Would male sex robots stop faggotry, or promote it?

NBC wants to know if child sex robots could stop pedophiles–why not homosexuals?


This just sends the problem into the underground and in many ways, without societal shame, will normalize it.

here we go

No, the faggots would just fuck the sex robots *as well* as each other. Do you know how promiscuous they are?

I'd kill my son no matter what kind of man he decided to fuck.

no it's going to be used to further divide men and women

Maybe it would depend on the season.
It’s damn cold in many cities right now. I could see some fag staying in with his doll instead of heading out to The Pink Boa.

Holy shit that's fucked up. Give electroshock a chance first.

But can't we say that the same thing has already happened with homosexuality? It has become normalized through a lack of societal shame. Promoted, in fact.

Is there no way to put the faggotry back in the bottle without hiding a dick in the bottom?

No degeneracy should be allowed. Kill all faggots outright.

It would slow the spread of aids in the faggot community which is, obviously, a bad thing.

Nope, can't risk letting the other one catch the gay.

Couldn't you just fuck a cabbage patch kid?

The jews did this with control of the media. We can set it right the same way.

DesTINY argued we should hand out child porn to pedophiles because it would be ethical. It's just the current line of arguing leftists are using to push their degenerate tingly ideology to the next level. There's no logic behind it.

Male sex robots have been here forever - dildos/vibrators/etc

That's not to mention that a male sex robot would be more complex than the female one and insanely high priced because men do most of the work in sex.

I do not know or care, but I think we should push the sex robot meme, eventually these thing will be hooked to the net and then it will be a matter of time before some funnyman reprograms them to start chomping cock at 10 thousand psi. And then we can sit back and have jolly good LOL.

True. I fear even greater normalization and promotion if such a thing were possible. Slippery slope is almost always true with degeneracy.

I don't know the percentages, but a lot of faggots only turned gay because women are insufferable cunts.
It's no accident that homosex has increased as feminism's power has warped women's attitudes and society's rules.
Many men who turned gay did not do so because they genuinely found men attractive, they just wanted sex and love without all the irritating shit an entitled demanding woman brings.
If those men could get perfect robo waifus, you would see a huge decrease in homosexuality overnight.

90%+ of fags fuck for no other reason to fuck
I doubt many of them know what "love" is

Apologist "Hate your women, goy!" kike. Get the fuck out.

Fire and rope would stop pedos.

No, in contrary it would escelate the growth of degeneracy of all kind, be it faggotry, pedophilia or anything beyond that even further.
People would start out "trying something new" - sometime in the future they'll crave the real thing.

Promote it.
Also, not all faggots can afford one.
And now that "anyone can buy a gay robot and fuck it in the exhaust pipe" why should the real fags stand down?

holy shit Holla Forums you are losing it

wait…. I thoght 9S was 2B's brother. (I have not played the game yet)

if a robot is indistinguishable from the real thing (sex?) why would you need/want the real thing?

Considering the advancements of the technology, the distinction of real or not would become blurry enough for them where either could be favorable to them. Though that means designing sexbots to have extremely realistic traits. So there's a risk of normalization of degenerate behavior that seeks realistic encounters. That means either risking escalation to seek real people; or developing unrestrained AIs due to them modding in unsafe behaviors.

If there's one safety and security concern of sexbots I don't hear much of is the risk of unsafe modding to acquire more aggressive behaviors (as some people are more into violent encounters). The problem could be made far worse if sexbots synchronize to a learning cloud service which could sync modifications with other units accidentally.

Get on it, fag.

that all sounds very science-fiction, the most important part is going to be voice mouth and eye movement the rest of the body will always be for the foreseeable future just a very basic sex doll with no real movement. the technology just isn't there no matter how many times we see the Atlas robot do somersaults or awesomo serve coffee. industrial robots will continue to advance and land-based drones will become a thing but actual functioning androids are ridiculously far off.

in the end term though I'm thinking that "good enough" experiences might be a good way to keep degenerates from reproducing. I mean most of the time pedophiles only want to reproduce so they can exploit their own children or their children's friends. the same thing with homosexuals and transsexuals really.

when you think about it something similar has happened to women with the rise of pets taking the place of having a child. (although with the rise of realistic robots we could run the risk of creating a similar scenario with robot children replacing women's demand for real children, but once again I still think that dogs and cats are bigger problem in that regard)

not to mention it going to be pretty hard for anybody to afford a sex robot when there's no jobs because of all the automation.

that's why I think virtual reality and nerve stimulation technologies are a more realistic and cost effective approach. not to mention they don't take up space in your house/future slum

checking those double dubs of truth, although I still need to finish bayonetta

Will never happen. You can make robots/dolls that visually looks human-ish, but the AI and other functions are below infancy level. non-existant.


sophisticated AI for consumer products is definitely in the realm of science-fiction. (right now) but a decently written chat-bot with a good learning algorithm would probably be " good enough" for most. biggest issue is digital voice vast majority of products still suck in that regard, Microsoft's cortana is so far the most "natural sounding" digital assistant that I've heard. but there are still weird stilted sentences that need to be fixed.

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This is a male sex robot. They exist.