Sad day, anons. An old friend of mine is rotting in jail because her 'thug-life wannabe' boyfriend filed a domestic incident complaint on her while she was on parole for a minor drug offense. She's a single mom that's now looking at 7 years because this beta nu-male claimed she threatened him when she was trying to visit with her kids on christmas eve. Thug-life tuff-guy is now bragging about it on facebook.

We've known each other forever, long before she started burning the coal. She was raised by a single mom in a low-income housing complex without a lot of opportunities or good influences. We popped each other's cherries when we were 14, and she was tight. We were just kids that didn't know what we were doing. We didn't have any lube so she used chap-stick, lol. I will never look at chap-stick the same way again.

Now her life is pretty much pissed away over a few bad decisions. What kind of guy calls the cops on a single mom over a 'domestic' incident. For fuck's sake, if you're a big dude that feels threatened by a small woman you need to kill yourself Mr 'Divyne Jeff'. What kind of made up name is that anyway?!

She made a lot of mistakes, no doubt. It seemed like she had learned and was moving on, excited to see her kids again for christmas.

Another symptom of American society in collapse. And, locking up a single mom that can't defend herself over bullshit while the Clintons still run free.

She can't even afford $1500 bail, there's no way she's getting a real attorney. She'll get a public pretender, again, like last time and get totally fucked.

Apparently I can email the court [email protected], but otherwise its pretty hopeless.

I don't know. I give up.


Remind me what the purpose of this thread is?

Yeah you're getting reported and banned for this shit, but for others observing this thread, research "telegony" and "microchimerism". Basically once a whore burns coal once, her womb is tainted by nigger DNA. There is no reclamation for them and they are at this point dead weight holding our race back.

>defending a single mom coalburner that's either (((tan))) or some mystery meat
I've only been lurking chans since 2012, but even I can tell you're reddit cancer. Mossberg makes great fellatio tools, you should look into them.


There isn't. Even tried to red text the subject. This has newfag written all over it.

Lol, you're just mad that somebody got laid you incel. Go back to MGTOW

"Thug-life" is a chad not a nu-male. Nu-male are orbiters that never get laid.
Could have just hooked up with a beta provider instead of riding the nig-chad thug train if she wanted a good education and to be provided for.
Yet you didn't marry her? So it seems your a chad also.
She pissed it away at 14 with you TBH
Shes a degenerate
To a Beta provider that's shit for cash.
Why don't you spend the money and bail her out? Oh wait thats right your a poor fag chad, almost forgot.
Saging for not political.

I'm out of state


sage isn't a downvote, moshe.

You could go to jail for threatening a nigger? She didn't stab or shoot it? Just threatened it? Tragic.


you sound like a cuck op

PC Police……. SJW wet dream. Illegals can kill white women and walk.

nah, i dumper her

you also sound like a nigger

6/10 troll, it comes across as too obviously manufactured to push Holla Forums's buttons to be believable, but I am genuinely disgusted by you, so I'll give you that. The extra-faggoty tripcode was a nice touch. Shame you glow in the fucking dark so brightly

like your mom?

wow you sure showed me

Kill yourself OP. And if you're a real man you'll go kill your disgusting friend, the nigger, and then hang yourself and Livestream it all.

Holey shit then fly out there and bail her out. You know how many times i fly around every year to visit my friends? As i said you seem like a poor fag chad. Go and fly out and spend that $1500. I have that much just in lose change, infact any working man has that. Stop using Holla Forums as your damn blog for your coal burner.


I'm not kidding, we're facebook friends. Do you want to see her nudes?

No sympathy from me.