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Trump loves kikes

Did you know this? He literally said that he loves Israel before he was elected now he literally sucks Rabbi cock and does everything kikes tell him to do. Why are you still worshiping this kike loving faggot?

>inb4 d&c shill (go back to TRS and suck Kike Enoch's cock)

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And yet the NWO kikes scream in tears as he rides the nationalistic wave across the West destroying their economic and cultural plans of unification.

Is this a delusion in your head or are you just stupid?

Same script again, Rabbi?

And you've made this thread for…?

you are the jews for supporting this faggot. At least you could admit he loves kikes.

just to call out retarded people who think trump is "based". He's a kike loving faggot.

Is this Trump on CNN? How?

Anyway, i stopped caring what he says quite some time ago. Of course he needs to kiss butts here and there, no one would accomplish much by openly declaring everyone his enemy.
Is Trump really pro kike? Who knows, i think he is pretty neutral as he worked with them all his life, but he probably is aware of their influence.
For now i think its going great, good changes are coming. More jobs, less taxes, more business and he might fix election fraud in time .
He might not be an ethno nationalist, but he works hard on nationalist issues, for now.

but now that Israel first Steve Bannon is out of the picture Trump will gas the kikes for sure!

t. delusional trumptard

so what?
I enjoy watching you rage about it

lol you mad

Trump is based.
And you are quite asshurt about it

Oh, never mind, i thought OP's pic is new and relevant.

Yeah, that's why your opinion is irrelevant but I will indulge you

Yep, you're right, but you don't need to push for a war with Iran (Israel's war) or declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

In certain sectors but he is still allowing outsourcing to occur in large numbers. He doesn't actually outsourcing, he just cares about income to him and his (((people))).

But OP is a faggot

Why you mad about it tho?

mad about what?

Stop talking to yourself again, it's just so autistic for a half-breed doing it.

Fucking faggot.

i called it two years ago

Poor you.

Me too. I was always calling Trump a kike lover before the election and then I got banned. Now Trump is actually a kike lover and admits it and I get banned. Holla Forums is dead.

Wait for your forced rape at gun point. It's coming.