Trump's been live-tweeting Fox and Friends this whole time

And I, for one, think it's hilarious

So now my morning routine is going to be watching Fox & Friends with twitter open.


Based Fox Jews.

Yes it's shit, shit liberated from colon of kikedom


That he just repeats what he hears doesn't bother me if he's hearing it from the right people.

At the start he was just repeating what Ann Coulter said and she was probably picking up stuff from Holla Forums, now that Kushner's in control of the Trump robot I worry.

Get Ann on Fox and Friends.

Dare I say they're /ourkikes/?

based fox kikes amirite anons

Are shills now creating threads just to discuss with each other about bullshit?
Maybe they are on their lunchbreak and realize they are now here forever….
Enjoy yourselves, because soon those mild uncomfortable thoughts youve been having as certain little patterns start to become more relevant around you, will grow more and bury themselves deeper and deeper.
you're really here forever

This right here, literal stockholm syndrome for these kikes on our board.


I think it's more about creating a thread to lure people to talk to in order to keep his thread on page 1. And if that doesn't help, he talks to himself as usual.

Nothing is beyond our reach.

This shit is an internet version of a slide thread. Its to distract the fanatical left with trivial things while he pushes his goals in the background.
It works every time, a single shitpost whips them all into a frenzy.

Checked for lulz

Whoops wrong image

Eh. Damage is done a suppose.

fucking hilarious if that's true

maybe that's what spurred the recent brigade of "Holla Forums is dead. leave now". it's the collective unconscious of the shills trying to convince them to leave before it's too late

He’s running interference on his base’s primary news spigot in real time. Genius strategy.

Hillary never advertised herself as a brainiac. She advertised herself as someone willing to have niggers destroy evidence to save a child rapist if the money is good enough.

Wow, bravo.

We're doomed. Just resign and let Spence take orders from the jew.


if they aren't kikes, they are converts.
if they aren't white, they're cucks. that isn't really a change though.

Nope, I just genuinely thought it was hilarious. Primarily because no autists had picked up on that trend yet (the Lee Greenwood data point is especially telling), but also because the whole MSM has gotten their panties in a twist by a guy tweeting what another news show is already saying.

I don't know about talking to myself…..I did make the first comment for rhetorical effect, but I've been offline since then.

You know what's funny is that I work with a guy who is Chinese and he looks EXACTLY like the man in that pictute. 100%

This is a good thread, but it's full of some of the gayest cuckold shit I've ever seen on this site, gayer than any of that gay interracial porn the shills post. drumpf is a knuckle-dragger who gets his viewpoints and ideological opinions from the fucking talmudvision of all things. No wonder he can't get his lips off circumcised cock - his entire view of the world seems to be shaped by what he sees on TV. Typical dipshit boomer totally divorced from race reality or the truth about international relations, except this one is the president.

Chug .45 ACP kikey.

lol how the fuck is this considered insightful analysis worthy of a writeup, he literally tags @foxandfriends when he does it. Good job judenpresse, you finally cracked the code