There are so many stickies only 3 normal threads can be on the front page

Do you think it might be time to tone it down?

Don't you think it's time for you to use the Catalog?

Actually I kinda think they should keep the entire front page stickied. Then for user bumped threads you go to page 2.

Too many shills bumping and sliding shit otherwise.

that is a wonderful idea
fuck the non catalog users
if you gonna pleb, you gonna read what we serve you

But then page 1 will be the front page, and everyone will just use that

Forgot my pic

Kill yourself.

Are you upset they only let you be a janitor?

Kill yourself.

Is that butthurtenese for 'yes'?

The mods are all sold-out, I hate to say muh exodus but how long are people gonna stay here and degenerate under the boot of ZOG instead of going outside and getting a qt gf.

All the mods are kill, I hope I meet them one day, but I hope they don't force me into a self-defense situation.

Those cocksucking, untermensch trannies SURE ARE TERRIFYING, WEW!

Fuck all the mods.


Well said, friend. Pic related, it's the mods

The index is seriously worth less than a petal of piss in the wind. Why does it still exist?

gj on knowing how to use the site
i am proud of you goyim

Kill yourself.

Maybe I like seeing the latest replies without waiting for the 400+ other replies to load first Whatever happened to the last 100 feature anyhow?


They actually have sent me ban notices quite often, but they never last as long as the notice claims they will.
Usually I can still post the next day, almost like these half-breed tranny wastoids can't into computers or something.

Oh well, I'm happy browsing the 8ch.??/pol, and am enjoying my success with redpilling my close friends about hitler.
I'm surprisingly convincing, and have already gotten people to support natsoc in my state n_n

The northwest will be a white nation after the (((leaders))) start a race war

What kind of internet do you have where loading text and some thumbnails takes more than a couple hundred milliseconds? You know that it's codeporchmonkey's shitty javascript that makes the page loads take forever, right?

kek confirms, kiddos

Careful user don't try to use logic with subhumans.

Oh yeah? Well check this out

Even more reason not to clog the frontpage with threads everyone has seen for the past week. If they're good enough threads, they'll get bumped into view anyways, or if you use the catalog then it wouldn't be a problem in the first place

chosen one here, all the mods are fags and will be crushed like the bugpeople they are if they try to step to our level…

It feels amazing to realize the truth of nationalism and my duty as an aryan (aka real human person with a soul)

Don't you think it's time to kys?

Mods are retarded this has been the case since the US election.

Look above your post



lol reported


It'a true though, they're following a very simple script in hopes of masking the true public opinion. Thank you for the bump.

True facts