JewSA Orders U.N. to Topple Iran

The meeting just ended with Iran accusing the U.S. of joining ISIS to cause insurrections and saying this meeting should have been about U.S. terrorist activities.

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There are no goodguys in this fight.

MOABS for all and to all a good night



That's the exact opposite of a dichotomy, you retard.

Shouldn't you be directing that meme at Khamenei?

Gee, why Khamenei possibly take any opportunity to criticize the jew-controlled nation that's been threatening war against Iran for decade? He must be a jew! Better stand with Israel against them I guess.

In any conflict that involves jews, you side with whoever is fighting them, kike.

>It's okay that Khamenei supports (((BLM))) and pushes the false victimhood narrative surrounding niggers


No, that doesn't pass the logic test. If a sandnigger is fighting a kike then you don't side with the sandnigger, you shove them both in the oven.

Sandniggers despise niggers more than any other group besides niggers themselves.
He is using this to attack trump and fuel the dissent in america.
It's an effective way to go but it's playing dirty(but why would he care about playing dirty when he is playing with his life on the line).

That's a really shitty analogy. This is a situation where the jews are trying to neutralize an enemy, opposing it is the only answer. And speaking of BLM, the kikes who are trying to overthrow Iran do a whole lot more than just tweet up niggers.

Israel firster Trump BTFO again.

tweet about

Yes, I'm aware that Khamenei is using niggers in the exact same way that the kikes use them. That's the point.

Sorry, I think I'll oppose kikes and BLM-supporting sandniggers both. Like I said there are no goodguys in this fight.

There's a massive difference between some impotent lipservice and full-scale "soft power" destabilization efforts.

The country that openly calls out the Holohoax is the good guy.

Nah, Iran is the good guy

It's the thought that counts. They both belong in the oven.

The fucker who supports (((BLM))) is never the good guy under any circumstance. I will give Khomanei a once-in-a-lifetime free pass if he nukes Pissrael off the map, though.

I'd love to see the faces on all those eternal Jewish warmongers if/when Russia rolls into Iran openly, stabilizes the situation in no-time and dot the landscape in S-400s and T14s.

Bonus points to see their enraged defeated faces when they see/know the entire Israeli airforce got wiped out.

Last Iran PM sponsered a holohoax conference and many nahtzees attended.
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The poor fuckers just want to be left alone with their non kike central bank.

That works too but I'll never concede that anyone who sucks BLM niggerdick is good.

Actually me as well user, but I do understand why they use the shit to their advantage.

daa416 is the most blatant JIDF kike I've ever seen on this board. Holy shit, are they paying you by the post you filthy rat? Nobody is stupid enough to fall for you shilling on behalf of Israeli and ZOG foreign policy objectives.

If you get rid of niggers, there is nobody for outside agitators to rile up. Instead you're whining about "false narratives", as if things would be okay if niggers just got the right information. Then they could live here, they could work here, they could breed and mix here – exactly what we have now, that you apparently don't like for some vaguely defined narrative reasons. You don't have a point.

David Duke calling out American atrocities against people trying to discuss WWII history. They won't be pardoned or commuted like Rubashkin.

Its obviously a psyop on Iran because they knew Russia and China likely too would veto. Scummy.

MIDF is strong in this thread. We don't give a fuck about your plight. You fucking desert rats deserve each other. If you want the problem solved, take out Israel.

Nobody cares about muslims you stupid fucking kike.

Found another goat-fucker.

That much is obvious, subhuman.

Don't bother Achmed, you were filtered the moment you started.

mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker was a goat fucking pedos.
The holocaust should've happened and I hope it happens.
Trump is a retarded, kike puppet just like every other american president.

I hope you all get glassed.

Trump keeps agitating for another 9/11. He needs that embassy in Jerusalem bombed before the next crash. CIAnigger post confirms:

Israel doesn't need Iran's help to go down. It's own corruption will bring it down.


Israel will invade Lebanon within the next three years and Iranian support will be key in mounting a resistance to it. Iranian internal collapse will result in the most significant bolstering of Israel's geopolitical position since the six day war.

It's taking way to fucking long.

Just an Iranian trying his hand at some kike d and c. He’s not too good at it. Not subtle enough and he has no real credibility with norms because he most likely hates American niggers too.

It's better for history to mark Israel going down in flames due to Judeo-Capitalism, liberalism/hedonism and Anti-Christianity than muslim sandnigger strength.

That irani guy is correct. You have, for too long, pretended that a two-race "country" can work. And so instead of deporting your niggers, somehow you preferred to keep them and "lead by example" to the whole world, making fun of and sanctioning european nations that choose not to.
Many of you, even so called "redpilled", choose to hate niggers and lesser races, instead of fixing your own and deporting them en masse.
pic very related. This is how they viewed you, and in my understanding things haven't changed much. Many of you still see niggers as slaves instead of actually trying to remove them from your country.

And to further clarify, the path to a white ethnostate is to fight for your people, improve your own people and volk, without necessarily hating others save for jews, and to make your volk disregard racemixing because it will dilute and decrease diversity (curiously white nationalists are more pro diversity than leftists but on a planetary level)

Without Jewish agitation, shit like BLM dissolves. You act like they’re actually a threat in comparison to worldwide Jewish manipulation.

Really jew?

This meeting was completely unnecessary. Zogbot Haley had to leave the room because of how triggered she got. The Russian ambassador completely destroyed her and the attempt by the UK envoy* to use a jewish interpretation of article 34 to argue the meeting was in compliance with the UN chapter. China, Sweden and others voiced similar positions saying the way the meeting was called for inappropriate. France insisted this is something only Iranians can solve.



*Matthew Rycroft (UK UN Envoy) - Ex private secretary on foreign affairs for Blair. See - Report_Of_The_Iraq_Inquiry - Section 4.2 page 118 (Downing Street memo). In short, a good little Zogbot as well. No issues at all with sitting at the UNSC and giving false information/statements.


Stupid cunt. Thanks for the quality summary user.

I wonder how many of the people shilling against Iran are actually kikes, and how many are just retards influenced by their favorite jewish ecelebs like Simonsen, Thernovich, and Moneyjew?

It's probably 10% literal kikes 90% leddit/cuckchan/trs refugees.

you should have gotten dubs user


All three in pics are jews. Jews have only a small number of tactics this is would be listed under the "fellow white people" category where the jew uses its station within your society to realize goals the jew cannot do alone. One of the first steps in making a golem according to (((their))) ritual.


That's surprising. I guess from spending too much time reading CIA threads here, I expected China to stay quiet on the issue. So ends another very embarrassing day at the U.N. for satanists in Afrimerica.

Iran mocks Trump with pro Iran rallies after the security council turned into a discussion of how the U.S. failed its nigger population throughout the century.

No shit, but he also hates the Jews and controls the most powerful regional threat to Israel. I think he even said something akin to 'the mission of the Religion of Cuck™ic Republic of Iran is to destroy Israel'.

Attacking Iran is Israel's agenda, and is not in the best interests of the US. This activity is eroding my confidence in Trump being /ourguy/ pretty significantly.

You can fuck right off, kike.

A semite of a different color is still a semite.

Jews aren't just "other semites", they're a unique evil.

Modern (((jews))) are in fact edomites

word is the actual site of the former temple of solomon - and the current rebuild project - is in the city of david and not jerusalem. big fatcats in the US are funding this and so far the public is unaware. let's fix that lads, shall we?

He hasn't even done anything and youre tearing off your magahat and screaming drumph.
People need to hold their sacks over Iran. Shits fucking complicated.

that's exactly his point, user. The man is stirring the pot on behalf of the agitators, as you call them.

No molly NO, dont listen to your jew side of your genetics. Christ I was warned by you guys here early on about molly, saying that he cannot be trusted…even though he is a great debater. Well you guys were right after all. Cant even trust a half jew a little bit.

This thread is so full of fucking shills its unbelievable. Either that or retarded MAGA faggots.
We hate sandniggers due to what they are doing which is based on their fucking retarded pedo goatfucker religion. But do you know why we still support Iran? Because they are going against the fucking kikes just like Syria is. The moment fucking morons have to choose between USA or Iran, you back the one that has the most Jews in it. Thats how fucking retarded you guys have gotten.

Anyone of you watched TGSNT even you fucking faggots? Hitler wanted every culture and race to focus on improving themselves, thats why he even had fucking sandniggers in the SS because they were willing to fight against the Jews.
How about we first get rid of the kikes and remove their power and then worry about Iran? And if the mass immigration must be addressed first, then fucking focus on sending them back like Eastern Europe is doing.

Fucking hell this board has gone to shit considering how basic this is if anyone posting here is NatSoc to even a degree.

Nah man, it has to be either we go full MAGApede or full MIDF. No inbetween.

No shit, it's almost as if I have to hide about the fact I'm a NatSoc.