The Bannon Counterprop

proposal: bannon's book is counter-propaganda to make liberals continue thinking that trump is retarded

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It's an interesting proposition, I just would caution about chess-like narratives, Trump certainly has proven himself to be far smarter and strategically minded than I think anyone (outside of Holla Forums ) but since these places attract other highly intelligent anons we should be on the lookout for overestimation, 'magical thinking' and/or wishful theorization. It could blindsight us for more obvious, base, limited thought and action patterns. Occam's razor and all that.

The magic of the strategy is, if it's true, negative reactions from Trump and from Holla Forums just enforce the illusion.

Mods creating a false narrative for their master Sloppy Chinese money Steve.


It also make sense why the (((journalists))) are arguing against the book: they're afraid they're being outmanoeuvred and that the clowns of Colbert, Bee, Saturday Night Live, and co. are going to sell Trump the rope he'll use to hang them by making him look weak to the point that the liberal base will become complacent.

Is anyone else seeing this shit? They're flipping over backwards to defend Sloppy Steve like he's Dicky Spencer or something.

Whats clear is the "Trump is retarded" narrative is what caused the left to let their guard down and lose the election (by not rigging it hard enough).


The Democrats are going to run establishment candidates so that they can back their (((sponsors))), thinking that Trump will be easy to beat.

Lefties will be too retarded to see the trick, since it takes someone who's intelligent to turn down praise, while dumbasses like to be told they're smart by their (((handlers))),

Bannon was ousted as a Nazbol Communist and now, all of a sudden, he's taking a dive to make Trump look better. All opposition is controlled opposition.

See exhibits a. b. and c.

I heard that the book says "Drumpf sleeps in a different room than his wife, locks him self in the room and eats TWO cheeseburgers on his bed".

Bannon is an e-celeb. Get rid of these advertisements for this boring fat jew, mods. Do your job.

Who do you think they work for? The "mastermind of the alt-right"… Chinese money and Thialand lolis

Breitbart is now completely controlled by Israel first Jews.



proposal: Bannon is a traitorous mole. He’s now on the gookbucks/Soros payroll. This explains why he insinuated Breitbart was a low credibility publication despite being the executive officer or whatever. A double agent. And he was a leaker.

how did meming on niggers lead to having this many keks
Trump is the gift that keeps on giving

It’s not even ads for Bannon.
It’s ads for some cnn kike.


I voted for this guy…

Just like with Bush. Same old shit again. Why can't based Bibi, a holocaust survivor of the first rank, run the country?!

I believe it. Someone on half chan said countersignaling, would that fit this definition?