Trump's defunding of Pakistan is HUGE NEWS

Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her laptop
Pedophile Blackmail
1. The MSM along with many others have been misleading the public for sometime now regarding the case of Imran Awan. Imran was employed by Debbie-Wassermann Shultz. The Jewish Zionist shill with direct ties to the Jewish mafia in Florida (recall she told the chief of police "there will be consequences). Check into DWS and here ties to Israel, it's not hard to see where she stand but more importantly who she works for.

2. Rahm Emmanuel paid the ISI for the release of Imran when Imran was employed by Rahm. Rahms father was a code breaker for the Mossad and Rahm himself had to be expelled from the WH by Bill Clinton for his ties to the Mossad.

3. Imran was a pawn of the CIA and the Mossad. The operation he was in involved black mailing many members of congress on the behalf of BiBi and Israel. The fucking Jews own congress in more ways than one.

4. Shills for Israel include Goodman and George Webb are attempting to deflect blame away from Israel. Imran and Huma were both agents of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is an arm of the Saudi government as well as the Mossad. Look at Prince Alwaleed, Prince Bandar Bin Sultan. Saudi crackdown.

5. Jason Goodman has tried to taint evidence in both cases of Anthony Weiner and Imran Awan while George Webb has filed lawsuits to obstruct the case of Imran under the guise of transparency. Those listed here are known Mossad operatives.

6. Forget Russia, forget Mueller, forget NOKO, this is the number one priority to bringing 70% of the shitbags in D.C to their knees. There is a massive coverup taking place at every level of government in order to squash this from going further. Imran's spy ring and its ties to Israel is the THE domino that will bring it all down. Focus on this anons.

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I hope Clinton suicides her before she can talk. If there was ever a deserving candidate it is her.



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You don’t know it yet, but you are already dead.

I'm gunna catch flak, and I don't mean to derail, but perhaps this has something to do with Trump pardoning that greasy chabad kike. Id like to articulate and expand on this point but I'm just too tired.
Sessions is moving on Hillary so you know theyre gunna crack rhe CF.
All those indictments.
Media gnashing their teeth to stumps and bald from ripping at their hair.
The absolute state of shilling
It comes at you fast.


I don't think you're off base, user, that pardon was had for a price and I don't think the GE needs money.



What's preventing Trump from getting a copy of all the blackmail for himself? He's the fucking President of the United States of America.


He probably does have it…


Is that real? How the heck are people underestimating Trump when he's been quoting Sun Tsu of all people?

Anyone with vocal cords, a writing implement, a keyboard/screen, and a copy of Sun Tzu's works translated into a language they can read/write can quote Sun Tzu.

True but given that we're not just talking about someone of no importance, this lends great credence to the suggestion that Trump isn't some kind of idiot as the media has portrayed - This is something they should've picked up on, but somehow didn't.

Because they're shills user.

It really doesn't. Trump's personal success lends great credence to that. Anyone can quote anyone.

Trump is the king of deals and I think he does what it takes to MAGA, even if that means letting the little kike rat go free to catch the king of rats like Cunton and DWS and crew.

The media know exactly who they're up against, they don't want to let their brainwashed NPC normies know though. Trump vs the media is a war of psychology to free the normies minds. They're trying to keep people thinking that he's a buffoon because if they do they can keep retards in their trance state.



Sorry to break it to you anons, Trump was in the flight logs to pedo island, conveniently left out of OP's infographic

Sorry to break it to you Rabbi Circumstein, talking points aren't going to help you.

Can't argue with Hitler dubs.
Links and images are in this article :

you can get them from lots of sites. Trump won't touch the Lolita express topic because he took a ride on it.

if he took a ride on it the media would have been blasting that 24/7 during the election. All they had, literally, all they fucking had was the grab em by the pussy tape.

Clinton would be much easier to control and was willing to go along with the status quo anyways so releasing it and ensuring Trump's defeat would've been what happened. But what you're saying just isn't true at all.

Why do you think they had to make a phony Russiagate bullshit for over a year, being a pedophile would be such an easy way to impeach a President. It's not true and you know it.

He only did it once though and didn't he publicly deride Epstein after it and cut all contact with him even before Epstein was ousted as a pedo?


We've reached the point where their only defense is to say you can't listen to him because he has alzheimer's because Reagan did. "Don't listen to him, he's a dotard!"

The prosecutor who let Epstein off with a slap on the wrist was appointed by Trump as the secretary of labor. Epstein's defense lawyer was Alan Dershowitz, who has been accused of similar behavior and has been one of Trump's staunchest defenders since he assumed office.

Checked checked checked

He did not receive a single vote because of his TV show.