Why is there a black person in Richard Spencers apartment?

Three hours into this live stream, a black person tries to conceal itself walking in front of Richard Spencer's camera.

Why is there a black person in Richard Spencer's apartment?

Link to video:

I don't know, he was probably cucking him.
Sage and reported for shitty eceleb thread.

He likes to get fucked by niggers, duh.
Remember how he likes to fuck 16 year old boys? Same thing, he's a full blown degenerate pushing the (((Alt Right)))

Fuck you too.

I guess he's fucking a negress. sage for e-celeb bullshit

Why does he hang out with jews larping as neo-nazis?
Why does he is pro-Israel?

He's a jew.

Richard Spencer is not an e-celeb, he is an individual luring anons into his organization. There has been an enormous amount of accusation of him. This person hiding behind his camera is extremely suspicious.

What video is this from?

Any more caps?

Link is in the OP.

Obviously he has black servants.

A bit later, he looks back and smiles.

I think he's banging a nigger.

Also, she's drying her "hair" so she just finished with a shower, after coming from the bathroom over his right shoulder a bit earlier. Indicates that they're intimate.

Spencer confirmed race mixer?

No he does not

No. If you watch the stream, you see her trying to get past a couple of times. This is not a casual thing, but someone hiding.

But, yeah at best Spencer is a race mixer. At worst he is a total fraud.

Most definitely does.

I disagree.

That is his face when he looks back into the camera. At no point were he smiling.

Someone, somewhere, is going to end up doxxing it and this whole situation is going to get even funnier.

That's the face of panic since not only is he a filthy race-mixer but he's supposed to be married. So at best a filthy race-mixer at worst a filthy race-mixing adulterer.

Indeed. I'm sad this thread got anchored. I feel like something interesting could be done with all of this since the nig could be some sort of lead to who else Spencer is working for or with.


Confirmed black. Registers as purple because of camera/lighting, proving that's a nigger. Nice job OP.

I'll make another thread when it dies.

Wouldn't that be something if this were a tranny.

Nice work.

Thanks. I honestly think the mods did a mistake on this one. They probably saw the reports about "e-celebs" and anchored it without much thought.


that's just his wifes boyfriend

Did we not already know he is CIA nigger faggot? His whole point in life to to fuck faggots and fuck us. First, he spergs out with the Roman salute after the election, then he gets punched, can you imagine what the Kike media will say when it is revealed he has a Nigger boy friend? Because that's all part of the plan, I hope these 444 trips to come true soon, then we can rebuild his legacy as a heterosexual man.

I think it is well-known here but the level of depravity that is steeped in is something not entirely known. He comes across as mere controlled opposition, an idiot playing a role when he may be even something worse.

Kike bullshit, He is a CIA nigger that glows in the dark.

http ://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/01/blind-item-6_3.html

Could this be the lady that Spencer is hooking up with?

Like kikework.

Well then. Here's hoping the next thread is not locked for sure.

I wonder if it is Azaelia Banks. She is fucked in the head, praised Trump, bashes white people and then admits that she sleeps with them (since a lot of race-mixing non-whites are trying to do away with their racial identity by sleeping with another - yes they're fucked in the head).
She's a voodoo practicing crazy so that would not be surprising, then again, she would have waved to the camera since she is that fucked in the head.

Remove the anchor TRS faggot mods

Was he getting robbed while in a livestream?

I'd guess Tila Tequila, but I don't think she ever had a hit?

He's also most likely a homosexual if the general trend is to be believed.

you have to go back


I posted it there after this thread got anchored. i also spread it around other chans to see where else it would get censored. The mods on cuckchan eventually bump-locked that thread too,

I've never had any problems with the mods on this board, but if you look at what get's anchored it looks suspicious. Perhaps that stuff get's spammed all day, I don't know, it still looks pretty bad.

She's hiding behind a towel lmao

probably a cleaner, no way of knowing whether she's even black

Why is the cleaner hiding
Why is there no cleaning noises such as hoover?
We see the skin on her neck when she pushes her hair and it's black?
Why is she looking in the clothes closet?


She does like it up the bum so Spencer would definitely be swayed by that. Flip her over it could be a skinny boy.

Anchor… for outing spencer even more as a glow in the dark larper. Lolololol fuck you kike mods, hate ch is kill. Only 40 replys about this in two days, lol holy fuck you faggots crashed this board with no survivors.

Soon it will just be me and you. Where do you think the others are going, are they falling for the come before the storm q-user bullshit?

He travels a lot and with a lot of people. Either a couple people are staying at his house, one of which brought a nog, or he is staying at someone else's house.

Also worth pointing out that casual sex with a nog doesn't negate your position on white nationalism. I have fucked a light skinned french canadian black and I still would prefer her to GTFO if it is part of making a white ethno-state.

Why is nuance so hard for 2xchan niggers?

Fuck it, checking my own trips. The other thread is bluepilled.