Himmlers Occult Library Raided

I bet all kinds of fascinating things were stolen

"In an unprecedented incident in 2017, a group of unknown thieves rappelled down into a specially secured warehouse in Feltham, Middlesex in the early hours of January 30th and made off with 160 rare texts that were being guarded at the facility.

According to reports, the thieves bore a hole through three reinforced-fiberglass skylights then rappelled down through the opening. Somehow, they avoided setting off the advanced motion detection security systems protecting the inside of the facility during this process and during the hours they spent inside.

CCTV footage shows the thieves walking past expensive electronic merchandise and making their way directly to six sealed metallic trunks. Four of the trunks were pried open, and the thieves could then be seen throwing aside various texts inside as they hunted down their specific targets. It was noted that they examined a list as they looked for the books they were after. Once found, the texts were loaded into holdalls and carried back up and out the way that the men came in then lowered down the side of the building and placed inside a waiting van.

“I don’t know how they knew they were there. Maybe they hacked our email,” said a dealer based out of Italy who lost nearly $850,000 in books during the heist.

He was one of three dealers who suffered from the incident, though he lost what was considered the most valuable book of the heist: a 1566 copy of De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium by astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus; which has an estimated value of about $267,000 dollars. The work is considered to be the prize jewel of the entire collection.
There was a number of other notable texts taken, including works by Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo, Isaac Newton, as well as a rare 16th century edition of Dante’s Divine Comedy. All the texts were heading to the 50th California International Antiquarian Book Fair.

Brian Lake, from the Antiquarian Booksellers Association, commented at the time that, “Nothing like this has hit the rare books trade before.”

This is, in part, because the books stolen would be incredibly difficult to fence on the black market. Which has led many to infer that this was a private order job contracted by a wealthy collector. Some familiar with the rare books environment have gone on to suggest that this is likely the work of a notorious and highly mysterious collector that’s become known as “The Astronomer”.

“Quite honestly. I have never heard of a heist like this involving books – it is extraordinary,” said Brian Lake.

It’s thought that this incident was related to a rash of high-profile book thefts that plagued eastern Europe and Russia, almost all relating to rare scientific texts, and all thought to be the work of the same collector.

Until this time there are no reports of the culprits being brought to justice.

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Any German-speaking anons wanna help translate the first edition of the Nazi occultist magazine Ostara?


Our era is full of Alexandria library fire event tier destruction of information and history, it's incredible. Let's hope all these books are backed up somewhere on the Net.

This like something outta of pulp magazines. I bet it's a time traveling space warlock whose trying to save all the books before the nuclear holocaust.

Fuck! Is this real or is it more (((esoteric black magic aliens))) history channel bullshit?

Are Bannon mods going to kill this thread?


That or the Thule Group or whoever have come back and are taking what is theirs.

Somebody knew where they were and their value. Doesn't matter though. It's already been done.

CIAniggers lose again.

He has descendants, dosen't he? Sometimes mossad amazes even me.

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children."


Holy shit, that has huge considering the amount of sophistication involved with the heist.
Who could be behind this?

Kikes btfo again

OP's source sounds a bit far-fetched but this actually did happen, just search for 2017 book heist. Hopefully the culprits were some good lads who wanted to rescue these books from the kikes.

Obviously not the same thing kike, way to attempt to derail.

So you're trying to tell me that The Ninth Gate wasn't just some shitty movie?

that's not the only thing

There is literally nothing in the article you posted about Himmler or even anything of an esoteric nature.

Welcome to Holla Forums

To all Friends of Ostara!

In 1930, "Ostara, Newsletter of the Blondes" entered its twenty-fifth year of existence.

Few know what it means not only to establish, but also to maintain through twenty-five years a literary powerhouse like the "Ostara," which intrepidly took up the battle against the numeric and financial superiority of dark degeneracy. Actually "Chandala," a Sanskrit term appropriated by Nietzsche.

In this quarter-century alone, thousands of magazines and newspapers, established and preserved by massive efforts in capital and advertising, vanished without a trace.

As a voice in the wilderness, decried and demonized, our foreman Dr. Jörg Lanz-Liebenfels alone dared to brace himself against the incoming flood of degeneracy to his fullest capability and youthful exertion. He gambled - and he won. Won chiefly with the help of the godly forces of our heroic race, forces which remunerate thousandfold blessings upon every sacrifice brought to them with devotion and purity of heart.

Übersetzen ist harte Arbeit, hilft mir Deutschbros!

how do you not know all about it?
see the link in

Anyone cares to give a more in-depth explanation of how this will change things?

Imkampfy did this

Inside job to enable insurance fraud?

When your buyer is a member of a certain group, a group whose membership also includes the owner of the company that installed the security system of your mark, it's not really hacking. The only question the police should be asking is how close the nearest synagogue is.

Good god.
Was Himmler trying to mantle King Arthur and his court?
Is such a thing even possible? Is this what the legends mean when he'll return? That a sufficiently similar copy/fraud is the same as the original?

The madman. The genius if its possible.
To become the last of the true kings.

checked and keked

This reads like the plot of a 60's spy film.

Could he be one of us you reckon?

This timeline is fucking hilarious.

Probably safer in the hands of random thieves than in some grudge-holding Kike's warehouse.


People, actually read the article, these aren't Hitlerian or occult books, just important classical works of Western civilization which are worth a lot.

The Eternal Jew hates both, equally.

not true
he founded the Hexe Sonderkommando

Are these books backed up somewhere online? Can the people read them? Because if you own rare texts that only a handful of people have ever read and you hold them in a warehouse so that they can be sold one day, you fucking deserve to have them stolen from you. Man cannot 'own' thoughts put to page, they belong out in the world to be read and analyzed by the public.

That's just what anons think.
The rest of the world are convinced you can own information and should hoard it.

I hate the Jews everyday for their attempts to control and strangle the world, but some days I hate the normalfags who allow it to happen even more.

On the day of the rope we shall throw open the vaults and feast upon the information within.
Then through us it shall spread to all mankind.
A new era will begin, one where all of humanity has access to the entirety of human knowledge. No redactions, no barriers and no more lies.


I think this is "high priority knowledge" potentially. Meaning humanity just lost something precious.

Question. What the hell was in those books?


Dante's Divine Comedy was one book, I'm assuming it's value is for maintaining the accuracy of new editions.

But that may impede on someone's ability to manipulate the content of the book. :^)

Which suggests new versions are about to get a "facelift"

threadly reminder redpilled wizards will save us Merlin's coming back

sorry digga aber die fond is dermassen beschissen zum lesen das ich vielleicht jedes dritte wort entziffern kann

Holla Forums wishes for a future where everything can be discussed and debated, where logic and facts reign supreme over emotional failings and small-minded beliefs. For that dream, we are despised. Because we are despised, we must always endure.

I thought it was know by everyone at this point that the thule group was trying to make Hitler the king of the wild hunt

Merlin is derived from the Briton folklore figure of Myrddin Wyllt (Wyllt meaning "the wild").

A prophet and a madman of middle welsh poetry. A bard and the speaker of many poems.
He went mad after witnessing the battle of Arfderydd where his lord Gwenddoleu ap Ceidio was defeated by Rhydderch the generous.
He fled into the forest, lived among the animals and obtained the gift of prophecy.

There is also alleged to be have been a "prophecy of merlin" written by a Cornish priest in the 12th century based on older Cornish language texts.
This prophecy is kept sealed away in the Vatican library along with the supposed original.
It's also sometimes called "The Prophecy of Ambrosius Merlin concerning the Seven Kings"

Really makes you think.
Also makes you look at the parallels to us.

Why do something like that? When Briton kings stood equal to the lord of the wild hunt?

Hidden or not, truth always prevails. If the prophecies aren't self-fulfilling looking at kikeworld here then nothing will prevent them from coming true.

a worty goal if i ever heard one, shit like this is why i see you faggots as family.
for truth, sieg heil

How could they possibly know that? Does this guy send a fucking calling card? Is there some esoteric onion forum where he gloats about it?

All I can hope is that it's some of our lads liberating the texts. Even better would be them liberating with the express intent to copy and distribute them. I don't see why kikes would have to steal them from themselves like this, they could just as easily hide them some and never speak of them again. Or if they wanted insurance shekels a fire would be way more believable than this James Bond shit.


Take the Alan Wilson Pill:


Though watch from the start, not my shitty link.

We wuz kangz.

Who do you think? Are you not aware user that the Reich and it’s leaders had contingency plans? Google Bormann Financial Group, the descendants of Himmler, Göring, & Magda Goebbels, Black Order. It’s the Black Order taking back what’s theirs.

I have difficulty believing King Arthur was christian.


Celtic Christianity was much different to modern Christianity, in Europe it spread from Britain to Rome.

The coelbren alphabet is real and the welsh language can decipher officially (((unreadable))) texts.

How else can you explain the similarities in language between welsh and hebrew?

The real question is did the Egyptians and Israelite come from britain originally or vice versa. Many speculate druidic knowledge built the pyramids. What exactly do you think the freemasons are obscuring?

The khazars are hiding our true history.


Holy shit, is this why they've been inactive for a while? Because they're taking action irl? Godspeed.
Polite sage for potential off-topic.

More than I feel comfortable sharing on a Pilipino culinary and horticulture forum.
It isn't the Black Order, though. It's the same Order that was founded to protect Western Civilization with a bit of 2nd or 3rd World lore mixed in.
Thule Society is almost old as Lumeria and was born as a result of members of the Thule Society finding artifacts that point to older civilization Ancient Ayrans. These books are important because they are, likely, reproductions of that old knowledge. But these books are not important in the same way that, say the Lance of Christ is or the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant. These books represent things that which are inside all of us at all times but we will miss most of the material because we were not initiated into their order. Hidden knowledge is supposed to be hidden and protected.

Many of King Arthur's men were not just soldiers but were also Holy Men - very similar to what Himmler and Hitler were trying to work out and force a prophecy. King Arthur's men, the Knight's Templar, were all part of a much older Order and the Crusades were a threefold project:
1. beat back the mudslime hordes
2. ensure the holy artifacts we protected all these years remain hidden and in our power
3. find other holy artifacts and protect them

You really think Africa was about the resources? You really think the Israelis are currently digging up the entire Judean desert looking for Lillith for Dead Sea Scrolls? Same thing exists today with Eric Prince and Blackwater in Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc - same thing with ISIS "destroying" artifacts only for it to reappear in private collector's ritual rooms.

Theres similarities between cymraeg and hebrew?
Hebrews a lot more…harsh sounding than cymraeg. You won't find a K in cymraeg but hebrew is full of them.

Hebrew is a bastardized modern language


King Arthur and his band of warriors as holy men?
Hard to believe but he did have a strong connection to Annwn supposedly. Even as he and his warriors raided it and other worlds for treasure and knowledge.

Thinking on it. It's easy to see why Games Workshop (a British company) came up with the story of the Emperor of Man and his Primarchs.
Since they pretty much meet the same model of a mysterious hero king wielding knowledge and artifacts of a clearly otherworldly origin leading a band of superhuman warriors against foes bizarre and mundane.

They don't, stand alone complex user. Forced memes.

>you really think the Israelis are currently digging up the entire Judean desert looking for Lillith for Dead Sea Scrolls?
>tfw I feel the vine calling me ayuhuasca/DMT to reveal her deepest secrets of the universe to me
>tfw we make anime real

Seibah a qt
but Jannu a best
polite sage for off topic

DMT is a very dangerous drug. It affects the brain negatively in high dosages.

Fun fact about her.
The English did not put her on trial. They captured her and it was the French who demanded she be put on trial and then it was a French court which convicted her.
While the English were just confused.

I also suspected that give old friend Gilles.
Still a qt.

DMT is produced by your own body when you dream and die
It's certainly not to be taken lightly, or by the weak-minded. I've been preparing myself for years, and I'm still not "ready". Still, we must become strong if we are to defeat our enemies. Those pedo faggots have been taking DMT to communicate with Satan for centuries.

Going based on the various threads I've found

Jeanne would have been best if Apoc didn't reduce her to trivial waifubait paired with the blandest protagonist ever.

I've heard it's very damaging to the brain if taken artificially. I would not recommend it at all. That's a close person to me's recommendations as a psychologist.

I used to think the same.

I don't want to derail the thread user, enough waifu banter

hopefully they publish them for free online

That has potential actually.

The whole thing is suspicious. The fact the news are on to it is also very suspicious. I mean, why would you want the public and potentially the crims to notice this shit unless you wanted to boost the price.

and the only good scene and the fate series was berserker possessing a f15 in fate zero, the rest was generic shit that looked pretty

I'll be careful not to turn into Joe Rogan, user. Still, thanks for the warning.

I suspect what they're doing is a shortcut or a workaround.

The idea of a pre-history history that is lost to us is interesting.
Though it seems somewhat at odds with available information.
You'd think there's be more evidence of it

It's possible the people involved in such a prehistory intentionally destroyed their own footprints for one reason or another. Perhaps they got jewed so decided to kick off an ice age in the hope only their aryan kin would be fit to survive it, but couldn't risk their secrets falling into the hands of enemy survivors.

>my (((psychologist))) friend says it's bad

okay. Any sources to back this up? I could see it being dangerous if improperly extracted - vapourizing lye residue is a great way to fuck up your lungs. But there's no clinical evidence to suggest DMT behaves in any manner that is neurotoxic.

If there's any cause beyond him being born as a near-tard, I'd say it's the constant weed consumption, not his handful of DMT experiences.

At the very least they were holy enough for the Pope to have what he thought was all of them all of them killed in France after the power was shifted back to the church and imminent threat of conquest over.
King Arthur was Christian - not in the Christ sense because he took to the sword, but in the sense that he followed the Pope until the Pope declared him and his Order blasphemers. If you followed the Pope's orders you were either conquered yourself or the epitome of the Crusaders.
The Knight's Templars, according to lore, found artifacts that shake the foundations of power. Imagine actually finding the Holy Grail - would you take it back to the asshole who told you to kill until you found it ignoring all doctrines that prohibit killing or would you seal yourself, some of your best men, and the artefact in a cave so you can protect it physically and after death? What about the Ark? The Spear? The fountain of youth?
These Holy Men saw the reality and horrors these artifacts would unleash on the world so they took their lives to protect it and were declared blasphemers by the Pope.
Or so the story goes.

Check out the Glbeki Tepe - shit was buried intended to be forgotten.

So who are our exarchs?
And is this a watchtower?

I heard the Templars were Moloch-worshipping bankers who challenged the power structure of their time, that is why they had to go into hiding. Not that I believe it necessarily, because (((who))) do we know of would accuse their enemies of what they themselves are doing?

The last few episodes of Apoc have some amazing fights actually, the best in any Fateshit. The narrative itself was the epitome of wasted potential, but holy shit did they go all out on the animation at the end.

That depends on what you consider "available information." For instance, most cultures actually agree that such a precursor civilization existed. Hell, most of them even say that it was Whites from afar who brought them knowledge. Then there are physical sites such as the Bosnian pyramids which date to at least 10,000BC or the Giza complex which signals to a similar date through the astronomical alignments even if the structures themselves were built later. There's heaps of evidence out there, but it is highly (((suppressed))). The Semites will be exterminated if the truth comes out.

I think the biggest problem is that no one has ever truly challenged him. It would have been amazing to get him to go visit Herr Zundel before his death.

I'm not sure that's the case. What if it was buried precisely so that it would be found rather than dismantled by scavengers or eroded away by the ages?

But King Arthur died fighting the saxons and the legends of the holy grail came into existence long after that.
And Britain hadn't yet been christianised fully as the Romans had never managed to pull that off.
What Christians it did have weren't even catholic.
You're on about Geoffrey of Monmouths 12th century stuff. Written fully six hundred years after King Arthurs death.

My close source who I won't distinguish for anonymity reasons.
Look, prima facie it isn't healthy anyhow.

You gotta have faith with me on this one… I can't really name my source.


Angkor Wat is very modern compared to those other monuments. And it is clearly Hindu/Buddhist (actually it was in a war between both for centuries) given the ornate architecture and artwork depicting the various kings and battles.. oh and the surrounding temples around Angkor wat (hundreds of huge temples).

That's why it's said to not exist.

Well one as recently as within the last 100000 years anyway :^)

"The Templars" is a misnomer, there were likely several different flavors of Templar after their occupation of Jerusalem. Some of them just remained pawns of the Church without learning anything, some of them came under the direct influence of the Semitic cabals controlling Christianity, and some of them seem to have discovered pre-Christian truths based on the signs of Templar presence near the supposed resting place of the Ark in Ethiopia as well as their eventual transformation into Freemasons and other secret societies steeped in "pagan" traditions. That last group did challenge the power structure of their time, which is the same power structure that exists today. Of course, the Freemasons were also infiltrated and made into a part of that power structure.

The current structures are indeed much more modern, but the argument that has been put forward is that they were built on top of older temples due to the alignments and numerology carried over into the current structures.

What the fuck do you think the authorian legends are about?

Oh and that seems plausible considering how many of the fuckers there are there. Hundreds upon hundreds by many kings. Both bhuddists and hindus fighting over that tiny area for hundreds of years. All of them deeply spiritual too.

I went there last october. I had what I thought was sleep paralysis in Siam Reap where a dark silhouette met me in my hotel room, said "come" and then touched my forehead.
I thought it was either a demon or an angry dead local at the time (think 'killing fields').

Spoopy experience.

Catholic church certainly had a grudge against them. Plus if what we saw in pizzagate is correct, perhaps the church was right.
Or perhaps they didn't want competition.

I think they found something horrific on their crusade anyhow.

A hero king who fought the enemies of Britain and defended our home against the saxon menace along with various supernatural threats.
And also spent a lot of time fucking about in other worlds.

I'm a Briton. So the stories I know are very different and much older than those a yankee knows.
Protip: There never was a Lancelot.

It reminds me of what I read doing basic bitch research into Zoroastrianism. Something about the true purpose and meaning of life being the pursuit of more knowledge. Not sure what knowledge is to them in their context but it seems a worthy principle.

All of the stories have references to mother mary and god…

The Mabinogion doesn't contain any references to christianity

glance through this.

The green knight was my favorite story because when I had a kid I remember how creepy it was when the knight gets decapitated.

The question isn't really if it is christian or not. The question is how christian is it?

That's post Geoffrey.
I'm talking older stuff. The stuff he bastardised and abused.

What stories in particular are you saying have no christian influence?
Please specify

I prefered the black knight.

Rogan doesn't even smoke weed.

Ho boy.

Well in the 1130s a fellow named Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote a pseudo-historical text called the Historia Regum Britanniae. It's a wildly inaccurate and fictitious retelling of history that existed primarily to solidify the position of the church in Britain.
Everything written prior to this is referred to as pre-Galfridian.

But it is this fictional retelling of history that gives us the modern concept of King Arthur and his knights of the round table.

What I am referencing is the pre-Galfridian stories.
Which depicted Arthur as a hero king leading a band of superhuman warriors. Who regularly traveled to Anwnn and other realms beneath the earth.

My mom; southerner, told me that story as a kid.
If I remember the story of one of the knights correctly, because he kissed the grounds with his bloody lips he wouldn't be admitted to heaven; for he defiled the soil with blood and defeat.
I remember her also telling more of these out of the Faerie Queen; Fae Queen.
It was something written by one of Shakespeare's contemparies at the time.

Well how can I read the stories? they're all in welsh

English translations exist.
Tolkien even did a few.


so the holy grail were the original stone slaps with the 10 commandments on them?
interressting tough a little boring compared to von däniken ancient technology idea.
welp truth cant always be as awesome as king arthur being a dimentional traveler ransacking mythological races.

The Ark of the Covenant and the ten commandments?

All the Arthurfags itt need to read "The Mystery of the Grail" by Evola. It's a good quick read about the archetypes of Grail myths across cultures from Ireland to India( more proof for ancient Aryan theory). It posits their ubiquitousness should be looked at as evidence for an universal ancient esoteric tradition the Grail Quest is an allegory for. It shows that the myths are both instructions and cautionary tails for initiates about the perils of the path. It sights as analogous examples in addition to the obvious ones from Briton, the stories of Prestor John, the Fisher King, the Kalki, Joseph of Arimathea, and also Dante's Divine Comedy which was stolen in the heist. It also goes into the fall of the Templars and the rise of (((Freemasonry))) at the end. Really interesting with good sources. Evola also posits that the keepers of this ancient knowledge cloaked it in "Christian influence" to protect it from the church who was destroying and coopting pagan European culture; only to be recognized and resurrected centuries later by the right person or people. This being an aspect of the Grail legend itself lends credence to his hypothesis, the sleeping, wounded, imprisoned king(truth) waiting to be woke/healed/set free by a knight/s on a quest.

Here's the LA Times article
The total value was only 2.2 million adding to the theory that it was a targeted heist by a collector. It wasn't insurance fraud because the stolen books were from three different dealer's collections. Let us hope and prey this was the Black Order or the 55 Club and not some flat earth christcucks.


The Grail is your heart and Aryan blood which can become more powerful than any jewish trinket. Harrison Ford is a kike.

Does anyone else feel like we need to form another occult order, like a revival of the Thule Group?

arent we already?

Not really much more we can do until someone secures a warchest for funding a new Ahnenerbe complete with archaeological expeditions.

yea that aint happening unless the guys from süd/pol show up.

or we go full mao and arm a bunsh of dudes to rob literly every bank in the country for funds
i still find it funny that wild west style bankrobberys funded the chinese communists

How about crowdfunding?

well i guess kek approves, does haterion still exist?

What we really need is a few quiet, shadowy millionaires/billionaires on our side. I wonder who we could find?


Nope it dead.

so much for that then, though honestly i wouldent trust some random nigger to actually do what the croudfunding was for.
i mean wasent the c-star the only project funded by our guys that ever came though?

Think so.
But then consider that as we're working with incomplete information any historical efforts are likely to come up without results most of the time.

I would say what we need is to start a library. Crowdfund the creation of a proper and substantial library/museum.
Then we can use that as a platform for crowdfunding more fringe archaeological efforts.

Lurker here, any possibility that this event has something to do with this?

who are the (((rightful owners))) of the stolen texts?


nah man this is about land not artefacts, its just another ploy by the jew to get free shit.
and more importantly a counter to polish nationalism, the jews used to own big junks of warshau and other citys in poland and eastern europe, all of wich are not on board with the rapefuges.
all this is is bullshit poletics were the jew wins no matter what happens.

Theres some good spots in England and Wales.
Scotland has a lot of nice remote spots but the political situation is far too dangerous there.

you can do it if you want to but dont be surprised if no one gives a fuck and the thing dies before it gets off the ground.
we have so far always worked best without involving money.
out strengh is working together were no one is above the rest, as soon as someone gets rid of the anonymity and stands out shit starts to happen.
just saying

Yeah I didn't think it was very feasible either but I put it out there anyway

I think a point has to come where it has to be tried.

dude how feasable was it for a bunsh of autists to triangulate the target data for a russian airstrike.

all im saying is that we as a group have our very specific strenghs and if we want to acomplish something that we have to do it with what we are good at.
leaderfagging has always been rejected on principle so i doupt opening a croudfunding operation to open a museum can work but if we for example were to start a virtual database that is in essence the same thing but without funds involved then a whole lot more people would be on board and would contribute.

sounds stupid but just look at how long faggots have been talking about orgenizing and zunding a privat antarctica expedition and so far fuck all came from it, were just last week a dude on hgg yea im digenerate i know was able to fully translate a game that was in all ways abandond in less then 10 days.

we have our strenghs dude and irl shit just isent one of them.
that other dude talked about starting a secret society, thats exactly how you can imagine us.
the autistic robe wearing wierdos arent the guys that go into the field, they organise and lead people to go into the field.

Problem therein is that an online database still requires funds and someone to handle that

Sticky request!


What are you talking about?

Nevermind, feel retarded now.

It still pains me that this game was about traps.

What's going down in Scotland? Last I heard there was national party that wasn't remotely nationalist pushing for independence so they could suck more EU cock.

sure about that?
wouldent surprise me if a bunsh of dudes here eather had excess or outright owned a serverfarm.
try making a threat about it, as long as you dont look like another attention whore looking to get gibs from us things will be a lot easyer.
so dont talk about money but server time, web development and so on.
comodetys instead of funding.

That's an interesting take, user. Are you suggesting that the texts were stolen specifically to avoid their transfer to their (((rightful owners)))?

I'll ask before I filter you, are you diagnosed dyslexic or do you just read at a pre-k level?

I hope Himmler's collection on Tacitus' first work didn't fall into the wrong hands, since it included the precise way to enslave the Germanic peoples through their endowed weakness. Of course it also annunciates the strengths of Germans especially the way Germanics see through the silver Latin words of envoys who cross the Rhine.

Frau Magda Goebbels' heirs from her first marriage.

neater im german


The SNP are not nationalists despite it being in their name.
They're cucks. Hardcore cucks.

Merlin was an autistic neckbeard lol.

It's easily the most significant part of the video! The rest can be verified after the method is proven, and that should be easy if he's right.

Are there any historyfags that can verify that Etruscan and Olde Brit runes are the same?

Is this real life or a comic book?

The farthest sight cannot be achieved through medicinals/medication. It helps most in training, though.



I don't know any of that stuff, feel free to spoon feed.

Who is this Enigmatic Astronomer? Is he /our/ dude?

^ sock puppet

^ cia

^ faggot

History, antiquities, and HEMA, are white supremacist now.

"lectures on Welsh philology" by John Rees M.A , fellow of Merton Coll Oxford, perpetual member of the Paris phiology society 1877

Saying the same thing,

The time is coming when such things will be possible. It will require new computers (which will be rather slow, but at last secure!), and new vastly better privacy, group conversation apps. Perhaps this year?

wtf, yes he does.

Thanks anons.

(((Rogan))) smokes cock

How did this happen?

Today, the greatest kike is videogames, not TV. It turns your energies to rot.

A way to censor the truth is to convince people the conclusions resultant from truth are degenerates.

Everything's a machine. How does it interconnect? Have a look at these videos, embed related. They show you how society is constructed.

We have none, and yet we all are. There is no Watchtower, and yet all of reality is our Watchtower.

Like I keep telling my cousins, with all the fuck ups in our historical record, and the monuments and shit that we keep finding proving the mainstream records wrong; It is entirely possible that shit like in the Conan stories are actual history relayed to the authors by their ancestor spirits.

What about that there Scottish Dawn? From what I can tell it's the members of National Action rebranded.

All roads lead back to Holla Forums.
All truth is connected. We are the Web of Wyrd for our race. We must simply enforce ourselves and our morality.

Love you too bud

Bumping the only good thread currently on the catalog.

We wizards now…

If Holla Forums wants to get its hands on ancient esoteric texts you should check out the 'Kolbrin' a misspelling of 'Coelbren.

Translated from the Coelbren alphabet into welsh, old english, then english and reconstructed as much as possible it contains ancient pre-history of the world including various cataclysms, silmarillion-esque creation stories, Celtic spirituality, Egyptian spirituality and Arthurian legend.

The Kolbrin contains eleven books. The first six books are said to have been scribed by Egyptian writers shortly after the Exodus, and are collectively called the "Bronzebook." The last five books are collectively called "Coelbook," or "Kailedy," and are said to have been written by Celtic priests around the time that the New Testament was being created.

These texts are claimed in the introduction to have been kept at Glastonbury Abbey and the first section transcribed to bronze sheets, allowing them to survive the fire of 1184, which the text's publishers allege was set to destroy these and other heretical texts.

Recovered from a cairn in Wales the texts are then alleged to have been transmitted through a series of owners, including one John Culdy in the early 1300s, eventually being entrusted to "a small religious group in England" and thence to the Hope Trust, "of which little is known." Finally the texts are claimed to have ended up in the hands of the Culdian Trust, formed in 1980; they claim that the current version of the text was produced by "an elderly man from the Hope Trust" around 1992, working from the original texts.



I wish we could be lucky enough to have all those precious and beautiful books be scanned by someone who then proceeds to upload them all over the internet.

I really really hope that this is the case, because all that knowledge is the heritage of Europeans and it belongs to us, not to some fucking jewish collector.

They are standard texts, nothing occult or hidden. There are dozens or even hundreds of copies online.



If you really want to read those books, you are free to use these resourches to look them up.

But you are not going to do that.


If you disagree about it, why don't you start reading Newtons Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica and explain to us it's hidden and occult nature.

No wait, you won't because occultist types don't actually want to do the work to actually understand history or the sciences….

Well done with that reading comprehension, user.


Who was the owner of these books prior to their theft?
Who is the Italian dealer who lost $850,000?
Who was going to be at the show in California?
Who was in charge of security?
What is the De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium?
Why is this being attributed to "The Astronomer"?
Have there been any other instances of "The Astronomer" stealing things, if so what?

do you have a list of all of the ones stolen and all of the ones in the collection?

I'll just leave this here
"The majority of the collection was known as the ‘Witches Library.’ It focused on witches and their persecution in medieval Germany.

Himmler believed that the Roman Catholic Church attempted to eliminate the German Aryan race with witch hunts.

He learned that one of his ancestors had been burned as a witch. Adolf Hitler did not have quite the same interest in the occult – although it was certainly something he was open to – but he allowed Himmler to explore the subject freely, because he valued his abilities.

The books were to be kept in Wewelsburg Castle in western Germany. The castle is considered the ‘Black Camelot’ of Nazism; this is where Himmler created his court of SS ‘knights,’ mimicking King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Many believe that Himmler was actually attempting to create a new Germanic religion – one that could rivalry Christianity, which he detested.

Today, the castle is a museum. The ceiling, with its swastika design, is the centerpiece of the exhibition. It is a vivid reminder of some of the strange ideas that influenced the Nazis.

Historians plan to analyze the Witches Library. A Norwegian TV company has announced that it will be making a documentary about the discovery."

You know I remember years ago a tongue in cheek post by topiary saying that information just needed to be free. His words are echoing in my mind alot these days with things like wikileaks, the CF dirt and the open society’s letters.

You know, I can't believe that Wewelsburg was allowed to remain standing rather than being turned into a scorched crater. The high level kikes and traitors have to be aware that it was basically intended to be a spiritual center from which the power of the Reich would flow in the same manner that the Pharaohs of Egypt enacted the ritual journey of Horus in order to bring life to the kingdom or as the holy grail is said to similarly energize the land (possibly being directly lifted from the same mythic pattern as the Horus reenactment ritual). It baffles me that our hateful enemies wouldn't do everything imaginable to wipe away such a place.

Sign me up fam.

What was the Dee circle?
- An esoteric school with members that included Sir Francis Drake, Sir Humphrey Gilbert, Adrian Gilbert, Sir Walter Raleigh, the Earl of Leicester, Phillip, Robert and Mary Sidney, Mary Dudley
Who was the 2nd Earl of Pembroke?
Henry Herbert
Who did he marry?
Mary Sidney
Where was Hess held when he was in Britain?
-Maindiff Court
- According to Evelyn Criddle, whose father was related to the Earl of Pembroke, when she was a little girl she spent time near Maindiff court in Wales and saw a very tall man whom her father told her was Rudolf Hess (dated during Hess' peace mission), staying in a small house owned by the Herbert family / Earl of Pembroke - equerry to the Duke of Kent
Who was the Duke of Kent?
-King George VI's younger brother
-suspected leader of a peace faction in Britain
-Offered the throne of Poland by the Polish governenment in exile
How did he die?
-Plane crash in 1942

Below is the text of a cable from the German ambassador in Portugal to his boss Von Ribbenthrop of the German foreign ministry

"As the embassy has learned, confidently, the death of the Duke of Kent has been discussed recently in the innermost circles of the British club here. The gist of the talk being that an act of sabotage was involved. It is said that the Duke, like the Duke of Windsor, was sympathetic towards an understanding with Germany and so gradually became a problem for the government clique"

He user, notice the picture…..

So I was not reading, I was analysing an image.

So those books where stolen, otherwise it still stands.

Perhaps it's protected by something more powerful than the moloch/demiurge.

Heists of old books have been in the news a lot the past couple of years. I remember some dudes taking an original copernicus. Worth a lot of money, article said it's likely being orchestrated by big time rich people who want them for their collections

I do that pretty frequently, however I think you understand why specifically I want the original, stolen books.

when and where to look?

Honestly doesn't surprise me if they did. Ive had to deal with these types way to much. Maybe not the uber rich one who did the heist but they are all pathetic in the same ways. They always come up with grandiose names for themselves because they have enough money to buy up expensive old books because they watched the ninth gate or played D&D to much.

Foundation rituals are extremely interesting.

This timeline's Kek greatest work, the multiverse's best comedian

It was Kampfy

yaa reeding dem books iz 4 stoopid peepel

If I share my tox are you willing to share that information ?
I'm genuinly curious and will undertake expeditions to places the SS went to for information concerning the Aryans.

Either that or they subtly messed with it (like changing angles ever so slightly etc) so anything that attempts to use it in future gets fucked.>>11127452

In all probability they don't understand it and want to avoid potential repercussions from damaging it.
Or they want to use it for themselves

That's because they were written 600 years after Arthur. The original Arthur legend was a Welsh hero who fought the saxons he wasn't one of them and he frequently convened with a variety of celtic gods. Even in the Christian version the story has wizards the morrigan the lady of the lake etc.

Ubiquity. The word you seek is ubiquity.

Had me wondering… did anything more come from that math shit those qfaggots were working on? I only saw bits and pieces of it but any 6 variable formula that winds up drawing deep dream pictures is definitely interesting as all fuck.

They published all sorts of things about the Wewelsburg and the rituals that took place there and supposedly still take place today. 59:40 (turn on auto-translate)

That's because you guys don't realize they don't care about paganism. They have hated Christianity from the beginning as evidenced in the Talmud and the protocols of the learned elders of Zion. Christianity was most successful of Greece and they throughout Europe, so they found the people that they wanted to destroy, the followers of Jesus.

Ah. You got my interest. Gonna have to admit my last post was a bit facetious. Things tracing back to India is interesting, ain’t it? Sperg into etymology. Seriously pour some fucking spergjuice all fucking over the origins of words. You will find great things there. Key in on words from the myths. Tree, fruit, breaking bread, leviathan sea monster named Levi???? :^).. every key word from every myth/religion you can think of. Such texts being lost is a travesty but the knowledge within is not lost. If it was found once it can be found again. Consider, for a moment, what if the tales of the myth.. the labyrinth.. the monster of illusion.. the trek through the pits of hell.. were all an allegory for the same thing? And what if the grail, the treasure at the center of that labyrinth, the spark of the covenant is all also an allegory for the same thing. What if it is all about the red pill of red pills. Some knowledge so rare and of a perspective so far removed from all others that the mental journey to find where it hides and take it with you cause a level of cognitive dissonance so fucking strong it would kill or mentally destroy anyone who is not ready for it?

Couldn’t be, could it?



Pic related
I know so. It wounded me pretty good because of youthful hubris. Serrano thinks it's part of the initiation for some, the Fuhrer and Dr. Goebbles as evidence of such. It's funny, just before I found this thread I had finished The Golden Thread; AHTUA had just arrived and I thought, "I need to buy a new safe just for my books." Tell me wise one; where do I find the etymology of spergjuice?

Marcello Dell'Utri

Berlusconi's sidekick and ancient books collector - currently owner of Mussolini's original letters and recently involved in book theft from a state archive. Shall we ask him a couple of questions?

It seems like much of the stolen works were in Italian or by Italians written in Latin. At least in his case they would be in the hands of nationalists and not kikes or the Vatican.

Wew lad. Fucking wew. It's like the reality sim we're in is ordering itself according to our narrative.

Me too brudder, me too.

is that you fellow pol poster?

< But you are not going to do that.
They're in Latin, and worse, and you'd know that if you had ever bothered to look.

Nothing in this world would please me more


They care about white people , not "denomination" (stemming from their own jewish traditions). A lot of "christian identity" shills seem to "forget" about this (and about Kirchenkampf and the Thord Reich's long emnity and persecution of christian churches) and put things above RACE. You don't see kikes meddling with churches on third world countries (where most christian worshippers live), in fact they even align with them, since they are big proponents of socialism…

Pic related.

Your claim that one symbol being intact, out of thousands of similar ones destroyed or defaced across the conquered reich is evidence that jews only care about persecuting christians is ridiculous. What about the thousands of cathedrals out there? Yes, jews do hate christianity and see it as a detestable misinterpretation of their traditions, in their eyes, but beliefs are just secondary to them, what they hate is white people. In the end, a lot of them just see christianity as "judaism for the goyim" and are at least glad their tradition is being followed and people are not being "nazi" occultists and what not. You can bet they don't have a problem when all these cardbox protestant churches, or the pope, directly import migrants from africa into europe (their christian "brothers"), through their "missions" that they set-up hand-in-hand with globalists in the far corners of the world (to spread their influence, jewish tradition and western consumerism) and then sing "hallelujah" (Hellelu Yah!) To welcome them…

Lurk moar.

the iron logic of nature is irrefutable


Also here: archive.fo/O7McS

This is the most ancient Reee I've ever read.

My first thought was that how important maps of Colombus or predictions/proofs are there by Newton, Galileo about our world and what they have seen/found out. Probably none of it is public knowledge. You can imagine what ancient books, sanskrit texts Himmler and the Third Reich found on its journey to Asia that nobody cared to read or translate.