Paul Sorvino on Harvey Kikestein

I will kill the motherfucker if he avoids jail

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Religion of Cuck™

Paul put his daughter in Hollywood. No way he didn't know what a pit it was. Shitty father.

Why wait?

mods will never learn

Your nose is showing.

I hear Rubashkin is looking for some work. Times are tough as they always are for stupid, violent sandniggers. Might get a good deal.

Get illegals to kill Rubashkin since he loves hiring them. Make some shit up that he works with ICE or he's with law enforcement.

t. fbi

Weinstein may avoid jail but he wont if he said that.

Why did the mafia fight Mussolini?

An easy way is to tell them he's a pedo. Most low level illegals that are not cartel scum hate pedos. Hell, you can even mention how his fellow kike friends use their ilk for easy labor to add fuel to the fire. The biggest thing you have to remember is that illegals are textbook hotheads and it's very easy to light that fuse.
t. shitlord that got an illegal to punch my kike manager and get the illegal ICE'd at the same time

Because he was dismantling their power structure over Sicily. I doubt it was real ideological. It was simply a matter of power. The mafia was the old traditional hierarchy in near anarchic Sicily. The island for a long time was very distant from the powers in Rome. Mussolini wanted to change that and probably had plans to tie up all the societal loose ends that allow the mafia to make money. Apparently Mussolini also had a speech scheduled in some mafia controlled town but the local mafia boss commanded that everyone in the town avoid it. Mussolini was incredibly offended by this. Italians can take things very personally.

Also don’t use American portrayals of mafia gangsters as accurate representations of the real guys, especially those in Sicily itself. Not only are American mobsters way more degenerate than what the films portray, but the Sicilian ones are far and away more vicious and immoral. They kidnap and kills children, and peddle heroin without s second thought.


To illustrate my point with pictures, the first is the well groomed and stylish actor doing a portrayal of Paul Vario. The second is the real guy. There definitely is something for white men to get out of the ‘take what I want when I want it’ attitude of the mafia, but when it really comes down to it, these people are all usually betrayers, rats, and thieves who put knives in their best friends backs constantly.

Ah reverse the pictures obviously. Also DeNiros character once chopped up an boyfriend of his current wife with a chainsaw…slowly. Jimmy the gent I guess.

Lefty Ruggiero never talked.

he didn't talk because he didn't want a knife shoved into his back, simple as that.

Never fuck with Italians. Well at least not the older ones. Hope Sorvino gets him.

Seriously? Retards.

You're first for the oven, Chiam.

bada boom bada bing ayy you want ya pizzagate straight from the oven

She's a real mess to be honest. The Hollyweird kike shit is the least of it.

Also, Sorvino's wife was a libshit who took part in the March on Washington, aka where we got Murder Lootin' Koon's 'I gots me a dream nigga' speech.

you clearly don't know the story but ok

Stopped clock, twice a day.

Some don’t. Some are hardcore. But most do when facing a huge sentence.

Two for one, and dubs makes fun.

Ease off, friends, don't spook at phantom jews, for infighting is how the mighty lose.

Unless it's a digital clock.

Is everybody's reading comprehension here really that terrible? I said Paul is a shitty father for putting his daughter in that environment. You guys are braindead.

til Paul Sorvino is a sculpture and it isn't trash.


Spoke too soon kek.

Imagine the feeling when it becomes public that your daughter is not a whore and did not fuck that greasy kike to get ahead.
Every successful actress is now suspected of being a whore because how could they attain success if a jews blackball any non-conpliant actresses?

He was probably under the impression that he could protect her

No jury would convict

It's almost as if you were describing jews.

It's exactly that:


Ignorance doesn't make him not a shitty father. He married a shitty woman, too.

Remember, the first great thing you can do for your children is pick a good parent for them. Don't stick your dick in anything less.

Why would the mods want to learn what kikes want? Your kike desires are irrelevant.

Jews even play mafia in the movies:

A true “[b]light unto the nations”.

guy in the black and white pic is a kike.

Let's hope so.

This was the case long before Harvey.

Obama had his daughter be his intern.

After the porn ends 2 is something you all need to watch to rustle your jimmies and discover (((who))) is behind porn.

Did Oprah have to fuck Harvey?

A deli?

because the mafia is run by kikes.

they own most pizza places, catering halls and 'fancy restaurants' in the north east atleast indirectly. I had a job doing deliveries to those places, you should fucking see how nepotistic it fucking is.

Oprah was more of a madam than a whore herself.

That's rather niggardly of you user. Illegal or not, your vagina must have told you to get another person to act on what you would have wanted to do. Why not become a real man one day and do things yourself?

this tbh
I'm supposed to feel sorry for a guy who basically allowed his daughter to enter lite form of the (((porn industry)))
if your daughter grows up to be anything but a wife and mother, you failed

Ever had your daughter take interest in your work? I get the point, but think like Trump.

"Ivanka, sweetheart. You love dolls and dresses, and I love you playing with them. But I have to tell you something about modelling. You see that woman over there, Anna? Yes, from Vogue. I know you like reading that and you like to sketch clothes. But honey, I really have to warn you, there are some very bad hombres in the fashion business…"

Maybe Sorvino had a similar talk and maybe that's why she felt comfortable telling her dad about (((Harvey))).

Can someone explain to me what crime Weinstein is supposed to have committed?

So he paid off whores with movie roles. What of it? Is anyone prosecuting the whores?

I wouldn't take him seriously. His mother was Molisan, while his father was Neapolitan. If they were Sicilians, now. . .

He isn't going to do shit, or he's a mouthbreathing moron.

If you really intend to do something like this you do not talk about it. You do not go on the internet and big-man about it. You do not tell little secrets to your best/closest friends/confidants. You don't even say a fucking word to your spouse. You construct your alibi with technological logging in mind and you

So obviously jack shit is going to happen now he opened his fat stupid mouth about it. I'm sure he's not stupid enough to go through with it and become suspect #sub-10.

Because he has Holla Forumsros watching his back for him, du judescheißen.

Rape by coercion
Sexual Harassment

He doesn't even really deny the allegations. He said on a tape that most of them are untrue and I think he gave the industry standard 'I'm in rehab now' defence.

>Can someone spoonfeed to me what kikery (((Weinstein))) committed
he is a kike who made billions off of producing anti white propaganda

As if it's even possible to rape a whore.

Where are the police reports? Where are the medical reports? Where are the rape kits?

Trading a movie role for sex is prostitution, not rape. and those actresses all consented when they thought it would benefit them.

Which isn't technically a crime. It should be, but it isn't.

Shit father tbh fam. He knew what the fuck was going on.

You know that he is wanted by police?


More than that they are guilty of bribery, and of cheating women who wouldn't participate in this sexual bribery out of an equal chance at jobs. That's why they are all screeching about being victims, to distract from this.

I think you're looking for

At least it's not Holla Forums
is it?

Checked damn

Also Paul Sorvino is based

Paul needs to go Tony Soprano…

"That ain't gonna be me. Got that?"
"Gonna have some romance and it's gonna be beeyutiful…"

As tough as he looks here I hear he's a total fairy in real life.

For sure, anyone who drops out or disappears for Hollywood or "doesn't make it"… respect levels go up when this shit comes to light.

"Pwalie moved slow.. but that's cuz Pwalie didn have to move for NObody…"