Sounds about right?

8000 kkk members.

160 known chapters.

That would mean 50 members per chapter

There are probably 5 Useful idiots per chapter.

Which means there are 45 Spooks per chapter or 7,200 spooks in the KKK across the nation.


Other urls found in this thread:–49)

if a militia has 200 members, and 300 feds are in the militia, how many are midgets in trench coats?

Daniel Carver of the Howard Stern show was the last real KKK member. Everyone else is a FED

Is KKK even relevant these days?
Its just a bogeyman that left loves to use to cry raysis

Who cares? The KKK is a christ-cucked organization who claims that the jewish bible supports there beliefs.
Truth is there are millions of White men and women out there who hate niggers they need some help in the jew wise dept they'll pay lip service to race mixing but avoid muds at all cost in their personal lives.

Does anyone have a makeapp (make-up removed) version of OP's image?

Daily reminder that the Jews were the enemies of Christianity for two thousand years.

1. Fucking kill yourself, yid. No one believes you.
2. No one believes you. Fucking kill yourself, yid.

And still are. The synagogue of Satan gets no remorse.

it depends on the midgets and trench coats formats
there may be either 2 or 3 midgets in a single trench coat, fractional midgets unlikely
insufficient data

Checked and keked.

..yawn.. yet another perfect example of the lefty mindset.


Charlemagne let Jews practice usury within Christian lands while forbidding it for Christians themselves. At the same time while he slaughtered thousands of GERMAN Pagans in the name of a JEWISH God. And yet we are somehow the cucks for trying to preserve our own culture, the very culture that you pathetic golems tried to destroy. Daily reminder that Charles Martels grave is surrounded by niggers and Muslims, will probably get demolished so build a Mosque, and you faggot cucks will be too busy giving refuge to Muslims to do anything about it.

Tell me about martin luther ;^)


Tell that the Rothschilds.

nice shit post. Also


Fuck off, cunt.

Ah, okay, so jesus was a kike, too, he even got circumcised.
Then how are they christ killes
You realize that kikes don't care about name calling unless it's calling them out for jewry.
And about the driving the moneylenders out of the temple.
Behold the smiling kikes on this picture.

They are the enemies of Trump, clearly ;^)
And Trump is the enemy of them.

Just checked that link.
I posted the wrong link, this one makes it look like the poor kikes swiftly somehow made their own banks and became dukes to not fear ebil white persecution.

Point stands. Christianity is no threat to jewishness at all.
Reality proves this. History proves this.

I don't disagree with anything you said. Jesus was a jew. yes. A jew that rebelled against jewry and (((they))) killed him for it.

How many jews do you know that are carpenters? Exactly. He was reformed.

- Luther

"First, to set fire to their synagogues or schools … This is to be done in honor of our Lord and of Christendom, so that God might see that we are Christians …"
"Second, I advise that their houses also be razed and destroyed."
"Third, I advise that all their prayer books and Talmudic writings, in which such idolatry, lies, cursing, and blasphemy are taught, be taken from them."
"Fourth, I advise that their rabbis be forbidden to teach henceforth on pain of loss of life and limb …"
"Fifth, I advise that safe-conduct on the highways be abolished completely for the Jews. For they have no business in the countryside …"
"Sixth, I advise that usury be prohibited to them, and that all cash and treasure of silver and gold be taken from them …"
"Seventh, I recommend putting a flail, an ax, a hoe, a spade, a distaff, or a spindle into the hands of young, strong Jews and Jewesses and letting them earn their bread in the sweat of their brow … But if we are afraid that they might harm us or our wives, children, servants, cattle, etc., … then let us emulate the common sense of other nations such as France, Spain, Bohemia, etc., … then eject them forever from the country …"

The Church of Luther is one of the fucking worst god damn organizations out there, they literally invite Muslims to Germany to stay in their churches and rape their women you retarded fucking faggot. Fucking Luther was 500 years ago you moron, we live in todays day and age. I know that looking to the past is good for inspiration, knowledge and education but you must be fucking daft if you think things from 500 years ago are relevant today. Christianity is NOT the enemy of Judaism anymore, the endgame of Christianity was and always had been the elimination of Native European culture so that Europe could be made into a Jewish puppet state. Pagancucks, what a fucking joke. Pagans had a homogeneous and flawless culture rooted entirely in their Aryan blood, and retarded faggots like you threw it all away so that we could worship a literal fucking Jew. Come back to me when Christians form the new Templars and actually fucking do something for European interests, I am waiting with baited breathe. The last 200 years however you've done nothing but help the Jew at every fucking turn. The abolitionist movement? Christians. The Anti-Nazi movements in 30s Germany? Christians. Aid and volunteer missionaries being sent to Africa and South America while ignoring the poor and homeless of their own fucking blood and nation? Christians again. And what organizations are actively helping refugees get into Europe as we speak? Fucking Christians. Yeah yeah yeah Wiccans are faggy we all know this but Wiccans are completely irrelevant, and whats more important, NONE of what they say or promote has anything to do with historical paganism. Also they have been cut off from the traditions of their people for thousands of years so its understandable that most of them talk out of their fucking ass and make up all kinds of retarded spells and rituals. You, however, have no such excuse. Christians have been a whole culture for 2000 years now, you should know full well the dangers of the Jews by now and yet you stupid fools have still fallen prey to their corruption, fucking pathetic. Christians have had an active role in destroying European culture for centuries now and you have the audacity to invoke figures from 100s of fucking years ago and act like they're still relevant. Your ancestors abandoned you long ago, just as you abandoned them.

If I were to drop a nuke on Germany in the name of antisemitism, would that be good, too?

Probably, because we'd all go to heaven if we accepted Christ first ;^)

Yeah, nah. No.

Yup, Christianity has been placing "god's chosen peole" above all others for a while now. It's one thing to be CI or whatever but it's still just trying to adopt that Jewish bs as our own. What's wrong with true European culture? Why should we forget our ancestors and what they did for us?

wtf i fucking love Muslims now ! guize i dont actually think the Isalmization of Europe is a totally bad thing, I mean its just like a second wave of Jewish culture coming into Europe right? : ^ ) It wouldnt be the first time we've totally abandoned our past, spit in the faces of our children and shat on the graves of our ancestors so that we could appeal to fucking foreigners and Jews. Whats the big deal guize?

Everything you said is true. But you speak with rage. The church today is very different than what it was back then; this is true. The church today has been subverted by marxism. Does that mean you just destroy the religion and hope paganism takes off? No. Christianity must be revived because the alternative is not a revival of Christianity. The alternative is the same thing that happened in all of eastern europe under (((communism))). The communist actively discriminated against christians and effectively sucked the life out of eastern europe. Did a pagan revival occur in russia? NO.

The issue isn't that paganism is 'heathen'. Its just it never takes off and facilities intellectual inventions. Again, I the importance of european paganism is not to be minimized. It is very important to the historical culture. And there is a racial tie to many of it. If you could guarantee killing the Christian church would revive paganism then I would see your point. But that is false. It has been tried before.

Daily reminder that the fact that Sunni's and Shia's hate each other, doesn't mean both are not Muslim and the fact that Protestants, Orthodox and Catholics all fought amongst each other doesn't mean all three are not Muslim.

The fact Jews, Muslims and Christians hate each other, doesn't mean they aren't all three the same abrahamic faith.

Christians can't debunk this, because its perfectly logical.

I mean all three are not Christian.

Christianity is just a corrupted form of paganism with all the spirituality removed and extreme degeneracy and genocide of non-jews added in.

Return to your roots. We were "pagan" for at least 500,000 years before Christianity and kikes came in from the middle east to spread their desert death cult and create slaves out of everyone who would accept it.

The best Europeans fought against it and lived free outside the cities to preserve their culture and sanity. We must secure the existence of our race and a future for White children!

Every christian knows god's chosen people are the people of christ. Not the jews. There has been fucky interpretations by (((them))).

You shouldn't. You also shouldn't forget there have been many religions/cults in europe as well.

Wrong, the Christianity that developed after the third century was a more right-wing Christianity, the original Christianity promoted racemixing, communal living, free sex and the belief that the end time is near.

Leftism is the most orthodox form of Christianity.

Not in reality. The only reason the world supports Israel is because of the Christians of TODAY supporting them. They've been brainwashed by the kike bible.

there have been many religions and cults in Europe as well

Yeah Muslims took over Europe at one point, does that mean we should all convert to Religion of Cuck™? Fucking can't believe you people

Why bother with a chosen people, which does not relate to our bloodline.

Actually, that doesn't happen until you start to introduce pantheism and monotheism into the mix, then suddenly you reduce a rich polytheistic culture, into a gaggle of sects.

Yes, and this needs to be said. Some churches do talk about, some do not. People like Steven anderson are becoming more public about (((them))). He is still a cuck in many ways though.

You can't believe something I never said? woah.

Yeah Hitler's attention to optics really prevented Pope Pius XI from penning Mit brennender Sorge thus forcing the Reich to round up traitors in Kirchenkampf all causing a weakening which would have far greater consequences into 38 and 39 especially in the armed forces. Real unifying movement that Christianity is when it divided the German people into muh Jesus and The Race when both could be free through through the struggle then. Perhaps the Pope should have kept his ink then he could have more subjects in Germany.

And her is the problem. The chosen people isn't by blood. Its by ideology. It sounds a lot like civ nationalism because of this. Christians can and NEED to implement racial boundaries (like there used to be) to circumvent this idea that everyone is equal. Like I said, if Odin could replace jesus christ and all europeans followed that I would agree with you. But that is not realistic at all.

Which is an interesting point in itself. Unitarism is a semetic belief. And many of the coptic christians (semetic) do not believe in the idea of the trinity. That concept is foreign to them. Many pagan/indo-european ideas have changed christianity more than people realize..

Fuck the pope.

You do realise that you are not actually defending Christianity, but openly admitting why and how it is wrong.

First, Jesus will be replaced by a pantheon of Gods, secondly it is totally realistic and I see no reason why it's not.

If you admit this openly, why the hell do you bother with Christianity?

Because I literally worship Hatred. Odin's name means "he who inspires hate/bringer of rage". What can you say of your God's name? Oh right…………it comes from the Lombardic word for Odin. If I were to remind you that your gods true name is ((((Yahweh))) you might find that upsetting.
I consecrate my blade-shrine every night and pray to Wotan to whip my people into a blind, unending rage. Using that word against me is really not very useful. It's like the people that call me "zealot", forgetting that the word comes from the Roman God Zelus, guardian of Zeus and bringer of the furious wrath of the Gods.

When did I say I wanted Christianity to be destroyed? You think I get some perverse glee or sadistic pleasure from seeing my ancient enemies destroyed under the weight of even worse enemies? No it brings me no joy, the rape of my women and the desecration of my lands is the greatest blasphemy to my religion that exists, because unlike you, I worship my own blood and my own soil. I could give a shit what Christians do, I only work for European interests. I could give a shit what religion Europeans are, as long as it isnt Religion of Cuck™. That doesnt stop me from reminding you that you are SPIRITUAL FOREIGNERS and that ARYAN PAGANISM is the true religion of the white man. Destroying our idols and killing our priests does nothing to change this fact.

Right, except fucking all of ancient science has its roots in Pagan lore. Astrology, Alchemy, Mathematics and Geometry all come from Pagan schools of thought. The only reason Muslims had a golden age is because they pilfered the grimoires of our Greek Pagan ancestors and stole their knowledge for themselves; the second they started burning said grimoires was the second they slipped into being niggerish savages. Christians aren't any different; they just had the fortune of also being white Europeans, thus the knowledge they learned from their ancestors could actually be expanded on instead of just preserved and imitated, like with Muslims and Hindus.

No, Wot is a manic or extatic state, it does not mean hate.

You are a Satanist and therefor a Christian.

My point isn't to defend christianity.. I care about helping european culture. Even though it is a semetic religion by origin you cannot deny the pagan/aryan/european influence in christians today through concepts such as the trinity, honest work, and telling the truth.
Even hitler couldn not do away with the church completely. People gravitate towards christanity more perhaps because of the simplicity of it. To introduce a pantheon of gods and complex esoteric ideas would take a long time for the masses to accept.
Because I'm practical and realistic. I understand that once christanity is destroyed (completely) it is not going to start a pagan revival. Look at every country that had communism.

You know fucking nothing . shut your tongue whore

No you are not, since you twist facts to suit them more towards your own fancy.

You claim that Christianity is inevitable and that the Germanic faith will not continue to develop.

That is of course not true, Christianity will continue to decline and the Germanic religion, will take the place of both Christiantinity and Leftism.

>If I were to remind you that your gods true name is ((((Yahweh))) you might find that upsetting.
Not really. it just means you do not understand the concept of the trinity.
This brings up another point. How can you deny the aryan/pagan influence in christian depictions? Christians do have icons and symbols unlike the other semetic religions. Christianity has evolved and adopted more aryan/pagan ideas than you give it credit for. Just do any studying of Religion of Cuck™, judaism and you will see that of the (((abrahamic))) religions one stands out.–49)

You are not Germanic, you are a Satanist Christian trying to undermine the Germanic.

Wot is a manic or extatic state, not hate.

eh.. you got some reason you believe that? I hope you're right. You can see communism remove christianity and what did that do for the emergence of paganism? nothing.

As I see it:
a) A new semetic religion (isl*m) comes and takes its place- which has NO ARYAN concepts
b)atheistic hedonism lefty bullshit

How do you know, have you researched the topic?

Why? Because you want that to happen?

I get a styxenhammer vive from this guy. He hates christ….turns him into a satanist…. then he becomes an atheist….then the fedora meme comes out…. now he larps as a pagan

Hmm. Have you heard of a odin temples becoming contrusted? or any other pagan gods?
I haven't, I have seen a revival of christianity however in the post communist countries.

lmao. Read all my post and then ask me if I want Religion of Cuck™ to take over europe

He serves Jesus by trying to make us ridiculous.

Wot is any higher, extatic or manic state, this could include going berserk, but also includes any other religious state like people speaking in tongues, a monk full of religious passion, a politician speaking to a crowd, the crowd of a footbal stadium, people dancing or headbutting to music, the love of Gods, the love of life, etc..


Yes, there are regular services for Germanic people in many parts of Europe.

Again, you are free to do your research before you say anything.

That is silly, Christianity never went, it was surpressed.

No, I think you are secretely a Christian, you twist facts to make them suit your needs.

You pretend that the Germanic is something death, when every year it grows more active and is a main part of the right, then you make a claim that Christianity is somehow growing, when it's not.

whats so fucking esoteric about it that I cant comprehend? yes I already know, I went to sunday school like every goyim ive seen your stupid little chart. What the fuck does that have to do with Yahweh? Is ((((Yahweh)))) not the Father ? Is (((Yeshua))) not the Son? Thats 2 out of three of your gods that are fucking kikes. Am I supposed to the believe the Dove thing is 100 percent pure Aryan? Youre just looping around my words without answering any of my questions or confronting any of my statements.

Is your God Jewish, yes or no? If no, then why did he choose the Jews first then? Isnt your god infallible? Im supposed to believe that Yahweh made a mistake? Whoopsies, Jews are actually evil! even though im omniscient, I couldnt possibly forsee this so I stuck with them for thousands of years anyways, and now Im just gonna abandon them and become the goyim god. Yeah…makes perfect sense. To a schizophrenic.

I dont understand exactly what youre trying to get at with saying Christians have adopted pagan/aryan ideals. Of course they have, because Paganism and Aryans are the root of civilization. Every shitskin culture that accomplished more than a mudhut did so by stealing knowledge from Aryans and claiming it as their own. You are to Pagans what niggers clanging microwaves together are to Europeans. Youre really doing more to discredit Christianity more than anything, I really dont understand your point there. You only reinforce something I have said 1000 times; Christianity did not make Europe great but Europe made Christianity great. If it weren't for Rome you would be some obscure Jew-cult that got wiped out by Muslims long ago.

God I feel like im talking to fucking bots

fucking paranoid loon , you dont even know our own god , dont have the audacity to speak for him. Wotan is rage and hatred made manifest, the ecstasy of inspiration, of poetry and of war, he is the fury of the four winds, the crashing of hail against shield, the sea of swords that cleave into the enemy, the rain of blood brought upon by battle. Have you read the Heimskringla, the Eddas, the Sagas? If no then shut your fucking whore mouth before I shut it for you. I can't stand weaklings like you that wish to make our gods into the same restrained, kosher, sterile, Saturnian entities that the Abrahamics worship.

This is you right? This occultist term?

I wonder how it could get into the vocabulairy of someone Germanic, since the occult and the Germanic have nothing to do with each other.

No, Wotan is not hatred, that's your Christian interpretation of him.

No, you can not kill or hurt me, since you are on the internet.

And you think this will surpass christian europeans? Get real.
No. I do not. Christianity is not growing. Read my posts.
well think again.

Yes, why not?

So you admit I am right?

But the Germanic world view is and it is popular in the right, so practically and realistically you should support the worldview most likely to support European intrests.

No, nothing I see suggests otherwise, even your posting of mithraic statues suggest an underlining support towards the oriental.

There's two things that Jews are practically obligated to rage against: Hitler and Christianity.

And Religion of Cuck™, and Germanic Faith, and Hinduism, etc…

Strange, it's almost as if Jews hate everything.

>whats so fucking esoteric about it that I cant comprehend? yes I already know, I went to sunday school like every goyim ive seen your stupid little chart. What the fuck does that have to do with Yahweh? Is ((((Yahweh)))) not the Father ? Is (((Yeshua))) not the Son? Thats 2 out of three of your gods that are fucking kikes. Am I supposed to the believe the Dove thing is 100 percent pure Aryan? Youre just looping around my words without answering any of my questions or confronting any of my statements.

The fact that the trinity is a pagan concept. How many times do I have to tell you this? Semetic religions are unitarian. Christianity worship by europeans is NOT. It also does not hold the same semetic values that the other semetic religions hold.

Christianity has icons/idols/depictions. This is forbiden in isl*m/judaism
Christianity has a trinity while the other semetic religions have one god.
Christianity prohibits lying. The other semetic religions do not.
the list goes on user…you sound like an edgy ex-christian that became an atheist and transformed into a paganfag. Your hate for christianity is almost laughable. Because its as close as you can get to a european pagan religion today.

Anyone who thinks paganism is not the strongest force in Europe that has ultimately influenced Christianity and the people more than the other way around cannot be European.

The claim of full Christian conquest and all the "superstitious heathens seeing the light" is 1488% incopatible with everyone still using "superstitions" to this day.

Could write more, not gonna bother because reality speaks for itself.
We can wax on wax off until the cows come home, but in 2018 there are still people who unironically throw earthware on the floor, nail bridesshoes to the tree, burn grooms pants and so forth to ensure a happy and long lasting marriage.

People still name their children after relatives even though "going to heaven" should be all there is to it, but we still worship ancestors and keep people in our hearts and memories because the pagan notion of immortality through memory overrides "he's in a better place now".

We still call nautical speed knots because witches would sell wind contained in knotted strings or handkerchiefs.

Naked ship figureheads are still in use, even if it's just "cliche" stuff because tits were said to drive away things, including storms.
( It's also in the story of Cu Chulainn where his "warp spasm" was dispelled with tits.)

Up until not too long ago shipwrights still took care to put Ash wood into wooden ships because the Ash is connected to water.

We still knock on wood.

The list goes on pretty much infinitely.
There is no Christianity. Christianity was an economic crowbar for jews.
There is only the cancerous skeleton of Christianity people tried to fix for thousands of years after it crawled over Europe.

Sweet fucking god what an imbecile

You are aware that the only purely pagan grimoire left in existence is germanic right? Of course you arent because you just got done reading the prose edda and the wikipedia page on odin.

Wotan is many many things. Hatred included. You are aware he was a fucking WAR GOD right ? Hes also god of necromancy,magic and sorcery. But oh right germanics have.nothing to do with the occult i forgot. I must be wrong in my chrostian interpretation of him then. forgot that the only occultism in existence is eliphas levi and wiccan jews. Fucking moron. Never speak for pagan interests again until youve read more than 2 books on the subject.

hahahaha. I'm not going to continue this conversation with someone who does not understand the origins of european people.

Galdrabok? That is primarily Christian, with some Germanic elements mixed in.

Also, witchcraft and the occult are considered to be argr, or feminine to most genuine Germanics.

No, that is Tyr, Wotan is the God of manic or extatic states, which during war could lead to states of rage, but that is not his main function.

No, those are all Christian concepts. Wotan is the God of Galdr, which constitute religious verses and rituals, he is not the God of Seidr which is occultism/shamanism.

Wotan did practise it in the past and was rebukked for it. See lokkasenna.

99% of occultism is Christian/Jewish/Religion of Cuck™ic/Neoplatonic/Hermetic and has nothing to do with Germanic tradition.

I have a question, have you actually read any of the books? Because it is obvious that you have not and are just corrupting our religion with your Christian ideas.

I other words, I am right and you are looking for an excuse to get out of the discussion.

Fun to read the conversation between you and 3157c9. I'm admittedly not up on paganism, since I focused more on studying christian sects and their heresies instead. What would be a good starting resource be to learn more of their overall mythos?

Tell me another joke. Is Zoroastrianism "oriental" too?

No christianity is not the closest thing to a pagan religion. A pagan religion is the closest thing to a fucking religion you delusional idiot. Christianity as it is today is a fucking embarrassment. I will never join a church until they explicity state that they are pro aryan ,antijew and antimuslim. Know any churches like that ? Of course you dont because they dont fucking exist. Keep reading abouth luther and charlemagne and other great christian figures from 1000 years ago. They arent coming back and all of their labors and works and rotting before your eyes. And its your own fucking fault.

And no i was raised christian. Got sick of how pathetic and faggy the clergy was. I have been pagan from a very early age because the myths in my books resonated with me more than yoyr Jewish history study. I mean bible.

Your delusion and loyalty to a foreign god that wants yoyr foreskins offered to him is the only thing laughable here and ita really more sad than laughable. You realize your god is moloch in disguise right?

If I were you, I'd reread genesis, then smack myself. Christianity 101 states that this is satan's world ultimately.

Grimms Teutonic Mythology.

Nope, never said that. Still calling your bluff.

That being said at least yoyre not as fucking retarded as the "pagan" who claims mithras is oriental and that necromancy is a christian concept


Mithras is oriental and necromancy is a Christian concept.

The fact that you let him stroke your ego, proves you are not smart.

Ive read the whole damn bible and it had no effect on me. Paradise lost had some effect on me but that was written by a white aryan. Unlike the bible.

Will you tell me hinduism is oriental? Please. Tell me hinduism does not have aryan roots. I need to here this from a 'pagan'.

It's manners user, since he offered an answer to a query. You're welcome to offer a rebuttal for a better source to learn of paganism.

I said reread it, because genesis touched on your complaint already.

Wait, did you switch ID numbers, then why are you responding to another ID?

I like the grimm brothers and even im not this stupid

For the user asking the poetic and prose edda,the heimskringla, the sagas and germania by tacitus are all infinitely better than teutonic mythology aince you know. Theyre first hand sources from the time germanic paganism was actually around. Even when finished with those i would recommend other pagan works before grimm. Namely herodotus,plato,aurelius,virgil and hermes thricewise.

Because I thought you were the other who offered it. My bad.

Alright, i'll keep that in mind.

No, they are not, they take effort to get into, because the worldview is completely different.

user said he is a student of Christian heresies, so I suggested an academic work to get into, if the started reading the original texts, he would interpret them in his Christian context.

Like others here are doing.

Explain to me again how necromancy is christian

Germanics are really the only ones to successfully document their history, so it's the pagan religion you're likely to learn much about. I'm not all that well read into Asatru so I can't give any recommended reading outside of the Eddas, though. It's kind of interesting as the Hellenics did a good job of writing things down, and arguably have the most to show for their achievements, but as far as I can tell are the least popular as far as real neo pagan movements go.

Because the marxists were trying to force a secular state. The whole point of that jewish exercise was to further crush the spirit of Europe. Interestingly, it however did spark a huge upsurge in interest of our native faith. Rodnovery was essentially dead, as we have almost nothing of our history to go off of, the few attempts made prior never saw much progress. But after the russians shat all over religion of all but the most pozzed kind during the occupation, it made the occupied slavs take a new interest in their native faith. The empty jewish lies of christianity had lost much of their spark in the wake of the onslaught of the secular religion that is marxism. An actual spiritual awakening is taking place across eastern Europe right now, and a lot of work since the 90s that otherwise probably wouldn't have happened is brining us towards an actual unified faith. We've even got a few temples up and running for the first time in centuries. A return to our spiritual roots is paving the way for a means to organise in our racial interests as well, it's fascinating to watch that happen, even outside of natsoc circles.

Very simple, Odins ability to talk to the death is tied to the runes, the runes being inherent abilities that one posses and can bring forth by speaking or carving, the concept of necromancy is Christian occultism to bring forth spirits by using rituals.

For example, Svipdag does not make a ritual to speak to his death mother, he just calls her out.

I hope you're right

Look, claiming hinduism is not oriental, is like claiming the local natives are not oriental.

Things change….

You need to look into indo-european people. Pic related. You can be a pagan. I do give a fuck. But you have a lot to learn and I can tell you have very little understanding racially.

The local "natives" are not native. And hinduism is indo-european/aryan. Not oriental.

You have just disproven your argument, by accepting that one has to be racially pure to be white, you admit that a White religion has to be pure and not mixed with local elements.

It works here in eastern Europe, because from the ground up, it's a movement that is explicitly pro "us". Even normie circles, there's an understanding that we need something specifically slavic, not just to unite us, but to give us an identity internally as well. After the russian occupation the land was barren, the government was full of kikes, and the economy was in tatters, so many looked to the west for inspiration, but now two decades later we see the west of fire and wonder to ourselves, what do we do now? So regardless of one's political leanings, you've got people who are looking for something that nourishes not only their long neglected spiritual need, but as comes with it, their racial needs as well. The nationalist parties here are doing a wonderful job of taking advantage of this, and a great deal of them are explicitly Rodnovery, and of those who aren't, most are at least amicable to the idea.

It's interesting to see how this has shaped itself so differently from how these things happen in the west, brothers with two very different souls indeed! I do notice something similar is happening in Scandinavia though, the few sane men left are desperately trying to find a way to make sense of the hell they live in, and in championing the gods of their people, they too are championing the cause of their people such as we see with the NRM. But I think the idea has merit even outside of the political groups we would normally see as allied to our goals, in that it gives normal people an identity that is exclusively theirs and not something that can be converted to by just anyone.

No, this is not an argument. So stop acting like it is one and try to learn. You know nothing about paganism but claim to be one. You do not even understand the racial origins of your people.

I dabbled with the idea of being a 'pagan' and just figured its too complex for most people. Now I just say I'm "culturally christian".

Read everything on this link.

I agree. the main problem with Christianity is that it's universal, that is why I think the merger of catholicism and polish identity is worrysome.

Remember that uncle Adolf detested the KKK. And that was before they were an alphabet soup honeypot.

I think it's more the other way around….

bruh…you were trying to say the cult of mithras is oriental. its ancient persian (pre-arab invasion) and has its roots in aryanism

Yes, how does it not make it oriental?

If only some politcal influence could happen. It'll be interesting to see if the young people go through it as an "edgy" phase. Or legitimize it with bearing children and raising them in rodnovery.

Either way goodluck over there.

Into the dustbin of history you go, worthless untermensch.


No, hate is bad, it's the emotion of little people.

a man either does not hate, or solves the problems he has. A slave sits in the shadows, hating those that rule over him.

The article supports my claims….

I don't care to argue semantics anymore. It's not that important. I don't care how you define oriental. I was more annoyed by the fact that you couldn't see mithras as a indo-european religion that has the same root as your germanic pagan beliefs.

You actually drawed a parallel between that and implied that mithras was "oriental" like christianity is "oriental". And both of those are wrong. Christianity is semetic in origin with indo-european influence. mithras is indo-european


Mithras is oriental and has indo-european roots. You know, just like the word indo in indo-european.

Christianity has many roots, these include persian and greek as wel as semitic.

go ahead and explain to the common person a pantheon of gods and watch it go over their head.

define oriental.

Wrong. "Little people" are those that are unable to control their own emotions, so they instead avoid them outright by labelling them as "bad". Come back and talk to me about being a man when you have actually learned to control yourself.

Sorry for double posting but I briefly forgot that there's idiots here.

If we erased all current spirituality from earth, all temples and all spiritual history from everything and everyone, but kept human ability to be spiritual.

Then it would only take a thunderstorm for people to think of someone being in the sky again.
Someone like them. Someone who might beat a drum. Someone who might roll logs around, etc.

They don't hear thunder, assume an X-men telepathy stance with their fingers at their temples and begin reciting the fucking bible.

There's a reason why around the world. polytheism has always been the standard to everything else must bend its knee to.

Just like the idea of the trinity, etc.

The fact that I have to explain this would be worrying but, shills, non Europeans, citizens of Judea II (Americans), etc.

Is the swastika "oriental" too?…
I hope you are starting to see how ridiculous this is.

Absolutely, but as our friend Yuri Bezmenov would tell us, not much can happen until we solve the issue of demoralization which grips our people. I think religion has always played a role in solving this kinds of ills, and it really falls on us and our generation specifically to make the best of that, that we can. It's looking promising in that even older generations have been getting involved, though not in the same numbers. So when you've got kids right now being born with grandparents involved with it, there's a very good chance that's going to get passed on. We're still small, but as of yet there hasn't been any real drop since this thing kicked off proper about 15-20 years ago. The cultural crossreach here I think is going to be very beneficial as we're going to have people who disagree with us politically standing with us, and people who agree politically but have a different faith being drawn in, and hopefully converting because of it. Luckily Rodnovery doesn't really attract the less desirable edgy types like Asatru can sometimes get stuck with. Mainly because there isn't much of our history left, which is something of a mixed blessing. While we suffer from the lack of the stories of our ancestors, we also move forward without much baggage. Ours was not perceived to be as warlike a religion, so the usual problems with, let's say the unfortunate demographic drawn specifically to that kind of thing doesn't become as much of a problem. Overcoming the deeper divides in the west will probably require taking a different road, but I think success here might inspire success there and vice versa as methods become proven and a new way becomes tangible.

Hail Victory!

you worship on a very primal primitive level. Paganism/monotheism is also about finding the truth and philopshy. Have fun with roaring like a lion though.





Yeah, no.
Why would you go for a weak attempt at some strawman or diversion to try and step away from the ultimate truth I have stated by implying that it would remain on such an immediate "primitive" level when reality, as I explained it already, speaks for me?

See , which I have not posted as a joke or a meme but for actual, unironic reference to hopefully reach someone who still has a pulse.

Ah. Ridiculous.
But funny.


Nigger, actual nigger that you are.
It's easier to convince children tooth fairies and jolly fat men who slide down chimneys exist with less effort than it takes to sell them Christianity.

Enjoy living in bizarro world or wherever you post from.
Can't be Earth.


how insufferable

In b4 you post 2terabytes of Christian collected works and tell me that this is the measure of faith and validity.
Hopefully you'll also post some "Saint" with an enlightenment halo behind his head to complete the "lol brainlet read more books to find out about true communism" aspect Christianity has.

Close enough.

Sorry, "Scholar".
I didn't mean to offend.

I never did any of that. And you're mad I didn't. You're just arguing with someone that has more in common with yourself than the common average person does.



It's okay. You can enjoy me being right all you want.
There's infinite amounts of it, after all.


Glad you're realizing it.
From Luther being a faggot just like everything else regarding Christianity.
To "complexity of worship" (which you just assumed was just primitive all the way instead of just "reborn" in that primitive scenario before anyone would think about Christianity)

And everything inbetween, I am right.
The most accurate.
The most adhering to reality.

I know it's too "brainlet" for you, but simple concepts is the crux.

I'm right when I say there is no pure Christianity in Europe or anywhere else because it died on the shores of Greece.
I'm right when I say that polytheism is the default for spirituality.
I'm right when I say that monotheism cannot win in the west or in any other culture that already had and has a good pagan culture.

The aztecs still flay.
The japanese, well, do I really have to explain how fucking non Christian those are?
Europe? Even orthodoxy?

It doesn't matter. You're still arguing from wrong ends because you must be blinded by 2000 years, which mean nothing.

We're probably just in the beginnings of the true death of christianity and the pure and true reawakening of the old gods and spirituality that leaves no trace of this retardation.

Christianity has been nothing but a short blip in its prime.
It had to fight all the time because it was and is pants on head retarded from start to finish.

You're not worshipping in some high capacity, you're playing with a turd the flies have already begun to eat, just not fully yet so you think it's still something of substance.

But as we are speaking someone falls out of the faith, as we are speaking some new offshoot some new denomination is being formed because Christianity makes no sense and the west has always worked around it.

It's the most fragile ideology I have ever learned about.
If I had to choose an actual immune system for my body that is like paganism or like Christianity, I would go with paganism.
Even the "low IQ" version you think I have.

I'm 1488% sure that I'd live pretty much healthy forever with it.


Pure christianity never existed. It was always a cult of indoctrinating "gentiles" to jewish influence, adaptable by design in accordance with any new initiative to subvert. The jews who sought to outdo the predecessors of the talmud jews simply wanted an advantage in numbers and useful idiots and they got them.

Christianity never began with or had a moment where it was just a random religion with benign intentions. It carried on the subversive tactic of plagiarizing neighboring and past religions and used the stories from those religions to form an audience of worshippers that were suckered in by the heaven or hell gambit. The only major difference with christianity from past jewish exercises in plagiarizing other religions is that christianity was foremost a plagiarism of the "sun god" myth.

Being descendants of merchants means you're accustomed to collecting stories and the art of telling a good story can be lucrative business. All jews did was capitalize on stories from other cultures, enslave the minds of the worshipers through the fear of the unknown (the afterlife) and use them as useful idiots in the eventual subversion of Rome. Jews hated Rome so much that they constantly refer to it negatively in the NT and in true jewish fashion it's intentionally left ambiguous as to who's fault it is for "killing" yeshua aka jesus. That way the worshiper associates blame with everyone involved and the (((priest))) is encouraged by each book reading to continue stoking the flames of anti-rome sentiment. This goes so far and out of line that the entire book of revelations is about a jew using coded language to describe how much rome needs to be destroyed.

As time passed and as jewish-christian influence grew, jews took over rome through christianity and after waging infighting and genocide by going after the old gods (pagan deities) you had the perfect recipe for collapse. The truth behind the fall of Rome is so simple that it's painfully obvious, and it had everything to do with christianity. The empire is too busy killing its own people and sewing discord with entire populations by attacking the old religion through violence and oppression and replacing it with some religion no one has heard of before. So much discord is caused that once rome collapsed they continued kiking and repeating the tactic as they went north, and here we are today.

Reminds me of…this one.

Also this one too.

Get over yourself cunt.


lmao. pagans pls

It's a jaw harp moron, kikes have nothing to do with it beyond trying to attach their name to yet another white man's toy.

Literal kike marketing theft and sale of a white man's instrument.

Polite sage for off-topic to the OP

A German does not need to say that he is anything else than German to denote his religion. A Roman does not need to say he is anything else than Roman to denote his religion. A Gaul does not need to say he is anything else than a Gaul to denote his religion. A Hellene does not need to to say he is anything else than a Hellene to denote his religion. etc. etc. The identities are synonymous. But a Christian, is first a Christian, then a German, or a Roman, or a Gaul, or a Hellene. etc. etc. and he calls all his non-christian ethnic brothers, pagans, to insult them. Just like a jew, he demeans and ridicules everyone that does not follow his religion, de-humanizes them, tortures them, executes them and worst of all, he converts them, bounds them and their spawn in slavery to Yahweh. Just like a jew will make you a communist -they are synonymous- by force. A christian will make you a christian by force. He will then pretend you wanted it. That it was your own revolution. A German, a Roman, a Gaul, a Hellene, etc. won't do that. Not unless he has lost his mind. Lost his connection. His faith is bound to his blood. It is not a mass conception. It only belongs to the people that have passed it on generation by generation, in their genes, in their culture, in their history, in their memes. But we are not Germans. We are not Romans. Not Gauls, not Hellenes. etc. etc. We are men among ruins. Ruins that we, have to rebuild. Identities, we have to reclaim. We will once again be who we are. Once the curse of Yahweh is lifted. Once his children are gone. Once his avatars are destroyed. Once his knowledge is lost. Once Loki is defeated in the heart of every man. Once the legacy has been reclaimed. Once the veil has been lifted. We shall be free to live as we were meant to. Not in a dark ignorance, but in full knowledge and realization. We will be connected to the source once again. Everything will be right again.


Forgot my sage. Brb killing my self and streaming it.

before you go on your pagan larping quest like varg. How about you stop attacking christian churches which is already a dying religion. Go fuck with muslims you coward faggot.

His children are the jews. His avatars are the jews and all others that behave like jews. #NotAllChristians but literally. Christianity will fade away on its own once kikes are gone. No need to burn all your temples either. Just those that were built upon our temples and sacred sites.

Here is a more contemporary ode to spiritual past that all Aryan men possess in their hearts. Does it upset you to see White Men rejecting the world that poisoned them by trying to study their origins?

Carver admitted to being a judeo-mason.

That lead singer chick looks somewhat jewish to me.
Her mouth area reminds me of Ben Stiller or that other faggot.
Adam Sandler.

Also, the description of the video is cucked to hell.

good point, checked.

No. But why attack Christianity (which is dying)? you have Religion of Cuck™ growing throughout all of europe.

on top of that. No more brother wars. Remember, schlomo? A white christian shouldn't attack a pagan. A pagan shouldn't attack a christian


so if whites stopped being christian then jews would stop hating us? idiot

Yeah, I think part of the confusion why "paganism" isn't "super duper dead" despite "everyone having been a convert because they saw the truth, including that everything holy they thought was "pagan" was actually "god" or "jesus" etc,
Or why paganism isn't dead when there is "no literature lol show me scripture larpagan or be dismissed as a larping faggot"

Is that simply because Christianity latched onto pagan things and pagans influenced Christianity because it was a working system for them and tried to "fix" Christianity in various means, the cuck bullshit part of it is dying off.

The shit part of this algamation, Christianity, is rotting away.
And without having to lift a single finger, without having to have a single "rally" the pagan soul of it all comes free and shines through.

The rotten shell of Christianity is crumbling away and the truth is slowly surfacing again.

It never left us, it was just caked under shit more heavily than it is now.
Every passing moment more shit falls off, and this will continue until no more desert staining is left.

the berserker rage is associated with odin but so is the creative inspiration that you get when doing something like writing poetry, or if you're thinking about something and enter a 'flow state' and ideas just start coming to you. in this day and age at the end of the kali yuga though, rage is pretty much the main thing that is required and therefore his likely most important export.
if a person breaks into your house then the thing odin gives will probably not be a burst of musical inspiration; the same as how as whites are currently under threat odin is giving rage as his primary distribution

Link faggot

this isn't 4cuck

You can't D/C the enemy, moron. It's cuckchan where you make your endless loli christian cartoon threads screaming death to the traditional faiths of the white man

Admittedly I browse plebbit to follow what the (((narrative))) is so I can converse with normies in a public setting. A few days ago the front page was some post about the KKK and Trump. If the actual estimate for the KKK is 8,000 people then I say it's clearly obvious racism isn't even a real issue at all. Granted I already knew that anyway.

Wrong, men are better at everything, especially the occult.