RIP Holla Forums

It's been almost 24 hours since moonman stickied that dumbass 'Sourceless Trump/Bannon disinformation' thread and it still isn't unstickied. Despite the fact that it was proven to be true and valid within the first ten posts, this post is still stickied while there is a torrential amount of evidence piling in that the Bannon/Trump relationship is indeed as it was originally described. Why is this thread still stickied? I don't know. What I do know is that the mods here are just fucking around with the users and aren't interested in being serious moderators of the userbase here. Normally I'd post angry things and stamp my feet but I just don't care. They will never change, they are non-white turks and themselves 4cuckers who worked to get this board flooded with redditors who have strangled this board in its crib. But then again, I don't care. This is a love letter to an Holla Forums that once was, a place where I was taught many things about being a man and about the world at large. None of these things are being disseminated here anymore, the mods instead content lording their power over a userbase declining in numbers and quality precipitously.

I won't post here anymore, but if you wanted to know why the oldfags have left, this is why.

Bye Holla Forums, you used to be good and you'll always have a special place in my heart.

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See ya, Holla Forums! :)

Come to >>>Holla Forums, user. It's where everyone went.


See you tomorrow, Shareblue

Don't let the door hit you on the ass, Moishe.

nobody cares

shut the fuck up with that shareblue crap already

Umman manda.

endchan is run by former SA goons, but I'm sure you know that and you're just here to try to leech of the website (and miserably failing at it)

Endchan is dead.



mods should sticky this thread for the irony

I bet you're shareblue too. EVERYONE IS SHAREBLUE HURRRR

might as well, consider all of the MAGA bullshit that's up

it was run by goons to begin with, I was in the IRC at the beginning


in your mind, yes

Kushner pays them per sticky.


But Shareblue-kun, I thought your new narrative was that the mods are working for Bannon. Having a hard time keeping up with yourself?

Shut the fuck up, ImKikey. You're not white and you're definitely not Japanese, you're just shit.

Prove that's imkampfy. Pro tip: You absolutely can't because you're making it all up.

Hi kikey

so you can't prove it, can you? kek

Well, according to board log, you just deleted some shit less than 20 minutes ago. So it's almost assuredly you, kikey.

But that's not proof. It's almost like you're making it all up. because you are

Wow look, it's a total lack of proof. I sure wasn't expecting that.

Fuck off Rach

The picture above is Berkay, not Rachposter.


Alternatives then?
I don't see the freedom of linking anymore.
Where are all the other Holla Forumss they need to be like stars in the sky for this to be true. I don't give a fuck about your everything is a honeypot shit. And so it maybe. So is 8ch, your point?

Here's an alternative: get a knife and stab your groin until everything goes dark.


Jew vs. Jew all around the world eh?

You first KIKE

nobody ever leaves, not even the shareblue posters

prove you're not a kike

prove you're not shareblue

.pl/pol/ is still up and the mods are still active.



how the fuck do you have the same ID as me?

forgive my retardation. It's late and I somehow attributed your ID to my post

You all must be sick and tired of this pro Israel "pretending to be anti semitic" narrative where they're pro Trump, anti Hitler, lie about National Socialists, try to convince you that Assad is "bad", or that there was only one Vegas shooter and the agents were "totally right". Come on. If trollposting is your thing, stay the fuck on 8/pol/. If you're a jew loving imbecile who doesn't see or wants to see that behind every media outlet there is a kike CEO and behind every politician there is a kike advisor, never leave.
If you feel as I feel, that jews are behind it all and you truly are tired of the shills, also tired of being called shill every time you expose jewry, then join:
Where actual shills are banned. No matter how many IPs they switch to, or how many times they come over on Tor, they're completely fucked. Nothing resembling shilling against Hitler, pro-holocaust, pro-Israel bullshit is allowed. These fuckers want to limit your speech. It's time we limit theirs. Come to where the JIDF has no power. We welcome serious posters, even funposting, but no shilling for kikes or typical jew tricks that are clearly examples by the degeneracy of Holla Forums.
We have even banned the obnoxious Lain poster, denied imkampfy Vol status, banned him on ocassion. and ejected Red Pill Dropper who is Jim's best bud. Come and see. (Pay attention to those who attack this post. They're kampfy's JIDF army.)

Same as endchan. Both are dead.

See you tomorrow, faggot.
has audacity to call other people redditors when he writes faggy shit like this

I run endchan/pol/ along with our BO. SA goons? I don't even know what the fuck that is.

All who attack endchan are kikes because we ban actual kikery

End's /sg/ is amazing. I think 8's was shutdown for some reason.

t. (You)

/syriageneral/ obviously.

Only a goon would be this stupid.


Shut up, imkikey

You why you're here? Because your even crappier alternative never got off the ground and never will.

Rachposter, is that you?


You first, OP.

That implies inside knowledge, kikey. Which means not stupid. So either I know or I don't. Wow, your logic skills are fucked as usual. Why don't you screech "muh books"? We all know that's inevitable, IDF shill.

Quality over quantity. No kikes means less traffic, and so fucking be it. We will not worship that bloated Zionist oompa loompa or capitulate to any Zionist shit.

fuck trump, you and op at the same time

you have neither and are run by goons who laugh at you in the IRC


Whole site is going the same route as 4chan, tbh.

We have quality. You just make shit up because those are JIDF disparaging tactics.

You have nothing, that's why you're here and not there.


I'm there at the same time, you fucking retard.


You know you don't have to post on Holla Forums? The whole point of Holla Forums is that if mods started behaving like faggots we could jump to a new board and leave them behind.

You're here because it sucks there.

I'm there in another tab. Baby's first internet?

How much did that meme cost?

About 21 baby foreskins

It was free. Here, have another.

Let's go over the discourse that has just occurred, faggot.


Lets go over what you [censored] autistic rant one more time, faggot.

That implies inside knowledge, kikey. Which means not stupid. So either I know or I don't. Wow, your logic skills are fucked as usual. Why don't you screech "muh books"? We all know that's inevitable, IDF shill.

That one must have been free (I hope).


you keep coming back to the place you hate so much

You're never going to reproduce. Which is good because we need less turkroaches in the world.

Was recommended by someone who exodus'd. I haven't been back in awhile.

trump might be a kike but endchan is run by goons so both of you suck

I don't believe you.

You have absolutely nothing but merely hearsay repeating that shit over and over again. Typical JIDF disparaging tactics. Jew lies.

Its strange how the shilling tends to ramp up when ever good news is stickied.

Pic related.

We don't allow blackpill ASSES AND ELBOWS HELP ME I CAN'T STOP SUCKING COCK like 8cucks does. You're going to have to try harder with the lies, faggot.

Interesting wordfilter.


I've spoken directly with the owners of endchan. They intended to divide this site from the start. They'll pander to whatever narrative you give them, they're no better than the mods here if not worse.

Yeah, you really can't claim anything regarding logic when you're sealing with logic fallacies.

You're talking to someone who claims to run endchan/pol/ alonside the BO.

You're making shit up again. Bravo, you silly deceptive mother fucker.

blackpill is codeword for what used to be called redpills

That would be me. ID e8e513
No-one else.

then either we've spoken before or you're lying

and you're a paragon of truth I'm sure


So as you make shit up, you project that someone else is lying. Wew. It's almost as if we've encountered this jewish deception before on many occasions.

That's what you're doing.


More projection.

Disparaging attacks.

This is how it works.
Disparage. Attack.
Lie. Deceive.
Project. Deflect.
JIDF tactics.

redpills used to signify an ugly reality that is nearly impossible to face, but now you call them blackpills because you're new


The fact that I have two fuckers on me, it's almost as if this has been planned and enacted before.


stop flattering yourself

I know your game. Keep it up as long as you want. Just know that I know, and so do the rest by this declaration, JIDF.

why aren't you JIDF?


answer the question

I told you, because fuck jews. You have trouble reading.


you are a jew though

If I was a jew, I would have killed myself after going through my family's genealogy. I'm still here, and now everyone can see how easily you make shit up off the top of your head.

Because your goal as JIDF is to attack and make your target go on the defensive. We at endchan reveal your tactics to you as you play them.

There is still time.


if this is boring you can close the tab kek

.pl/pol/ isn't dead because the BO is active. The reason it's not fast is because everyone is here. It's a bunkerchan.

Do you two hasbara realize what you're doing? You silly kikes always insert your foot into your own mouth. By proxy, I'm responding to you as you fish for guaranteed replies. Meanwhile as I respond, the thread bumps. More people see to visit endchan. And for good measure, should either of you demented kikes decide to pull shit on our site with anything even remotely related to promoting Zionism, you get a banhammer right up your kike asses. Enjoy.


Yes, that is what I'm saying. You're the kikes.

Probably time for you to fuck off back to endkike then so you can come back better prepared to counter my "tactics". Here's a good counter-measure, don't post completely illogical arguments and act like a faggot.

Are you still triggered by that original reveal of your stupidity, user? That's so sad for you. Here, have it again.

That implies inside knowledge, kikey. Which means not stupid. So either I know or I don't. Wow, your logic skills are fucked as usual. Why don't you screech "muh books"? We all know that's inevitable, IDF shill.

but that's you

Kek, I don't even know what you're doing anymore.

How sad is it that you're resorting to "no u" tactics now?


You fail to see the irony.

Because there is none, but keep trying Shlomo.

(((Reverse psychology)))

Whelp, I just headed over to endchan. looks slow as hell but could be interesting. In any event, I'll have a look at the place for now while you faggots argue over this shit. Honestly, I'm not sure why there's been so much of a push to leave 8/pol/, and for the moment, I'm not, but I'll start lurking at end/pol/. Later, kikes.

damn nigga that get, check 'em

I'm going to leave with this evidence of when kikey was banned from endchan. If you don't believe this is his typing style, you've never been to /polmeta/. Feels good man.

Before the JIDF shills (always two on one, always same tactics) begin their barrage, remember this: Jim sent Red Pill Dropper to infiltrate our ranks as Vol and we sniffed him out. He worked for Jim's site the Goldwater. Then he created end/news/. End/pol/ is free of RPD and his endless Trump buttkissing template threads, as well as has taken over end/news/. Jim the freemason's ((Barry Goldwater)) standard of shilling is now BTFO.

If you believe the personal anecdote unproven lies about endchan from here on out, you're fucking retarded for believing these shills that always travel in packs and attack a single poster. Become accustomed to their tactics. Their intention is always to troll and frustrate you.

Why the fuck is this thread still up?

endchan.giveupgoy, where all blackpills are welcome and all misinformation and sophistry is accepted, and if challenged resort to the defense of "i hate jews more than you do"

Impressive, very nice.