Australia needs help

as most of you know an african crime gang known as "apex" have been running rampant in Melbourne and the cops can't seem to do fuck all.
we need help tracking these niggers down in the hopes that maybe we can do something about them.

we need help mates, this shit is getting really embarrassing

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the latest

Melbourne isn't Australia.

kill yourself you defeatist scum cunt

Get yourself one of these son.

Kill them. Problem solved.

Melbourne is a big city
we need targets

u gotta bring some info to the table cant just come and make an appeal for help
FB groups?
polite sage i feel this issue as well being from melb

Anything with shit-colored skin.

I've got nothing I'm not from Melbourne
i'm sure these niggers are stupid enough to boast on facebook
it would be pretty bizzar if apex doesn't have a facebook page

it pains me to say this but not all niggers, you can't just get a group to go around killing random niggers it doesn't fucking work, we need to be more tactical.


fake facebook profiles could unearth some info.
they don't know you're white if your profile picture is a nigger

lynch the niggers

Best place to start a search or even jewtube videos
no doubt these cunts have rap tapes uploaded then linked to their Social media
Find that then we are in business

even their gang names have "ape" in them

begging for help online instead of figuring it out yourself

Anyone know what these random sounds are supposed to mean?

fuck i thought abbos were bad

These are the weirdest looking niggers I've seen in a while.

It's the next step in their evolution: a predatory species of primate specifically adapted to hunting amongst docile prey in the heart of a civilised urban jungle.

The year is 2018.
Location: Formerly Australian city of Melbourne.
The prey…

Yeah look at this Article.

Do you know why? If they actually try their jobs then they will be punished so hence the reason why the cops are quitting and the government is having troubles with retaining the cops in.

Typical. Fuck up your home country, go to whiteys country and start fucking that up, then when whitey calls you out on it, "it's basically just racism"

Worse is that the eastern states cops are total cucks and are quick to claim that ape x isn't just sudos, they're troubled youth of all ethnicities.

They couldn't find jobs and they dindu nuffin wrong. All it'll take is a bad recession and Aussies will probably start getting serious about the ethnic situation. Maybe.


Scorched earth m8, it's lost, burn it down.

she'll be right mate

What help are you looking for? Just looking for information?

info and ideas for fucking with these niggers in particular

Use your rights as free citizens to bear arms and kill people who threaten your life. You guys are free citizens, right?


My only advice is to don blackface and attack people with political influence. Kill their wives, their children.

i should probably elaborate so everyone knows the situation here in aus.

ault, murder manslaughter etc.
essentially no australian has any legal right to self defence, and the cops who are charged with protecting us are fucking incompetent at best, though its not entirely their fault

some links about the first 2 claims.

i will fucking make house paint out of their fucking blood and skin if i ever come across one.they have been fucking around near my suburb for far too long and recent events have spurred my hate for them to new levels. im fucking sick of all these gangs and dickheads enabling them because they are black. i have had enough of dealing with these gangs in my neighborhoods.

fuck i messed up. my bad.


i dont mean apex in particular. i shouldnt have said "they", i wasnt thinking about what i was typing, i'll be more careful from here on. some philipinino gang in st.albans makes regular stops around my place and every time they do everyone is on edge and scared shitless due to the fact that no one can (legally) do anything about it. apex has appeared from time to time, but they stopped coming round here after they saw the Philips were here.

no drama mate
it helps to know where they're not, just as well

Why don't you follow the example of those nigs in Chicongo asking for the UN blue helmet faggots to come there. I'm sure your Melbourne ausfags would approve of more cultural enrichment.

the cops can't seem do not deign to do fuck all. protect White people.


You have everything you need, you are just not making use of it. Get a hold of publicly available police reports for areas that are particularly bad. Glean as much info as you can from said documents. Gather a gang of like-minded individuals and go feed the fucking crocs. There's no need for guns, sure they make killing easier, but they're not the only weapon in the world. Do you own a bat/tire-iron/piece of rebar/2x4/tree branch/walking stick/cast-iron frying pan/chair leg/anything blunt and of decent weight? Yes, the first few times you go out will require a hell of a lot of brute strength, but as you work your way through the ranks you will be acquiring any loot you find on your enemies. Thus making the next iteration that much easier. Rinse and repeat till it's no longer a problem. If the keystone cops show up, just remember that they already sold you out. Traitors swing first.

So find them. Gangs are not that hard to track, especially if the locals are talking freely about the problems they cause. Do what white men do, socialize with your local business owners/employees, gather intel, feel out other like-minded people willing to help out. But do not organize in a large formal group, as that will become a target for infiltration.

Here's your problem. There is no defeating the bad ones if they can just hide among the "good ones". The only way to be certain that you have eliminated the threat is to force all of them out. There is no other way! Accept this way of thinking or accept your own defeat.

The only way to stop them is to beat them at their own game. You must become so much more terrifying that they leave. This will require you to do far worse things than they have done in order to get the point across. Think South American Cartel tactics. Ruthless, but effective.

Yes, it does. Again if you look up enough crime reports you'll find the pattern of where they are most likely to be found, and you'll see where they avoid going.

Then it's time you and the other men of the area did some cleaning up. They are not going to leave a target-rich environment voluntarily. They must be shown that it is no longer easy pickings. But if you just drive them out of town they will only migrate to someone else's town and start it all over again. If you want to save lives, you own included, you need to get rid of them in a more permanent way. Time to man up, boys.

you're not wrong

Seriously ausfags, get your guns and get your power back.

Cause the white people keep voting the traitors in so there is no reason for the cops to protect them.

Want some practice merc'ing niggers? Come to SA. We have alot of targets and pisspoor police force.

fuck it, you're right. what is civilization without sacrifice after all? time to set up and mobilize.

welcome to Detroit, faggot

It is a natural tendency for people to try to
make decisions based solely on their own reasoning. The problem with this is that people are motivated by self-interest, and their decisions can appear as scheming, narrow-minded, and weak. This is not the way of Heaven. Unless one is divinely inspired, it is wise to consult an objective party when making a big decision. This person will be fair because he has nothing to gain. In this way you will appear strong and evenhanded, like a mighty tree supported with a strong root, instead of like a twig stuck in the mud.

Are you 12? Figure it out.


This is what happens when you give up your guns. Deal with it, cowards.

shit's fucked



Get mean looking dogs maybe. Niggers hate dogs and your dog getting shot is preferable to you getting shot, it will also be good in a fight and intimidating. (that is if dogs don't just die to snakes or some shit in Australia)
Either that or pay someone to force them out.

Yer fucked m8. Australias Portland

If you dont get rid of their women too, they will just breed more.

Bad video to prove a point. Attacking an old man, woman, semi-cuck, and someone not really interested isn't badass.

Now if you posted this video then you'd have something. Pretty sure he's a slav.

What is with niggers and not being able to take a hit?

It's always nice to see niggers get dropped and some broken rib so

Jesus fucking christ, why stop there


You faggots think this is real, its classic kung fu movie…. You really want to believe blacks are this weak?

Niggers scare easily. We wouldn't have this problem if Vic Police would just gun the filth down like they do in the states.

All niggers have glass jaws, it must have something to do with their skull structure. It literally is one of the easiest ways to drop one down. Hit him on the jaw and he falls like a rock, it doesn't even have to be a strong hit.


Sheeeit,smh fam.

This is the future Australia chose.

Fuck 'em


You mean, they spook easily.

We need to remove all these people from our country.

I really can't help but laugh everytime I hear that gang's name.

Two solutions I can think of off the top of my head, both of which may be usable in conjuction:
1. Form gangs of your own and claim to be jewish calling whoever asks for proof or even questions you antisemetic and play it up even bigger than actual kikes do because the masses avoid confrontation at all costs even if they know its blatant bullshit, just act like a nigger about everything and path of least resistance will do the rest.

2. Begin to weaponize animals, as in literally get a bunch of fucking overly aggressive dangerous emus or some other outback variety killing machine and position them in the same manner as if you were digging a moat filled with crocodiles cliche. They don't even have to be friendly towards anyone, in fact the bigger pain in the ass to deal with the better. The goal is to set up as many dangerous scenarios and hasslements for the gangs as possible, nickel and kike them down war of attrition style. Natural selection and nigger IQ will do the rest or at least cause enough chaos to give more openings for critical strikes.

Wasn't so hard, now was it?

You mean like Cassowaries m8, they're already weaponised.

Exactly, stuff like those mean motherfuckers.
Leave food or something of the sort to attract them in areas where they would bully the gangs or be an annoying detriment at the very least to as many as possible.
You want your bait and bait locations to be replinishable in order to get the mean ass animal pact to establish the area as its territory (the moat the crocs patrol in that metaphor).
In some smaller towns in the midwest United States during the fall, people have to lock up their trash to prevent bears preparing for hibernation from getting into it because bears much like niggers, will keep coming around harrassing people for free gibs.

Animals naturally hate everything nonwhite more than they hate white people which is another advantage.

What sort of housing do they live in? If its a single family home that opens up all sorts of possibilities


What if you turned the left's sacred cows against each other? Bogans could easily be paid to burn shit down or just glass them indiscriminately

Police would have one fucking hayday trying to figure out who to press charges on

Try to leave Sudanese dna at the scene. A lip flap or something.

One would have to go to the Daintree and fight the Emperor Cassowary and win, thereby becoming Emperor Cassowary. One would then lead the Cassowary Army into the north western suburbs of Melbourne and hunt down the sudos. It is a custom that after a victory the Emperor Cassowary mates with every female.


The left hates bogans because they're lower class whites who need the jobs that the foreigners are taking. However, if you got the abos up in arms then that would be significantly harder to downplay. My gut tells me most abos dislike immigration but the prominent half-castes paraded around as "elders" and community leaders are usually pozzed by university education.

With abos you could just roll up in a truck and offer $50 a head to anyone willing to torch a rapefugee centrer (a joke glowinthedark niggers, obviously a joke), left wouldn't know what to do with itself. If you wanted to actually herd them around though, the key is to buy a well spoken one, and then handle all the organisation behind parading him around the petrol enthusiasts and have him speak in a language they understand while pushing whatever agenda you think them capable of. Various right leaning figures have had some success with the natives in burgerland using that tactic.

lets say they do

Stop being such faggots and fight back. Outnumbered 4:1 ? Go down fighting like a fucking king. Live on your feet and not on your knees, for fucks sake. Niggers have weak ankles, jaws, and abs. They're made of air.
Come down to Sydney and see how well behaved our niggers are, there's a reason for that - we will literally crack their skulls over the smallest thing. Look at us wrong and we'll fuck you right up.
If you're ever in a group and you see a couple of them giving shit to some random thot, just go for it, cobber ! Terrorise the fuckers into submission.
Don't forget to turn them against the jew if you can. The more, the merrier.

t. Sydney shitskin
We have lots of new niggers too, but our only problem is that they exist here.

I like how happy some of the guys look in this picture.


Aussie men can, but like their US cousins the apex youths go for women, elderly, and children, and they never fight unless they have you outnumbered.

Wtf is this dindu gibberish. The atrocious lip syncing tops it off.

They would not travel far to crime unless stealing a car to get someplace, and they will be in housing trust, so look for a smashed up housing trust dump full of niggers and you have found your target.




Israel needs help too.

And we don't have the resources to help everybody. Sorry Australia.

My funniest experience in western Australia was when my Samoan neighbour, my PNG neighbour and my aussie neighbour were having a very loud argument over the usual weekly friday night barbie and it looked like fist were about fly when we heard an alarm from the yard. All of us dropped what we were doing and went outside and 3 abos with 1 african were outside pillaging one of the Samoan's car. The Samoan, the PNG and the Aussie immediately put their differences aside and chased them down the street into the abo's house and messed it up good. Some of the other lads chased the nigger up the street and someone managed to somehow produce an iron pipe and went full baseball swing on the nigger's forehead, with the nigger being knocked off his feet in a loop-de-loop but not knocked out.

Well since as usual I was in charge of taking care of the drunk lads, I called the cops in to make sure we don't get one-upped by the other neighbours, got rid of the iron pipe after washing it down with some vinegar and water and wiping it down with a grease cloth and coached all of the people present to say all they did was try to chase down the nigger thief and the nigger thief tripped while panicking and may have broke his head on the pavement. Then I rushed back inside to make sure the shrimp wasn't burned and the lads had food after all this was done.

The cops came and was not able to take anyone into custody because muh racism and they couldn't trust the accounts of an abo accusing someone else of home invasion. We got let off with a "what if they had guns" warning.

let's see what's happened lately

Slightly off topic but any nswfags here that gave got a gun license/raifus etc in the las few years? If so how much did it cost all up, I want to know if i can budget it since sydney is getting closer to melbourne tier niggerdry

huh, some melbourne guy in sweden got stabbed and died
they found the stabber, 25 years old, but won't release more details.
any bets?

I don't understand modern legal systems.

Fucking kek. Can picture it well - great story user, thanks.

so close.


Hey not my fault one of the asian lads couldn't tell the difference between a shrimp and a prawn and got the former.

like we would listen to a non white

Nah it's not worth it. You never know if a buddy of theirs will king hit you from behind, or have a knife or glass bottle or whatever. And there is no honour code anymore, meaning if one person goes down there are no guarantees they won't be kicked in the head or stomped on while on the ground. Even if you win and hurt the other guy, if he's badly injured it could be more trouble than its worth. I agree in theory that we need to show more balls, but we need to pick our battles wisely.

Melbourne is gone man. If it's not nigger gangs it's gonna be deranged Soros-employed leftists.

Right-wing vigilante group when?

Seriously, form a group and tell everyone to call you when these cunts start shit. Coppas aren't going to do anything.

I think you could model it off Golden Dawn in Greece.

Always remember to meme responsibly lads.

It would be great if we could get that Aussie police spokesman recorded giving a national "rememeber to meme responsibly" message in the great Aussie PSA voice.


Can't read that shit without a subscription, nigger.

Be warned, you will imagine here being fucked by a dozen sudos at once.

If your cops are that incompetent then you could probably get away with just ambushing random niggers at night. If they're powerless to stop the niggers, they're powerless to stop you.

we have soldiers of odin apparently patrolling the streets
but again …clearly inept

Not that hard really
How come Ape-X isn't going to Mexico and trying to fuck with the Mexican cartels and muscle in on their drug money?

I think you just have to be the change you want to see in the world. If it's RWDS time then Mad Max needs to go do what he needs to go do.

Are their friendly policemen who could help get a 'citizen's auxillary' off the ground? Men from the neighborhood doing safety patrols and making sure the hoodlums or troublemakers get hauled off to jail or rousted from their comfy places?

Any Queenslanders in here?

They are not traitors, they are jews. The country was set up to enslave Whites, We don't want ANY government. No Whites should want to "vote", it's a fucking scam. Wake up!

Fucking Swinburne. That place needs to be fucking levelled.

Most of the police harbour the same resentment for them as the locals do. Thing is they can't speak about it because MUH PC CULTURE.

Have a couple of mates who work for the police in Melb and any time I bring up even remotely race related issues they make effort to remove themselves from the conversation, just in case someone is listening.

Yeah mate

Which city? Townsville here myself.


It totally is worth it. If they think they can keep getting away with anything, then they'll always try to.
You keep your back to a wall or a pole so they can't hit you from behind. You find the first thing closest to you that you can weaponize - a bottle on the floor, a shopping trolley, even throw rubbish from out of a bin at them to impede their vision for a second, which is long enough for you to get the first king hit in. No honour like you said.
Sunder them by kicking at their weak ankles when you can't get a punch in.
I've been in more than a few fights like this. After you mutilate the first one, the others usually think twice about jumping in. They start hesitating, you make them your bitch.
The cops are so bogged down with reports that they don't even bother trying anymore, why would they make an exception to find you ? In private they would probably be cheering you on.

Everyone listen to this faggot and take note.

PC spies are crawling amonst the cops? That sound creepy.

All of these ape attacks in Europe and Australia are meant to bait us, they're trying to force us to come out. Just like in Sweden, the moment you publically resist, suddenly the previously thought vanished police state is ready to curbstomb you with overwhelming might.

Sadly, we're all going to have to wait it out and prepare as much as possible, redpill people in our areas, get /fit/, save money, stockpile resources, that sort of thing.

How's your federal law enforcement? Why aren't they doing anything?

Didn't all you saffa ex-pat cunts that moved over to that side of the sea warn the cunts? Are you even doing anything or are you pretending SA is a multi-culti paradise but your choice is to remain in aussie territory?
Hope those who lurk here are not hiding any power levels, because if you are, you're a traitor that doesn't belong in SA or AUS. Remember who the experiment was, if you leave the shithole, it's your duty to warn the other, especially the kind-hearted folks who are hosting you as guests in their country. You fucking aussies are one of the last remaining hopes of this world - Stop the PC shit, that's not how we were raised to see arsetralia, we saw Mel and Croc Dundee. Not pussy policewomen who uses loud words to stop jungle bunnies from running amok.

Find out where the creatures' nest is and leave fried chicken nearby that's been laced with arsenic.

There are no Aussies in Melbourne. It's all immigrants.

So do something about it.

This is a good thing. Less cops to enforce order means that people will need to start doing it themselves, and it will be easier to do so without the law interfering.

Going around killing random-ass niggers will do no good. What are the odds you'll kill the right ones, so as to stop the home invasions? Collective punishment doesn't work (cite: Palestinians).


Niggers are opportunists. Go from "free room & board @ Nigger University (prison)" if you lose the gamble to "you die" and they fucking get the message.

So yer fucked, mate. Move to the United States of America.

The point isn't to get the niggers stop. The point is to get them to chimp out even more to the point where it's not possible to cover it up anymore. When the whole city hates them, that is when we win.


I was in Melbourne recently,center city at night.
25% pajeets
25% chinks
25% white
25% arab / other non white.

1) Young non white muslim women with headbags.
2) Groups of 3-5 niggers aged 15-30 years old, wearing mostly black clothing styled after what US niggers would wear. The seem to wander as though looking for something to steal or someone to mug.
3) white men with asian girlfriends.
4 chinks and pajeets seem to enjoy sitting around the city at night in public areas.
5) The police look nervous.
6) Melbourne is no longer a safe place, cherish your memories and photographs of how Melbourne once was; its gone.

Australian police are notoriously corrupt, freemason jewish faggots as police chiefs etc. How fun.

The nigger is optimized for running, particularly running away. You know how their DNA is so different from us, they spent a few million years running away from lions and other predators. We made weapons and fought back against predators.

Remember niggers are terrified of water, so if you need to escape a pack of them find a water source, even a waist deep pond should deter them.
The reason for the fear of water is because Africa is home to Crocodiles and Hippos, that fear of water is deep instinct. there's also fresh water sharks (bull sharks) and sharks in the tropical oceans. To the African, all water is dangerous, no matter how shallow, very few can swim.

The reason for them pack hunting approach is that's how primate/hominids hunted, they would corner prey or run it down, literally chasing it until it collapses from heat exhaustion. Animals have fur and niggers do not.

It looks like they can't take a punch, so throw a few punches, you'd be surprised at how fragile they are despite the bravado. I would suggest that if one goes down stomp on the ankle to stop them getting back up and into the fight again, it might also keep them off the street for a while too.

Spent 5 days in melb last year
Your "city" is fucking disgusting

Off topic, but it always brothered me, how black people wasn't able to conquer the african animal kingdom hence despite they didn't have to deal with brutal killers like wolfpacks and bears (the one man army of the animal kingdom). While whites need to deal with brutal animals, brutal climate, exiguous resources (remember Europe wasn't an open buffet like Africa) and contant rivalry.

And what was their excuse? ''We lived with them with balance" Oh yeah, okay… [fast foward in time] holy shit niggers what are you doing! You massacre the wild life into extinction with our modern weapons!

If someone would make a study on how the socalled "minorites" pollute and destroy our planet then i guess many people would be fucking surprised!

Melby is rekt lel

You goys should find a few Ape-X niggers and try pic related with them. The police know that niggers drink booze and fall off shit all the time

how can we id these urban youths?

they don't have any petrol left because the abbos drank it all

Haha get fucked civvy nats

you know exactly what you need to do. It's your fault for letting it happen in the first place.

Is that a dirty lebo in the white hoodie and black hat mixed in with those niggers? Right there is a perfect example of the courage of a lebo when you see him kicking the guy from behind. That kid getting smashed only has himself to blame though. Power lifting, sprints and martial arts, no excuses.

Yeh I've noticed the Lebs and blacks associating a fair but here in Sydney. Not sure why because Africans are treated like dirt by Lebs in Lebanon

Proselytizing pisslam and hate whitey no doubt.


What sort of Australian are you?


looks like they found some, but this police report is before dailymail's (5 January 2018) article calling for 13.
404 links. they don't take archives, it seems.
but i found this republished on other sites


Guys, I remember there was a research paper showing a higher rate of genes linked to risky impulsive behaviour and risk-taking in Africans.

Would anyone have links to it?

If digits all niggers die

Haven't you seen, Mad Max? It contains all the information about your future OP and what you need to do.

Fuck sake, son. Search for "MAO-A gene". It's not just impulsiveness but extreme and brutal violence.


im no expert, but i had a fairly clear idea that the criminal code has exceptions for assault etc etc, given that it is constituted in self defence. i dont know if the courts have now put some crazy restriction on how 'self defence' is defined, but im 95% sure that clause is still in there

It really depends. I used to go watch the courts as a hobby and I've seen a case where a white guy defended himself against 3 bungas (I think Samoan) who started the fight with him because he refused to buy one of them a drink when asked at the bar.
They waited for him outside and he won.
He got done up though because he kicked one of them while they were down to make sure he wouldn't get up and re-enter the fight.
These bungas were laughing their arses off. I was furious.
Basically you can defend yourself up to the point where they are, in that moment, no longer a direct threat. It's fucked.

Should also add: these things are probably done in order to even out the absurdly disproportionate crime stats. The stats won't show 3 bungas tried to gangbash a white guy - it'll show a white guy did an assault with intent to injure (or some shit).

well thats pretty fucking gay, sure i might understand if it was just 1 on 1 and kicking the guy while he was down isnt necessary, but calling that a crime is still kind of a stretch.
are the juries just all retarded? its kinda shit how things like that still happen despite pretty obvious laws (or so i believe)

can hooktube niggers at least post a description with their vid? thumbnail gives zero info

I quizzed up a boomer the other day in NZ about why their generation hates safas while mine doesn't. She basically said it's because they're racist. So of course I told her "you would be too if you watched people bludgeoned to death by blacks your whole life". Left it at that though since I was at work.

So could be that safas don't want to alienate themselves from shitlibs. From the safas I've met it was about 50:50 naiive shitlib : based ratio. After a couple of drinks and encouraging words though that gets closer to 15:85 (the basedness increases if you open your hand first)

I remember this I was full seething with hatred. The media tried to make it a fucking race issue cos it was an abo and the police were all 'we're charging the home owner with murder'.
Then it came out that the abo that was killed had already been done for raping a child before and the media dropped the entire story with nothing heard since.
Since then I have lost total respect for police.

Probably because the cunts that voted pro-ANC realised their liberal dream world was not going to turn into the utopia they had hoped for. The middle and working class, fuckit, even those who did college and timed it wrong went to do their national service and work to fight communism. Sweden, Denmark supplied the terrs with foods and aid, Russia and Cuba trained them. USA and Israel and Belgium assisted us but the first two turned their backs on us and twisted the knife. The shitlibs you meet are fucking traitors and weasels. The 50% who are real and frank about the situation know what's up and probably used their life-savings to get overseas- they took a huge rick doing so by selling everything they had. They were smart because they got in early, but I bet they miss their beloved country that is now long gone. They're not the pretenders. Brings a smile knowing that you said that to her. Thanks user. We're not racist, we're realists.