Anti-Flouride redpill thread

This is the face of flouridation. This man and millions of liberals like him are using (((accreddited scientific journals)))) to justify forcing a toxic poisonous chemical that causes bone disease into the water supply.

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So how do you suggest we go about getting flouride out of the tap water, because alot of people probably want it out too

Might as well start using fluoride, i have nothing to lose

Flouridation can cause:
* flourosis of the teeth and bones
* decreased IQ, brain damage
* accelerated puberty in females

flouridation is related to the problem of xenoestrogens. These unnatural chemicals that being pumped into the water cycle will definitely cause unintended effects that have not been foreseen.

thanks for the question buddy. I'm sorry but I have no answers. I don't have a lab to test water filters and I don't have any plan to get the right political figures aware so they can reverse this. All I can say is that this is an important issue and people need to get serious about it and put together something actionable.

I've not researched this topic in any length, what is the fucking justification for the addition of Sodium Fluoride to drinking water? What would be the proposed purpose for it? I know fluoride in the water has become something of a meme, but what do those involved claim is the point of doing so?

They claim it's for dental health

Good thread.

Anecdotal evidence:
I used to use fluoride mouthwash because alcohol based washes damaged my gums.
My chest hair has become more dense after I swapped to a sodium based wash.
I still have eczema.
It's also easier maintaining semen consistency.

The justification was that fluoride creates a harder surface finish on teeth when they remineralize.
It is true that teeth do get stronger when exposed to small amounts of calcium fluoride, but municipalities don't use calcium fluoride and we are over-exposed to the shit they use.

Explain that is isn't dental fluoride it's byproduct from making fertilizer. Besides filtered water tastes better. Fancy coffee shops do it so why should you?



It's fluoride, illiterate niggers.

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Back in the old days, untreated water could rot your teeth. Whether or not fluoride was the "fix" for this I don't know. It could be just the acidity levels. My neighbor who is near 80 from a small town as a child told me the tale about the town of rotting teeth.

In my opinion, the ideal way to get fluoride out of your own drinking water to be to filter it in a way that just gives you the pure H2O liquid, and then run it through some minerals that will not have any negative effect on your body. I've heard from a past thread that just using reverse osmosis for filtering alone is dangerous because the H2O violently clings onto different things.

science cucks drink 20 sodas a day and then blabber on about how flouridation makes their teeth nice and healthy. it's just poison.

they add poison to our water.

If you still drink tap water and eat meat you're fucked.


The funny thing is that even right-wing Americans spew the "Brit teeth" memewhich was created by Hollywood and furthered by movies like Austin Powers with impunity. As we know, most of Britain doesn't have fluoridation.
The truth is rather different than the on-screen anecdotes. If you check the WHO data on DMFT (decayed, missing and filled teeth) the shocking truth becomes apparent. American children have the worst dental health of any developed country, worse than some 2nd world nations and, contrary to the "Brit teeth" meme, the UK, along with Germany, has the lowest DMF number of any nation on Earth.
Teeth bleached with acids then plated up to hide the cavities != 'healthy'.

Take note of the lack of sources.

spot the 'I fucking love science' guy
You aren't a sceptic.

Where the fuck did that come from? And why does it look like scale instead of a pineal gland?

Lethal does is 5-10 GRAMS of the shit, your kidneys pump it out faster than whats in the water already.

I will say one thing, "the poison is in the dose" is a concept which is deliberately ignored in most of the alarmist infographics, not only about F but also about artificial soap. Alarmists quote from datasheets which refer to precautions required in handling the concentrated substance, then extrapolate the data in a dishonest way to imply that dilution has no effect on toxicity.

Sn is the element tin, a toxic heavy metal.

That's a liberal estimate, it could be much less and besides, the concern here is not about acute lethality. Chronic exposure of many substances at sub-acute levels can have a wide range of serious consequences, in the case of fluoride sequelae include things like weakened bones.

Bump and reported for supporting fluoride.

In modern society, most people's pineal glands become mineralized by fluoride and calcium by the age of 7 or 8. This isn't some "woo" either, it's visible as opacity on medical x-rays.

There is an enormous corpus of research on the deleterious effects of Sodium Fluoride published in peer reviewed journals. Human studies, animal studies, meta-analyses. Pseudoscience would be blindly claiming water fluoridation could not possibly affect human health in any fashion when all evidence is to the contrary.

A lethal dose of virtually any toxic substance is not necessary to cause harm or induce illnesses. Go drink half the LD 50 of bleach and get back to me.

In drawings and descriptions from antiquity, the pineal gland is described as being the size of an acorn. In modern man it is closer to the size of a pea.
Some believe this is because of deliberate sabotage through fluoridated food. Even in places where the water supply is not fluoridated, food sources of water may be.
Sources like coca cola, lager, mineral water, canned foods.

LD50 is a poorly understood metric. Accurate human ld50s are unknown for most substances and in the case of compounds like nicotine, are wildly inaccurate, being based on 19th century pseudoscience.
Open any medical textbook, ask any doctor, medical student, pharmacologist or Reddit contributor and they will tell you "nicotine is a deadly poison, 60mg will kill a human being!".
This figure is off by (conservatively) a factor of 10 but possibly much more.
Vapers, dippers, smokers and snusers have known that the figure was wrong for years but were shouted down as "reckless pseudoscientists" until new research from a scientist who decided "fuck playing Chinese whispers with scientific facts, let's get to the bottom of this" and to his surprise discovered that the "60mg" figure was nothing more than a 19th century doctor's guess, based on reports from a couple of his mates who said "we drank some nicotine and nearly died."


Seeing America AND Canada in a tier lower than many parts of Africa is fucking upsetting. We tower over them economically but somehow this result is reality?

4 out of 5 dentists are faggots.


There are few Western studies on the effects of flouridated water. It is a subject researchers are hesitant to touch due to the propaganda that surrounds it. For some reason, people think it is crazy to test the effects of a neurotoxins added to water and injested over a long period of time. Sounds perfectly safe, right? Studies have been conducted in other countries though, and the effects are generally negative.


The side effects are all over the place. It basically harms your entire body?


So whats the best way to avoid it? Reverse osmosis filters? There's one on amazon for around 150 bucks that goes under you sink. But what all the beneficial minerals your getting that's getting filtered? Just take them in supplement form?

this man speaks of important things

Give multiple reasons why you love the white race. I'll be waiting.

How do you reverse calcification?

How do you avoid fluoride in food? Most bread and eggs and produce probably is made with fluoridated water

I don't know why OP would make this thread and not give any fucking solutions.


ve-gan (whole plant based user) here, here's that guide I always post for you plus I made a giant image for fluoride I hope you all like it and put it to good use.

switch to a natural fluoride free toothpaste from wholefoods or something because fluoride fucks with your thyroid and hormones and endocrine system and it could and probably does cause cancer in a lot of people as a result and they probably never realize why, but besides that the hormone fuckery is enough to make you get fat and stay fat for no good reason. stop using teflon, copper, and aluminum pans and other cookware and use only pyrex and stainless steel cookware. make sure your spoons/forks/knifes are stainless steel too.

stop using storebought deodorant full of aluminum and other shit and make your own.

stop using laundry detergent and fabric softener and buy that natural organic stuff in the giant green bottle.
stop using house/car freshners and plugins and fuhbreeze spray bullshit all over your fucking house. hang little cotton bags of lavender flowers and cloves/cinnamon sticks instead.
stop dying your hair with harsh chemicals
stop using makeup that is full of chemicals.
stop using shampoo and soap full of chemicals.
stop using lotion and moisturizer with chemicals.
there is better natural hair and skin care and makeup products out there.
bathe with castile soap/african black soap and baking soda (aluminum free) and white vinegar. moisturize your skin with coconut oil/un-refined shea butter. brush your hair with small amounts of coconut oil as conditioner and trim your ends often.

if you eat garbage food and have acne, stop eating that and switch to a plant based diet and drink alot of water and sleep with a clean towel over your pillow every night.
if you have a cell phone, put it on speaker and hold it away from your body when talking. don't use bluetooth or wireless headsets because it's the same thing as having it up in your face. don't sleep with your wifi router next to your bed, keep it in another room.
stop holding your fucking cellphone in between your boobs. fucking stop, it isn't cute.
stop carrying your cell phone near your crotch or in your back pocket. turn the phone off to the best of your ability and find a cheap cell signal blocking fabric velcro pocket case to keep it in and then turned off, put it in your pocket. I don't care if this reduces the entire country to a society of people who "beep" each other with instant text messages that check their phone every few minutes or once per hour, just fucking make the change.

Fuck off faggot.

stop using sunscreen full of cancer causing chemicals. get a very very big hat that casts your whole body in shade and eat alot of antioxidant rich foods every day so that you have internal sunblock (look this up)
buy non-gmo and local organic/non-gmo foods to avoid as much pesticide exposure as possible. don't buy from a local farm that can't prove it's organic or non-gmo or pesticide free, because they are probably full of shit or working for monsanto or conagra or dupont or syngenta etc. and possibly buying their things from them. find the cheapest things at wholefoods, and don't buy the scams. buying food online is also a good option.
when you drive your car or ride as a passenger suggest to leave the windows closed and use the air conditioner inside with "air circulate recycle" on inside so you breath interior air only so that you don't breath the exaust of the passing 400 different cars on the road/highway.
stay away from people who smoke.
don't stand near the microwave or induction cooktops, better yet don't even eat food or drink water that comes from them, ever.
don't eat at any fucking restaurants ever because you have no damn idea the things they do to your food back there or the bullshit the corporations allow added to the food.

quote from an user in the thread:

>there are even some people that make their own home made hammock beds. they get the hammock rope type material and stretch it out in a giant flat bed shape on a wood frame. I have seen guides for this all over and it's better than a hammock because it lets you lie down more flat than a hammock. beware that these are all home made builds and nobody has any idea how severely dangerous they may be. also remember that anything that's a hammock or like a hammock or involving ropes is extremely dangerous for babies and small children and the elderly (and everyone else too)

stop reusing plastic containers and bottles that aren't meant to be reused.
stop using plastic containers and bottles that you aren't sure what kind of plastic they are made of.
stop microwaving or heating any kinds of plastic, and also stop leaving plastic inside your car.
if there is any plastic in your life, make sure that it's BPA and BPS free, or at the very least make sure it IS made out of HDPE (high density polyethylene) which is among some of the less dangerous plastics if you use it properly and don't abuse it.
if you buy something and touch the receipt paper and then eat food your blood levels of bpa sky rocket so wash your hands before eating.
always read the ingredients on everything before you buy it, no excuses.

ALL these things add up. people wonder like fucking retards why they get all these problems but they can't even begin to realize all the horrible things they are getting cucked with as a result of evil people taking advantage of their ignorance.

I'm Not a doctor or a nutritionist. Ask your doctor and nutritionist before doing or stopping anything.

and that's all folks

I don't know retard, maybe to make you aware of the problem? maybe so someone like me would show up and post relevant shit because that's how a thread works?

Check out elemental Boron for a way to chelate fluoride out of your bones and to reverse calcified pineal. Common contention about pineal is "Boron doesn't cross the Blood Brain Barrier" to which I have no idea if it does or not but that's beside the fact that your Pineal gland is situated outside of the BBB hence this objection is invalid.

You can buy straight up Boron in supplement form from places like iHerb (ausfag here, our zogovernment has made this illegal hence need to source from USA) or you can use Borax (unscented, untreated) which is Sodium Tetraborate, the molecule is made up of Sodium, Oxygen, Boron & Hydrogen and every 10mg of this will deliver roughly 2mg of Boron to your body. Recommended dose per day is 7-10mg but have read sources indicating 100+mg is a good dose to reverse skeletal fluorosis, doing this for 3 months can reduce fluorisis by 70+%. Sodium Tetraborate is a natural substance mined predominantly from California or Turkey. LD50 is similar to Table Salt.

Other than that I've read that Turmeric, or rather curcumin is good for removing fluoride but I'm not as well read about this as Boron.


Just to clarify, dose is specified for Boron, eg 7-10mg or 100mg+.

Also if going the Borax route recommendations are to make a concentrate by mixing 1 metric teaspoon with 1 litre of water and then using 1tsp of the concentrate per each glass of water you drink. Adding Epsom Salt in a ratio of 2:1 borax to Epsom is a good way to ensure your magnesium levels stay adequate as the mechanism of Boron fixing your shit is that it takes the calcium out of your soft tissues and replaces it with magnesium (this is how it decalcifies the pineal). Im presently doubling the above recipe which means im getting about 20-25mg of Boron a day over 2L of water. Start slow as you will likely encounter herxheimers due to your body needing to deal with the release of toxic fluoride back into your system before it gets flushed via urine.

Last tip is to add small amount of lemon or apple cider vinegar to your glass of water to counter the soapy alkaline taste (correcting pH via acid) as some will find the flavour unpalatable.

be careful boron can castrate you.

Kill yourself. You're worse than the pro-fluoride shill and the sage&run shills.

I need to start doing this but I'm going to do a much smaller dose because I'm kinda worried about what I have heard about it. real concern or fear mongering? I have to be careful on this. I don't eat epsom salt but I eat natural calm magnesium (raspberry lemon flavor) I guess that should work.


here is a good example of a shill, because I'm ve-gan (wordfilters) I am automatically thrown in the trash with all my good advice and contributions to the thread.
two reasons for this
>1: it's good fluoride cleans and avoidance advice. this pisses (((them))) off very badly.

>2: if you do a plant based diet correctly then (((big pharma))) makes less sheckles from your prescription drugs for cholesterol and diabetes and all your other medical bills. a healthy country people is hated by (((them)))

your disapproval is my fuel. I drink your tears you (((globalist lefty cuck communist shill cunt bastard)))

(((they're panicking)))

here's the thread archive so make sure you save it and teach others what we have learned here, and show them what shills look like.

israel wouldn't poison themselves, would they?

From my understanding this is incorrect, this claim comes from a faulty study that used Boron on fetuses that demonstrated it caused damage to male reproductive organs. In actual fact Boron helps regulate normal Testosterone levels improving fertility.

Elemental Boron is meant to be a constituent in the soil for agriculture meaning its meant to be in our food supply, but with industrial farming techniques it is severely depleted and when present is blocked by petrochemical fertilizer. It makes fruit taste sweeter and helps promote strength and resilience in the plant. Average American diet has 0-1mg of Boron hence why it needs to be supplemented to get to 7-10mg a day.

Another benefit of Boron is that it prevents arthritis, osteoporosis and other associate calcium issues like high blood pressure, kidney stones etc. It makes your bones super fucking hard to the point one anecdote detailed a surgeon taking 30 minutes to conducted what was typically a 10 minute bonesaw prodedure. Other anecdotes see patients heal fractures and breaks up to 3 times faster than without. Its a essential trace mineral, much like iodine is (this is a separate topic that I suggest all anons do some reading about RE endocrine health and reproductive cancer prevention).

Can this be fixed? How?

fagon I appreciate you though I'll never agree on the legumes front. I have a few updates for your pasta.
1. Copper/silver cookware is healthier than stainless steel. It's antimicrobial and the metals one injests are antioxidants and essential trace elements that are lacking in most modern produce so there's no danger of most people OD'ing on copper/silver. Think about (((who)) warns about the dangers of these.
Stainless was pushed to lower production costs and because good trad cook wear was passed down generationally not replaced often. These can be found in thrift stores reasonably priced sometimes.

Also stone cookware is another good option that's making a comeback and is cheaper and lower maintenance than copper/silver. Wood/bamboo are also cheap for eating off of.

2. Bedding. Another good option I recommend is a buckwheat or millet hull mattress. Basically an organic cotton sack full of them sold pre made or in kits. The feel like sleeping on a sandy beach so your bones will slow your muscles to relax but it still adjusts if you roll over. They feel great I highly recommend them.

Lastly I've been told at health food stores that turmeric is much more if not only bioavailable if taken with black pepper. Have you heard anything on this?

I forgot a cheaper option the weebs will like are organic bamboo tatami mats like the Honoraryan samurai sleep on.

The following are foods and supplements that help decalcify the pineal gland supposedly. I use and have used many of them. Whether or not decalcification occurs or not they are very health and good for daily gentle(no shits) detoxification from pollutants.
Kelp (iodine)
Kalamath Lake blue green Algae
Gotu cola
Oregano oil
Apple Cider vinegar
Water Cress
St John's Wart
Chia seeds
The "master cleanse"
Lemon, ginger, cayenne, maple syrup.
Butter from free range livestock
RSO/cbd oil

There is also a good fluoride thread on /polk/ with more info since BO/mods there actually care about the health of anons and the future of the white race.

Copper is reactive, so there's a good bit of things you wouldn't want to cook with it. Not to mention a pain in the ass to keep in good working order. And pure silver cookware would be monstrously expensive. Stainless is ideal for those on a budget if it's made by a reputable company from reputable steel. Pre 1968 revereware comes to mind as a good example as being copper clad it does a good job of avoiding hotspots while not being too much of a hassle to clean and maintain. But for serious investment, cast iron and ceramic/stoneware is the way to go.

Being antimicrobial hardly matters when whatever you're cooking is going to be exposed to enough heat to kill anything the metal would have, though it can be nice for flatware. Secondhand silverplate is a good solution to that, though it can be a little difficult to confirm niggers haven't eaten off of it unless you're buying in person and can vet the previous owners.

fluoride forms a harder surface finish, with bigger pores … not a great thing. Also required topically (hence, toothpaste), not systemically (hence, get it the fuck out of our water)

This is mostly correct. The famous part of tumeric is curcumin. The problem with curcumin is that not only is it a tiny part of tumeric, but the body is terrible at absorbing it, so that taking it as is is worthless.
Piperine is the alkaloid that makes black pepper what it is, and has been found to help absorption of curcumin. There are also other ways of increasing absorption as well, with the unfortunately more expensive "theracurmin" seeming to work best for my mother who has arthritis, among other issues.

Basically, the amount of curcumin is largely irrelevant, it's what it is paired with that determines efficacy.

There are likely beneficial compounds and reactions in tumeric that are completely unstudied.

If you knew even a little bit of about that company you wouldn't go near. Even their relationship to veg@nfags is strained because whole foods keeps trying to sneak non-organic ingredients in their "organic" labeled foods.

I want to be nice, veg@nfag, but your typing, formatting, tone in your posts, and haphazard integrity in your posts suggest signs of mental impairment which is typical of veg@nism.
Typical primary care doctors don't know shit and don't care about you. They exist to sell prescriptions and order pointless tests. Nutritionists might help but the ones that will are natural medicine doctors who are actually being targeted and murdered if you keep up.

Black pepper is paired with a lot of different food items because it supposedly accelerates and aids absorption. The main reason for this is piperine. Piperine is what makes black pepper useful the same way why curcumin is the reason why turmeric is useful. They are the essences to each respective food items.

The most common cause (but hardly the only) of eczema is an allergy to something, though WHY this particular form of reaction occurs is unknown. If you have bad eczema, or have any sort of obvious allergies, it would be worthwhile to do a comprehensive skin-prick test that will let you know what is up.

I shut my eczema down with unscented lotion that has that colloidal oatmeal bullshit, mixed with extra vitamin-E oil. I also add in rosemary oil to prevent shit from growing in my lotion mix, it also smells nice.

Anytime you have skin issues like eczema, make sure to supplement magnesium, which not only likely already deficient in most people, but even further depleted during cellular repair, allergies, stress, and excess phosphorous and sugar consumption (soda). 200-400mg a day is recommended. Beware that it'll make you shit soon after the first few times as most forms are poorly absorbed.

Thanks. I put fresh ground pepper on most food anyway, that question was for the good of the whole regarding meme vitamin supplements that are often worthless. Same goes for Zinc supplements(low T/trying to conceive) which should be paired with copper I've learned.


Add pine pollen extract/tincture (the liquid you put under your tongue) to your shopping list. Most users wake up ready to raise the black flag and plunder some booty. Read up on it, it contains a lot of shit. The pills have benefits, but a lot of the good stuff is destroyed during digestion, hence the mouth absorption route.

Tastes a whole lot better than eating raw onions too.


Sage for doublepost.

There is definitely a recommended ratio but those ratios are thrown out the window when so many men are low zinc either because of heavy metal toxicity and/or from fapping. The biggest mineral lost in the body when a man spills his load is zinc, lost in abundance I might add. So if that is a man's lifestyle then that ratio is meaningless because his zinc levels are fleeting. Meanwhile too much copper can block zinc and vice-versa. Copper is only needed in very tiny amounts and signs that you need more can vary.

Good stuff. The future of testosterone maintenance is in flavonols, bioflavonoids, and phenols. What we eat on a daily basis is crucial to testosterone gains rather than losses. Plant that help boost testosterone, mainly by preventing us from losing it, and animal fats like organic butter are synergistic. Once our body produces testosterone from saturated fats found in things like butter, the plants help out in their own unique ways.

Seems like you've explored this a bit, care to give a quick overview of things to look into?

Kek, are you two having deja vu about this conversation yet?

For everyone else a sign of zinc deficiency is little white spots on your fingernails.

I should probably mention that flavonoids and phenols are classified as antioxidants but not all antioxidants are the same and each are used differently by the body. There's quite a lot to mention and some you may have already heard of. The rule of thumb is to get as many red fruits or dark blue ones like blueberries, but not all vegetables are equal as tomatoes are not something to be eaten in abundance due to shit like solanine and plant calcitriol.

Red grape skins are high in anthcyanins as is pomegranate that are powerful antioxidants in abundance - always get organic to avoid (((pesticides))). Raw organic Cocoa powder is abundant in flavonoids and polyphenols. I could go on but almost as important as getting foods high in that is getting herbs that reduce stress.

Look up adaptogenic herbs. Stress causes cortisol excretion which causes more stress which in a vicious cycle what is lost is testosterone. Healthy high testosterone men can keep their cool real well. If your cortisol levels are high then your body produces less testosterone. The next most important thing is keeping your liver in good condition. Liver health is as essential as testicular function when it comes to producing and maintaining testosterone. There are plenty of guides for helping liver function but the main core ones is not eating shit foods and sugars, and taking milk thistle and dandelion root.

Basically, if your liver is busy detoxing your body, the antioxidant you take will be busy detoxing your body too and that means your organs can't spend enough energy making testosterone amongst other things.

I've been having deja vu almost every day and even multiple times a day since Trump ran for office. I don't know why.

I would say fear mongering / disinfo. The information has been suppressed to the point where published studies in Australia supporting the information I've provided have been removed from the journals/institutes catalogue. Have a quick Google (non kosher version obviously) for "The Boron Conspiracy" which frames the above being due to the threat it has on the (((medical industry))) as osteoporosis is one of the biggest cash cows for hospitals and big pharma, much like cancer is. This article also expands on a lot of what I've said along with excerpts from studies conducted in China and other countries.

I from memory the faulty study I'd alluded to in a prior post was conducted with either borosilic acid (harmful form of boron, supposedly - ive not read into this at all) or too great of an amount of boron relative to what a fetus would normally receive through the umbilical of the mother.

I personally have been supplementing for over 6 months with no adverse effects, I can talk to the effect it has had on my T levels where my voice is deeper, I have more endurance in weight training and my anxiety is no longer an issue.

RE curcumin bioavailability, coconut oil can also increase the absorption with or without the presence of peperine (sp?) I think stacking the 3 is probably the best route though which is what I do in my health shakes.

On a semi related note, heavy metal intoxication is another thing anons should seriously consider correcting, my personal experience with Activated Charcoal was miraculous to say the least. (Blogpost time) I had gone on a sushi eating stint for a few months and had become almost chronically fatigued, mood, energy, mental health; everything took a dive for the worse that is until I AC on a whim. The first time I took it I got what felt like an electrical surge of giddiness as I drunk it down (mixed with water) and then the next day my shit smelt very metallic and was nasty AF. Post me taking a shit my energy levels were crazy relative to how I had been feeling and I was in a state of euphoria for the whole day, I now use it on a weekly basis due to having mercury amalgams in my mouth thanks to the dental jew. My wife who had been suffering from severe menstruation since puberty had corrected all her symptoms with just one dose a week prior to her cycle and now swears by it also.

Final final recommendation is diatomaceous earth which also helps remove heavy metals but its main attraction for me is how powerful it is at killing and removing parasites from your system, along with it being a great source of silica.

Do not make a science thread in Holla Forums. All you'll get is a couple of pages of retards screaming about what they didn't learn in science class. The oldest fags have left us.

RE adaptogens, I take Rhodiola Rosea for energy in the morning and Ashwagandha for great sleepy time and hormone support. Can vouch! Good recommendation user!

Thanks for that. Yet more reading to add to the todo pile (which seems to grow faster than I can deplete it)
While they aren't the pigments you mentioned, have any opinions on grape seed extract (oligomerica procyanidins) and olive leaf extract (oleuropein)? I've been seeing them show up everywhere.

One interesting thing I read that you may find interesting, is that omega oil supplements should be taken with antioxidants, because there are times when the oils become oxidized in the body by free radicals so quickly they can't get to where they need to be.

You're missing chaga and turmeric from that list

You can't go wrong with grape seed extract. It has many uses, while the skins (actually eating the skins, red wine is okay for this but overrated because you're not actually eating the skins and your liver has to process the alcohol) are good for testosterone; the seed extracts is good for antimicrobial, antioxidant supoort, and even vasodilation. Vasodilation is important for blood circulation which you will need for tons of important things as well as (for that one lurker who is monitoring this thread) getting a boner.

Olive leaf extract is mainly used as an antiviral but it has similar benefits to grape seed extract. If you're around sick people or shitskins which in turn spread disease all year round, olive leaf extract can help stave off their germs.

This is true as even nature illustrates this. as one of the best sources of omega 3s and antioxidants is wild caught salmon. Salmon feeds on a type of plankton (IIRC) that feed on red microalgae that produces one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature called astaxanthin - it needs to be emphasized astaxanthin's strength is ridiculously powerful. Eating wild caught salmon that's kept untreated by (((food processors))) makes it one of the healthiest meals and a proof of that effect with omega 3s and their relationship with antioxidants. Fun fact: salmon looks red-orange because that is literally the color of that microalgae's pigment.

Is that why pure chocolate makes me feelgoodman?

Thanks for that I'll look for it and DE. I took a 3 month course of a natural oral chelation therapy for a heavy metal detox I can recommend. It worked really well except at one point I had a "health crisis" or whatever it's called. Basically my body tried to push out too much stored poison at once, it felt like I had the worst flu of my life for a weekend then I was fine. I'd really only recommend it for acute problems not general maintenance. If anons do this I recommend in the summer and you NEED a good liver support supplement and mineral supplement.

If you really want to know why Cocoa makes you feel good you should go down the rabbit hole of MAOIs. Many foods that are commonly available contain MAOIs and they are often used by shamans to potentiate the effects of hallucinogens. Hallucinogens themselves are not always about audio visual experiences but emotional and even introspective in low doses. Like I said it's a rabbit hole. There is tons of information on the subject and even some misinformation to sift through.

Have you read a book called "Left in the dark"? It hypothesized that a diet rich in fruit and the flavonoids they contain is the primary catalyst for the yet unexplained rapid increase in our brain evolution, and that our diet rich in animal proteins is now causing a reduction over time in brain mass and also links to the left brain dominance observed (saying that the right brain requires these flavonoids etc to properly function and the lack in our diet keeps it mostly dormant/suppressed), pretty rudimentary explanation on my behalf but you get the jist. The book meanders off to reference a few leftist ideas citing muh patriarchy a couple of times but I think there is merit to what it outlines and is worth a read.

It was the impetus for me to swap my diet to primarily (50+%) raw fruit and veg that I would say has been very beneficial thus far.

Meant to say animal proteins AND grains

tfw when been using flouride-free toothpaste for years

tfw when recently in German TV there is an ad of toothpaste about their brand not having fluoride

tfw I have no face

That makes enough sense but only once you boil it down to nutrient density, which plants and animal sources are rich in their respective ways. Animal sources are rich in certain nutrients, thus they have a narrow focus but are high in the amounts contained in there and trying to find the equivalent in amounts from plant sources is a staggering task. Meanwhile plants fulfill all of our other dietary needs and even compliment the dietary amounts we acquire from animal sources.

One of the best examples of this relationship is trying to find all of the components that help the liver create the antioxidant unique to humans called glutathione. Glutathione requires large amounts of glycine which is found in abudance from animal bone, choline is found in abundance from raw eggs, and so on. Acquiring the required b vitamins means having a steady supply of leafy green vegetables like spinach. On that note, vitamin b6 and b12 are extremely abundant in muscle meats. Look at all of the ingredients brands like Garden of Life has to acquire just to make a veg@n alternative for b12 supplementation - and a lack of b12 causes brain atrophy.

Overall the development of a healthy human depends on a good balance of plant and animal sources.

Agreed, you really know your shit. The book specified that there was likely small amounts of animal protein in the diet saying it was similar to Bonobo diet.

Let's not forget the other likely catalyst for neural expansion.
noboy reveal b0b's nickname or the thread will get deleted.

It's an old list I haven't updated in a while, I forgot about chaga thanks. I'm taking a lion's mane tincture at the moment.


You talking McKenna stoned ape theory? I can also get behind that particularly as I can attribute my deprogramming to experiences with cubensis. And no you purity spiralling autists, this is hardly degenerate when used in the right context… I would hazard to say it is a necessary vector to liberate normies from the zog.

I tried to read Food Of The Gods but I cant get past McKenna's writing style which seems to just repeat itself ad infinitum each chapter with only minor nuances between, couple that with the fact he achieved the feat of transferring his sleep inducing drawl onto paper. My eyes refuse to stay open.

Maybe its made from wheat?

Flouride is shit but this thread needs to be gassed for too much bullshit.

Anyone who leaves this thread thinking even only a femtosecond about all the other esoteric shit is beyond all help.

Can anyone help me with dental fluorosis? Not too sure I want to be swallowing boron. I also don't want to have veneers

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Show teeth or gtfo.

mine fall under "moderate". and pretty much look like this guys

Start brushing your teeth user, stop drinking so much pop, or other acidic shit. Also stop eating sugary trash, and never allow yourself to go to bed without brushing.Tbh I had a ton of fevers as a kid and it completely ruined my enamel, I still drink pop, eat candy occasionally, however I bring a toothbrush and shit with me everywhere. After any meal, or any non-water drink I brush my teeth. I have spots like your pic often said to be calcium from excessive floride, however I know for a fact it's not because I never drank T. A.P. because of autistic suspicion that all the impurities were always at the legal limit, and my dentist shared this conclusion. Just read some medical papers on whatever treatment, floride in the water was kind of helpful at one point in history. But now people have the means to just use it topically, thus not having to ingest it (toothpaste). Thus your average American gets too much floride, which have have opposite effect than stated and damage teeth. It's all really stupid, however if anons want to say floride it's self is useless in dental care I'd tell them to become dentists and publish papers on that shit. Because nothing I've read has ever disproven it's usefulness in dental care, especially for lazy fuckers that won't floss. Nor have I seen anyone but gubment cia niggers say that there's never too much floride. Just get to know your dentists anons, they have some level of intellectual curiosity and would love to debate.

>Insects and meat make up a small proportion of their diet, estimated as 2%. While the common chimpanzee is mostly herbivorous, it does eat honey, soil, insects, birds and their eggs, and small to medium-sized mammals, including other primates.

Get a Berkey Water Filter. Problem solved.


is this a wordfilter?

yes I heard about the pepper turmeric thing.
I'm updating the image but I'm going to take the safe legal route and suggest peole eat foods high in boron instead of suggesting borax tbh. as a fag who eats huge amounts of plant foods I think I would OD on copper if I ate food in that. I get very much as it is so I can't say I would feel safe eating more. I'm always telling people to eat healthy but use stainless steel so they don't OD on the copper once their diet improves.
I'm Not a doctor so ask your doctor before doing anything.

and yea ve-gan is wordfiltered to fag. really it's just whole plant based eating tbh.

v3gan user here with an image update. hope you like it. see! some fags are fucking bros! and trump supporters we only want to help!

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number risen:

veg plant based an- here, I used to get these when I was a fatass and now that I'm v3gan I don't get them anymore.

maca root and ashwaghanda and holy basil

you mentioned the milk thistle and dandelion (I love adding milk thistle powder to my cereal)

as for the deja vu, lets just say I did nazi that coming.

this has been really informative, thanks user.
I usually mix turmeric with coconut oil too but I mix in pepper and onion powder and garlic powder to superboost the absorption.

if I ever do this boron thing I'm going to do extremely small amounts if anything at all, like fractions of a teaspoon. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else thought since I have no experience with it.

as for charcoal I just eat burnt toast sometimes, like totally blackened toast. when I'm not doing that I get so much fiber from flax,oats,chia, that I don't usually need AC or DE anyway.

I heard long term rhodiola use kills your sex drive like kava kava does, I love ashwagandha thought but I use a lot of maca root.

user this is literally the story of the garden of eden, adam and eve, the tree of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil! see! v3gans know stuff!

the Lord had foreknowledge and may have had impact on Eve and Adam's decision to eat the forbidden fruit.
the Lord may have set them up to eat the forbidden fruit, just the same way Pharoah was told to release the slaves but then "hardened Pharoah's heart" so Pharoah couldn't let them go. or was the Pharoah supposed to go against his hardened heart and do the right thing anyway?

the fact that Eve did not know the difference between Good and Evil when she ate the forbidden fruit is very paradoxical, since She and Adam literally had no way of knowing that disobedience was a bad thing. They are technically being punished for doing evil when they specifically didn't know what evil was or that eating the forbidden fruit was wrong other than the fact that they were told not to eat it, but that goes back to the fact that they had no way of knowing that disobedience was a bad thing… The question is why? To learn? Are we meant to learn here on earth? Does this experience exist because we are supposed to learn what it is and know what is good and bad and avoid what is bad so that we may be distinctly good?

if it's not reverse osmosis I'm not trusting it.

oh shit this is bumplocked. who the fuck did that and why the hell would they do it? fucking Holla Forums mods! this is a damn good thread!

Gud for ya teeth, Goyum!

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No matter what anyone thinks about /polk/, those images are disinfo and it has been used as disinfo since the time when /polk/ was popular. But there's a chance that with your style of spam posting you might be that guy who posted that, got banned for spamming it in every thread, and shat up and everywhere else with your butthurt.

Lmao. Do you want to be taken seriously at all? At least compile as much as you can into one post before trying to top communist gangsters as a label.

This could have been compiled into one post. You are clearly mentally ill and being veg@n is just the punchline.

Man burnt toast is pure cancer, activated charcoal is usually coconut fiber specially processed at temps exceeding 900°C which makes it inert carbon, burnt toast on the other hand is just severely degraded and oxidized grains - not good for you normally, definitely not good for you when damaged and degraded to that extent. There's zero equivalence.

unanchor this thread mods

thank god you are the first user which has recognized the BPA on receipts as a problem

I stopped using toothpaste with fluorid for a few month and now I have cavities. Thanks a lot you stupid faggots!

Former water supply engineerfag here.

Quite obviously, the whole concept of mass-medicating a population through their water supply is despicable Orwellian kike fuckery. How do you control dosage? The amount of tap water a person consumes daily can vary greatly with their lifestyle and activity level.

On top of this the practical considerations are a nightmare. We have enough to deal with getting shit like organophosphate pesticides out of the water, we don't need to be putting shit in. Thankfully, the utilities I worked for never touched this shit.

The closest we came was dosing with orthophosphoric acid (the same stuff they put in Coca-Cola), but the purpose of this was to react with the inside of lead pipes and coat them, thereby reducing the lead content dissolved in what came out of the tap. This was done with proper intentions to produce a purer supply, but still caused enough issues.

The proper way to use flouride for dental purposes is to apply it topically, directly to the teeth, in toothpaste.