Deputy DNC Chair Endorses ANTIFA

How the fuck does this retarded Nigger think this is a good idea by any means?
Most all independent voters think ANTIFA is violent communist mob that makes the left look insane.

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Remember to bring this up anytime there is anyone that insulates that not all democrats support this. This is literal communist literature. There are no good democrats. There are no good shitlibs. There are no good leftists. Murder all of them.

He's thinking about winning for the long haul and not worrying about what irrelevant NPCs who can only motivate themselves to pull a lever or push a button think.

good catch

haven't they been declared a domestic terrorist organization?

Checked. And right on schedule the center is collapsing just like it did in 1930's. Get on board the h8 bus or get ran over you filthy cucks.

That’s right. This Muslim Brotherhood guy is all about violence.

Yes, even the liberal faggot at politico state they are. The Department of Homeland Security has formally classified activities of so-called anti-fascist or “antifa” groups as “domestic terrorist violence,” according to sources and documents obtained by Politico.

Leftists are indoctrinated to hate guns so good luck with their revolution.

Yeah maybe Trump might lose his sides from the laughter alone

This would make for a good way to tarnish the left in eyes of normalfags.

He's a nigger and an Religion of Cuck™ic goatfucker, he'll get away with it.

archive of the tweet
I think this gives a leverage to spread this info to both republicans and democrats, showing them that the DNC is out of touch with the people and filled with commie sympathizers. And it also includes of people who aren't aware of antifa, this also gives a leverage to spread info about their autistic side and show how democrats and the media protects them. This gives pressure to the democrats and ignites a split between moderates and radicals even further.


I'm probably going to regret this, but what's the likelihood of this shit being the [CURRENT YEAR] edition of the ALF and ELF firebombing handbooks?

Anthemfags are going to get mowed over by SWAT teams and Vets if they try anything. The cops are just itching to tear them apart right now.

I don't know if any liberals care they are so inundated with propaganda and still think things like the wage gap exist even when you show them concrete evidence to the contrary. I've shown liberals pozzed article from that disprove the wage gap and they still point to Iceland's new law a way to for gender equality. There may be no reasoning with the white left anymore. The only deserve to be dragged out in the street shot and burned.

Charlottesville tells a different story.

There people try to beat up trash cans and can't look both ways before they cross the street. Unlikely.
However there is always a chance that a group equally unhinged but 100x smarter might pop up, and then you get Weather Underground with Soros funding instead of USSR funding.


to be fair C vill was a totally cucked liberal area. In those places I have no doubt ANTIFA will be given space to riot.

These faggots at red neck revolt look promising.

but I doubt being pozzed anti capitalist commies will attract many red necks

And if that happens, do you think any normie will ever support these people? Since this gives a reason for the government to exterminate and arrest anyone involved with it. Although, the FBI is pozzed with the democrats and nigger king's judges may block this.

I agree, but the sad fact is that "cucked liberal area" describes just about every large American city.

This will be shitlib kids who are outsiders in conservative communities. They're essentially urbanized rualites.

here a study and yeah it looks like all the big cities over 500k are liberal as fuck.

also conservative cites are 88% white or 50% white and 30% asain.

muds simply fuck up any areas they infest.

100~200k do have a conservative slant.

These people participate in gun shows and distribute their commie books to the people.

It's just anti-white racism. Trump should call an emergency security council meeting and ask for a plan to split america into a shit part and a white part to prevent white genocide.

Or he could stay delusional and continue pushing economic nationalism to subhumans who have been trained to believe all problems in the universe were caused by white people.

I dont think I ever met a commie or lefty at a gun show or any range Ive been to.

I said smarter, not "same stupidity but this time with a dubious assortment of firearms". They do seem like they might engage in a little violence though, if the feds weren't glass wristed lefties who are on their side they would definitely be the type of possible domestic terrorist organization to infiltrate.

You think any "normies" fucking normalfag support them now? Maybe in the glitter encrusted hellhole you live in but anywhere outside of a city and many places inside smaller cities don't have much of a positive view of antifa. Though what I see is obviously skewed toward the right since I work in a blue collar environment.

Yes. But let’s get them and the niggers to do it to each other.

I really only see ethnic based bio weapons as a solution to save the white race at this point. All other solutions will eventually fail.

No I see even less people supporting this than ANTIFA since I think the guns would scar away 99% of the leftists recruits

Well, it was during Charlottesville threads, I think, that when they were mentioned and I looked a bit about their history. How was it… I think it was that in the past they were supposed to be dissolve and suddenly they got a (((financial backing))) and merged with some other group, becoming bigger. Later, according to the bio, they started to participate more in gun shows and gained more members.

Yeah, I mean more in a civil disturbance/ war you are not going to reason with them and will have no other options. I hope the cities do eat each other in a situation like that.

There isn't a city in America that is 30% Asian, not even 10%. I don't care what any stats say I've been to every city in America.

That's a kind of love too, but a tough love. Like a functional father.


I've figured this oit long ago. There's only one solution.

The more they meme Trump and all his supporters into the enemies of violent street commies the better.

The guys on the ground often don't have a good idea of what's going on. Just get told to go stand here, or go stand there. Once they figure out what's going on, they look more like this.

if you ever doubted some parts of Antifa were Soros founded controlled opposition
this is it

Like wow the keith ellison that I prayed would take over the DNC.
I would have danced a little jig had that nig got the nod.

Isn't this nigger one of the Yakub variety from the Nation of Religion of Cuck™ that believes in the Mothership is coming n shiiiet.

I've debated about larping as a radical left wing group so I can cash in on the free soros-bux getting dolled out these days.

ANTIFA is going to try and legitimize as a political party. Not sure why this isn't obvious, it's the next and only step for them.

Then they are going to put their names on the list and showing it everyone? I guess hiding their faces wont work anymore since it will be much easier to target them.

Let the list grow. Less searching and positive proof.

Every day it seems people openly out themselves as communists and Weimerica slowly shifts further right into the 4th Reich.

The second the arrests start, Soros' goons will start bombing. Mark my words.
We're going to have to kill a few million of these kikes and cucks before it's over.

You take out the head kikes: bankers and organizers. Without them, the rest is nothing but brain-dead autists who can only do is kicking trash cans.

God yes this is all I've been waiting for for 15 years now

"Last call, all aboard, bound for Guantanamo!"


This, Democrats were always closet communists.

Stop pretending that law enforcement, Justice System, and military are your 100% friends. The only reason why liberals take issue with them is because of two things:
1. They think it's unfair for them to get punished for committing a crime like shoplifting. Snitching for any crime is always bad unless if you're wanting to snitch at a nazi.
2. There's no death penalty without a trial for the "crime" of incorrect pronouns and insulting a kike. Have you seen the nazi pug court case? The guy already served his time, but liberals and kikes wanted him penalized even more. These are deluded dumbasses who have lost their moral compass and can't determine right from wrong anymore.
Even then, those entities selectively enforce the law to penalize right-wingers/whites the most while giving a slap on the wrist for their own side.

Might be a good idea to figure out whether this actually decent cop is still on the job. May have been silently let go for malfunctioning as a zogbot.

My city is 35% Asian according to the '10 census, and we aren't even their biggest hive around here.

They are open communists now which should make it easier to bring independents to our side.

Yes the military is full of cucks, niggers, muds and normies. I can attest to that as I am in it and have kicked out a couple of niggers for acting like lazy niggers.

I guess you have not been to Irvine, CA or Honolulu, HI they are over like 75% Asian nigger.

Pic is the author. Exactly how I expected he would look. Is there a pdf of the book anywhere?

nu male soy boy

If fucking blows me away how msm sites like newsweek defend this shit. How does this not redpill normies??

Link to the faggot article to be used against newsweek at a later date.

Still waiting on those mass arrests.

It makes me sick to think how the military has become rotten with jewish bullshit. It's literally like the Turner Diaries at this point.

< has never heard of the female deities

It's an epub. It's just text. So I converted it to txt. While it is styled as a manual, it is actually brainwashing material. Studied so, it can be informative. Ironically, he gives the blueprint for defeating them, in a quote in the front matter:

Indeed, indeed! For Fascism is RIGHT!

The book is pretty large. There are 3000 lines of text, not counting word wrap. It's not possible to paste it here, I believe. Also, since those who operate the site are in cahoots with the kikes, at every level, it is not possible to upload without a copyright strike.

He’s a Muslim nigger, of course he supports evil.

After seeing shit like this even the most indoctrinated shitheel should realize they're a pawn. Imagine if trump posted a photo of infantry attacks by erwin rommel and said "I just found the book that strikes fear into the hearts of liberals" and organized a violent rally to harass a leftist protest beforehand, I would jump ship in an instant because I'm not going to be political cannon fodder.

the military is on our side where it counts, the infantry. The vast majority of pog mos's are nothing but dead weight in a civil war type scenario.

I bet ya it would take a week before some enterprising shitlord figures out how to trick the drone operators into bombing leftists. Let alone hacking the fuckers. If Iran can do it Holla Forums can do it.

Lol that will open them up to being attacked with the communist act