USA reverses trend to white minority status, with white births becoming a majority in the US for the first time in a decade.

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Bump for keeping the “inevitable white decline” shills away. Heil Hitler, Hail Wotan and the spirit of nature.

Good job fellas




It is just reporting on a report, of course no MSM is reporting this.

Also found this funny stat.

unmarried women in 2016 ranged
from 12.0% of non-Hispanic
Asian women to 69.7% for
non-Hispanic black women.


Are they counting Hispanics as whites? They sometimes do that.

Gonna be a comfy decade.

Is this a bad thing

This is a valid question. I wonder if they count them. The Southwest is unfortunately mestizo territory now. I have long come to the conclusion we will, at least in the short term make a new ethnostate. Ideallly from New England (avoiding Jew York) and stretching across the Midwest bread basket and over to the North West. Most southern states will be forfeit but in exchange for massive increases in peace and prosperity in the long term.

imblying there are hispanic asian women

Sieg oder unsieg ruht in Gottes Hand. Der Ehre sind wir selber Herr und König.

Victroy or defeat lies in god's hand. But we are honours master and king.
(as in -> we are the masters of our own honour)

Now we just need to focus on white American values so they don't become wiggers.

Read the OP again.
They separated spics from whites.


S-s-so youz sayin' we isn't going to be kangs?

Hispanic birth rate plummeted? I wonder who could be responsible for that.


You can shift the trajectory radically just by reducing welfare and giving better tax breaks to the working.

If Whites think they're winning, they'll start slacking and returning to their vices instead of breeding like rabbits.

Yeah goy, think you're losers instead :^)

Tormuldists, everyone.


There is no winning. The battle never ends.

Third kid on the way. Probably done though, some of you neets need to step up now.

B-but that's breeding, you shouldn't become l-like savages.

I've met chinks that claim they are from Cuba. Peru has tons of people of Japanese decent.



I want to believe.

Did they exclude spics and kikes pretending to be white?

Regardless, this makes some sense. I believe it is emotionally motivated. Whites feel their interests are finally being addressed while spics are fleeing the country to Canada for more gibs and illegal southern border crossings went down by like 70%. The media scaremongering minorities is actually beneficial, because although most non-whites are incapable of forethought the fear instilled by non-stop leftist propaganda will make some impact on their birthrates.

In short, by trying to instill hysteria in non-whites the leftist media have shot themselves in the foot.

We need some twitter/reddit/facebook reactions. There's nothing quite as redpilling to normies as seeing how badly nonwhites and commies want them extinct.

I want a child one day, preferably a son, but I'm a millenial and all my peers are cucked.
But I'm glad you other guys seem to be doing well. The future is looking bright.

Maybe I'll find a waifu in gen z when they grow up on Trump.

Yes, keep the pressure on. This ball has just started rolling.

Read the part that says non-Hispanic white birthrates rising as Hispanic birthrates falling. Anglo whites are taking back the US.

Start bettering yourself user. If you believe it will happen, then it shall. In the meantime, work on solidifying this belief by becoming the person you want your future wife to wed.

Let's make 6,000,000 more and give the jews another magic number to loose sleep over.

How ridiculous was it for the National Geographic to make a prediction like that? Why would the average person look like a mulatto in 30 years?

Because most libs and commies like to defile themselves and everything that good society has stood for, for centuries

It wasn't scientific, it waspurely an insult towards whites, like that "beige future" song. They mock you for believing whites are dying out while they mock you for dying out.

Holy shit. This is the only white pill I ever needed

Because NatGeo has turned into a obnoxious glossy propaganda impreint over the last decade and half or so.
They also photographed her with a fish lens to make her look extra alien

And that rate will climb even more in the years to come. We must teach more whites the absolute importane of having more children.

she is actually kinda hot


Unlike niggers, whites generally put economic stability before planning for a family. The uptick in white births could be from whites doing better financially and feeling comfortable enough to pop out a few kids.

Most normalfags don't look at their situations as part of a larger cultural and demographic war. They just want to be able to afford to live in a shitskin free neighborhood and raise kids in peace.

I'd surpised if she has more than 25% negro ancestry.

With Nature on our side, we shouldn't be surprised if white people suddenly become far more fertile, multiple-births becoming far more common and strange purely natural diseases and disasters only affecting other races.

According to census takers, Hispanics/Latinos and whites are separate ethnic groups. Bear in the mind the racially mixed makeup of much of Central and South America. There are many Mexicans of Spanish descent with very little to no admixture of indigenous peoples; the same is true to various extents in other Latin American countries. For example, I knew a girl in college who was blonde and had blue eyes, but was born and raised in Mexico City. Her family descends from an old English family, and I believe her grandfather was critical in some sort of Mexican liberation movement (she claims he appears in a famous photograph features the founders of the current Mexican state). Thus, she is Hispanic or Latina, being legally of Mexican nationality; but she would be considered white by American statisticians would would seek to distinguish her from non-white (that is, mixed with native indians, blacks, etc) Hispanics.

In general, you might consider non-white Hispanics as those who originally came from Spain (therefore of European stock), or those who have relocated to Latin American countries who also come from European stock. There is a lot of variation between an outright Azteca and an Aryan Mexican (sound like a contradiction, no?), and the question of who is "white enough" to join Holla Forums's ideal ethnostate will of course be of crucial importance. Then again, perhaps the Southwest is just lost territory at this point. It should be pointed out that, in general, non-white Hispanics are those who are immigrating/moving illegally to America. The whites in Latin countries (thinking of Mexico in particular here) have it better off than their brown counterparts, and probably don't seek to move for economic reasons (ie the non-white Mexican class, for the most part, rules Mexico and has no need to come to America).

This is all a generalization, but I just happened to be researching the question of "non-white Hispanics" yesterday so I thought I'd share.

Are you sure about that?
The white category includes arabs and north africans.

Ever notice how most "black" celebrities are actually mulatto's? It's the only way they can make negroes palatable. Same goes for most "black" activists, a lot of them are halfbreeds.

Pics related Just kidding, these halfbreeds are actually half jewish. Crytojews are not a meme. They come in many forms.

I wouldn't be surprised if she's just mediterranean.

Arabs make up what.. 3 million something in the US?

Yeah but those "white" hispanics you speak of don't move into first world nations in droves. Only the shitskins do that.

I've rubbed elbows with plenty of white Mexicans I've traveled there extensively and they are mostly upper middle class people with good lives and relative wealth. They own the businesses there and work in government. They have no reason to leave.

I always assume that hispanics in the USA are of the shitskin variety, because they mostly are. Unless you are counting the rare circumstances like when Cuban whites fled communism.

They're not "half jewish," those who mingle with jews and are part of the sick death cult religion of judaism are fully jewish 100% even if they have zero jewish blood. There are some mischling goys who have no part of the jewish world and don't even know they have some jewish blood, that's not the situation for these disugsting mullato kikes. These are 100% jewish.

I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white ass meme btfo

They are crypto kikes nonetheless. They are (((black))) just like fellow whites are (((whites))).

I've never heard anyone ever refer to Drake as a yid IRL. But that doesn't stop him from reaping the benefits of being a jew while still being accepted into the fold by niggers. It's part of the reason he became so successful so quickly.

So we agree. I said in my post that non-white Hispanics are those who are mainly immigrating to white countries, and that white Hispanics are those who have created and maintained wealth in Latin American (brown) countries. You're right to assume that Hispanics in the US are by and large non-whites, because only non-whites move to white countries for a shot at greater economic prosperity (or gibs).

This is all great news and all but increasing the white birthrate is not enough!
We need a wall and 30 million+ deported in shitty mestizos alone!
How many fucking niggers are in this country illegally and shitty south asians?

Hey, I'm fucking hispanic but I'm blonde haired and blue eyed. That kind of makes me white, right??

She has to be like 90% white.

Kek, I was already correcting you in my head, then I read that spoiler

Biological agent directed towards wetback/mestizo genes when?

age of consent 15 when



From Bosnia.

You might want to look into how hispanics were counted and aid for hispanics.
I'd worry more about who is comming in than who is already here. Mudbloods born in the US. of US families have disdain for Mexico given how they are treated if they don't learn spanish. The blood is fine if you are okay with native American and Iberian phenotypes

Is she Latina?

Being successful is one of the biggest drivers of white birth rates. When the environment is so good the Aryan wolves can afford to give birth to the most young, the shitskins rabbits better watch out because their population is going to be thinned out to nothing.

All Data are Propaganda Ads, until there are only four technical global categories ([1] European only, [2] Asian only {Jew, Chinese, Mexican, Muslim, etc}, [3] African only, and [4] Miscegenated). This goes especially for NVSS, which preferences reported medical billing data, not actuals, not surveys, not ground observations, and not not even pan-benefit systems analysis. This is made worse by increasing all systems linguistic breakdown, increasing deliberate confabulation of all systems clinicians and clerics, and increasing use of near-total females and foreigners for data collection, analysis, and distribution (people highly renowned for lack of recognition and independent truth). This is made even worse on top of that, by banking and accounting breakdown, driving all testament production outside of academic distribution into stagflation obliteration.

I call distributors, suppliers, service providers, billers, property managers, bankers, automation centers, and more, with all their moonlight phone mazes by design. Any casual sanity check of the data NVSS provides demonstrable doubt over multiple orthogonal methods.

Source? Genuinely interested. It would be massive if the US no longer separated whites and Hispanics; or, if Hispanic came to mean "brown Latino" in the way it is commonly used.

I rather they just call them Latino. The only ones worth calling Hispanic or white Hispanic are Spaniards.

Well gee when you treat whites like niggers, take their jobs, and make them sit around on welfare fucking, it's bound to happen. Beaner rates went down because fuck, jobs is hard work, jose got no time to fuck homes.
Until they are gone we aren't done.

Then just call them Spaniards if they are Spaniards. Hispanic has no fucking meaning beyond liberals trying to push yet another we need brown people agenda in the 70's

Mexicans are leaving the US thanks to MSM scare mongering about Trump being literally Hitler. Extended family went to Florida over the holidays, claimed that she couldn't find a good Mexican restaurant, one guy telling her many of leaving preemptively in fear of Trump.

I knew an old Spaniard that complained that Hispanic is being used to describe mutts and it should be only for Spaniards and those of mostly Spanish ancestry. I've heard of Latinos that don't like the term Hispanic and prefer Latino because they no longer associate with Spain. Hispanic as a term in its current use is just Leftist nuSpeak. It's like calling niggers Anglo.

Did they leave to Canada or something?

The term wasn't used until the 70's. How old was that dude? Were they trying to co-opt the term in spain before the kikes here could take off with it? They failed.

Oy vey, I thought Trump loved jews!

Like a farmer loves bullshit.

Depends of who.

Hispanic I think refers to the people of Hispania or Spain. Maybe the current use of the term is from the 70s.

So, they really ran for Canada. They would freeze their asses off.

Thanks for the whitepill user

does no one here remember this thread just from several months ago? fucking christ is everyone here a newfaggot?

Mediterraneans do not look like this. She obvously has nigger features.

She looks Latina. Maybe she's Cuban or Colombian.

When was the last time someone called Spain Hispania in the historical sense outside of research papers and scholarly works? Again, how old WAS the guy that he refers to spain as hispania in the ancient sense and not the current use?

Maybe. Looks more like Brazil to me. But definitely not Mediterranean.

fucking cheers mates, I needed a little good news

The ethonostate will range from the north to the south pole
Is that understood?

3 Babies is the minimum ladies and gents, Keep going.

Landed hereditary titles are outlawed in America.

You should thank God, moron.

4 babies is the minimum.
2 for replacement.
1 for increase.
1 for replacement of other 3 in case of tragedy.

cont clearance revisions-acc.pdf

21 categories in recommended birth form 2004 survey, with all Mediterraneans and Middle East unlisted. Methods can support miscegenation detection, but reporting doesn't include father nor resulting child race (as covered by other anons). Long form likely to cause confusion, aid confabulation, and aid selective data category recombination by aggregators.

We r-selected now.

How many offspring do you have?

Are they counting kebab as white?

Yes, they are.

Sounds about right.

They have a very high birth rate.*/ ( down)

me rn

sup, rabbi?

fuck off

plus women are dumb af and that contributed to his rise to fame. women are just wired to be musical plebs.

Check'd for a pro-White Mother Nature

Hold the fuck on, how do birth statistics handle half breeds? If the white mother was infected by parasitic shitskin DNA is her child counted as a white birth? I would be surprised if it wasn't for simplicity's sake. Don't fall into a false sense of security lads. Get your shit together and get to fathering children with a white woman that you have fully subjugated.

Such an ethnostate would have to include the Appalachian range (WV, KY, TN, Western NC, Western VA,North SC, and North Georgia) purely for the reason that this region is just about the last region in which America's founding stock (Anglos, Scots) is still the majority or plurality ethnic group. New England and the Midwest are great (white) and all but CT, RI, and MA are basically run by the Italians and sometimes Irish and while I love Germanic/Nordic peoples lime those of the Midwest, they aren't as psychologically predisposed to anti-leftist thinking as America's founding stock.


this. iirc this study was done by counting the ethnicity of the mothers, not necessarily the children. Mischlings are included in "white births" by that measure.

If I may blogpost- I got snipped back when i was a lib [late 20s, figured I'd have wanted them by then], and now am half-regretting it. Very much adverse to attempt reversal. I'll fight in other ways, perhaps taking advantage of my situation, but any ideas on how I should approach the waifu question? Should I avoid the best genes?

No, it wasn't.

Congratulations burgers
And hopefully this will be the case for Europe soon, more white birthrates, less niggers stealing culture

Wotan is a God you jewish cunt

Try a reversal. If it does not work, pick a woman who is infertile for health reasons or whatever.

This thread is something I needed to see today. Haven't been able to find a good white woman around where I live, too much meth circulating and such. Relatively cute, ambiguously brown girl I know has started to show interest and all the demoralization and blackpilling takes a toll, especially since I'm almost 30 now and feel like I'm running out of time. Reading this thread is like a breath of fresh air in my lungs. Polite sage for blogpost.

I don't think Trump or any other right-leaning politician, policy, or policy proposal has anything to do with the decline in Hispanic birthrates. If I was to assign responsibility to any one thing, I'd place it on the left and their approach of leftist ideological indoctrination targeted toward their new pet minority group. Note: this is not a "The Democrats are the real racists" argument.

Leftists lost the war for the mindshare of white Americans somewhere around the late 80's to early 90's and as we all know, they opened a new front in the culture war through their support for 3rd world and illegal immigration. It wasn't a bad strategy when taken at face value as poor non-whites respond well to gibs and other forms of pandering. However, their ideology doesn't support the view that different races/ethnic groups behave differently and have varying intellectual capacities. Pushing Marxist/Leftist propaganda on blacks worked amazingly well as blacks are more than happy to parrot whatever politics they've been told to believe in and then go right back to Bix Nood-ing and Muh Dick-ing. The problem is that even the lowliest Hispanics are much less subhuman than blacks, giving them the capacity to actually align their behaviors to their political/social beliefs. Many of the major tenets of leftist ideology just so happen to run contrary to the very reasons why Hispanics breed like rabbits (family centered culture backed by pseudo-Catholic zealotry). It just so happens that when you indoctrinate a whole generation of immigrant children in said ideology, they'll abandon the only things supporting their high birthrates and behave in the way their ideology commands (strong independent Latinas don't need a family or religion). In short, leftists fucked themselves because they couldn't foresee the obvious outcomes of their campaign of indoctrination as it applies to any group that is even slightly more intelligent than a monkey or an inbred goatfucker.

Lastly, here's a whitepill webm for this whitepill thread.

what are you first? you already know the answer to this question. maybe you need to stop identifying as hispanic, since its a race. i'm technically "latin" (european) but im white. a white guy born in china, and has a family lineage in china is not asian. so if youre white, and your family is white, why describe yourself as a hispanic?

only you can answer this.

75% chance to work, and the first, lesser operation caused me pretty bad pain for at least a year [didn't feel normal until 3 yrs later]. This is a more serious operation… sorry, not risking further ruining my groin and ability to live a normal life for years.

It's categorized as a linguistic group, not a race. Most that jump over the boarder are mutts and you should know that mongrels have no race.

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

Because, despite the original meaning of that word, the term hispanic is used in the US to describe people who belong to the latin american culture.

Why? Because I'd rather not get any more attention from the feds.


Predictive programming and anti-White demoralization.



What about race mixing? Are they counting coalburners bearing mutts as white?

Doesn't look like it.

It looks so disgusting and repulsive.
It doesn't look human, more like an average of alien congregation of data on "human"

Mulattos are even worse IMO because they're neither and look dirty.

its almost as if demographic trends change as time goes on, and you cant extrapolate such volatile data into the future past 5 years at best.

were learning pol

There is only one God. The Aryan god of the true Bible as anyone intelligent enough to look into German Christianity and its predecessor Christian Identity already knows. (You know, the official religion of the NSDAP) God created whites. Cain became the first Nigger, and Edom became the first Kike. All modern Kikes are Edomites. The Israelites of the Bible, "the lost tribes", were white. The tribes were "lost" because everyone accepted Jesus except for the filthy Edomite scum, which had already mixbred with Cannanites, who were the first Arabs. Thats why Kikes hate us and want us to crossbreed. Because they are jealous of what they lost and can never have back! Im on kid 3 and debating on a 4th. GOTT MIT UNS!!


Whether you think Trump is a civnat or a secret ethnic nationalist, the fact that his policies have reversed white decline and made white births the majority of births in the span of ONE SINGLE FUCKING YEAR is absolutely amazing beyond words


looks more like an ayy lmao

Except whites think they're winning right now and are breeding like rabbits as a result, you incredibly retarded kike.

Shut the fuck up kike. We cant arrange meetups because your ZOG buddies spread the word and all the Kikes and Nogs for 200 miles come out to ruin it. If you are actually just that dumb, think about it. We must each take a personal responsibility to network locally first.

I drive a Mercedes. The Furhers favorite! And it has a Reichsadler grasping a ww2 era benz logo on the back window haha

Gmab - first meme EVER


omg so lazy and complacent


Stop pushing the shitty poo-in-loo hitler meme, you fucking lamp shade.

Go for four. The fuck else do you have to do with your life?

No kidding.
Good sticky.

4 is the minimum you low-test soyboy so you dont have a "middle child"

t. Middle child who wouldn't wish being a middle child on anyone

My buddy (I converted him to National Socialism last year) and his wife had been trying to have kids for a while–they're both in their late 20's and doctors had in previous years said that she probably won't be able to have kids.

But she got pregnant around July somehow and the baby is due in mid April :^) hopefully the 20th

its working.

Did a kike write that?

Christ cucks have no place in NatSoc. After all, they voted against NatSoc in 1932. Probably because "muh izreel iz muh gratest alley!".

Fucking kike toe suckers.

A blessing from the Lord! Tell ypur buddy congrats for me user!


Please, moshe, tell me more!

Your are an idiot and a d/c kike. Everyone knows the kikes have fucked with the bible over the years. Go read into Christian Identity for the truth. Its essentially the same as German Christianity. (Which any true National Socialist believes in, to do otgerwise is heresy) Christianity in its true, original, Kike free form. "OUR MOVEMENT IS CHRISTIAN"- Adolph Hitler

Global report. Go back to freech. You will never trick us.

Reported for d&c and derailing. Contemplate your failure as you stare at the ban page.


National Socialism is more of an aggregate of all superior Aryan forms of spirituality/religion. The Swastika isn't a Christian symbol, so to call National Socialism Christian would obviously not be totally accurate. But to call it anti-Christian would be equally false.

Why can't we force white women to have 3 children each by law the way we force men to sign up for the draft?

Look, an NPC is trying to be a person!

I agree. I dont go to Church often because they dont preach the truth. Its about knowing the truth in your own heart, and basing your actions on the values it gives.

Maybe you can have an "accidental" 4th.

One child? Why not more?

A fourth would be good. A fifth even better.

It is easier to convince a woman through carrots to have children than to use sticks. It would also increase the number of single mothers, which is bad. We as a society need to encourage women to have more children once married. If the government threw in something nice for that, it would help, but "have three children or else" makes women NOT want to have children, which defeats the point.

I would love to have more. Gotta get that next raise, and so does the missus. I doubt ill ever catch my cousin though. She has 12! All with her husband i may add, and all are raised out of the (((public schools)))

You can either be the cucker or the cucked. You sound like the latter. Faggot.

Stop D&Cing, this is the first time we've had good pro-white news in decades; yet you choose this thread to screech about pushing your religion on others, or unnecessary intolerance of other user's religion. There's plenty of other threads for LARPagan and Christcuck bickering, don't ruin this one.


Doing God's work user. The world needed you and you're making it happen.

Apologies user. It just boils my blood when one of our own falls for the "jesus was a jew" meme. That said. Believing in anything is better than believing in nothing.

Thanks user. That means a lot. Tgis thread has really lifed my mood in general. The daily grind of turning wrenches can seem unfullfilling at times. But then i remember i am keeping white familys safe on the road, and its all better.

going to get called a shill but is there any final data instead of provisional?

Do what you can. Consider if your wife would be willing to stay home. You can save a surprising amount of money that way, not to mention your children aren't in public indoctrination camp– er schools. As a side note, my wife would probably high five your cousin if they ever met in public.

You don't need beaners to make good mexican food. Whites cook better than any spic.

Working on my Ford Master Technician certification. Once i achieve that, i will double my income, and give her the time with the children she deserves!

Good luck on that!

where did you read that? i havent seen any such thing in the pamphlets i've read
kikes hate white christians because they're considered goyim
have you read the oera linda book or tacitus germania? culture of the teutons? any actual white religious texts?
when christianity is gone it will never return, whereas paganism, even if dormant, will always be present, ready to come back in full force.
read the essay with jung and nietzche about the odin archetype. odin is what brought about the third reich, not some weak, shallow, and pacifying principle found in the bible
i'm on kid 67 and debating on a 68th

How many of those are "white hispanics"

I don't trust any census or stats from the government anymore. We're at that stage of Brazil where white is just something that's claimed and not actually verified. Any increase is a good increase though if it's actually the case, but even then it's only keeping pace with the non-white growth not drastically increasing over it.

With the size of our population and the longetivity increases we've had the past 60 years it wouldn't actually take a very high birth rate to stop and possibly reverse everything for decades to come. Just a 2.5 birth rate among whites for 10 years would be enough. Right now we're somewhere around 1.8 to 1.9 a full .2 from even replacement level of our current numbers.

I too dislike the Jewish disinfo scheme meant to destroy traditional Christianity. But telling other anons that they aren't true NATSOCs because they aren't Christian is inherently wrong. Our race comes before your religion.

You don’t know much about religion to be saying that. Note that Christianity explicitly takes note that God separated the races and doesn’t make any consideration for the abolishment thereof.

Here is some pretty interesting data.

Younger women are having less children which is good because that is mostly shitskins and liberals shitting our their spawn.

Older Women in their thirties are having more children (the highest rate since the 60's) which is also good because they tend to be,
Married, White and Republican which is what the data shows under married. The current generation of whites being born right now are overwhelmingly right wing Republicans. White Liberals are sinking without a trace, they have lost the demographic war.

Is this real life?



Lost? No, we have not won yet. Kikes still want to continue pozzing education. To have unfettered access to kids for 40 hours a week, minimum. We have to be the engine by which memes are made. To let those poor kids know they are not mad for resisting or feeling conflicted about the lies they are told.


Isn't older women in their 30's more closely linked to your libtard woman whose ovaries kick in? I'm sure it's also normal healthy couples not suffering from brain damage but that's not really a good thing. Once you hit 30 the chances of defects is astronomically higher. That's the opposite of what you'd want as nature demanded. 18-30 is the prime years with a few outliers into the 30's if you want a big family.

The Japanese call women over 25 Christmas cakes. Because after 25, nobody wants them.

Yes, there are mostly Catholics in the south and Protestants in the north. No, Protestants are not atheists or mus_lims and they don't pray to Wotan either.
Why do you retards keep trying to lie about this picture over and over again? Why do you hate truth so much? Why would I take anything you say seriously after starting out with such a blatant lie you disgusting faggot?

Keep it up!

he who controls the memes controls the future

ok i'll delete that picture from my files and you can feel free to disregard it as part of my post. the rest of the post still stands though, faggot

Sauce on that pic? Its Amazing.

Thats a load of shit. Japanese women marry between age of 24 and 28.


Not unless Liberals suddenly found god and started getting married.
Women can have children well into their forties safely IF they have had children previously. Potato children are only going to be a problem for women who have their first child.
If anons want to have a family of three children or more then the latest you should start trying is 28 as it will give you a 90% probability.

If you follow this course you become an non entity much like most of the easter european nations are considered. united they would be powerful but their disparate cultural and racial makeups would fracture them at the same time as when the rest of the nation fractures. They have little common bond and far less unity than we do here by far. These may or may not be great places in which to acquire the white replacement demographic for the rest of the nation, but such alone in this environment ensures they only delay the inevitable at this point.

For such an small area with so few resources to succeed the following items must also be true.
1. The EU and all nations within it must collapse at the exact same time as the US does when it fractures. Any survival of such ensures the Kikes have ample warriors and industry to wage another brother war against that area with the same result as happened in Germany. Other major powers would also need to have something keeping their attention occupied for decades btw, even discounting kike involvement and influence.
2. All states around it either collapse into brutal sectarian infighting or no outlying region around it can coalesces into an stable unified system. Any region/state which retains power around what you pointed out becomes far more powerful right off the bat due to both resources and industry and continues as such for as long as your area is stymied by infighting and subversion, of which is guaranteed should kikes survive into the future. There are big reasons eastern europe is ignored in history, and your regional example practically copies all the reasons to an T.
3. Almost all global trade halts with the collapse of the federal government. Even minor aid or trade to an stable region outside yours ensures an major and dangerous outside force which will move against you in due time for many reasons. Your outlined area is indefensible with even token technological power in your enemies hands.
4. All whites in such areas outside your region are exterminated. If any population survives outside your area the influx of white genes will up the likelyhood of sufficient leadership to counter your own and create and major enemy into the future. Whites are inherently better, but whites are not an unified and aware racial group now or in the foreseeable future. Consider the timetable needed to fully redpill most of us here, in our own cultural base and with the time and resources to spare to dig into awareness, the average person simply does not have either the interest or patience to bother. By the time you forcefully indoctrinate the majority of the population in our thought process the other regions may have more than enough time to subjugate their own population and impose the top down dictates required to being the process of making war upon your region. Until you convert enough of the population in your are to our way of thought, you WILL be facing an near endless stream of infighting and push back for many reason which will leave you exposed for many decades, if not forever.
5. You must somehow ensure your dominance so as to ensure 'whites' are in command. An small thing I am sure and you have many plans on how such would work. While in the midst of god only knows what is causing the fracture of the federalized empire of the U.S. And of course competing against many other whites with differing focus and an desire to lead or control. Good luck with that considering how fucking pathetic your focus is as an base ignoring all strategic and logistical realities and accepting an position of abject weakness while expecting your enemies to be somehow magically even weaker. Cart before horse when you bite off such an big chunk of region with no focus on war. I can only hope you are not foolish enough to think instituting any form of voting among such an population will help in that regard.

Good shit, gives me hope for future victories

Praying for you user. Jesus saves.

America needs a regime change not iran or north korea or iraq or syria or russia or china.

yfw they are counting arabs, north africans and light skinned mexicans as white

>spic gets probation for shooting white female even after the pathetic sentencing of illegal firearm possession
Their just rubbing the fact that their is no justice left in every White persons face.

Don't think its any good if it takes a decade to barely become a majority of birthrates, thanks to non-whites breeding less. I'd be laughing if one of the reasons in the decrease is that undocumented having undocumented births so they don't get deported.

Onto something related, seeing the graph of age of mother; would it be possible that in another decade that mothers would be much older? Like how the 15-29 seen a decrease in births (Especially 15-19) while the older ones are steadily rising. Be interesting if the average age of mother would be around 30 something. Though would like to know who is giving birth at what age.

Once people begin to realize that they cannot solve things in the realm of law and order, people will then seek means outside of it.

Inexcusable, but you're absolutely right.

Are you retarded? If you really want to follow your religion in its' truest form, then go read Yada Yah's "An Introduction To God", it's on the internet and it's very lengthy. He might be a texan autist, but at least he does bis research. On the other hand you can just be a good goy, ignore the cumrag scrolls, and argue for an eternity about which religious text is the right one…like you christcucks have been doing for over 1500 years.

Dumb fuck.

True. We haven't won shit until education is securely in NatSoc control. Kikucation sterilizes white girls into femunists who care more about foreign niglets and beanlets than becoming mothers themselves.


It's a Norman Rockwell painting

Congratulations Ameribros!
Now we need to MEGA as well

Some people are for birth rates, other people are chosen for any one or many of the equally noble callings - just one is a mortality rate. It's not all about birth rates.

Hard to pull that one off if the woman gets her tubes tied.

Arabs and North Africans are such a tiny percent or the population it's not really a factor in the great scheme of things.

Read above.

we wuz da real jews !



I don't know how to break it to you but you count sandniggers as "White".

Read the study, they aren't. Though to Our 2 million and change babies there were still half a million niggers and 900k spics. The only places if I recall that white births were outnumbered were california and texas. It is also an excellent breakdown of what the whitest places in the country are.

Just my 2 Cents but I think the high birthrate is due to whites becoming poorer and the heroin crisis America is going through. Poor people always tend to have more kids and drug users never make thought out choices. Add the reckless millennial thought process and you have high birthrates. Regardless of propaganda it is still genetically encoded in people to be with people who look like them so these reckless millennials mostly are white. Thus more higher birthrate. It's not the process that we wanted but it gets the same result even more so as children grow up wanting to not be like their parents.

What did I say! I made the “get to fucking lads” thread and I prophecized that trump would create a white baby boom. The dream has come true already

I will have to disagree, whites pop out babies when they feel secure in the future, and even though many are still operating in the civnat frame of mind, they are still recognizing, deep inside them, the fact that the presidency of Trump will give the white population a few breaths of fresh air and here you go - more white babies get born.

Put poor whites on government assistance and have them crank out 10 kids a family and send them all to military school.

Read the thread before posting. Arabs are not not a large minority in America. There are about 3 million Arabs in the united states in a country of 323 Million people. They do not make up even 1% of the population so even if the retarded government census groups them in with whites it's such a small percentage it's not going to throw the numbers off by anything noticeable

The American Reich will rise

2 million out of 3.9 million births is only 51%, we make up 62% of the population so we missed the mark on replacement rates. This is good news, but lets do better in 2018.

Technically this will not reverse the impending minority status of whites. It may bring us to a stable point where whites are a minority in the 40-50% range, but the loss from white boomer die off will not be offset by this minor uptick in birth rate. And the trend will continue when democrats win again in 2020 or 2024, at which point they will double down and accelerate white displacement to an unrecoverable degree. If Trump does not take control and deport, then this is an inevitability.

This may literally be the case. Celebrities have an enormous impact upon people's behavior, particularly women.

^ LARPer.

Obviously this is encouraging news, but white birthrates were never the problem – non-white births are the issue. If 52% of every newborn is white, that still means 48% (almost half) of our new generation are shitskins. It's reckless and destructive to think we can solve our demographic problems by simply shitting out babies at a faster rate than non-whites. Only physical removal will re-establish America as a white ethnostate.

True. But they do need to stop counting camel jockeys as human beings.

"White hispanic" is a forced meme. There are no pure white people in Mexico. At most they are 90% European.

Reminder that ~30 million of those are illegals.

No, it's more like 52%.

Destruction of America would disrupt global trade to a huge degree and result in the collapse of the EU and China as well.

Reminder to ignore all demoralizers and blackpillers. Never slacken, never tire and keep fighting the good fight!


Anyone got that old collage of tweets of rabid feminazis all having sexual dreams of Trump? It definitely exists. Also everything I’ve been taught about women in the redpilled vein speaks to this. Never actually listen to them. They don’t know how they really feel when society has inverted everyone’s values. Women like strength, even while claiming the opposite.

It reinforces my idea that trump may have been chosen for the public face of a purge due to his aggressive personality. Both a distraction and a subtle kick in the ass for Americans.

This is not only biased by the fast-and-loose "white" definition of the US which changes based on government whim i.e. when a hispanic commits crime they're "white" but when a victim they're not, but also the fact that these are just births TO alleged white mothers. It has nothing to do with the recording of the actual race of the baby and something like maybe 10% of whites (again we don't know how actually white these are, but there you are) now in the US are marrying non-whites.

This is the same bullshit pulled in Britain where only the mother's race is recorded on birth which doesn't give you an accurate picture of demographics going forward, and I think it's done on purpose.

So maybe the white birthrate is up but I doubt it's more than half of them. It's probably slightly less than.

Is it all just actual change?

Got the distinct impression (((they))) also wanted to systematically blackpill us.


Gotta trigger the r9k shills.

No, not even that or a christian thing per say. "Traditional" serf-morality is not any more compatible with National-Socialism than the "modern" ones.

1) Take genetic sample.
2) Cloning. genetic engineering.



China might be able to push thru it with sufficient support from Russia. Problem for them is with the U.S. fracturing if Russia wouldn't mind having China fall as well at the same time. They are clearly going to enjoy the EU going down and are likely to undermine anything the kike do there just out of spite, but helping China would be both an good and bad thing for Russia. But considering the collapse of food and fuel trade that may come with the financial collapse globally of the reserve currency… China may well try and invade the poo's to the east for their wheat and rice production if nothing else before their own oil reserves are wiped out…. or maybe they just wipe out half their own population and call it an day cutting the nuts off of any domestic collapse there rather than risk a few dozen nukes hitting them.

The real question becomes what exactly will cause the fracturing of the U.S. Every scenario brings about different opportunities and problems. The longer it takes for the federal system to collapse the riskier it becomes for everyone in the world but ups the chance the yids lose every facet of control across the world due to massive wars across many regions, not just domestically in the U.S. But if it goes poof like the soviet republic, it would cause far less chaos overseas and more avenues for the domestic rise of those like us, but also would enable more avenues for the yids to continue to maneuver control over others and risks our rise with outside forces which will obviously prioritize dealing with us over anything else. And of course there are dozens of partial U.S. collapse scenarios which all bring varying levels of chaos to the fore somewhere in between the two extremes.

I do count the eruption of outright civil war or balkanization type eruption of war here as an entirely different set of scenarios both domestically and globally.

Filter this kike. Desperate demoralization.


They are still cucks, thought. Their main idea of regulating the brown masses is sending them north, not dreaming of the Turner Diaries.

Alot of shills trying to black pill in this thread. White Conservative Republicans might have the highest birth rates in America right now and the shit skins flood in saying all is lost.

The problem is that whites in general are a tax-farmed slave class that can't afford on aggregate to have 3-4 children per family anymore. They may have the highest birth rates but if that's only say 2.5 and they make up 50-60% of actual whites you're still losing population every generation while the country gets browner and communists who want to vote to further tax enslave and are being agitated to murder you by jews continue to flood in.

jesus fuck the trump baby boom wasn't a meme. I'm buying whiskey tonight boys

I'll post the pic but you need to stop using that term, faggot. Where the fuck do you think you are?

God fuckin bless

God fuckin bless

Nobody on Earth speaks Ancient Greek. "Translators" merely decode it, according to grammatical rules. Some of these rules are robust. But others are fantasy. Even the beloved KJV, and before that the Vulgate, for Catholics, were not translated at a time when anyone spoke Ancient Greek. I plan on being the first person to achieve this in thousands of years.

1.5k years, and I round up.

that's great to hear dude. Make sure to help out when you can if you don't already have kids. Just bringing over some nice coffee and food can make a huge difference.

Very interesting, do you have a source for that?
Could conceivably (lol) change my criteria for looking for a good woman.

What about this?

Latino family values: If there are no better solutions available, give them welfare for not breeding and they´ll start killing the spawns they already shat out.

Also, the mainstream medias, with all their babbling about Trump and racism, have unwittingly blackilled both a number of non-Whites and liberals into breeding less.

That Whites are DONE blackpilling has been going on for decades. But now they are getting black pilled. The more Whites turn against the System and its ideology, are open about it, the more blackpilled they will become and they aren´t as good at taking it as Pol is. -D

I honestly think the US census combined whites and Hispanics together for so long to try and hide the amount of crime spics commit in this country. Also when you tell a boomer the country is 71%+ white they think everything is fine.

Objectively false. There are Castizos who descended from Spaniards and have little admixture with the Natives. They are the ruling class in mexico and don't need to come here. White Hispanics absolutely do exist but they are not the ones hopping the border into America, that's Mestizos.

Hopefully we can work on lowering that number under Trump

Run a business and take advantage of the tax plan. Get rich and then have a 1,000 kids, raise them all right and when they're old enough and taught to be responsible with their money, give them a head start.

I think the US census was at least partly aimed at blackpilling more than hiding crime rates. Drive the narrative that Whites are done and should just accept their fate.

< Once you hit 30 the chances of defects is astronomically higher.
Gee, I wonder (((who))) came up with that one?

Shit that came from the same (((hole))) as r9k.

>Gee, I wonder (((who))) came up with that one?
It is true.


Why is the Michigan's UP blacked?

*Why is Michigan's UP blacked.

I'm seeing it here in Washington. Lots of beautiful young white women popping out white babies.

God damn I'm proud to be an American

There are way too many niggers walking around for me to say that.

>Gee, I wonder (((who))) came up with that one?
It's true but the risk is still lower than inbreeding by a lot. Uncle Adolf's mother was in her early 40s when she had him so it's not really a huge deal except for the basic fertility issues of just getting pregnant at all and the larger risk for miscarriages etc.

Places like Dearborn (Henry Ford's town) etc. are full of sand monkeys.

Move out of the city
Besides, black population is on the decline because they can't stop killing eachother, its been on the decline for many years now, long before this spec of good news. Spics have always been the only ones threatening white majority status. Even then its still better than Europe, Spics are a lot whiter than Muslims

I just wish there was a way for the government to endorse ethnic cleansing.

I can't take credit for 2016 numbers, my wife has only given birth in 2015 and 2017 so far.

America is supposed to be a country where you can prosper through freedom of assembly. In a perfect world whites would have the rights to form ethnic enclaves like every other race. Too bad kike D&C means that's never going to happen

Here you go it is just a study from Live Science i dont know if any rabbis were involved.

If you've already tried, I suppose you can give up and find yourself an infertile wife.

Fuck yes keep this up and the US will be back to 80%+ in no time. Need the same for Australia and the UK. Remove shitskins.

You didn't mention that; $8-20 k a pop for a successful pregnancy.

Without in vitro, the maximum age for 90% success is 23. That's a gigantic difference. Thanks for the source, though, good to know.


This is assuming we don't raise mortality rates.

You don't need IVF unless you drink Soy user it took me less than 6 months to get my women pregnant with her first. Stay healthy don't smoke and don't drink.

Northern midwest German/Scandinavian here. You're absolutely right. The Swedes in Minneapolis are doing the same thing the Swedes in Sweden are doing and importing huge numbers of Somalis in order to diversify and enrich their culture. Doesn't help that we have a huge semite colony in Saint Louis Park helping it along. But the fact of the matter is, we've been so white up here for so long, just like northern Europe, that the normies don't understand what they're doing. They don't have the same frontline experience that southern whites have had for generations.

I'm convinced the Swedes are overall a female-minded ethnicity. This can be helpful and productive in a closed society where we want to have people looking after and caring for the community, but when you open that society up to the world it leads to an endless spiral of ever-expanding suicidal altruism.

There is a small error in the line colors on the graphs.





Those aren't blackpills you redditfag, those are redpills. Welcome.

Running the same old script for two whole years, eh?

Your posts consist of sucking the dick of someone who sucks the dicks of jews.

In a perfect world there wouldn't be a need for 'enclaves' because all the non-whites would have been exterminated.

Yes but why? We can blame the camel jockies on the jews because they moved from Dearborn to West Bloomfield freeing up the space for more desert nomads, but why are there nigs nogging up half the UP?

Make no mistake, WE did this! Take pride in this.

I don't know if it's his policies so much as him individually being stupidly masculine and attractive (strong white alpha-male worth billions and refusing to cuck) and occupying everyone's thoughts 24/7.

Both men and women's too, white men across the country have likely subconsciously shifted their own behaviors to be more in line with the first true male role model many of them have ever seen, and as a direct result are therefore also becoming more attractive to the women around them.



Why? All you need is a culture/authority telling women to have kids and they will. It's their normal state, rather it takes an absurd amount of brainwashing to create the abnormal situation of a woman not wanting children.

they're called redpills, not blackpills

so what you're trying to say is that all those fearmongering blackpillers that link predictions of demographic trends 50 years into the future are shills?
wow, color me surprised!
also my captcha reads "jw mad"
i think all the rabbi are quite mad



Maybe for you.

I'd prefer ethnic cleansing.


You belong in a gas chamber

A nice white pill, but don't think this means the USA is getting whiter just yet. Once immigration is taken into account, I strongly doubt it. That being said, whites are getting more right-wing, and it's the right-wing whites that are having babies. So as we are backed into a corner, it will become easier and easier to redpill and radicalize the remaining whites into the 'embattled minority' mindset that is intent on racial survival. Once push comes to shove, we will be able to win even if we are a minority, the important thing is that we get the normies willing to defend their blood and soil.


Almost accidentally knocked my girlfriend up. Got excited to be a dad tbh. Should I just not pullout or what?


i can see from this pic that he has a forward maxilla
nice job user
make sure he breathes through his nose as much as possible or he may become a slight mouthbreather like me, it changed facial structure if you always breathe through your mouth in younger years

The best method of achieving this is to simply leave them to their own devices.

Tits or gtfo

Marry her first.

Marry her first. If you aren't interested in a lifelong commitment to this woman, you shouldn't have kids with her. After that yes, just don't pull out.

baby smiles are always so pure

kill yourself

Do I need to post of pic of my wife's belly with Holla Forums and the date? It's not all children in here, I'm 40s.

Let me tell you, fucking is a lot easier.


you shut up and check my son's dubs, faggot

Lots more white Hispanics?
You'll loss your majority and then regain it.
This shit is the extreme opposite of concern trolling and just as dangerous.

You're LARPing as a member of the right-wing, not as a person who has gotten a woman pregnant (like that's some kind of accomplishment).

They are prevented from tribal bloodshed only by the white man.

There is a very interesting development, where CIA agents are very willing to show their faces and so on. This is not proof they aren't CIA agents. It's proof they are (people who have legitimately the interests of the White man at heart are not keen to attract the violence of lurking Ted Kaczynskis).

Is this what all baby feet look like?
Why is his big toe massive?

I distinctly recall there being a video with Goebbels having the same discussion with some other NSDAP members. History is repeating.

He's kinda big.
9lbs 7oz

He's also less than a week old. Still curling the toes (and pretty much everything else) up.

That image gave me a chuckle. Things are looking up.

Oh, are you the right-wing membership office? Where do I sign up for my official card?

My wife and I (23 & 24) are expecting our first in May. She says she wants number 2 to be here before Charlie (our soon to be daughter) turns two years old. The plan is for five or six.

Good job user. Keep it going though - there's a womb that just became vacant and is in need of reseeding. It'd be nice for your son to have a sibling or two (or more) of a similar age to himself.

Five seems about right to me.

You only say tits or gtfo if someone announces they are a woman for no reason, newfag.
I don't see how that was even implied.

Your 'blackpills' appear to be a shade closer to blue than black user.

Next we need to band together to elect people who aren't AIPAC puppets.

3.1 billion

B-but muh cuckchan meme

Im a millennial and I have two white sons already. If you look to others to do what needs to be done you maybe a cucked millenial yourself. Quit bitching and do what needs to be done.

One last thing while I'm here…

My kid was only born because of imageboards.
Once I was a Holla Forumstard turned /new/sman libertarian who never would have abandoned my degeneracy long enough to even think about having a family.

Years (and the realization of many hard truths) later, the world has one more fucking white male and user has his own young family because of Holla Forums.
Thanks, fags.
Seriously. Thank you.

Im 29. Not everyone didn’t have kids in my generation. Most of the other whites that grew up in my neighborhood are complete and absolute failures. However, two out of 4 of the white friends in this neighborhood only had one daughter each. Being optimistic, these weren’t the cream of the crop of the white race and were given over to their vices, of which range from homosexualilty, fucking tranny prostitutes, and a sex offender. My generation is full of a waste of white DNA, but not all. And the people like myself who knew better than to partake of this retardation will rise up and do what needs to be done and are already doing what needs to be done.

We are gaining ground, not losing it.


More people to kill niggers and jews with for a better America using currency backed by alcohol.

56% foot

that's odd. My mom had 10 children and started at 23. No potatoes, even though the last 2 were when she was over 40.

Back to >>>/4chan/.

more beaners identifying as white….basically a twitch from a corpse


thanks user.

Quality > Quantity

We cant give up the northeast. It's very white. We just need to convince pissant atheistic young people that we are right. Although, a strategy of retreat to the cold is still not ideal. We must TAKE BACK, not simply give ground and concede to our hard work being overtaken

fuck off chaim.


I think that the ideological subversion of their beliefs might have been a factor, but the rise of anti-immigraton sentiment and the US actually deporting them instead of paying for their family of 12 might be a factor as well. But I don't know much personally about the issue as I'm not a burger and never been to a spic neighbour hood or know any personally.


Even the worst white trash still has something to offer and can work if it means not having anymore tv or tendies. Most non-whites barely work just to survive and support their families and waste most of that money away due to no impulse control or long term thinking.

Even those savage retards in your pictures are worth more than your average nigger tbh.

You should go to mexico; there are TONS of BASED Catholics there. You will love it. FAG

The thing is, is there any wealthy, first-world nation where birthrates don't drop? Holla Forums often posits that hispanics are going to breed at the same level no matter what, but I think the evidence is showing that they are susceptible to the very same things whites living in first-world nations are. A lot of the spics come here for their children's sake as much as their own, so having a bunch makes even more sense given that mindset. Their children, however, are not escaping narco ruled shitholes, they're enjoying the decadence and disillusioning freedom of a modern, democratic society. They grow up with less poverty which makes them less religious, makes them more materialistic and makes children more of a burden. People are seduced into attempting to climb the social class ladder rather than making families work at their current level. This is also why you see spics who've been here longer than a year end up resistant to continued immigration. The continued immigration starts hurting their ability climb the ladder.

Having said that, they are still a problem and they all need to go back.

Quick reminder that welfare, immigration, tax and morale are main reason for the 2050 non-white blackpill meme. If not heavily restricted, the superior species thrives better by default while inferior species would decline.

Spic and niggerspawners are kill
Third and second world migration is kill
More capital available for whites means it's easier to have a life and family
As you can see in OP, morale is a very important factor in white birthrates.

Just by doing these steps you can reverse the demogrpahic landscape easily. Trump has already started correcting tax, immigration and morale, now all that's left is changing welfare. We will still deport non-whites though to make the process quicker

Nice Anti American shill folder you have there Issac. You realize you can cherry pick ugly people in any Nation in the world and make them look bad right? Filthy kike. Go back to 4chan and spam some more D&C garbage where people will buy your shit

Wow it took you that long to spin the blackpill narrative eh?

Wow, wonderful..Keep it up….Shadilay!

Stop being baited by the obvious kike shill every goddamn thread its the same


damn drake is ugly

Does pic #2 really try to pass as black?
I would legitimately believe she's just tanned.

It's amazing how many famous half jew half black celebrities there are. Jewish women really do love burning coal.

Not to shit on this at all, it's great news but we had a few threads about this last year and they were pretty big.

Is there an Updated of this study for 2017???

One of the strangest things when you start going on Holla Forums a lot is finding out just how much stuff considered "disgusting stereotypical white people" stuff was just jewish projection. Cuckoldry, scat fetish, incestual flings. These are a few of jew's favorite things.

Will drop a few pictures of previous post for this thread for those interested.

Pictures 1, 2 and 3 all go together, with pictures 2 and 3 being referenced by picture one as you read it.

The Future is White

Still not tired of winning

He's a big guy

A couple more pictures from a thread that was similar (but not exactly the same topic but fairly close)

To add to my second and third pictures, the African countries referenced had begun a fertility decline and it stalled or slowed greatly and that may sound bad, but once the decline sets in and is mixed with a poor national infrastructure, disease, non-existent health care and/or preventive health care and Africa is looking at a population crash. The study does say that infant mortality is not as much of a concern as it once was but when you go from zero health/natal care to 50% (as an example) there is still a long way to go.

In fact, the stronger the nation-state and more "educated" African women become, their population will continue to decline, though it may not be as quickly as we had hoped.

>But one can imagine that cohorts entering the reproductive years will increasingly feel assured that survival through childhood is highly likely and frame their reproductive strategies accordingly. Confidence about child survival could well have a transformative effect on fertility demand in Africa, and it is plausible that this transformation could occur rapidly during the next decade or so via cohort succession.

Link here:

Then find a woman who won't cuck you and look for healthy white children to adopt. Unless you are a cryptonigger they will be much better off in your care instead of being sent to some (((Orphanage))).

This thread is a great whitepill.

Those sweet dubs and trips do indeed confirm that kikes are mad.
Imagine all the effort they put into reducing white births over the decades, only for Trump to to fucking shoulder-ram and shitpost himself into office and things going back to healthy levels barely a year afterwards.

Someone should cross examine births 9 months after the Presidential Election.

Adopting children is going full cuck. It's leveraging the human instincts of white people to look after their relatives children, and using it against them by ensuring the survival of genetic detritus. You are being cucked by ??? dad and your woman is getting cucked by ??? mom, unless you know and love the people you are adopting from. Sure, the shekels are good but grovelling in front of social workers isn't.

user would be better off making himself the man of a single mother with a boy child: he'll still be spending his time and effort on another man's kid, but he can at least choose what HER genetics are, and give the white boy the best guidance he can.

Congratulations user I hope their girl will grow up healthy and strong.
Help your buddy out whenever you can.
You could also ask his wife to look around for you among her circle for your own potential mate. Women love playing matchmaker.


Dubs say he will become a big guy.

Good job user


To add to the thread, what's the best thing a single guy can do to help along with this trend on a local level while he's still getting his own economic and living bases settled to where he can start a family? Been thinking about volunteering free time, but that can't be the only option available.

Whites are becoming poorer, poor people fuck more.

most mutts identify as the nigger/spic/contaminant for gibs/benefits in most cases I've seen.

I call BS, they're lumping "white hispanics" into the data.

I don't live in the USA but i've managed to convince a depressed, anorexic, virgin, self-labeled "asexual" girl to stop believeing shit like that and want to have a child. It's really easy, i urge all to try, women have an inherit want for children no matter how brainwashed they are. Just talk constantly how she would care for it, feed and dress it, go to school and teach it. In some time she will want to procreate with you and will not care at all about the economic problems the child brings, she will want to have a child no matter what.
Now we have unprotected sex and even if we don't want the child just yet it wouldn't be so awful if we did. We just need some stability and a little bit of money and marriage and we'll go right ahead with our own family of beautiful white children. Really, it's that easy. Wanting a child is one of the sexiest things women see in men. Try it, you'll get a gf or a wife in days if you state it clearly among women. You just have to be sure about it.

Don't get married. Trust me on this. Either civil union yourselves or have a ceremony sans legal obligations.

You do NOT want to be on the receiving end of divorce proceedings, especially not with a kid. They will fuck you like jail-meat and leave you sobbing on the floor.


I didn't say don't have children fuck nugget, I said don't get married. You can have kids and not be married - happens to be the state of my parents.

Mein Fuhrer we can just get "married" with a ceremony under the eyes of God. Then we avoid the legal mess (in the USA at least)

This. Too much government in marriage. Never mind it's a good way to screw up a mans life, it ruins both the parents finances if they are married, whereas single mom, undeclared father status helps both your finances.
Government ruined marriage for everyone.

You can still register both parents without getting screwed…at least in my country I'm not quite sure about the US.

Either way, as marriage laws stand marriage is not advisable.

And yet if more folks on here actually read the books of Samuel you'd understand that real secret is to simply trick the yids into yet another fruitless civil war between their diapora and the ones that want to build greater Israel (hint this occuring right now). Or have you forgotten that the best victory to achieve is to merely push your opponent into pulling their own fraction points? So they will implode on their own as you rebuild?

And keep in mind one other item, the yids leadership has been producing very weak un K-type kids running their various ruling houses into the ground. The biggest mistake user, that you are making is assuming that your opponents are immortal. They are not, their empire is going to fucking implode again as it has hundreds of times in their endless and deceitful hunt for yet another messiah.


This is a lot better though there is still room for improvement.

This user gets it

Poor thing. Just think of how she would have looked without all that ape genetics screwing up her features like that.

But you do forfeit tax benefits and other protection if you don't get married right? (I'm clueless, not at that stage yet.)

Textbook propaganda.

Here's something interesting for you. If we have a sudden mini-iceage above the Mason-Dixon line…who would be resourceful enough to live there? Could you do it? Hooktube vid because fuck it.

This is unfortunate and true. If it were true (people understanding their own context within history/biology. In academia, this awareness is called sociological imagination.), we would see more "kamikaze" style deaths from our "lost spies" so to speak. Lets say you wake up with pancreas cancer at some point in your life. Before you become too sick to do anything, you have a period of time in which you have nothing to lose. This is a dangerous idea, and I don't know what to think about the kamikaze pilots, but it amazes me that this idea sits lower in the collective unconscious than I would've expected.

Reminds me of something.

Why should i be worried of divorce if i keep my woman in line? Only cucks and betas worry that women will leave them. I know that some women will cheat regardless of your status, but for these women i have only contempt and hatred. I suggest you do the same and convert your women into submission, they want it even if they don't want to admit it. And you really think that they will divorce when they are constantly pregnant? Think again

your wife must've had fun with that one
I was 10lbs 7oz and I almost killed my mom on the way out, apparently

Volunteer like you mention but a better option would be to run for local office. It can be anything. Start small.

Thanks to Trump, I’m having my 9th kid with a 10th already planned after she gives birth. I hope you guys are doing the same as well. We can’t outbreed spics if you’re not having at least 10-15 white offspring in your life.

If only someone was holding a sign that said this CIS white male will gas you

tis sad but true anons, the chances of a potato increase drastically with age

What a faggot. The point of life is to have 20 kids.

If you have weak sperm, then maybe. All white me should strive for at least 30 kids. Anything less is a complete waste of time.

You need a new neighborhood.

It simply means that we need to lower the AOC to 12 and take 6 year old girls off their parent's hands. It simply means that you raise up beautiful little white girls from the age of 6 to be your waifu when they come of age and can be sexually active.

Everyone hates on the Polygamist Mormons because of their weird religion, but I think they got this shit right. If you have 3 children with 3 12 year old girls that were raised up right, then you get a white family of 12.

Also remember, you goyim are not chosen by God, so when you commit acts of pedophilia, treason, adultery, murder, and terrorism YOU are guilty. When we do it, it's ok.

Unfortunately, most whites believe in the arbitrary laws that Jews set for them; thus a boomer would rather shoot his daughter in the head for having sex at 15 and then himself then to go against his Jewish masters. Having a doctor reassign your sex and mutilating your dickmeat into a fake pussy is OK. Having a healthy child with a beautiful fertile 13 year old girl is wrong and deserves the Death Penalty.

So in short, if you oppose Jewish interests: Have lots of children with girls who are under 18 (the most fertile.)

Third kid due in February. All kids less than 2 years apart. Shit isn't easy. We'll probably wait a bit longer to have a fourth.

Why don't you have a seat over there pedokike

It's more of a fall back and regroup than a retreat

So Mexicans are becoming better liars then?

LARPagans aren't welcome in the Reich

Yeah, mine are 4 years apart. Eldest actually helps out a lot, and the soon to be middle one has been stepping up lately too.

t. retard larper


Bringing back industries, energy sector jobs, factories is one way to boost livelihood in red/pro-white states.

Imagine a United States where states like West Virginia, Alabama and Middle America contribute more to the GDP and economy. More white babies and more right wing national policies.

Study the constant increase and influence of the SS, christuck.

Go Amish go!

not an argument :^)

It's about fucking time
Gott mit uns my friends

Um no. Not giving up the South.

The worst part is genetic rejects like me have to stand and watch being unable to do anything.

Why do you think yourself a genetic reject? I have witnessed two geniuses give birth to a complete fool and vice versa. This universe is all about balance; that is, heat-energy must be balanced according to how this universe operates.

That means that exceptionalism is a rare commodity and that anybody should be able to have a child and achieve average results. You are white, yes? Then have children. Nature will take care of everything and select an amalgam of genes that you and your spouse give in order to create a child.

Just remember that the more White children are born, the better the chances for a truly exceptional leader to rise up from the ubiquitous people. We are all waiting for our Great Leader to be reborn from the ashes of our race and proclaim his title…so that he can lead us to the great victory we were promised.

Perhaps there is one among us born of the 20th Century that has yet to reveal himself, but still, we look to the future.

It's too late for the south



Reported for intl. No one believes you.

Great, now let's inflate white birth rates like Andrew Dobson!

I'm ~5'1, with a 4.5" penis and no social skills or confidence. that is why I say I'm a genetic reject, completely unattractive

This is the kind of autism that lost North Africa for Hitler

If you're not a nigger, your worth is not dependent on "muh dick"
If you really think you are a genetic reject, then ignore kikes like and adopt. If you have no desire to pass on your genes anyway, you aren't a cuck to rescue some poor white child. Reminder that Rome's line of good emperors came to an end when Marcus Aurelius refused to adopt a righteous man into the imperial line like his predecessors.

And yours is the kind of autism that will lead to an endless succession of white flight as we continue to give up.

*Why is Michigan's north BLACKED?

Find someone just like you and propagate. Your personal physicality, looks, sociability, stature, and height only marginally have relation to your ethnic group and racial make up. Nature will make up for anything lacking or excessive in one's being when one procreates.

There is no such thing as Eugenics in this day and age, thus you can have a child that is 6'1" 200lbs of muscle with a square jaw and attitude to match. You are selected by nature, not your own desires, thus every one has intrinsic potential. Do you understand?

Have you ever heard of a fall back and regroup? White' s strength is in their homogeny, by leaving whites in the deep South your leaving them isolated and surrounded, that's the worst possible position for them to be in. Put them in the great plains and midwest and just take the south back eventually.

Do you think southerners will just abandon their homes with the goal of taking them back "eventually"? Are you willing to wait for complete societal collapse across the western world? Because if we try to take that land back after ceding it, you know any of the Eurocuck powers would intervene.

Blow your fucking brains out, yid. No one believes you.

What it makes you is a confused Spaniard in a land of Spanish/Amerindian rapebabies.

That is a pretty good painting, I wish American art had kept or evolved from that time. Some burger's analysis of it:

You first kikefaggot

The south is pretty much done for. You have blacks leaving Northern cities for the south by the hundreds of thousands each year (a trend that is only accelerating), millions of immigrants flooding south, and the majority of babies born in the south are non white. They can move north to a white area and consolidate politically or drown in a sea of non whites.

Europe is less politically stable than America right now and far less militarily capable. The French just began a program of cutbacks in its military, the Krauts are cracking down on all real and imagined nazism in its military, so actually improving their combat ability is on the back burner. And without both Germany and France at the top of their game, they have no fucking chance intervening in North America.

Mulattos could have blue eyes and blonde hair but that doesn't make them white.

You sound like someone so smart they've gone through an integer overflow on the IQ scale and became retarded.

However you have a point, that user might look like shit and could still have a good kid, physically speaking.

And scared shitless. Remember the CNN nigger talking about a "whitelash"? Underneath the hyperbole, that was a subliminal admission of guilt. They know the game they've been playing, and they know the power of whites when we wake up and get our shit together. We gave them a more than fair shot at the whole "colorblind" thing, and they abused our generosity. Many must be regretting it and fearing for the future already. Life is going to get hard for them as the white man awakens and stops taking shit. I have no pity left for them.

lol adopton places really don't like single men because of pedos. I wish it were as easy as it was in the days of the empire

well no, It depends on her genetics as well but sure it is technically possible

Yet single father households are far more successful then single mother. Not to mention the pedo tendencies of fags and dykes dykes are absolute evil to children, especially white male kids being outright ignored or covered up. It's a really screwed up society when a man can't participate in raising a child without immediately getting the suspicion of being a pedo. Let alone any men's groups/clubs or male bonding being met with "you just want to fuck each other!' projections.

It's nice of you to say that, but horseshoe theory doesn't come into effect until one has maxed out their potential. Not yet snake, it's not over yet.

I already told you that your main problem is simply thinking about "what-ifs" when you simply need to procreate with a short girl. Why fret so much, when you are not a guitarist? If you care about the future of man at all, then you will lend your support to *our righteous cause* by having children that will average out by the grace of nature and nothing else. You can do the rest, can't you? Being a good Father has nothing to do with your looks, but rather…with your character.

You don't need to adopt a child simply because society has forced you to develop an inferiority complex. If you are capable and willing, then find a woman that will have you and procreate.

Just remember that God is on your side because God favors The Righteous Ones most of all.

Just fucking abort it and do it over, the same thing you should do if she's 20 and you get a potato or any other bad defects. Chances of it happening are never zero, but also never astronomically large.

Jesus was a Jew.

The Buy Bull calls him Rabbi and goes into great detail pointing out his Jewish lineage/origins.

You can continue dishonestly calling these FACTS a meme but FACTS they will remain.

Your false god science fiction hero was a Jew.

It's Indians up there.

Arab's are few, but Jews are about 3% of the population, so with them removed, it's less than 50%. Also, the map you posted is 18 years old.

Now with that said we really don't need to be either Christ cuck LARPers or LARPagans if we need something to believe in and do you dumb fucks know why?

Its because knock knock!

We have the ability to believe in OURSELVES and most important of all our RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus wasn't a Jew as we know them now. "The man from Galilee." He wasn't a Khazar Pharisee, but is claimed by Juden for their own interests. He was ethnically Aramaic and spoke Aramaic, not Hebrew.


No they aren't. Read the fucking thread.

Why would you say that? the south is the most conservative and religious part of America. Whites and blacks are even more heavily segregated by neighborhoods in the south then in the north. I'm sure the white birth rate is higher in the south too.

Unless you have a harem it is physically impossible for a human woman to have that many children. Humans =/= rabbits.

What if they were including White Hispanics into the data? White Hispanics are more white than a lot of the people I have met here in America.

Yeah whatever. I dont recall your crappy native-tier, peasant grade, dead religion ever taking the holy lands… also if the Furher says our movement is christian, he meant just that. I follow the principles of our movement as he would have wished. I had almost gave up on Christianity too before i was red pilled, but then i found the truth. Read Kingdom Ministries information on Christian Identity. If ypu have any reasonable amount of IQ, it will become extremely clear why Christianity is THE direct counter to Edomism (Judaism).

I very recently noticed that every politic decision is taken to fiddle the figures, only so they can claim some huge improvement under their "leadership".
This whole deal makes me very suspicious. Where is the huge economic change required to cause a baby boom? As far as I know, Trump didn't do any such thing, and the tax cut happened last year.
Just how exactly do those writing these statistics define a "white" birth? Is it coupled to nationality? Race of one of the parents? Have there been any changes in your nationality law?

Now, before you accuse me of being a shill, meet the Luxembourgian Minister of Justice, Félix Braz.
Braz must have noticed that our people has grown restless at less and less people having the Luxembourgish nationality, seeing it as an indication that we are going extinct. So he, through our parliament, changed the law of nationality.
Now, if you have an ancestor that was Luxembourgian on the 01/01/1900, you can apply for the Luxembourgian nationality. You do have to visit physically do sign the act, though, so it isn't feasible for poor mutts to apply.
Within a year of this new law, at least 6000 new Luxembourgers were created all around the world.

This is why I'm skeptical.

Ive got one for you, just gotta plug it in to my Mercedes Benz tail pipe. Enjoy the air kike.

Do notice that every single church attacks the principles of Christianity, though.
He gladly married a coalburning couple.

Adolf Hitler's positive Christianity had very little to do with the churches we know.

The main point is that Kikes are not the Jews of the bible. Kikes are crossbred and inbred Edomites.

That still doesn't make Jesus a white european.

Essentially he's saying there's people out there pretending to be Jews but that they are just bullshitters who will pay for their bullshittery and that he's the real Jew or the Jewiest Jew of the bunch.

So uh yeah…

What does this foreign middle eastern religion have to do with white european people again?

Oh right we were mentally enslaved by it for a long time (which is nothing at all to be proud of) and uh yeah.

Thats about it.

We were better off under our original pagan religions which produced the magnificence of ancient Rome and Greece proving Christ insanity literally brought nothing to the table we couldn't already accomplish on our own (and better) as whites under purely white religious ideologies.

You are right about most of the churches of today, but thats irrelevant. You are being a blackpill. Its like saying there is no hope of ever disproving the holohoax.

Yawn. Go try to subvert someone who can actually be subverted, intl.


The men of the bible were most likely proto-Grecian people. The remnants of The ancient Atlantean Culture that became Egyptians and Meditterainians as we know them today. Pharisees were the usurping Juden-cult that ruined great Babylon and migrated until they found a new land to usurp.

Original Pagan religion? If we all descended from roman pesants then maybe… i sure didnt. I hate this argument but i find it extremely important. Just like the redpill of the Jewish Question, the redpill of realizing that Whites are Gods people, and the Jews posing as Chosenites is the number one thing that killed Whites desire to conquer Mudlsimes and Kikes. And its just as hard of a pill to swallow, if not harder. I do not advocate going to a hypocritical JudeoChristian church. I advocate true White Christianity as an inner belief that what we do is Gods work.

So then, what do you do? Become one of the indoctrinated cucks watching their pope satisfy his nigger feet fetish, or beat your own path?
The only way to save Christianity is to burn the entire institution to the ground, because it has corrupted the word of God beyond being recognizable. It has poisoned the mind of billions, and it claims this authority by committing the unspeakable heresy of calling itself the worldly representative of God, as if there has ever been one of those other than Jesus himself.
There truly is no hope for the church, and if you can't handle this "blackpill", or if you cannot see the difference between belief and church, then I pity you.

You realize that Atlantis sowed the seed that would become all the great ancient cultures yes? Greeks, Romans, Babylonians, Egyptians, many others were the progeny of Atlantis. Khazars are an evil tribe that came along and usurped everyone until all the original culture was destroyed and broken down into manageable portions that Pharisee scholars could subvert.

I believe they were the original white ancestors. The Whites who emerged from Babel. There is little evidence to support this, but it fits into other known facts as the most logical conclusion imho. This raises a question i have, that pagans and christians can agree on (besided fuck thr kikes) What is our true heritage? With shitlibs trying to say racial science is fake, this information is impossible to find and spread. This information proves race is real and is why they want to hide it so bad. Any History Anons who can say their part here? Im gonna stop arguing with the pagans for now. It simply isnt worth the trouble when we are both on the same team for the important stuff. Once power is gained, i will actually be quite interested in helping spread Churches of Aryan Christianity, and supporting the next Crusade. For now, we must focus on the probelems at hand. The Lord says i should love you lost souls, and I do.

Never forget. The current Pope loves to kiss up and lick black toes. I live in mestizo-ville, so maybe I should print out a picture of the pope kissing black feet and watch them chimp out? They worship him and think he will bring Catholicism to America…

This could be very relevant. I still believe Whites are at least some part of the Lost Tribes, but the bible covers no history outside the holy lands, and there is much to learn. One must recall that there are gaps of hundreds of years in there, likely due to Kikery. Also, it has been confirmed that the Khasars are Edomites.


Tis only a rumor, but origins suggest Atlantis and Lemuria. If you read up on some of the things Plato said, he mentions Lemuria (A fictional continental island that the ancients came from.) There are many references to an "ancient continent" from which fair and enlightened sailors came from to colonize the Western World in rhetoric from Greece all the way up to pop culture to the supposed "Atlantean Conspiracy."

Video related.

I was just thinking that.

Hispania was a kingdom in Spain, you uneducated nigger.

A European who actually knows about their identity would mean he might even post here.

Toppest fucking kek.

Legit image.

Indeed. It's almost like they're a bunch of irresponsible retards who can't analyze or plan because it's rayciss. Excellent post, user. The further strategic benefit of the enemy's plan is that their future troops are going to be absolutely retarded, and they will die in far higher droves than even high numbers could possibly afford. Whites in African countries did not start to break by numbers until they were down to ~3% of the population.

Every fucking Spanish speaker refers to Spain as Hispania in their language. Its why Hispanic is used for people who can either trace their roots back or have been indoctrinated in the Spanish language/culture. Outside of mesoamerican spics and nigger south americans and caribbeans, Hispanic is not mutually exclusive with European.

lol and I had a shill the other day yelling at me that there won't be a miracle turn-around in white birthrates.
nothing miraculous about it, very predictable when you know about r/K selection

I say this based on the trends and the fact that whites would be more valuable reinforcing somewhere like Michigan or Ohio and concentrating whites into a powerbloc then letting them get isolated in the south. Alabama just elected a Democrat and Texas is going to go blue based on demographics in 2028, which would mean no Republican could win again and Civil War would become inevitable. So if you let whites stay trapped and surrounded instead of concentrated behind the fortress of the Appalachians, Ozarks, and Rockies, that civil war suddenly gets very difficult to fight.

I think you're overestimating spic/nig density. Yes there are a lot of them and certain areas are going to be overrun, but they're far more likely to be the ones cut off and surrounded.

Don't you love that purple nigger blotch in PA that's not Pittsburgh or Philly?
tfw harrisburgfag

That's odd, all the crime seems to be concentrated in this one area. :^)

Must be all the millennials realizing that they actually do want kids.

off topic, but on target

hmmmm it's almost as if integration doesn't work and

actually shows like 19 and counting have influenced young white couples to have lots of babbies, seems the based jews in hollywood are doing their part to stop white genocide by creating reality tv shows that encourage whites to have large families

People want to live in neighborhoods with their own people

I made this

It's already drinking? Look at those damn pupils. Hittin the sauce early.

You know, after these past two years of Trump and memes and whatnot, this is the first win that actually makes me feel hopeful about the future. Birthrates are absolutely everything; this is hands-down the absolute best news I've read on Holla Forums ever. Zimmerman getting off, Trump getting elected, the old Space Elevator threads, none of that even compares to something like this. This, and this alone, is the solid proof that
We are winning.

Very nice user

Is it weird that I know what gifs are before they start playing and are blurry like that one?


Why give away land? that only hurts us more, we should be taking their homelands as ours and replacing them as revenge. btw leaving Wyoming to niggers with all of its oil, natural gas, coal, uranium, beef and mostly white right wing population is retarded.

Nah it's just the sign of someone who's been on the chans too long

The basic bitch lolberg cuckpill

Tbh my ideal borders would just abandon the south and southwest and keep the plains, PNW , midwest, and Northeast, Alaska and annex Canada I'd try to retake south Florida for sentimental reasons though tbh

Never ceases to amaze me that some on Holla Forums denigrates positive Christianity and Christian identitarianism which is exactly what should be pushed to the Christian masses using the Bible itself.

Going for at least 4 here.

So long enough to start posting?


Disgusting country. Personally, I will NEVER visit that shithole again.



Quickly, tell us what happened.

Was the cashier at Bob Evan's too friendly, user? Or are you just Holla Forums who actually lives in America, and is consumed with self-loathing?

Either way, you're pathetic.

Buddy my grass is blue and my powder is dry. Four centuries an American family and half of that a Bar'foot Kentuckian. I'll die here to defend my Commonwealth.

I'm calling absolute bullshit. This is to make you all complacent. We are not winning. It's basically impossible to win now. Even killing jews (real action) will only secure the jews victory even faster at this point. I don't think there are enough Whites with courage who aren't afflicted by a fear of death caused by a lifetime of indoctrination. Yes, it's a black pill, and it's the truth. Should have taken the brown pill and killed the jews, goys. You want a jewsus like savior to save you, it's not gonna happen.

not this shit again

Southerner here. The areas which are getting niggers are mostly already non-white areas. I'm planning to move North in any case; too many spics and niggers. But if we do, then the Amish will be left to fend for themselves.

And they make such good furniture. Won't somebody please think of the Amish?

such enlighten much foresight

Also related on Lemuria

Actual realpill.jpg

You realize that "Lemuria" was a philosophical creation and allegory to the supposed "lost civilization" right? Plato created Lemuria as an allegorical piece of rhetoric to be used in discourse. Tisk tisk.


t. christkike

Spiritual semites belong on a cross.


Please for the love of Wotan don't let it wait till 2028.

Be careful with memeing this from a non-Tor connection. Lone wolves do not want to tip a passively monitoring system off to that possibility…

Take your (((Christian))) identity and shove it. (((Christianity))) interfered with NSDAP and had to be accommodated. It did not drive NSDAP. Science(tm) is just as anti (((jew))) as it is anti (((Christian))), seeing how both are more closely related to each other than either is to Science(tm).

(((Christianity))), like its father (((judaism))), infiltrates societies, steals and integrates cultural artifacts, and takes over by denying and interfering with natural biological drives. Masturbation is not bad. Not masturbating and being a pent up neurotic virgin NEET trying to nofap for the fifth time this year is bad for your mental/emotional well-being. Giving up feel-good temporarily for an end goal is self control. Giving up feel-good permanently because it is 'weak' and 'sinful' is insanity, likely childhood induced PTSD and self-hate manifesting.

It goes beyond mere social incentives, the spics and niggers and libtard whites and mudslimes and kikes all don't breed when they have gibs. The bread and circuses are poisoned and only those who refuse to partake survive in the modern world. In the natural environment those who sought pleasure survived because natural selection had made it pleasurable to engage in adaptive behavior such as breeding and the harsh nature of pre-industrial environments meant that go get pleasure elsewhere one had to achieve material wealth. Now pleasure has been cheapened to such an extent that any scum sucker can get his fill. They have their Electric Jew, they have their vidya, their drugs, their consequence free sex, their food provided by welfare, ect. They don't need to engage in adaptive behavior anymore.

Rather the only ones who are breeding are white conservatives(almost all hardline christians and ruralites), they are the only population in any nation which has industrialized that has maintained a greater than replacement rate of birth for 80 years or more. In fact their birthrate seems to be totally independent of social or environmental changes and does not fluctuate through time, always being between 2.5 and 3.0 children per pair. Why is this? Because these the the descendants of naturally stoic people. They don't want pleasure and instead do things simply for the sake of doing them, they want children because they want children and see it as a worthy thing in of itself. Thus Christianity with its peculiar emphasis on naturalism attracts them and attracted their ancestors. They are naturally rural individuals and despise urbanity thus they never move to cities at all.

Liberals aren’t breeding anymore and temperament and predilections to certain political positions are very much inheritable, the 2010 US survey and Europoll 2011 both found that 93%+ of individuals had the same political and religious affiliation as their parents once they were older than 25. Indicating some form of heritable trait is being passed on.
You can see it in the birthrates by political affiliation and race within in the USA. White Republicans: 2.7, White Democrats: 0.9, Jews: 0.8, blacks: 1.4, and spics: 1.6. White republicans are between 2.6 and 2.9 depending on whose numbers you use, with the highest being recorded in the General Social Survey which also has the largest sample set.

If the 2014 white cosnervative birthates and those of the other demographic groups remained constant without additional input via immigration by 2050 only 20% of individuals in the US will be descended from habitual Democrat voters or self described liberals and only 7% will be black.

That is what the demoshits have feared for so long, that is why they want to import shitskins so desperately.

DNA based deportation program. Not now but later. Maybe in 2050 the Overton window has shifted enough that the people will want this.

Never surrender.

Well that's too bad. I'd have loved seeing America turn into Brazil 2.0.

Not even Brazil wants to be Brazil.

you still will

This is uplifting news. Here's hoping the generation of kids after genz are even more conservative and right wing.

Well, no shit. Even those who do get married do so in their late 30s or 40s, where having one kid is itself a monumental task.

Ya and I complain about non-stop miscegination all the time here. It's a fucking landslide and nearly all 8~10/10 girls fuck nigs. Every single race traitor and their boyfriend/husband lives and frequent the red area, crime nig nog zone is purple, new jersey trash moving in by a torrent in green.

That doesn't mean shit; what's likely happening is the rate of hispanics identifying as white non-hispanics has increased to avoid possible deportation.


Castizos are only 75% Spanish, by definition. And Spanish are borderline non-white as it is. There are no real white people from Mexico, and there are no white Hispanics in the USA.

I'll be having a lot of kids just to make sure.

IIRC about 15% of Hispanics are truly white people.

No, they're "white people" who are something like 10% Aztec.

Next you'll tell me that the Greeks, Iberians and Italians aren't white.

True Spanish are fully white.

Wow, a new generation of whites growing up without Christianity in nigger neighborhoods. The bankers will get to watch some entertaining race war videos from Israel.

hard to be sad about that when almost all christian institutions are tainted with evil.

There were plenty of good ones. Jew news focused heavily on the corrupt ones and suckers like you opened your buttcheecks to niggers as some kind of protest against Jesus.

you got that backwards. christians and corrupt churches are a big part of why race mixing and homosexuals are unchallenged today. you also sound like you have an anal sex fetish, so i'll assume you're from such a church. no wonder you would lament its passing.

As always your psychoanalysis is as good as your kinds economic analyses.

there you go again, projecting like a typical kike.

There you go again. Forced to respond because its another nickel toward something not covered by welfare.


Ha. For a time but one need only to look at the tapestries over the centuries to see the slow racial bleed Christianity rewards its most fervent adherents.
Yeah, my point exactly instead of wiping out the non-whites the pious saw the large conversions of Muslims to Christianity as the power of Christ and gave up their blood for his in marriage to these adherents. The possibility of this happening today in Modern Europe where all these Arabs/Turks found Christ would be terrifying to me as the White race would willfully make itself extinct and I can already see the Asian Christians in Canada and the United States doing something similar. That is why I feel it is imperative to defuse this jewish time bomb of christian conversion since there are far more ways Christ can reign supreme with the white race extinct then the white race somehow be the only deliver of Christ's message and then to who.

>>Source: (((The New York Times))) in 1935
I am somewhat honored the kikes took the time to write that article on behalf of the old powers and sourced by the (((Associated Press))) as well. The greatest irony, if that column was completely true would mean it would be a suicidal move and it wouldn't explain Kirchenkampf which would start 2 years later.
All of this started because Hitler went along with the jewish programming. This is why I can't accept that news article because if true it would have meant Hitler gave his people no way but Catholicsim to have the Pope a few years later say:
Thus hurting your peoples whole belief structure in their volk which causes defeatists mindsets.

As God intended.


i have 9 inch penis how i should meet a woman who will have to want a baby with this they are complainers and say it hurts wtf?????????

An anime kid drinking is real based, fellow user.


Our last chance as a race to win and win relatively easily was with George Lincoln Rockwell.

Unfortunately white Americans did not rise up in mass droves and join together with him.

Now we are truly fucked and will have to suffer through yet another long dark night of Jew Communism unless somehow someway there's enough real men (non cum guzzling nu-male faggots and non cum guzzling Jew worshipping Christians) among the white race to stop it via a Turner Diaries styled worldwide global white revolution at some point.

The dumb fuckers here falling for Donald Trump or the idea that at least he's the lesser of two evils don't even have a clue.

America and the rest of the white world is gone and we're not getting it back without a lot of blood being spilled and ultra violence being carried out.

Its just that plain and simple.

All the faggot ramzpaul + Jared Taylor esque whites who poo poo and rail against this reality are only part of the problem as are all the whites who stuck their head in the sand about 9/11 pretending it wasn't some Jew false flag inside job since the implications of that event if they were to openly admit and accept the reality of it means they would necessarily have to rise up and fight the actual tyranny that carried this out.

Better to raise 5 children, 2-3 of whom are sons who can kill muds by the dozen come DOTR. If you have the resources to raise 10+ kids well, by all means do it, but don't adopt the shitskin strategy of pumping out tons of kids without any thought of how to care for them.

The modern concept of "age of consent" is an egalitarian mistake. Women are never able to consent in the way the law assumes. Correct answer is for fathers to determine when their daughters are ready for marriage, which in a sane society will be around 16 in most cases. Women should not be able to legally consent to extramarital sex unless they're registered as prostitutes, which they would only be allowed to do if they're financially independent and over 21.
Also, polygamy is a mistake that creates massive political instability.

Are you anti-white or just retarded? Probably both, kike.

No but really it's probably for false positives on whites, probably not for dubious means. Anyone worth their weight in salt would be able to tell a Spaniard from a spic


they did foresee them they just didnt think Trump would win and they could keep stirring the pot with the next minority in line

Someone started an automated twitter that retweets people's trump dreams. Lots of people dream about him. Many are sexual. This is crazy


There isn't any political will to preserve the nation on either civic or racial grounds. Map autism is a fun hobby, but no policy will come of it.

The Americans who are the most hardline Christians left had and rule and honestly still have a rule that a single drop of non-white blood gets you sent to the nigger pile, you aren't really considered christian or for that matter human. Hell the first law regarding citizenship was "injuns, muds, niggers, and slants need not apply".

Two points

1) Whites in rural America despise non-white and consider them less than worthless, including kikes. They are essentially chained down, if that chain breaks the talmudists, libtards, and muds will pray that they were facing the Ebil Nazis. Even in their delusions the Nazis are merely ruthless, if the whites in the US were allowed to act without restraint what you'd have is basically chaos space marines. No culture, no mercy, no hesitation; just maim, kill, burn all day everyday. Hilter wouldn't stamp a nigger child's head into jelly while laughing his ass of at the funny noise the brains made as they squirted out of the ears. But many Americans would.

I have spent 7 years developing a recipie for cheap nerve gas and if the opportunity arises will laugh my ass off as tens of thousands of urbanits, mudmen, and kikes shit themselves to death after I use it on them.

Americanism isn't about loving your people it is about hating your enemies. This war shouldn't be about saving whites but rather exterminating all potential threats. If the chain breaks they will beg us to be National Socialists rather than what we really are, we shall not oblige them.

I guess

user pls stop I'm doing nofap

No wonder the kikes are so pissed off. Have a bump.

Today, OP was not a faggot.

One of the LDS teachers my wife had in school pointed out that one reason Christianity grows so quickly and covertly is that it puts the scum of society on equal moral footing with everyone else.
To a (((Christian))), the rapist, the pedophile, the Jew, and the murderer are a simple baptism away from being just as good, in (((God's))) eyes, as an upstanding man who married, had lots of kids, works hard, and takes care of his family.
Christian countries only "work" until the traditional social strictures and structures that built the society up finally erode; once the (((egalitarian model))) of "all men being equal in God's eyes" becomes the dominant force, you inevitably end up with (((progressive equalism))) as a pernicious problem which cannot readily be stamped out.

Christianity: telling the sheep they must embrace the wolves in sheep's clothing since 33 AD.

I should note that LDS itself is succumbing to the same problem. If you haven't been paying attention, the LDS (Mormon) church has been pushing for feminism and mass immigration for the past several years at the highest levels.

It's funny and sad that this is true.

That said, I do love my people, as fractious and cantankerous as they are.

Hail Freyja!

May our people multiply!

… as opposed to Hispanic Asians? WTF?

there are a lot of japs in brazil

Filipinos could reasonably be called "Hispanic Asians"

The average person will have blond highlights to whitewash what a nigger they are apparently. Trust us goy it'll be great, no more kids please.

This is so utterly false it's almost hilarious. I can only assume you're a fellow southerner who still likes to delude themselves into thinking that white americans still think like they did in the 1880's. They don't. Christians, especially the hardcore evangelical kind, are some of the biggest cucks when it comes to race, and this is demonstrably true at the higher church levels. The people themselves retain a vague kind of prejudice against shitskins, but it's not racial identitarianism, which makes it useless. I grew up in a white, evangelical church in the south and most of the adults were morons and their kids were utter degenerates.
Yeah, you're just fantasizing.

LDS is one of the worst. Their shitskin fetish eclipses even that of the Lutherans and Baptists. we should have driven them into the ocean instead of giving them Utah.


Next time you see your local LDStards going to their daily 5 hour indoctrination sessions, spit right in their faces.

Nigger, I am LDS.

Then tell your "elders" or whatever the fuck they are to quit importing diversity. That being said, as much as I believe y'all to be a cult, I do appreciate how nicely dressed and polite your youths on bicycles are when soliciting around town. I'd take y'all and your magic golden plates over our shit eating baptists any day.


Sorry, but us non-chemistry majors won't believe this works without seeing it in action.

Hopefully on video this time for posterity.

Well then, nigger, I'll spit in your face too. You people are a malignant tumor that needs to be excised, no go fellate some more spics so they join your """religion""".


No, Western PA. This mindset is one I encounter throughout PA, NY, Maryland, and Ohio and have seen exemplified in the rockies and Kansas as well.

Well there is your problem, though "evangelical" doesn't even mean much anymore but televangelists are massive cucks and their congregations are dying just like the liberal churches did. However I know of several local churches were non-whites are expressly forbidden as they are invitation only and nobody will invite them, not that we have any muds around anyway.

I wouldn't call what I encounter "indentiarianism" as much as boiling hatred and contempt.

It's hyperbole dumbass I'm saying that they are heartless bastards who just want to kill shit and would actually spit upon Natsoc for having an appreciation of Wagner or any high-culture pursuit you'd care to mention.

Lets examine the cultures of Germany under the Third Reich and America and contrast them.

Germans thought sniping was dirty human hunting. Americans venerate their cold blooded killers. Germans didn't explicitly target civilians and what little indiscriminate bombing they engaged in was sporadic. Americans deliberately destroy civilian infrastructure and set out to murder tens of thousands in a matter of hours with incendiaries, and this is something that has been a trend since 1812. Germany and the Nazis in particular didn't look well upon the abuse of animals and had a reverence for nature. To Americans animals are beneath contempt and nature exists only to be used and devoured, to argue for conservationism you must appeal to interests that are fundamentally predatory like forest management or hunting which seek to preserve the environment not for its own sake but so that it may be used and abused indefinitely without being destroyed.

Prussianism, and lets be honest that Natsoc is Prussianism with a new coat of paint is about coming together as a people and having an affinity for each other. Americanism is about being a bunch of heartless bastards who care only for their immediate relations(still not individualist though) and allying as a response to an external enemy upon whom they heap great and often irrational hatred.

And note I'm not deinigrating Americanism, it was developed by expats from the German cantons and Cavaliers who bitter about their losses in Europe and left to make a system of their own design and without shitskins it is very strong albeit in a different way than Prussianism. The debate between the two often comes down to the natural inclinations of the one examining them and what their emotional makeup is. Oddly enough Southerners are a little less taciturn in my experience and more open to Prussianism whereas the people in my area just mean and bitter people who would see the triumphalism of Natsoc as saccharine. They honestly prefer to see themselves as waging an endless war against the entire world than to see themselves as a prosperous and peacable people regardless of the circumstances of the country and their particular communities at the time. Their dour hatred is simply a natural condition for them, like breathing.

It won't merely open a portal to Gensokyo it will rip the veil and transport all the worthy within a three mile radius to the land of eternal waifus.

The only things from her nonwhite lineage that show are her skin and hair texture and arguably her lips. Surprise surprise, she is hot because she looks white.

Jews loosen their grind so whites can gasp for air, thusly giving them more purchase to squeeze harder on the swollen lungs of whites. These children will be young when the full planet of the apes chimpout happens and will most likely completely die or all become gay faggots like millennials as per jewish programming.


It feels good.

that just makes you the last to go on tDOTR. sorry, but no exceptions

Not a wife. Children. Thats what you have to want. Its about the cake, not the oven. The oven can be whatever, even hopefully soon artificial one. Kids. We need white kids.

True Spanish are barely white, and there are no true Spanish in Mexico.

False. All major churches in America support white genocide. You can get a list of the top 20 most populous churches in this country and they all support white displacement. This is a fact. In practice, there are no good Christian churches.

White is white, unless it's a genestealing kike.

Marginal as fuck, we are fucked in a generation unless we make really bold changes.

The american armed forces are 90% of NATO. The rest are just there for political decoration. All long range power projection logistics is 100% american. Draw your own conclusions about eucuck military intervention in continental USA.

Of course, and that's the way the (((Yanks))) like it. It would be an egregorious breach of Mahanian geostrategy to allow Europe significant military capabilities, despite the "pay up!" posturing to the contrary. US owns it, US defends it, that's the way it is since '45.

The standard medical recommendation in the case of Downs syndrome is abortion, which is the option taken in something like 97% of cases. I remember reading some medical paper about it several years ago, in the New England Journal of Medicine, I think.

Genetic testing, including for Downs, is typically done very early on in pregnancy. So, yeah, if you happen to get a dud, just terminate it and try again. But you probably won't need to.

Yes. Can confirm.

Is there a genetic test for Autism? I would rather my children not have the 'tism. There are too many robots as is.

amazing stuff here wow

Good job user. Make many more.

Natalism is high test.

Operate on the assumption it's not and continue to aim for over breeding racially aware jew aware non self loathing christcucked White children

wonder how closely birthrate is related to psychological feeling of safeness

Very closely. White birth rates always correlate along security. It dipped during the recession, and boomed after WW2.

Kike out.

We aren't going to win by obsessing over some guy, we win by making moves that help us win.

Mercury vaccines, TV and fluoride/aspartame/sucralose etc are the cause of autism. Also, having an ultrasound (((radiation))) scan will make your baby retarded.

All you can do is minimize risk with autism. Choose the youngest mate you legally can. Make sure she hasn't used (((anti depressants))) or hormonal (((birth control))) at least several years before you breed her and that she has had healthy diet and exercise habits her whole life. Consider minimizing vaccines you give your infant.

This is why war exists
To the strong, dominion

We had the same thread last year. These statistics count the races of the mothers, not the actual White birth rate.

Don't trust ZOG statistics or polls, ever.

To add insult to injury, most coal burners are having niglets out of wedlock.



No, if it's mixed race, then it's not white. Non-Hispanic white means non-hispanic white till the end.

I've wondered this myself whether it's the Nordics supreme altruism that calls for this, or whether it's because those areas are simply hit the hardest by propaganda/kike third world forced immigration to "dillute" them. I highly doubt the average person is going out of their way for Somalians specifically.

I have personally come to believe that Whites/Nordics are the highest beings, but have a very serious weakness of extreme altruism. Part of this altruism is why they are the best race, no other race is capable of the compassion and empathy of whites , but without proper leadership that is racially aware of enemies that seek to destroy all that is beautiful(such as Hitler) the race will eventually come to ruin which has already been seen in many areas such as India Pooland, the ME, Egypt, Greece, etc. all areas were aryan and significantly whiter than today.

I don't think it's just Swedes either, but pretty much all Europeans/Whites minus the southern and eastern ones who are more aware because of firsthand experience of their own bloodlines degeneration.

How does TV cause autism? I agree with Mercury vaccines, and fluroide/aspartame are obviously shit but not autism inducing imo.

granted we are talking about actual Autism and not just 4chan speak socially isolated "autists".

Well duh. We need soldiers to wage the race war. Or do you think these shitskins will remove themselves? And don't give us that: "But, drones and AI robots will fight the wars for us," derpy, scifi bullshit.

Reminder that the concept of “bastard” children is a psyop to encourage marriage.

Nordic altruism is largely a meme. None of the people inhabiting Scandinavia had anti-nativist and even suicidal tendencies before the 60's.

In Eastern-Europe we learn about your stupid as naiv "altruism" as "protestant ethics" which made the people more friendly and open-minded to minorities and the different thinkings.

I personally think you guys just got super brainwashed by jew lies and became submissive. Bravo!

Poland is Catholic, Hitler was Catholic, Pinochet was Catholic, nearly every Fascist dictator was Catholic. I don't know of any Protestant ones. It seems like Protestantism and Protestantized Catholiciam is the liberal problem rotting at the root of Christianity.


Protestantism isn't the problem in itself. The problem is with dispensationalism which a lot of protestants have been brainwashed into adopting. Do some research on Darby and Cyrus I. Scofield and the Scofield study bible. Rothschilds basically paid a corrupt politician/lawyer to become a "preacher" once he got out of jail and flew him out to Switzerland to stay in a fancy hotel for 4 years and write the Scofield study bible to convince Christians to support and fund the creation of Israel. Then they had it published through Oxford University (which had up until that point refused to publish any theological books or books by Americans) and pushed it hard to American protestants especially in the 80s by TV preachers which resulted in the cancerous evangelicals we have today who consider the Jews the "chosen people" and think we have to support and die for Israel.

Yeah Catholics are so redpilled!

If you want to worship your kikes and kiss refugee feet, by all means go ahead. But don't bring Hitlers name into it faggot.

Hitler wasn't Catholic, Christian, Protestest whatever either retard. Lol @ thinking he was catholic when Himmler, Rosenberg, Goebells were all in his inner circle and with such high positions.. And how the SS which was Hitlers real personal army used entirely Pagan Symbolism. The SS were a the new pagan warrior class to be the future leaders. All the pictures you see of crosses and shit was by the regular army that Hitler didn't even have complete control of and it's from that same army from which all the Assassantion attempts on him came from. Junker Christcucks like Von Paulus deliberately sabotaging his plans. Christcucks will never be anything more than golems for their jewish masters.

The reason he doesn't say it outright publically and destroy it on the spot is because so many Germans like you were so attached to it and it would have led to more division when he has to prepare for the entire world to fuck with him let his own population. Positive Christianity where he replaced the cross with the Swastika was the long term method of destroying any remnants of it.

Well, it is not impossible that Hitler was an actual Catholic.
But that doesn't mean anything. Everybody is pretty much catholic by default and therefore required to pay ((( Church Tax ))).
I think you need to bring your birth certificate and everything to get out of the scheme.

(criminally unchecked digits)

I think that Nordic altruism is the result of having never experienced other races or Jewish led systems. The Slavic people, for example, were under the boot of Communism for decades, so they naturally have an aversion to Marxist beliefs. The Nordic people have been so successful throughout history that we have never had to coexist with a inferior race. Nordics in Europe surrounded themselves with other white nations. Nordics in North America and Australia overran their natives and imposed segregation laws on non-whites they had to coexist with. An obvious exception to Nordic altruism is the American South and South Africa, as both these regions have been forced to coexist with non-whites and thus have gradually become more redpilled to their ways. One of the defining traits of the white race is our desire to selflessly take care of our fellow man, form close bonds of friendship and work well with other members of our society. This works incredibly well if the person you are helping shares the same beliefs you do. Nordics have foolishly thought that non-whites share these beliefs, due to never having experienced evidence to the contrary (Jews don't help either) and thus treat them as if they will someday do the same for another person. Nordic history is unique in the fact that none of the surviving Nordic nations have ever been weak enough to actually be challenged by non-whites. In almost every encounter with non-whites we hilariously out gunned them.


Hooray, intl continues to post its discredited kikery.

well obviously
a blip so far, we need to grow it like a wave so its visible in all the census charts
OY VEY the tide comes

And their descendants never fall into the concrete jungle hole which reduces birth rate whether or not there is a political ideology being force fed through indoctrination in MSM and Education.

This is the sort of "feed you some quasi-positive but not really" info kikes use to keep you at bay.

No. The system is completely fucked. Total sellout treason across the board. Unbelievably massive chunks of the country destroyed. The numbers are so lopsided already that white births for a year don't make fuck all difference. It's fucked. Fuck you kikes and your bullshit psy op games. No more you fuckers

i dont see a problem with what you describe, where it to rev up to full power

You mean this one?

What the fuck are you talking about?
Christianity is anything but naturalistic - that's why Jews love it so much, in point of fact, relative to pre-Christian European paganism.

What are you talking about, you idiot?
This whole 'spics and niggers and mudslimes don't breed when they have gibs' is absolute nonsense. For fuck's sake, the whole reason this thread is of any interest at all is exactly because its bullshit, with this year being the apparent turn-around on a long-standing behavioral pattern of rapid reproduction when given gibs on behalf of non-Whites.

I'd love to see the data on this.

M8, you're living in a fantasy.

They really don't though. Most of them don't know anything about kikes, and they dislike non-Whites only in so far as non-Whites act niggardly.
Jesus Christ you are fucking retarded.

Which exactly the opposite of Christianity in every conceivable context.

Western PA here, and you're full of shit m8.

So… What you're saying is… You think your own people are a bunch of niggers. But Christianity will also rule the day somehow? Retarded.

I'm quite certain many Americans find sniping to be a dirty mechanism of fighting, and likewise certain many a German was pleased by reports of a successful German sniper.
The American people did not, and most still do not, know about that - and those that do are utterly disgusted by it, for the most part.
You're retarded. Completely fucking retarded m8.
No, lad, that's not what America is about at all - that's merely what its been morphed into over just the last half century or so, and it was not the case at the time of import as regards your comparison.

I'm reporting you, because that nerve gas shit and this insane bullshit that you're spewing is sending up a red flag for glow in the dark niggerdom.

Forgot my pic.

The tax benefits are negligible, and if both parents have well paying jobs it is actually a tax penalty.

I know a girl who is half korean, half el-salvadorian

Le wholesome memes.

Yep, this is me 100%. Libertarianism doesn't work with nogs around. Or when jews capture the government.

Yes, they are generally called "Nationals" in texas to distinguish them from the wetbacks.

He's Habsburg and they're 100% not Spanish. The only time Spain has been relevant beyond its own borders is when they were ruled by a foreign dynasty. That peninsula has been a genetic garbage dump since the neolithic.
Thank god for the Pyrenees.