The walls are closing in on on the Clinton/DNC/Deep State kikes and cucks

The walls are closing in on on the Clinton/DNC/Deep State kikes and cucks
Shareblue livestreamed suicides when?

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first for tohou

Good taste.

Nunes is a fucking hero. This man deserves a prominent spot in the non-kike history books.

Isn't there a prophecy about the end times that says people will commit mass suicide for the shame of their exposed crimes?

Best girl is Mokou.

The only end approaching in our time is the end of the kikes.

Works for me.

said the same no-action bullshit spouting retards for the nth time

Too late, cunt.

Rollerboys rule.


Remember that Nunes' campaign of terror against federal law enforcement, intel community, deep state, et al began after he was allowed to see the information gathered by the intel community regarding the supposed "Trump-Russia connection". If you don't remember that press conference from back in March, he stopped just short of blowing the lid off this whole mess but clearly implied that nearly everyone in the Trump transition team had been spied on by our domestic intelligence agencies. His exasperated response to learning that information makes sense as it is more than likely saw his own communications included in that report as he was part of the transition team himself.

I don't think Nunes intended to be a hero by waging this war until he realized he was personally involved but that doesn't besmirch his reputation IMO. Everyone "knows" this kind of foul play is going on and even though it took having a personal stake in the issue for Nunes to light this fire, he still lit it when no one else dared step up to do the right thing. Even the Democrats on the intelligence committee were unable to adequately challenge the claims Nunes made in his original presser (reports on that linked below) and if the truth is even 1% as bad as he alluded to, it means our government is fatally compromised and deserves universal condemnation. Despite that, he's basically the only elected official waging this war which, IMO, makes him a hero and damns everyone else.

Dubs demand it. Make it so.

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I hoping they be brutally murdered

Get back to us when something acually happens

Fuck off, kike.

Get gassed kike.

Firstly OP did not scream it's happening.


This is big news and a big win for the good guys. You are a shill and a bad one at that.

But seeing as how you didn't actually reference anything at all I suspect your a fucking bot.

the stale memes and blackpill shilling makes it so easy to pick you guys out for the filter machine. If you aren't smart enough to see the wheels that are in motion now you are most likely a double digit IQ shitskin retard who will be more comfortable on Tumblr or plebbit.

>Fusion GPS penned a vigorous self-defense in the New York Times
>Federal Judge struck has down a request by Fusion to block the House Intelligence Committee from obtaining complete banking records in relation to their activities during 2016.
>Fusion sought to invalidate a subpoena issued by Committee chairman Devin Nunes
>tried to claim [the subpoena] was issued illegally as well as a violation of the 1st Amendment
They sure seem like an innocent group of people who have absolutely nothing to hide.
Could these bank statements prove that Tony Podesta was not eligible to be doing business in the Ukraine? They might - though, could also argue that Tony admitted he was not eligible to do business in the Ukraine because he filed lobbying certificates after he ordered (and paid) Paul Manafort (then-Podesta Group employee) for his dealings over there and shut his business down almost immediately after this fact was uncovered.


Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

Uh huh, I'm holding my breath.

The filenames are also consistently alien.

What's that? Is that the sound of someones pearls falling to the floor while screaming at everyone and spamming in Holla Forums ?

Kek is indeed now mit uns.

I actually hope so. Not the mostly innocent ignorant people who just don’t care too much about politics in general, but those who really opposed justice, who knew of crimes yet didn’t do anything, and who called those who did know, things like nazi or bigot all should be made to off themselves. Their own children even are better off without them.

You have no power here, Shareblue. You can't suppress the goyim from talking about any of this.

Liberals just play ignorant of those things, they know what they do and simply word it within the bounds of their passive-aggressive ideology.



Trips confirm

I think it's plainly obvious by now that something is happening, and while I'm getting sick of waiting, I still have some patience left. It's become increasingly apparent that any form of action on these matters is, has, and will continue to be smothered in legalese and stalled by court procedure. However, I think there is an end in sight and soon there will be nothing left in the toolkit of those who manipulate the judicial system into acting as the jewdicial system.

While I think the concept of "the rule of law" is nearly dead in this country, there is clearly still a faint heartbeat and the ambulance is on its way. I believe there are still some injustices so great that even the most corrupt legal system imaginable can't keep a handful of honorable men from seeing things through to the end.

Getting a bit out of hand here fellas.

double digit quads right here speak the truth.

concur to all
that presser was sketch w emotion

You slimy fucking yid. Those who cannot see the "checkmate" by looking at the pieces on the board are retarded. It's not going to be one big "Gas the Kikes, race war now", it'll be a bunch of minor happenings leading to the big win.

And I’m sure the zionist neocon civic nationalist will be the one to move the pieces toward that win, right?

my worst fear is that when it finally happens, it'll be on the hush and pol will miss it assume no good is done, an allow some swamp person to be the next potus undoing all the good

You are correct. Pic very related.

You will use the catalog and you will like it.

Good summary user.
To add to this, the Russian laywer who met with Don Jr met with Fusion before and after the meeting. She was also let into the country by an "extraordinary exception" from the Obama DOJ.
The same month this meeting took place, a FOIA request to investigate the Trump campaign was denied, then a new request was approved later. (Did the meeting allow them to get the FOIA approved?)
The lawyer offered information on Hillary, if Don Jr would agree to remove sanctions imposed on Russia via the Magnitsky Act
MFW when the setup backfires so hard that it ends up bringing down the DOJ, the FBI and the Clinton machine

What was funny was that they thought their shilling would stop Trump once he was elected. So many people are implicated, from Federal employees, to news editors and journalists, all trying to lie more and more frantically and abuse their power and privilege. Every time doubling down, no matter how stupid they were starting to sound, even suggesting once Trump was elected that "if DC was nuked" then Hillary could take over - remember that?

Makes me think there's a lot more corruption going on here than even the most paranoid Holla Forums users could imagine. I hope the vampires leeching the life blood out of America are all convicted of treason.

Do we have any salt yet in regards to this? I require salt with my fried kikes.

Maggie Habermann almost caught on a few months ago when she tweeted "Mueller is working for Trump???" but it seems that she and her associates liked the smell of their own farts too much to put the pieces together.

It's too early for the good salt I think, they are probably more into this fake news judenbuch that's coming out.

Now hold on, just because the house judiciary gets to see the documents doesn’t mean that we will. I mean, the IRS lady who targets conservative groups was let off and we never got to see those documents. This is interesting but not the hammer drop we want.

We never heard from her because she turned you blackpilled faggot. She has been giving testimony and this will all come out soon. Cap this.

Cap yourself, you pompous asshole.


Provide proofs. If not it’s just “QLARP” tier conjecture.

What do you think Sessions has been doing this whole time? Why do we hear nothing on some subject for months and then all of a sudden there's news on it again?

Think about the police work involved, collecting evidence, then the legal processes which have to be activated. The lack of big media stories on something important like this is telling too.

Just don't worry.

Not what your cocksucking kike shill LARPer says, that’s for sure.
Because that’s literally how everything operates, and always has.
Think about all the other things that aren’t happening, too.
Not really.

Yea the informed and therefore truly malicious ones. But trust me there are many good people who vote for these scumbags because they do believe it’s for good. Don’t underestimate the abilities of mass media machine to hijack stupid people’s minds. One tough pill to swallow is that 10:90 rule of thinkers to eaters. It really is true. Many liberals, even communists, really don’t know any better.

Sessions is sitting on his hands, that’s what he’s doing. Even trump is frustrated with him. Oh no, now you face the conundrum of either calling trump a shill for not thinking much of session’s first year or maybe dealing with the possibility that Sessions in fact had a pretty dismal first year. Whatever will the trump sycophant do?

You're mad today, all this news is literally making you REEEEEeeee.

Apparently not, didn't you read the news today?

Blackpilled faggot.

Reported for cbts spam. Your rules say not to post here.

Reddit is learning how to use TOR

Is he or is it theater? If I were Sessions I'd appear as useless as possible for as long as possible so the Clinton cabal doesn't panic, bury the evidence, and flee the country. He could be a (((deep state))) stooge or he could be luring the (((deep state))) into a false sense of security. I can't tell which it is yet.

Until he starts dropping nukes on deep state kikes then he will be considered an intentionally inept faggot

Their black pilling will look all the dumber as these things pile up and the media is forced to report on shit. It's all part of the plan to discredit the shillop which of course the fake news is an integral part.


trump is a kike-puppet, go back from whence you came

I don't think you understand what the Deep State is, user.


Didn't an user write that thing? I could have sworn that was the case.


Shills losing their minds while it all comes crashing down, their slide post shekels will be cut off soon.

As long as a jew draws breath there will be shekels spent on shilling online.

LOL keep on keepin’ on.

QLARP believers are the fucking dumbest niggers possible

That whole fucking phrase sends off a red flag to me now, along with MAGA hats. OP is a reddit faggot, not sure why the mods would sticky this. Nothing will happen.

So on a scale of 10 to 10 how scared are you right now, Shareblue?

I'm not saying what I want to say but what I honestly think. You are doing the opposite.

lol no you aren't. Hillcunt was "exonerated" because she owned the system. If she still owned the system then none of these investigations would be re-opened. You know entirely well that things are happening.

Yes I am. Trump is no better than Hillary, his stance on Iran and DACA is proof of that, not to mention the whole LGBTQ thing and saying that the confederate flag should have been taken down. He was always a neocon reaganite. Buchanan should have never endorsed him or Bush.

The shills are surprisingly quiet in this thread, the few in here blackpilling stick out like a sore thumb. This is a confirmed HAPPENING faggots, buckle up

Those aren't blackpills faggot, those are redpills.

So what's the time limit on anything substantial happening, e.g. mass arrests of major political figures, before you will admit that you're being endlessly strung along while business as usual goes on? I hope all this is true, but it's just more Q user level insinuation. I've interacted with anons here in the last week who unironically said they would wait 6 years without any evidence of anything being done about pedo deep state fucks, and never stop lisen and beliebing. Unless you have some reasonable time limit for continuing to believe in these hopium narratives, you're no better than some retarded new age David Wilcock follower. Disclosure is right around the corner guys! Yeah I've been saying that for over a decade, making multiple failed predictions with hard dates along the way but this time it's for real guys! Like next week or something! I swear guize!

lol. Come on Shareblue, you can do better than that. Possibly. Okay, probably not.

I thought you were shareblue because they want people like from questioning those in power.

*people like me

I wonder if that old hag cunt can even still feel fear

She doesn't need to feel fear, considering nothing will happen.

Never. Too far in the late stage empire rot. Only violence can save us now.

How to glow in the dark.

Do you think she can still feel pain?

It doesn't matter, because nothing will happen. Trump is a kike.

I've been here since the first exodus. You probably came here in the last couple months with the latest wave of terminal reddit cancer. Fuck off or make real posts. You should be banned.

I have visions that so far have generally come true.
Meme magic has spilled out into my actual life and I can't expect you to believe me but I have had repeating visions of early morning raids on locations across the US, piles of evidence growing by the day as it slowly reaches full boiling point. It could be wishful thinking but I see it a lot. The number of high profile plane crashes of late have also stirred this. All of these kinds of visions pop out at me from nowhere, and while I believe its more due to the collection of subconscious information rather than anything mystic I did predict the rise of the right, the hilariously failed attempt at the left to arm themselves and the savage swing back that you are going to see when gen z gets going. Im not asking you to believe me, in fact actually employ skepticism. It may seem like things are slow going but the hardest push is the push to slow the momentum of the pendulum.

I've done my requisite two years. You can go suck a shotgun, because no one on imageboards does that 'guise' bullshit.

I do.

Feel free to pull the trigger at any time.

Likewise faggot.

Filtered. You're already dead, you pathetic kike.

Top Kek.

Don't know what to tell you.

This 'guise' bullshit is exclusive to forums/reddit. It's specifically not an imageboard 'common typing'. You need to swallow a shotgun, you astroturfing scum.

That's totally made up.

You're sperging out for some reason (probably from blueballs over nothing ever happening). Get control of yourself. You're just making shit up now. This is reddit tier. You can just ail you know. We don't have user names. No one will know you embarrassed yourself.

Your ESL is utterly embarrassing. Come back when you can string together an intelligible paragraph.

Go back to r/thedonald where you can suck his dick in peace.

Wew lad.

Make it 14 and feel free to go back to r/thedonald while you're at it.

This is how they operate. You know that though. Hillary and other will fall, but notice the pattern… their ages, their status, etc..They dangle this b8 to divert our attention away; Hilary is only misdirection. They are warlocks using magician's tricks.

Anons are waking up. It's going to be a great current year.

It already is
We're just getting started too that's the funniest part

I'm surprised that Paul Ryan helped Nunes with getting access to the unredacted documents. Maybe Rosenstein got a fresh batch of underaged Haitian refugees from Ryan in return. Either way, I read that Nunes has to go to an FBI facility to view the docs, they aren't taking any chances on leaks, at least not the kind that can hurt the FBI. I just keep wondering when Sessions is either going to resign or get fired. There doesn't seem to be any good reason for him to just sit around and do nothing. I'd also like to see the whole Imran Awan thing get rolled up into this. There are so many separate pieces and it's almost like the MSM are keeping it that way to prevent normies from understanding the big picture.

Can't wait to see how this story develops and, as always, hope something finally sticks so we can see some justice.


That's your home faggot. Now go back to it.

They have until Jan 11th to deliver the remaining text messages.

Reported. Kill yourself.

I insist the contrary, not-a-shill. It is you who should go back.

So tell me what isn't fishy about Trump doing everything that Israel would want him to do? He pushes DACA through which is Hillary-tier, he attacks Israel's enemies (like Iran and Assad) and he's okay with trannies in the millitary. Any comments faggot?

I know right, we should have voted for Jeb.

You really think kikes would have allowed for a viable candidate?


You guys know about filtering and moving on right? You might as well all be shills or some script that makes up arguments for derailing. My bet is on the automated argument generator bot. Nobody even checked the Hitler dubs.


There's only a few in here. I've filtered two IDs and it's gotten rid of most of the shit.

Why do all posters advocating violence just post once then bail? Because they're boomer agents, that's why.

How long how have you people been at this? Shouldn't you have got promoted to something else besides trying to shill on Holla Forums by now?

Good lord, pic related

FBI found an email that Lynch would do everything to protect Hillary from CRIMINAL CHARGES


Pretty intelligible, and correct. Respond to the point. Stop filling the thread with bullshit. People like you used to be banned. Contribute or fuck off.

It’s been an incredible 48 hours.

1. Nunes gets access to all Fusion GPS documentss & witnesses
2. Clinton email investigation reopened (ongoing for at least 12 months)
3. Comey illegal leaks investigation ongoing
4. Clinton Foundation investigation launched by FBI office in Arkansas
5. Court rules House Intelligence investigators receive Fusion GPS bank records

GOP Lawmaker: We’ve Got a Series of Investigations Closing in on Hillary Clinton Like a Noose (Video)

It's like pottery, isn't it?

What I find very interesting and even telling is that they're now so open about it, it appears the Clintons must've been defanged very recently or all these people would've, or soon would suffer a case of Arkancide, creative lethal early-onset depression.

rolling for Shillary going the way of the dinosaur

I guess we'll have to fix that problem then.


lol what is this 2006 you need to go back

Hillary Clinton is getting put in a noose rn, user.

Why cant these be legal in all states?


Kek would never bless you with digits styxhexenfaggot

back to halfpol faggot

He's right though. One of /cbts/ rule is to not post the Q larp on Holla Forums.

Kill yourself, faggot.

Is this why there has been an uptick in the shilling going on?

Even more so because the guy is stuck in the middle of California.

So we may be seeing more of this now, especially since Comey is not there to stonewall it.

maybe you need to go back too

See I can post like a cuckchanner too.

You were blown the fuck out. Stop posting and crawl back to your LARPer’s cock like the little bitch you are.

8 comments from this id, all obvious shill tactics

So when she's shot for treason will it still be a larp? You faggot.

Nobody posted anything about Q, a shill simply tried to conflate talking about how Hillary is going to jail with Q larping.


I remember that. Even the democrats were shell-shocked. I remember particularly Diane Feinstein saying, in effect, the entire russia/trump investigation is bullshit. I wasn't buying it before then, and obviously pol wasn't either, but after that, it just felt completely different, like it was only a matter of time before the entire thing blew up.

The sheer amount of shit coming out of the hillary/obama camps at the moment leads me to beleive things are accelerating. Not sure mueller is /ourguy/ or not, starting to think he's just a buffoon, but either way, the entire premise of what he's doing is btfo.

For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light.
Then the kings of the earth and the great men and the commanders and the rich and the strong and every slave and free man hid themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains; and they said to the mountains and to the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the presence of Him who sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb; for the great day of their wrath has come, and who is able to stand?”

being this desperate to keep the derailing going

Says you. Sauce please, or why the Kek did I get this archive?

Contingencies for a viable candidate include (((Jared))).

It's happening…..we could have a clinton in cuffs before Independence Day

At times like this I sure am glad sessions decided to pick a fight over weed.
Just gas the kikes already COME ON!

Oh look another (1) poster who wants everything to happen yesterday, it's almost like they're generated by bots.

oh look a TORpedo poster with 11 posts in the thread
It's been an entire god damn year faggot, 25% of this admin's 4 years. 130,000 puertoricans flooded florida ALONE, good luck keeping florida in 2020 faggot

Don't worry cuck, they just announced the reopening of several Hillary issues, the Awan case is obviously moving forward, and so on. Your sitting around here blackpilling everybody with your bullshit isn't going to stop anything, and you're going to look even dumber another big development comes out.

Hillary and Obama will be in front of a firing squad before the year's out, I can tell by the frantic nature of your shilling.

Just go to bed, you're not troubling anybody and you're not making it seem like there is a general board sentiment of hopelessness, you're just a cock in your own ass at this point.

It's been a solid year of legwork, and I'm guessing that black Federal DA who was murdered a year ago or so would have shown Trump that Shilldawg's still got fangs.

Not to mention too even in articles to normies on faceberg, there is clear and in open view israel and juden are revealing their power trip out in the open. The only thing is that they're hoping trying to mesh it together with Trump gets their leftist brains clicking offline to only focus on the word Trump, and ignore everything about Israel. It's all coming out into the open. What's the percentage for nationalist ideologies up to again? Did it reach that 10% already?

RWDS raids on shariablue offices when?

About now is when her handlers turn on her, yes?

1. You’re delusional if you think she’s ever going down.
2. No, she knows too much for them to ever be able to turn. She’d go rogue and name the jew on national TV.


You're so obvious you're glowing but at least you made me laugh, so there's that.

Goddamn, your retardation physically hurts. Reported.

Yeah she'd more likely commit suicide by shooting herself in the back of the head 3 times before throwing herself down a 2 story building with a suicide note conveniently talking about white supremacists and how mudhammed pigtits did nothing wrong.

Hey you're the obvious shill here, don't blame me for your own ineptitude at this. If you don't want to out yourself so hilariously badly in the future, try not to say things like "Hillary would name the jew".



Hillary's execution will obviously be the jews dispensing with her for her failures.

Oh my, where and how often have i heard such claims before?

No shit. (((Clinton))) who has a bit of kike blood and a psychotic, fanatical devotion to the Rottenchilds is really going to turn rogue, lel.

wew love the pedo cartoon m8

Funny and little known fact, Hillary descends from a group of third-tier French Royal bitches that were sent to Acadia to satisfy the many French noblemen who went to the new land to seek their fortunes, and whose parents were shocked to hear were taking native wives.

So the King of France rounded up all the deformed and whored-out fifth daughters of noble houses and sent them to Acadia to marry these noblemen who were fucking native broads.

very interesting. is there a source on this?

Oh man I hope I saved it, but I recently relocated and my storage is a mess. I remember reading about it on the news and then researching it, you could probably nail it down with a bit of jewgle-fu though…


Trump is the Deep State. What happened in SA will happen here, only this time, it will be a LARP. How many times will they humiliate us?

every thread eh?

What are you talking about? Unless he's planning to flip on the interests he's supporting, which I highly doubt, what I said stands. I'm just not sure how the mass return to Israel fits into the equation.

What if I don't buy your garbage?

You don't have to. It's just what I am seeing and I came here for decent discussion. He has connections to Chabad, and so does Kushner. He released a criminal Hacid on the last day of Channakuh, who plead not guilty to hiring 400 illegals and Bank Fraud. I never trust them, user. Not trying to blackpill.'d the pedo goatfucker-bin-salman-and-benjamin-netanyahu-are-up-to-something/

I'm legitimately afraid she will be dead before she stands guilty for her crimes. I want the Russia normies to crawl back to where ever they came from with their tails between their legs.

I very strongly doubt Mueller is "working for Trump." I think Mueller is the insurance policy Strzok and others were referring to. Comey went out of his way to get a special counsel appointed and Mueller and him go way back. With the indictments Robby Mueller is throwing out there's no fucking way he's on Trump's team.

They couldn't get Trump on Russia so they're going after him for "obstruction" for trying to make Sessions get his hands on the reins early.

Trump sensed the investigation was a witch hunt and tried to get Sessions to keep an eye on it - by not recusing himself. Sessions recused himself anyway. Mueller is going to say that this, along with what Trump said to Comey about "I hope you can see your way to letting this go," as obstruction of justice.

You just watch. Any and all mention of Russia overnight will be "old news." You won't hear shit about Russia once Mueller gets up in front of Congress and makes his recommendation (which will come after the midterms when the Mueller knows Democrats are likely to pick up seats.) Mueller is going to strongly imply that Donald Trump committed Obstruction of Justice and that will be the excuse the Democrats use to get impeachment proceedings going.

What they want to do is make Nunes and co. look political. They're going to say when Nunes and co. bring out damning evidence against Comey, Strzok, and others who were involved in the illegal spying on President Elect Trump that it's to distract from the Obstruction investigation.

What's really going on is an attempt at covering up what is perhaps the single greatest political scandal in United States history.

President Obama was spying on Donald Trump. He used the office of the President to commit espionage against his political rivals.

We can talk about Hitler and shit all day, act edgy and unimpressed by "boomer politics," but this is a very serious issue and what Obama did to Trump strikes at the very heart of our system of Government…this is a Tyrant, plain and simple, who abused the United States Government to subvert our Democratic process, the free and fair election of President.

Barack Obama is a traitor and should be tried and executed for treason.

stay mad kid, if you can't see real 4D chess then you'll just have to wait

I'm giving itemized evidence of corruption in literal biblical proportions. Keep sulking along, faggot.

Just self-bumping to expand on this: not only did Obama use the office of the Presidency to spy on Trump, he did it by turning Federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies into political weapons. He stacked the CIA, FBI, and DOJ with political hacks who were loyal to him and only him, and when the time came he had those agencies fabricate evidence against a political rival (the Veselnitskaya meeting with Don Jr. and the Russia dossier) in order to conduct political espionage in a Presidential Election. What's even worse - It is very likely that were it not for Adm. Mike Rogers of the NSA nobody would even know about this.

The real scandal here isn't that Obama is corrupt. I think everyone pretty much knew that already. The real scandal is that the Federal government - from the FBI to the DOJ to the CIA - has been turned into a political weapon, the Enforcement arm of the DNC.

Sally Yates, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Ash Carter, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, and others were not working for the Federal Government…they were working for the Clinton campaign. It's treason. These people committed treason against you. They actively tried to nullify your voice in government by SPYING on the person you elected to the White House. And you know what? They're still fucking doing it with Mueller.

This needs to stop. People don't just need to go to jail for this. They need to die. People need to be put on trial for treason and executed for this, /pol./

All you MAGAtards are literally subverting the truth community, worse than the fucking flat-earthers, and telling people outside of the Qanon LARP to fuck off. YOU are the problem.

No more Kike wars!

What's the background on that image?

Need to point something out here. Trump believes in the sanctity of the oval office. He will not send a former President to prison

What he can do however is put said former president in a position that if he so much as coughs then the people at the CF and Rothschild family will Seth Rich him.


it came from cuckchan

Infowars needs a Shoah

Trump isn't the one who is going to swing the axe on this.

Allsup isn't infowars retard

Did I not just hear it in the fucking video, faggot?

Did Jews fuck that guy's head up? Or sandnigger Muslims?

In b4 "Da Joos forced him to fight!"

Some sort of incident involving fire. He gave his face and hair, unknowingly for da joos.

No, you're hearing things user.

See 0:08

Are you such a pussy that you can't handle a funny split-second edit of filterman in a video? Holy shit, and then you accuse me of posting an infowars video? Fucking kys you weak ass dipshit.

I said this
Because I heard Infowars. I never said it was the merchant's own video, dummy.

first thing you need ot learn about InfoLiars is that AJ real name Bill Hicks is STRATFOR meaning Mossad/US period. the rest you can do by digging just get off you lazy fucking bluepilled ass and do some fucking homework you lazynogging faggots.



sure thing torpedo

so when are we gonna start getting a list of shareblue employees ready for when the hammer drops?

It's a lie so big they rely on the normie's inability to process it. God willing there will be justice, user.

ying yang trips confirm


I want every person in your post besides Trump to die

Q is for kabbalah.


This, if we don't stop this farce here and now it will just grow over time. The guilty need to be executed for treason after quick military tribunals, the news media needs to be held accountable, and communists and their enablers should be rounded up and either deported or gassed.



Indictments have already happened, aren't you paying attention?

People Magazine story about a girl who did not break up with her fiance when he was badly burned fighting in Iraq.

Indictments are sitting in sealed files. There are many indictments. We don't know how many suspects there are. We don't know if the prosecutors are plea-bargaining with the suspects. We don't know how much of it is pizzagate and how much of it is plain treason-for-money. We don't know anything actionable.

"SEALED FILES" = might as well not be happening.
Could be someone else.
Could be you and me.
FUCK that shit - NOTHING IS HAPPENING that we want happening. we are being held in a corral of bullshit

Can't say I have a fixed date/time period.
But every day without an arrest is another day of disappointment.

I think we can all agree Trump is having a hell of a struggle with the deep state, and they are doing everything they can to remove him without showing their hand and causing a massive armed revolution.

So… He needs people in the correct positions doing the necessary things.
that was 2017 (Comey getting fired, for example)

So, 2018 should be interesting.

or a major disappointment

Dubs chain confirms Hillary going to prison

Nah nah, I'm sure this year shit is gonna go down. All gloves are off

Gas the kike.

Race war now

They've been untouchable for so long that when it finally happens it'll be fucking nuclear.

Yeah, shill the conversations into irrelevance. Why are you faggots afraid to discuss it? You're pussies, and need to get out of the community. It's fucking crazy that you couldn't humor the possibility, when it's more evident than it's ever been. Wait until you get your quasi-kike dictatorship, buddy. Yeah, shills are totally helping by shutting conversations down. This is one of the best places to discuss it, and you can't stop being faggots about this. You're delivering the same hive-mind mentality as the left at this point.

I can't think of a single instance where you shills have flipped your shit and Trump has subsequently proven to have done wrong.

Great points. Great post.

Clinton Foundation is literally the worst treason that has ever occurred in America. Given that it involves nuclear weapons material and above-top-secret classified info going to actual, literal terrorists, when this thing gets exposed, it's over. All of it. The country.

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Spot-on analysis.

Hot take: Fusion GPS is just CIA.

Executions and war are called for.

This is too serious to hope for a mass suicide.

Jerusalem embassy decision matters because of what you didn't see–war. Israel attacked Iran. Trump moved the embassy to piss off Arabs, meaning Saudis didn't want to be friends with Israelis. This was a clear message: if you go to war with Iran, you do it alone.

Trump is as close to a god on earth as they come.

This is right, but your judgment doesn't extrapolate far enough.
The 702 abuses were basically par for the course and a natural part of what anyone should expect machiavellian fucks to do wtih laws like that. But once you've sold nukes to Al Queda, I guess you don't really give a fuck about surveilling a challenger candidate to make sure he doesn't get elected and expose you

I forgot to add I love that pic you included

dubs checked.
That's because Trump is pure morality start to finish.
The people need to kill all traitors including that nigger, the cunt, and all miscellany of kikery cabal who sold us out to literal terrorists for profit. cockroaches need extermination big time…it's time

Trump is a smart guy building up a solid position. That doesn't mean there won't be a civil war soon (and there has to be one pretty soon, anyway, just due to demographics) but Trump's doing what he can to reduce the probably of a civil war due to taking down the entire previous and part of current government. Trump's a patriot.

This. Let's not mince words here, shit isn't happening that needs to be happening. There are reasons to be optimistic - however, all we actually have right now is speculation about things that MAY be happening behind the scenes.

A lot rests with the IG report. Comey is very obviously corrupt (along with McCabe, Preistap, Strzok, Page, etc.) but the Republicans in Congress along with Jeff Sessions "need" a "politically neutral" actor to throw them under the bus first before they can tear into them with a special prosecutor. Yes they're investigating Clinton right now - yes they are calling for an investigation of Steele - but the IG report is absolutely critical to the unraveling of the deep state. Comey and his lackeys inside the FBI/DOJ are the center of this pile of shit.

One problem there: the inspector general is a corrupt heeb named (((Michael Horowitz))) who is up to his eyeballs in corruption. See below for the basic gestalt.

need more posting here. this is the most important shit in the history of the world. not exactly exaggerating. like top 10 world history events happening when CF goes down and nuke treason exposed

People have no patience for a guy going up against the worst treason in the history of the US and some of the most powerful people in the world and the stranglehold they've held forever.

Have patience. But also be ready to start shooting…

This is correct.

And Gen Z needs to get moving. Not that they aren't. But timing is everything. Now is the time.

It's time to push for fascism on a mass scale and hard. Whites need to unify. It's time.

Yeah. It's hard to understate. There is an ongoing attempt at a political coup against the President of the United States. Open treason.

If I ever had any doubts about Donald John Trump's integrity, if I ever had any doubts whether voting for him was the right call, seeing what these people are trying to do to him is all the reassurance I'll ever need that this man is what he says he is.

My patience is wearing very thin user. The midterms are coming. Just how late in the game do you want to wait for Mueller to indict Jared Kushner or Donald Jr.? Make no mistake, that's what's going to happen. He's going for the jugular. Trump needs to act and he needs to act soon to expose Muller for what he is before Mueller fucks him and costs him the Senate.

I hear you. My view is this: we the people are the red line when it comes to enforcing the law. The founders explicitly provided for the people as a "break in case of fire" device.

Trump has proven my negative expectations unfounded over and over again. Trump is extremely intelligent and a patriot, but he's facing tremendous opposition. The strength of the opposition and its strangehold can't be understated. And Trump's one man in the end. We the people will probably be the mechanism for real change, but it's hard to say exactly when. Do what it takes to be ready and redpill others. This is truly important.

You make a lot of excellent points and sounds just like me maybe a month ago when I was really pissed. At this point, I've realized there is no saving this thing. There has to be war.

It's coming. Be patient and get ready. Don't get mad. Focus on channeling your correct fury into cool fury. Focus on military tactics and training. Be a soldier.

As a side note, one interesting point is Strzok was more of a fall guy/fake they used for the drop box. There was a CIA-type spy ring within the FBI. The whole thing is cocked up beyond belief. We have to get rid of this government. But let Trump do this thing first.

Trump is no friend of the kikes.

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Shills and newfags flood my board in droves creating discordance that only the most observant autist can see through. Yet the timeline continues to persist through this chaos. I can only revel in the fact that all these false dichotomies and binaries that I'm supposedly supposed to choose a side on are inherently nothing and essentially static for the events to come.

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Reminder, and obviously new info for blue pilled faggots who don't know about der evige…

The jews did 9/11 and is therefor responsible for every middle-eastern quagmire that came after it.

A lot of good folks, including many in FDNY and NYPD, many of whom lost friends and loved ones on 9/11, should be aware of this statement by Netanyahu:

Because we so easily forget things like this, copies of this article need to be taped right next to the 9/11 tributes–the photographs–you often see out front at FDNY/NYPD stations.

I'd like to do is print out a bunch of copies of this article with the Netanyahu quote and walk over to each FDNY/NYPD station here in the city and tape a copy next to the pictures they usually have out front of all the good (most huwhite borough residents) who died on 9/11. Innocent, good huwhite men from the boros were suffocated by smoke and crushed by falling debris, and many also suffered lifelong physical and very serious psychological damage due to the horrors of that day.

Here's the archived version.

Again, would be very helpful is all NYC pol niggers went out used good water-resistant tape to paste these articles next to 9/11 tribute photos that are usually posted outside FDNY and NYPD stations. Just a reminder that Israel benefited from an event where people jumped out windows after texting their loved ones goodbye to avoid being burned to death, and also where firefighters and cops, mostly local whites from the boros, were crushed to death or died from smoke inhalation, or had irreparable physical and psychological harm done. 9/11 looms over New York and financial district every day. People ought to be reminded every now and then that the Israeli prime minister said that Israel benefitted from burning Americans alive and crushing them. This gets memory holed. I didn't even realize he said this directly. But this Haaretz article has been cited by Economist and by Foreign Policy. Bibi never retracted the statement or denied it. It's real. People need to know. Especially right next to 9/11 tributes with photographs of the dead.

a good chance a lot of it wont be revealed in real time. they are trying to avoid a full out civil war