My apologies for a shitty thread, but goddamn, this monkey triggered the fuck out of me and I'm still pissed.
My apologies for no webm, as it is just too big to put in here.



You are suffering from negro fatigue user, a true epidemic of the current age.

As a Texan I cannot apologize enough for San Antonio and Fort Worth/Dallas.




I watched the same fucking program last night user she is just another fucking smug ass she boon that really had no good answer for Tuckers points.
You could turn her ass upside down with all the AA gibs she got in order to slide through and be promoted to all the shit she shows on her work history.
Another study in kang nigger education and achivements.

Fuck off

That smug smile. She out right wants to destroy the white race and Tucker whines like a little boy about being fair and nice and not racist.

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I'd reconsider life at this point

Why, Abraham?

I'm a black guy and I'm offended.
There, I'm honest with you.

Good point.
but, fuck you anyway.


Are you one of Bannon's (((Alt-Right))) crew?

So the Jew's agitprop created in you the emotional reaction they hoped it would?
Well done, pat yourself on the back, 10/10 perfect sheep.

I'm a mutt with black blood. So I'm black. Not a single drop of kike blood though. I just don't want my whole "race" blamed on because kikes hire liberals.

She misrepresents the past, esp. the past 50 years. That's a LONG time.

50+ years of affirmative action. Why didn't we celebrate that in 2014? The news media was silent about it. But a.a. esp. for blacks started back in 1964. Not only you, but your parents, suffered from this program.

And now this she-boon, in the "talented tenth" of the black population that has gotten so much handed to them, smiles and says they blacks discriminated against then too. So that the gravy train for those and other like her, blacks who can fit into society but are just sort of low quality mediocrities that we're forced to carry and put up with, continues.

No, they were getting positive discrimination in their favor, and they still couldn't hack it. It's time to take off their training wheels and make them compete without extra help.

At the same time, lots of black men not in the "talented tenth" get no a.a. and no nothing other than prison. They should get help to have decent lives, not to impregnate women, not to be passed thru school they don't understand, but some sort of trade they can do for a career to become useful self supporting citizens.

Reported for spam.

Reported for reporting those guys.

Well, I do my part. I won't hire niggers and fuck them over every chance I get. The trick is just do do it in a manner that their ape brains don't even understand they are getting fucked.

Same user. Feels good man. I deprived a kike of an extremely lucrative contract in favor of a white family man. Boycott and financially undermine non-whites wherever possible.

Same user, I always leave negative reviews on non-white uber drivers. If they get enough negative stars they are removed with no warning.

Hot damn I have to say Monique Pressley go girl the fight is strong but is true is when the shit hits the fan the bitches get angry and she keeps her cool love you girl damn damn damn

Fucking leftypol shill

If you were the main Kang and you were told you had 6 months to clean Black society of all its niggers (all racial groups have them, whites too), would you do it? Could you find enough like-minded Black men to help you with your task?

Looks like the Khazarians were responsible for importing African slaves to America and they have continued to corrupt the Black race, they might even be corrupting you right now, if you are shilling.

Calling for a slide is fucking lame, you are no Mike Tyson.

You forgot Austin, I will go ahead and apologize for Austin.

Fuck off back to Canada

Twelve minutes is nothing with VP9 and a 16MB filesize limit. Otherwise, you can embed hooktube now.

forgot about hooktube
no idea about VP9

fuck it.
Killing self.

200% nigger