Ukrainian conflict?

Can any Russians or Ukrainians tell me about the Ukrainian conflict? All we hear in America is "Muh Russia hacked Donald Trump"

I've seen war footage of it, but I don't know anything about the politics of it. Who do you think is gonna win?

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Read Planet Rothschild vol II, page 287+. Volume I and II are the best summary of past 300 years ever.

Thank you for this, holy shit. I have been looking for something like this for a long while.

1st gen Ukrainian-American Trump supporter who loves Russians (bet you dont hear that everyday) here. Ukrainian "nazis" (I know them well, say what you will, but they are good people.) are being misdirected to attack Russians by Jews (who else), the real perpetrators of the Holodomor famine in the 30's and gulags and repression of Ukraine. Russians are likewise being misdirected as well to kill their own kin.

Ukrainians need to understand Jews, not Russians, orchestrated the hatred and repression of Ukraine, the most Christian and fertile area of Russia. Before the communist revolution, there wasnt much of a distinction between Russians and Ukrainians anyway as they used basically the same alphabet, which was changed by the communists in the 20's. The horrors of the 30's are why the Nazi's were welcomed by Ukrainians as liberators. Many continue to worship natsoc, but they shouldnt. Nazis were'nt much better to Ukrainians or slavs than the Soviets were.

That said, theres more than enough blame for both sides. We need to put it behind us.

The Ukrainian jews that originally sparked the conflict are in a precarious position, but every conflict has a partnership on both sides. The war profiteers. The puppetmaster on the other end is Putin. To truly end the conflict and save white eastern Europeans from mutual annihilation, Putin will have to be deposed in some fashion. Putin is a traitor to Russia and the Russian people. Stole billions upon billions, take a look at Shoigu's palace (theres a European name for you….)
He talks a good rhetoric, all while building a demographic time-bomb. Whats the largest muslim nation in Europe again? I forget… Take a look at his Chechen allies. Take a look at how he came to power after orchestrating the 1999 apartment bombings, killing innocent christian families while they slept for a (((war on terror))).

The war is fratricide. Pure fratricide. Europeans will go extinct as a consequence. Peace between Russian peoples is the solution. The final solution.

Слава Ісусу Хрусту.

I know Ukrainian Nazis well also, I would say that many understand that jews are to blame for all of this, but we also understand that we must defend ourselves from our brainwashed Russian brothers as they will not stop and we cannot sit still while we are attacked.
Rebels are a mix of many peoples. I would not call them Russians.
Bullshit. My family were completely fucked by the communist jews. The ones who remained in Ukraine were very happy that Nazis came in and my great grandfather always spoke very highly of them.
Wrong. (((Russian government))) is just one side that created this conflict, the other side is the (((US and Western European governments))). All jews must be gone if these stupid fratricidal wars are to be stopped.

I couldnt agree more. The Nazi's treated Ukrainians markedly better than the Soviets, of course, but they LOST THE WAR. They refused to employ Ukrainians in major battles and refused to concede sovereignty which would have otherwise won them the war. "Collaborators" were then sent to Magadan by the millions, pushing the Ukrainian identity (the Staro-Russian, Rurik, identity) further underground. We cant afford to lose this (((war))), or emulate failures. Europe is at stake. So we must forge our own path, is what Im saying.

Ukraine is a terrorist state that gets its weapons from the U.S. like Osama Bin Laden, al Qaeda, ISIS, and Israel.

Ukraine shot first, shit went downhill quick when Aidar decided to pillage random peasantry.

No, Ukraine fell for a color revolution thinking it would stop all their problems magically overnight. Unfortunately things don't work that way and it tumbled down into the clusterfuck which you see today. It'll never get better until the UA turns on the government by cleaning them all out, oligarchs included.

protip: If you want your lethal weapons to be "sold" and end up somewhere else, send them to Ukraine.

Decent thread so far please continue. Better enjoy it while it last because from what I hear certain (((people))) are trigger happy tonight.

Ukraine is full of garbage weapons left over by the Soviet Union. If you said training or something else I'd probably believe you.

No more brother wars. Good luck, user.

And a no more brother wars to you too, user.

The fuck? I didn't hear anything about this in the news.

Approximate timeline of the events:
- President Yanukovich (a convicted felon in the past known for his close ties with Russia) backpedaled on signing association with the EU.
- Some Ukrainian activists started a protest against it.
- All went normal until the riot police (called Berkut) heavily beaten the protesters. One woman had miscarriage as a result, others had broken arms, etc.
- In response to this war veterans gathered and kicked the riot's police asses.
- Shit went loose, one thing led to another and the president Yanukovich ended up fleeing to Russia.
- Russia went full-commie and invaded Ukraine under pretext of "muh nazis".
- Ukrainians started to fight back and almost succeeded.
- But (literally) jewish Ukrainian government betrayed the armed forces and they were encircled several times.
- That lead to demoralization of patriotic ukrainians since they are in the situation when they have to fight against Russians and against jewish traitorous government.
- Since then the jewish government made lots of debts, severely worsened economic situation and everybody hates them, anti-semitism is on the rise.

This is plain western propaganda.
The ethnic Russian population living in Donbass (Russian: Донбасс) (Ukrainian: Донбас) revolted against the coup against Yanukovich.
Then, the puppet government installed by the West (senator McCain and US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland were in the capital Kiev supporting the coup), have not better idea than to use military force against the Donbass civilian population.
This force included artillery bombardments and air attacks against cities and towns; all this heavily documented in many Jewtube videos.
The pseudo "Russian invasion" is just another BS. And the involvement is constrained to strong military assistance and many, many military advisors.
In the Ukranian TV there was histories about Russian tank divisions being defeated by "Ukro" heroes, but nobody believes such fantasies any longer.

There is many way to approach this conflict.

By the way.
It is no secret that the separatist forces in Donbass are forbidden by the Kremlin to take the offensive or advance a simple kilometer.
And their role is plain defensive.
The strategy of Moscow is sit and wait for Ukraine to disintegrate itself, politically and economically.

But the real history is the following.
The coup was had a three tier goals.
1 - Reorient geo politically Ukraine toward the West, then annex it to NATO. In this way NATO would be at the gates of Russia.
2 - Take over the naval base of Sevastopol. Because who controls this base, controls the Black Sea.
3 - Meddle and disrupt the flow of gas from Russia to the European Union, creating a scenario of economic strangling for the Russians.

Yes, because Ukraine is part of the West, it's a white country. And it's attacked by anti-white anti-western Russia.

Here are the facts:

1. Russia accused Ukraine in "nazism" on official level. That's a typical commie talking point.
2. Russia invaded Crimea and Donbass unprovoked.

It never was, it is not now, and it will never be.
The reason is simple, Ukraine is only attractive to the West for plundering purposes and to destabilize Russia.
The huge propaganda campaign on the Ukrainian population promising EU membership and a prosper future was always hot air.
For the Europeans, Ukrainians are the nigger of the Slavs.
Not only that, the EU actually don't want white people; but sand niggers and pure niggers to extinguish the white race.
You are repeating the Western Jewish media narrative perhaps you are a kike (and in Ukraine there is plenty) or you need to lurk a lot more to get proper awareness.

True. However is for a different reason.
It is only about image, to gather support at international level and to rally the Russian population.

Again, or you are a kike, or you need to lurk more.
The Crimea peninsula contains the Sevastopol Naval Base.
This base is critical for the Russian security of its south flank.
Controlling the Black Sea allows the Russians many things, such as to track and intercept incoming NATO missiles from Turkey and surroundings.
Also, the maritime life line to Syria has source in Sevastopol.
About the Crimea "invasion":
The Sevastopol Naval Base ALWAYS had a Russian garrison, then the was not any invasion, because the Russians ALWAYS were there. They only secured their installations and blocked the planned hand over of Sevastopol to NATO.
And yes, the Russians were smarter and faster than the Americans.
About Donbass:
You are ignoring the facts wrote in above posts.
Are you a kike? Or may be you are a dumb orthodox Ukrainian living in Canada and consuming news from the Lugenpresse and Judenpresse.

Separatists are not Russia, the russian army uniform aren't adidas trainers and a ushanka and they don't use soviet T-74s. The region is controlled by many separatists little governments like the Donetsk people's Republic, the Luhansk people's Republic and together are Novorossiya.