Kernel panic! What are Meltdown and Spectre, the bugs affecting nearly every computer and device?

Called Meltdown and Spectre, the flaws exist in processors, a building block of computers that acts as the brain

All Computers and phones made since 1995 Totally Fucked

Apple: All iPhones, iPads and Macs affected by chip flaws

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Some effort, please.

We have threads on this.

One massive gaping vulnerability in a series, but the beauty of knowing about them is that it opens up potential exploitation of those vulnerabilities to non-CIAniggers and non-establishment actors. Saging because old fucking news and we have a thread.

sorry late for work , but this is huge

then why is it not on the first page ? seems kinda important ? No?

I'm not sure why the mods didn't pin it.

i searched and seems a major hard ware bug affecting all devices may be a tad bit more important then some of the bullshit posted here lately ,do we really need two Hillary Clinton email investigation threads pinned ?

this thread Japan’s need for foreign labor to get dire as 2050 nears on page 1 but not this huge news , seems fish , slide much ??

Not really. No one is going to issue any fixes for it and we have to wait for new chips to exist to get around it. There’s nothing that can BE done about it.

Where do you think you are exactly? We're VERY far from 2014 Holla Forums but that doesn't mean you have go full PLEB when making threads.

As for the reason why tech threads end up here: The sad reality is that tech-related discussion quality is better here compared to the pozzed shithole/browser discussion board known as Holla Forums.

Expect this to be used as a legal defense.

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OP RTFM, where Manual=Catalog.
There are already threads for this, not like you made any effort for the thread anyway.

you mean design

It's only fucking Intel chips for fucks sake.

What did they mean by this?

Intel are bastards.

Testing some kind of bot?

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this is some of the biggest news in years in the tech world and they just derail

intel is completely fucked

intel is trying to take everyone with them by misinformation. Though more likely from the CIA's backdoors now being publicly available probably

So it's not just one architecture?
Is it Intel in general?


This, they drop this other bug the day their big showstopper is leaked, faggots.

Should have bought shares in AMD, you still can. The normies have no idea how serious this is yet and the news is still trying to conflate these issues. It won't be possible for long.

Also the point is that "a" new computer won't cure this. Fucking faggot.

And expect your defense to be laughed out of court.
A defense doesn't just need to be possible, it has to create reasonable doubt.
If it was possible to use any possible scenario as a defense then even without these hardware flaws, a defendant could just say "clearly a secret service agent picked the lock to my apartment while I was at work, sneaked in, removed my hard drive and copied the CP into my home folder!"
For such a defense to work you need to either prove that it happened with forensic evidence, or explain why it's more likely than you being a CP-loving degenerate who simply downloaded that filth himself.
These bugs aren't going to change a thing. Very advanced trojan with full deployment kits Back Orifice anyone? have been available to the public for free since the 90s. Anyone who toyed with the tools given to us by the Cult of the Dead Cow can only chuckle when "the latest super-powerful spy software from the NSA!" is announced to a chorus of "ooh" and "aah" and "wow, this is so HIGH TECH" emanates from the lips of millennials and Gen-Z'ers who haven't studied their recent history.
tl;dr the trojan/bug/spy man messing with my shit defense has existed for decades, it is seldom used because most people aren't interesting enough for a jury to believe anyone would go to that sort of trouble to incriminate them. Spectre changes nothing in this regard.

Commodore Amiga works fine for daily desktop stuff like web and email. The 1200 even has expansion capability and a IDE interface as standard.

is this an accurate assessment? I've actually used one for normie-tier desktop tasks before; wasn't as bad as I thought it would be
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Why wouldn't it have its own backdoor though?
The 68030 isn't likely to have any backdoor because when it was designed no one anticipated consumers using online networks.
Stick to something archaic and you'll be fine.

Because the intelligence agencies don't need everyone's dirty laundry, just that of anyone that might grow politically inconvenient in future.
The kind of autist that's fucking around with a Raspberry Pi isn't going to become a politician.
Agreed that an older system is safer though.

The pi I got for Christmas is being well used as an emulator machine.
I double dare the CIA niggers to beat my GT2 times.

But outspoken or suspects such as leakers ie, Seth Rich will be severly boned. The CIA niggers will stop at nothing to exploit what's out there regardless if you're outspoken or not; all that matters if that you're forever silenced.

It's always a good idea to store it - just in case that person becomes a nuisance later on though.
Even their Keyscore patterns from the Snowden releases were incredibly vague. Anyone that used Tor was considered a potential terrorist and their data marked to be stored.
This is why anonymity is becoming increasingly important. If you're identifiable, chances are you're blackmail-able - to at least some degree.
Everyone has things they'd rather other people not know. Ever slandered your friends or family with a phone nearby?

You can shitpost and game
(Using the RetroPie Setup Script) Configuration / Tools >> Raspbiantools >> Install Pixel Desktop Environment. after installation it will be accessible from the 'Ports' menu of EmulationStation

God you shill motherfuckers are dense. This is a high IQ board, you don't fit in here and it looks ridiculous when you attempt to.

The intel-specific "meltdown" is at least software patchable (at a performance cost) and already has been, e.g. KB4056890 on windows. The cross-architecture Spectre is arguably worse since it's basically unfixable, all that can be done are mitigations to make it harder to exploit.

Almost every intel processor since 1995 is meltdown-vulnerable, basically everything except Atom since that lacks the necessary features.

i can't believe how fast this shit is especially that second amiga towards the end. windows 10 on a cheap laptop is twice as slow. that just shows you how bloated and polluted with botnet all modern software is.

correct , and they say any kind of patch will slow down computers and phones 30 % or more

reminds me of this , start at 50sec mark

you're obviously a lowtech ring3fag or shill and should gas yourself. it's true that this (((backdoor))) is long, deep, and wide like your mom's wizard sleeve, and is in the die and can't be fixed with microcode, but meltdown can be fixed on the software side, and spectre can be mitigated. the vulnerability was discovered june 2017, and faggot platforms have security updates. the linux kernel mailing list details their efforts to rework the KAISER patches to fix it there, too. too bad software fixes are slower and will now take ~20% more computing power for equivalent workloads. Intel is super fucked. AMD is less fucked, don't believe Intel's shills, but it still has problems in some chips. ARM64 has been the most open about which of their chips are fucked. I'm hoping for better ARM64 server and desktop platforms with clean chips in the future. this is the type of fuck up that brings that type of market opportunity. the big issue is not the clowns stealing your ponyporn passwords. it's that basically all cloud platforms running muh proxies, VPNs, and (((web apps))) could be compromised, and probably were, but because the compromise was so deep yet so brittle, it was likely only used by the most secret of internal alphabet teams and not faggot contractor tiers. this is literally a no-need-to-know exploit, like the fagging up of the NIST elliptical curve standard by the NSA. sage for low effort posts in this thread

guys guys guys…ok, if you do the research, you will see that virtually 80% of all machines connected to the net have botnet on them…that includes spyware, spam, and packet sniffing and packet senders and viruses…

This is common knowledge and it is not rocket science…

Meltdown, affects only Intel Corp chips, while the other, called Spectre, impacts almost all computer chips made in the past 10 years.

These flaws could permit a hacker to read passwords stored in a device’s memory or see what tabs a person has open on his computer

All iPhones, iPads and Mac computers are affected by microchip flaw that leaves devices vulnerable to hackers, Apple

oldest working computer where?

Some popular antivirus software programs are incompatible with the software updates, causing desktop and laptop computers to freeze up and show a “blue screen of death,” researcher Johnson said.

Antivirus software makers responded by rolling out fixes to make their products compatible with the updated operating systems, he said. In a blog posting on Friday, Microsoft Corp said it would only offer security patches to Windows customers whose antivirus software suppliers had confirmed with Microsoft that the patch would not crash the customer’s machine.

“If you have not been offered the security update, you may be running incompatible antivirus software, and you should consult the software vendor,” Microsoft advised in the blog post.

Major software makers have not issued patches to protect against the second vulnerability, dubbed Spectre, which affects nearly all computer chips made in the last decade, including those from Intel, Advanced Micro Devices Inc , and ARM-architecture manufacturers, including Qualcomm Inc .

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