Japan’s need for foreign labor to get dire as 2050 nears

Japan’s need for foreign labor to get dire as 2050 nears

The Japan Times continues to shill the views of Yale and Stanford brainwashed professor who advocates for third world degenerates be allowed into the countries en masse.

This will probably be more flip nurses firstly who are skilled at wooing shy otakus into race mixing with them.

Can Japan fend off the hapacalypse or a wave of third world immigration?

Few know that Japan narrowly escaped the fate of Germany, with almost all Iranian guest workers being deported back in the 80s while a million turkish migrant workers were given permanent residence cuz they be the new germans n sheeeeet en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iranians_in_Japan


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i imagine the filipinos must be happy with the genetic enrichment
that shy otaku semen should not be going to waste anyway

AI and robotics will replace all unskilled labor. Shitskins need not apply. Japan is full.

Not this shit again, every 2-3 months it's labor shortages, falling birthrates, the need of cultural enrichment. Well, the nips need to expand, every civilization needs to expand, suggest they invest and research more on robotics and possibility of cheaper and efficient space exploration, then it's off to making outer world colonies.

It missed a few.

That's what the ten or so Japs at the end of the lane are there for.

Aren't contemporary Japanese robots already more capable and cost effective than turd-world shitskins?


The kikes are going after the honorary Aryans too.

yeah it is true jew logic
oh your country has too many dependents? you need more turd world dependents goy!
why doesn't japan go for the moon? they have the tech and the spare time

Stores will have self-checkouts with a ルーンバさん3000 doing cleanup.
No niggers, nobody will shoplift.

Learn from Europe. Importing muds only worsens the economy. Europe won't be able to have socialized medical care by 2050 and it has already pushed the retirement age back.

No amount of brainwashing will make the Japs accept this. They have seen firsthand the consequences of importing filth to "fix" the "lack of workers".
It's common knowledge in Asia, most cities in Western Europe might as well be Africa.

Japs created a syndrome related to their absolute disappointment with seeing niggerized cities like Paris.

A syndrome called?

Paris Syndrome.

their GDP is gonna shrink once all the nip boomers die off, once they all die property costs will plummet and people will start having families again

Now that the Rothschilds suckered the larger nations into suicide, it's time to start pushing niggers into the countries with less relevant militaries. Only North Korea has the balls to stand up to the people doing this. And Japan is preparing to fight them. Fuckin kikes are having quite a giggle.


A lot of Japs believe Automation is the solution. No need for foreigners if you got robots. Also, this Jap was some multiculti faggot until he got really redpilled about Immigration.

I remember coming to Tokyo in 2008 and some woman changed street sides because of me.

euro weeaboos that learn wap end up in IT more often than not, it's the only field with a couple larger employers that are semi accepting of foreigners

Blame the rude tourists that make whites look like niggers there.


I think its because the navy kept raping the women there.


The real solution is to just ride it out. Japan will find a population equilibrium as long as they remain an ethnostate. The old generation will die off, leaving the younger generation more lebensraum, encouraging another babby boom. Or they'll bottom out to something more manageable and remain a stable population level. None of those are a bad outcome as long as they remain the only people on the islands.

It's mostly nigger and spic Marines.

When you're aware what we're up against it can be quite frightening.

You don't think the nips see a white man looking at him?

According to Japs, Whites are already diverse with all the eye colors, freckles, no freckles, har texture, tannable skin and non-tannable skin. Whites are already diverse and I hear Japs say that they find natural blond hair and blue eyes darling. Japs don't need diversity either, they are diverse enough with their own native ethnic groups such as the Yayoi, Jomon and Ainu.

they already have 8 millions abandoned houses in the countryside; cities will be still expensive


Robots don't pay taxes sir.

And yet you posted evidence to the contrary… what the hell man? Japanese fucking LOVE white people, and its a fact.

Anecdotal evidence. Opinion discarded.

Shit skin detected. Went to Japan in 2009 and had high school girls all over me in addition to random japs who want pictures or strike up conversation to practice their english. They are facinated with blue eyes and someone over 6 feet tall.

Nips love/admire/envy our looks, not our foreign asses.

They consider white people more or less the same way we consider japs. We're honorary nip, but we still aren't welcome to colonize their nation. It's a mutual respect between great peoples.

You mean dumbasses like Julien Blanc and David Bond?

They even have a Finnish guy being a member of their parliment.

But they have nothing against white immigration.

Your point?

Only the most hardcore racialists would be against high profile immigration of immigrants that not only have a positive contribution compared to the median but also love the country more than their own 90% of Whites working in Japan are either weeaboos or closet weeaboos trying to play it off.

You need refugees everybody needs refugees or when you're old nobody will care for you.

Time to import indonesians and pakis

Growing up in Hawaii in the 70/80's the jap tourists there were always fascinated with my platinum blonde hair and green eyes.

This is how the world works.

Not that fucking meme again. FINS ARE WHITE!

If they listen to the jew and take in millions of subhumans, they'll go the way of Zimbabwe but if they'll have a few rough decades while everything adjusts to the new level of production and demand before stabilizing again. Eventually there will be a war or a revolutionary piece of technology that will bring in a new age of prosperity and their population will spike again just like every other time in human history. In recent years we've had a lot of these spikes back to back and it has been mistaken as a natural trend - the end of which is also mistaken as an irreversible catastrophe.
Japan's best move is to knuckle down, ignore the screeching and physically remove the screechers as necessary, and hold fast until it blows over. The problem is that, like the signing in of the federal reserve in the US, it only takes one faggot to start ruining things and for no one to stand up to them quickly for shit to go down hill really quickly and make even more of a mess to clean up the longer it's left to fester.

If they need more laborers, giving the jobs to foreigners means less money for natives. Europe is already waking up to the fact that all the foreign "laborers" that came in weren't contributing jack shit to their home countries, which are now apparently devoid of millions of workers like that's not supposed to be a huge deal for any educated country, and are now contributing nothing, less than nothing, to the EU economy that told them they badly needed millions of low-skill workers.

he's a leftist multiculti faggot, though.

Hopefully the nips continue to give no fucks.

Are jews too inbred to understand that if there's less people, but they have the same amount of money, they're still richer?

No. Why do yo think the Jews came up with the federal reserve?

Leave the kikes to me

They find it exotic and think it looks cool. You are the exotic man.

one usd is worth 3,4 shekels
jews are retarded

Or maybe because you look like a faggot. I'd imagine that'd be a typical problem for Holla Forumslacks.

Shit like this never makes sense
Half the headlines say robots and AI will replace or labor force
The other half says we need to import more nigbabies to fill out our labor force

Which fucking one is it


>>>Holla Forums

Good opportunity for the automation industries worldwide to make a lot of money by using Japan as a model construct instead of having them loosen immigration policy. In fact the argument of automation can be used to demand tight immigration policies for all developed nations. Strictly accept only highly skilled and talent for automation, AI and robotics. Export the innovations to stabilize the developing world just enough so there's no reason for them to leave, while catching out the real (((motivations))) if (((they))) still try it. So Japan just need to make such industries and personnel feel more accommodated, and revise education policy to encourage even more rapid innovation. They have good reason to, considering I doubt they want China overwhelming them with their AI ambitions.

honorary pussy here i come


Working hard or hardly working?

It's both. (((They))) want to import third world slave labor to replace whites, both demographically and in the workplace. The headlines about robots taking our jobs are useful because they push more white youths to attend (((universities))) where they can be indoctrinated into good slaves. Once the white race is destroyed, the kikes will employ robots and AI to eliminate basically all demand for human labor and enslave the mongrelized race below them with social welfare schemes. They will rule over a savage, soulless, and hopeless world.


Some how I don't believe you. Seeing how much they idolize European civilization and people.

Like this.

+0.1 shekel

I hate living in a fucking meme world. Everything is so unoriginal.

This is what happens when the average white women wont date the average white guy.

I blame makeup for this. It makes your average jane 5/10 look like a 8/10 and then the average joe isn't good enough for her.
Also the sense of entitlement super spoiled women are raised with thinking they all deserve a rich alpha chad prince charming while being shallow materialistic brats them selves.

Weeaboos are an embarrassment to both the country of origin and the country of destination. Furthermore they tend to be on the lower end of their original nation's rank.

Problem with their current arrangement is that they risk killing off the source of innovation too rapidly before they can reliably achieve that endgame. They're at risk of failure if they don't radically change their entire approach and purge most of the current subversion schemes.

So you'd think they would scale down immigration in favor of automation. The latter (especially the AI component) actually makes the former an irrelevant and outdated scheme, and I suspect there's an ideological rift forming within (((their))) inner circles due to this realization. Because any nation who doesn't conform to the ideological subversion gains a strategic advantage over those that do and risks upsetting geopolitical power. While such instability means fueling an autonomous arms race, you really don't want to start it off with any disadvantages first.

You and every other low confidence cuck.



The source of the problem is a low birthrate. The only solution is literal Patriarchy.

lauren southern looks disgusting

Haven't Shinzo's natalist policies already caused a significant uptick in the Jap birthrate?

with all the white trash showing up in Tokyo lately I think a lot of waps in Tokyo don't have much respect for us anymore tbh

also interest in foreign countries is generally at the lowest point in decades right now


It has stalled at 1.4 or so, while it has improved from what was once 1.2

They should build some artificial island. I'd move to Japan but I hate crowded urban areas. But maybe we'll have no choice by 2050 if white countries will be flooded with niggers. Better live in Japan in a cyberpunk city.

First of all, Japanese don't put much emphasis on racial appearance in terms of it being someone's identity; that's an Aryan thing.
Second of all, plenty of Anime characters have mongoloid features such as mouth protusion in the first pic, and the lack of forehead protusion, etc. Most of that is cherry picking with not much anime examples with different artists. Besides, it's lack of precision should be evident by the existent from the existence of a fucking macaque.
Third of all, seeing anime characters as your own race is mostly self-insertion. Black stick-men are seen as being Aryan. Have you ever thought of Homer Simpson not being Aryan despite being literally yellow? All characters will not look like another race until their racial features are exaggerated.

Its not interest its just mutual respect

you forgot this part
so it's actually even worse

Except anime characters exaggerate white features. Big round eyes, hair colors other than black, eye colors other than brown, white skin (some japs have similar skin tone). Some anime characters are explicitly japanese-looking but most of them could only be white people based on hair and eye color. Anything else would be like a white guy self-inserting as a those A. Wyatt Mann caricatures of chinks, makes no sense.





anime characters are Koreans


Koreans all have plastic surgery to conform to white beauty standards. how do we know they are white beauty standards? If they were korean beauty standards they would have evolved through natural selection while Korea was still isolated from the West. Instead they have square faces and thick eyelids.

surgery my ass wigger

Flips are p.cool and very combatative. I'm ok with a flip or viet mix with nips. That and repeal Article 6 and it's smoother sailing for anime kingdom.

Well seems it's time to nuke Japan again considering they want us to race-mix. Fuck your fucking nips and nip fuckers.

Yellow fever retard

You're saying little 9 year old are having surgery? What the fuck, Tyrone?

Only a psychotic kike would advocate using Nuclear Weapons on any country. Japan just needs to keep foreigners out like we couldn't.

Can I get a tl;dr on this spergout I'm seeing?

I really curious what they'll start doing when cosmetic CRISPR becomes a thing.

Stop pulling up shit like this user, makes my blood boil again.

this is what your average koreans look like

half of us will look like high templar Aldaris.

Everyone will make themselves white. We may be plagued by the disease of liberalism right now but we are still the most attractive race (without surgery).



Japan is in dire need of young blood to take care of their aging population. Unfortunately, importing foreign worker will only be detrimental to their population. It will be The EU Holomodor all over again.

Since you're probably a shabbos goy or kike, you most likely support White Europeans mixing until they are fucking ugly brown pieces of shit with 90 IQs. You're also the type scum that will get upset when a White person tells an Asian "Hey, don't let shitskin animals into your country. Stay true to your race and live on! Otherwise you'll end up with fucked up countries that look like Sweden, America, Germany, France…shit too many to name."

How dare those Asian goyim not racemix with the shitskins we send to their countries!

>Country the size of Montana with 130 million people need foreign labor or they'll become underpopulated in 30 years
Absolute fucking horse shit
Kill all globalists, gas every Jew

Not the OP, I was referencing the anime spergery. Calm down, nigger.

I think the issue is that they need nurses and gardeners to change the diapers of their elderly and mow their lawn. No one wants to do that shit and if left up to a market old people would not be able to afford it. It's the same issue as here, except we import pinoys to do it for minimum wage so that mom and dad can afford to live another 10 years of demeaning agony while reverse-mortgaging their homes to pay the shitskins.

those nips have some strange fetishes, nipland is even more degenerate than burgerland

They really aren't. Degeneracy is the downfall of society, Japan isn't going anywhere.

Japan's society isn't dying. It's still as strong as it was during the showa period. However the population is dwindling. Japanese people are still staunchly conservative, work until they die, respect hierarchy, and dislike foreigners. That is if we're not talking people from/in Tokyo. Tokyo is just like any metro area in any other modern nation: a degenerate cesspit full of cuckdom and temporary material desires.


nips are the prussians of asia and are the most civilized in asia, unfortunately they still hunt and kill whales which I strongly object to


Pic related. The Jews Fear the Samurai for a reason

Maybe you didn't seem friendly enough. Those guys are turbo-civilized and v

In Japan I got very well treated and even better than in my home country where I'm an ethnic and even other European countries.

Just act civilized and try to speak some of their language.

Japs are not racist, but they dislike foreigners acting like bitch. If you act like you're visiting some US colony rather than visiting a foreigner home, of course people will dislike you

omg all of them are ugly burn it with fire, you'll have supreme gentlemen running around.

They're bowl cut low Ts who need to cut up their faces to go from Azn 2s to 6s. Yuck Korea.

Bullshit, Jew. You have a lazy ugly Hebrew mind. H'wites & the Fapanise have always taken care of their own, traditionally, & the insinuation that caring for your elderly or stewarding the earth is beneath us is designed to weaken us to invaders.

So you met the honest jap, other user met the "polite" jap a.k.a. fake jap.

> Japan (((Times)))
Just going to drop this here. Halfchan says hello.

They hunt Minke whales, which are not endangered. Also, it's subsidized by the government because Japanese don't like eating whale, the industry only exists anymore because hippies demanded Japan stop and turned it into an honour issue. Japan keeps whaling to spite the hippies. If it weren't for hippies, Japan would have let that industry die out years ago.


Sounds (((familiar))).

I think its just burgers obviously. and maybe brits and russians.

It doesn't matter what was or what you personally think, a significant percentage of people these days stick their parents in retirement homes. Calling me a Jew and denying reality won't change that.

OH WOW. lmao. The fucking gookposter is back. You gonna copy-paste your carefully-curated list of bullshit again like you always do?

Impressive. Very nice.

Probably entitled soyboy tourists.

You know its all a load of smelly stuff, the whole population is shrinking, White numbers in America, Whites in Europe Russia… its all a load of shit Oligarch pay other oligarchs to to tell the goyim.

WW2 ended in 1945, europe America Russia Japan etc wer all geared up in war economys, the wars ended and the men went back home to their girlfriends who amassed a few shekels over 5 years of building airplanes.

Shitloads of sexy times ended with screaming little shits from time to time, well those little shits are now old and not expected to live another lifetime so the population is not shrinking its the ww2 kids who are going tits up all over the the place.

This bullshit that a country needs to have a population growth of 2.2 or whatever bullshit number the Jews invented next to 6 gorillion simply doesnt work, the Jews lost 60 gorillion during ww2, they are the ones who need to add 30 million Africans to the 70-78 million Jews who register in israel atleast once a year, maybe even recall the 130 million jews all over the world back to Israel…. Oh wait the Jews Never had a baby boom, the Jewish population of the documented world back in WW2 took a small dent of about 30,000 for 1 year…. those 600 gorillion Jews who died pulling pennys apart in WW2 must have bin undocumented probobly.

Too late. These midget fuckers have hurt my autism since they existed. Balaeonopterids should be the biggest organisms in existance, not smaller than Killer Whales!

Plenty of asians have round eyes without plastic surgery.

What about purple hair, green hair, purple eyes, and shit like that?

The rule is no racemixing.

You have 3 choices.

Will You sell cats while You hug Your beautiful wife and kids?
or not?

Japan will be fine once the post-war generation dies off and stops taking up all the hospitals and tax money (most of them rely on the National Health Insurance and Pension) things will go back to normal, albeit at a bit stunted economy. NEVER EVER read (((Japan Times))) propaganda, who are funded by (((Soros))) and his ilk, and is pretty much the Japanese equivalent of the NY Times. I lived there until 2016 and all of my friends and acquaintances had jobs, most of them were saving to start a family or had already started one, and love their culture very much. Many of them also run their own businesses and some are even leaving the major city areas that they grew up to go back to the rural areas to start their own businesses. You're always going to have areas that have a lot of foreigners in them, especially places that have red-light areas or factory labor and most of the people that work there are either Chinese, Korean or Fillipinas that work labor jobs during the day (all that packaged shit you get at the conbini, etc) and in pubs, night clubs and massage parlors in the evening.

If you pay attention to anything in Japanese politics, especially from Japanese sources, they are not going to start mass immigrating, especially seeing as how conservative Abe is; just wait until you see who is going to come after him. The generation below me (I'm in my 30s) similar to the younger generation here are even more conservative than their grandparents. The Japanese attitude remains the same: come to visit, enjoy Japan and then get the fuck out. Even if there were a massive forced flood of immigration, people, especially parents, and even more so mothers, would be out in the streets, at the schools, at city hall, screaming their heads off. I'm a white guy and I can't even count how many times I've had people point at me and say "Oh, look a foreigner" or walk into a place and someone would say "What the hell is a foreigner doing here", shit, they say things that would be considered extremely racists in the (((West))) in passing everyday conversation. They are not going to change, if anything, they take new things and adapt them to suit their purposes and leave it at that.

Mark my words, you will see an outward appearance of increased friendliness towards foreigners up to and during the Olympics (because its a huge boost to the economy) but once they get a mega dose of all the shitskins and trash that will flood into the country, they will go even harded back to being the xenophobic bastards that we know and love them for. Remember, Japanese culture is about two things: 建前 Tatemae and 本音 Honne; so the image or facade that you present to the outside that conforms to cultural expectations and customs, and your true self of feeling. They will put on a nice show for everyone while they are really sharpening their katanas in their house ready for 尊王攘夷

Kill yourself holy shit
Soros, Rothschilds, or Rockefellers all have enough money to build themselves a new body from spare parts, yet they have the bare minimum of honesty to keep their abominable faces allowing for quick and accurate judgement of their character.

Maybe koreans will genetically edit in a soul, and humanity, other than attempting to emulate it.

>woman enjoying BDSM or facial but is a virgin at marriage, and married by 25 is worse than a roastie with useless degree who has triple digits notch count and still wants prince charming beta cuck to provide for her and maybe >settle down by 35 when her reproductive organs are already shriveled and irreversibly damaged

You know, you get the same thing with guys with a Jap fetish too, they cherry pick a handful of cute girls from the internet, but have never actually been to the country long enough to see that most of them are ugly or mediocre at best.

I guess, but that's a different degree.
Also from my experience the Japanese aren't as vile compared to koreans. I've been to both countries both on holiday and work-related trips.
The only redeeming factor for koreans is how much they're disgusted with negroes.

Yeah but in Japan if you go anywhere outside of Tokyo they tend to hate niggers just as much. I guess there was more nigger raping going on in Korea after the Korean war than in Japan. The long place I lived for in one time was in Chiba city, and if you went right out of Chiba station towards Fujimi-cho there was a takoyaki and whiskey highball place there with a glass facade. Me and my friend used to sit there and watch all the girls walk by, especially during rush out from 4-7 you would get all the office girls and high school girls and what not walking and trust me there were plenty of nasty ones; not to mention that I used to hang out at this 24 hour bar and would drink will all the hostess girls when they got off of work - trust me that you wouldn't want to see them without any makeup on.


Hey, they got bigger brains than you, monkey.


What the fuck are you talking about, Tyrone? I lived in Korea before, fucking retard. They are better looking than the whale farts I keep seeing in the West.

Do you have brain damage?
Do you not know who Yukio Mishima is?
Do you not know what kind of news outlet (((Japan Times))) is?

Read the post again.

he was referring to the Jew-owned online newspaper.



White Americans just run over little kids while driving drunk on the wrong side of the road

Opinion discarded

The agency took the top 10% of the most referenced studies in each field, and determined the number of authors who were affiliated with the U.S., the U.K., Germany, France, China or Japan. China ranked first in computer science, MATHEMATICS, materials science and engineering. The U.S., on the other hand, led the way in physics, environmental and earth sciences, basic life science and clinical medicine.

It's just a myth created to make people good about their kids not succeeding in life.
And I didn’t even mention how the Indian and Chinese youngsters are completely dominating their White counterparts as heavily discriminated minorities.

Since when did this place become your hug box?

>Have an (((insidious presence))) with unlimited resources and tools corrupting all the white youth in the past 70 years, through psy ops, media, culture and education.

Not hard to see the reasons why, user.

Still, to blow a lead like that does suck. Asians have yet to experience the diversity, and kikery that sets in purpose to fragment, dumb down and self destruct civilizations. Then again, Asians are not really empathetic or overly altruistic like crackers are, so its doubtful the Asians will fall for the diversity shit.

so delusional

And looked how it all backfired.

of course, it's going to backfire, that's why they shouldn't have gambled in the first place and respected people's sovereignty.





Whats your fascination with dick size?
I never implied British were ALL Jews. Im saying that the Jews and British have collaborated since the end of Napoleon.

I only post racial realism stuffs, give me more pictures and I may post that crappy image less often

Implying buddha was an east asian, hahahaha.



Show me Tara McCarthy please.


I didn't even read 2 lines and he seemed to be saying he supports Zionism, because Israel should all leave the West and live in Israel, so that they don't have to put up with their shit, Tyrone. Tyrone, do you even read?

*because Jews should all leave the West and live in Israel, so that they don't have to put up with their shit, Tyrone. Tyrone, do you even read?

Churchill and FDR warmly destroyed Europe, for the sake of keeping the system of usury alive.

Wait, are you one of these Rand Paul dicksuckers who believe Central Banking is bad?

Preach it!

How can you tell?

The nose, cheeks and eyes are the the most distinctive features of Japanese.
Also by the writing in top left corner.

at least post the video

It's on japanese TV. The writing in the top right is japanese.

*top left

lol that 56 percenter butthurt

How is that even possible?

Logan and Jake are practicing Ashkenazi Jews with extensive ties to kikewood. I would not be surprised if he did this to tarnish the image of whites even more.

The jews know we generally have respect for japs and want to prevent another white-japanese alliance.

my sides reached singularity

OP mentioned Yale and Stanford types who are trying to push for migration into Japan. Japan, unlike the western world, has a smart plan in replacing itself, although they will loose people. I think many of you have heard of it before right, people will die, and the average standard of living will rise. Then people will feel safe to have children. They can not only rebound after this, but, if they can edge out while China goes from 1.3 billion people back down to like 1 billion in 2060, their stance in the world can at least be respected.

Once the post war generation dies off there is going to be a surge in births.

Can anyone explain to me how a lower supply of labor is bad for Japan?

In the age of automation Japan will still have high GDP despite having an aging population

Employees there are being offered extended contracts and higher salaries as a result of the "labor shortage".

The Japanese, if it came down to it or if they just wanted to, would just invent a really innovative way of dealing with it. They'll probably start making artificial wombs and have them industrialized Brave-New-World style. That or they'll offer some sort of genetic procedure to let people become super fertile or something.

chans what have thee done to me

Now you have too, in your browser's cache folder! :^)

2018 is going to be one hell of a ride.


Unless you're a fat beta male you should be able to get a white gf/wife with no trouble. Stop pushing this "White women won't breed with white men" kike bullshit it's not true in the slightest. Only fat autistic neckbeards marry asian women

Oh hey /imperium/, go fuck yourself for tainting an amazing name.


Sensors + pneumatic actuators + PLC
t. Automation user


(((Who))) do you think was responsible for the atom bombs?
Oppenheimer and Einstein!
(((Who))) was behind the Chinese? (((Sassoons))) and later (((Marxists))).

We must research Imperial Japan and Seigo Nakano, Shumei Okawa, Ikki Kita, Sadao Araki, Toyama Mitsuru, Nissho Inoue, Uchida Ryohei, Kingoro Hashimoto, Jinzaburo Masaki, Hiroshi Oshima, the 'Last Samurai' Saigo Takamori and his brother Saigo Judo, the writings of Yukio Mishima, Nobusuke Kishi, protege of Hideki Tojo and grandfather of Shinzo Abe, and the modern-day National Socialist Japan Worker's Party of Kazunari Yamada and also the Japan First Movement of Daisuke Arikado, and how it draws on this heritage.The time is ripe to begin forming Fascist Paramilitary Organisations.

Fuck Japan. All nips and gooks could be nuked off the face of this planet and it wouldn't make a single difference. They're little monkeys who know how to read and memorize manuals created by white men.


Hi, Mr. Bloomblat. I think you forgot to pick up some coffee with your bagel before you started your shift.

To be fair that guy scored the most human-like gook.

On a scale from 1 to 6000000 how unconfortable does an ethnostate which cherishes its own traditions, people and history make you feel?

What the fuck was this thread all about…