and we know it. The best thing we can do is stop using it. People wont because its too ingrained in society. Youtube is a shitty platform that people still use even after all the retarded shit they have pulled. Its like 4chan. Moot fucked everyone over and people STILL use that god damn site.

People are too retarded. Thats your answer to "Why dont they move to X".

God forgive my soul for spoonfeeding the newfag, but even the newest of the new should know that hiroshimoot has tried to get his hands on every bit of data he can sell on the nip corner of the internet, and niconico was no exception.

Hiroyuki Hiroshima sold NicoNico user data to advertiser.
Same ricenigger who bought cuckchan
How couldn't you know this?

I'd say go back to cuckchan but this is common knowledge for them too

For starters, the site is in Japanese, no one there wants the site flooded with foreign retards with left-leaning ideals. There's that bit about Hiroshima had it datamined from way back when, though it's doubtful if (((they))) can even get anything out of all those data. And lastly no one's interested in making an english TL of that site, at least AFAIK.

You need an account and the data transfer speed is shit

You really thought this through OP.

Hiroyuki isn't associated with NicoNico anymore

As it was acquired by Dwango, which later merged with media giant Kadokawa.

YT is here to stay unfortunately. Its the leader of video content sites, yet still loses money every year. The censorship might do the trick in getting a decent sized amount of its userbase to move elsewhere, but don't count on it.

How about you get the fuck away from other boards?

Kadokawa is still a Japan centric company. Nico Nico is also its own thing. I don't think the Users there would be happy with a flood of American retards. Besides, Nico Nico charges for everything that you can get for free on Youtube. Some people may tell you how it has worked so well with Pixiv. These people forget might forget to tell you, that Pixiv is a DA clone for people who actually can draw. You can't also freely bum from that place like former daytime TV zombies do on Youtube. You need an fucking account in order to see everything.

I don't see why anybody has to be reserved towards using this site because it's Japanese. It's one of the most well-known and established video distributors, and would be a better competitor to youtube than other distributors due to it's age.

In fact, NicoNico's biggest concern is their declining subscribers, having them being outcompeted by youtube; more accounts, despite not being Japanese, would be strongly in their favor.

As for being "gaijin piggus" thus getting Japanese hate, you can get away with it if you praise Japan, Bash Korea&China, screech at every anti-Japanese for "being a shill"


I don't want foreigners flooding my country, nor do the japs. I see no reason to fuck their shit up like that. Every single time anything meant for domestic use has tried to adapt to a western audience it's resulting in a massive crash and burn in quality. And we already know that this will happen, since nico nico tried doing exactly this around the same time pixiv did, the result was tso bad it's not even talked about anymore.

If you want an alternative to YT, make one. Don't try to steal someone else's like a nigger.

NicoNico is much more censorist

Because NicoNico is owned by the current owner of cuckchan, Hiroyuki "Needs more malware ads" Nishimura.

Leave the nips alone. The jew is already trying to ruin japan as it is. We don't need to help accelerate the subversion of their culture.

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There are Japanese jews? huh

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If you are too mentally retarded to learn the language, then you do not deserve to use things specially made for those who can speak it.

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Aside from requiring login to view videos, and shit playback quality, and bizarre comment system, you don't get adbux, I believe.

Too bad, because it'd be fun to see a Sargon fukkireta or an MMD dance of The Golden One and Captain Sweden.

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NicoNico is a fucking video distributor, not a country.