It's quite the drama.


t. Wolff.

He totally didn't want to win goys.

I think Bannon is trying to get people to hate free speech.

Because they sucked

Mostly at rallies, probably to create his future consumer base for his TV channel

Publicity stunt

Publicity stunt

Do you really think it would hurt him financially in any way? He could make it all up in a heartbeat with his TV channel. Not only that but before 2015 he was a nobody, a fading icon of '80 business. And I think Trump ego is a little bit too big to let him fade into obscurity

I think this is all an elaborate ruse, much like this thread.

Sometimes I really think the fake news kikes do this shit just to try and get Holla Forums specifically to lose its support to Trump.

Also I've seen this "Drumpf didn't really want to win" Bullshit pushed on cuckchan a few days ago. Sage and reported.

Give us a pdf copy of your book you fucking kike wolf, and don't you dare link to your amazon page.

I knew Wolff's book was fiction but I didn't know it was comedy too

I cant wait for the erotic chapter to be leaked


reported for shit.

Oliver you are a fucking retard.

You do realize that Liberals and Cuckservstives losing to someone who wasn't even trying says more about the first two than the third, yes?

Can any of you cast your mind back a couple of years ago when Lord Emperor Trumpstein announced he would stand for election, he and Bannon constructed a scheme where he would "dog whistle" to the newly created controlled opposition of the aut-right pretending that Trump is a secretly based white nationalist when he in fact was really a jewish tool of distraction.

He and Bannon came up with the idea to pretend that Trump and Hillary were enemies, even going so far as to pretend "he would lock her up".

The mostly left-wing jewish media pretended that Trump was a secret nazi, just like TRS and DS did, this was of course a\ carefully crafted psyop, which seemed to suck in the most retarded low IQ drones we have amongst us, unfortunately all the legit anons with high IQ were not just shouted down, but systematically removed from all chat boards like TRS/DS and the chan boards.

Over the last few years peopl;e suspected that places like Holla Forums were now hijacked by Kushner, because of all the odious jews that routinely police these boards and harass and mass report anyone daring to criticise the jewish psyop of Trumpstein's campaign.

Now because of the way the based mods have reacted to this story
Many now see it may be Bannon who bought the chan boards to promote the great Trumpstein swindle.

Considering these self-evident facts about the Trump charade, it's highly likely this also is a planned distraction to create confusion keeping the retarded aut-right in the divide and conquer state of hypnotization, pro-ZOG aut-right battling with the pro-ZOG Bannon kikes, while Trump continues to sell America down the drain and continue proxy wars for isreal as was the plan all along.

Either way, it's now looking hysterically like Holla Forums is literally Breibart-lite, with the exact same jIDF kike harassing every user off Holla Forums, with the based mods backing up the openly jewish trolls endlessly shilling for ZOG here by banning them.

Irony is of course, there's even more freedom of speech on breibart than here, of which there is none regarding criticism of ZOG, but at least the paid jIDF on Breibart don't openly laugh out loud and brag openly among the jIDF trolls in the threads on j-bart boasting about getting every single non-jew banned from the comments like they do on here.

So Kushner-bux may be wrong and it's in fact Bannon-bux that motivates the kikes on Holla Forums

This photo except you

Imagine being so corrupt and scared of prosecution that the only thing you can do is to create lies to try and chase his supporters away. Also imagine how much more motivation Trump will have to throw the book at whoever is responsible for trying to smear his family in the press.

This book reads like a gay man's attempt at wooing cat ladies. Utter nonsense trash peddled to try to make liberals feel good about being utter failures.

You should consider taking a different class or you guys should really fire the manager in charge because your shilling is getting absolutely embarrassing.


Oh, it's (((him))) again. Came back from your mental hospital after being btfo by everyone again? And those typos, tsk-tsk. Man, you're getting sloppy by the day.

Can one of the based teams who mass report any user not playing along with the jewish narrative whether we should all throw our blind support still with Trump or should we all now become Bannon-bots?

What is the boards stance on the cartoon duel between these two heroes of kosher nationalism?

So which is it
Are we team Trump or team Bannon?
It would help with avoiding the wrath we face here for criticizing ZOG

This. It's encouraging because it shows how incompetent the people we face are and thus, how hopeless things aren't.

No source, no respect.

Fuck off schlomo. Nice mental gymnastics.

Really gets my noggin jogging, kike. It’s absolutely pathetic how little you faggots have and how desperately you still try to shill against the man.

Saged and reported for subversion.

I wonder if leftists have to believe this just so it doesn't crush their egos, or if they're just pushing it as their new DON'T WORRY EVERYONE TRUMP WILL BE IMPEACHED ANY DAY NOW

The whole thing is fake news with no sources designed to stir up controversy, you nigger. So either you aren’t from here or you’re just a kike trying to push an already debunked narrative in an obvious slide thread.


Seems like the earlobe spacing OP is pretty "invested" in this narrative, willing to defend it at the costs of looking like a foreign sperge shill.

For two days now youand your gang have been insisting this is baseless, even though Trump has been tweeted confirmation of this "dispute" between him and Bannon.

Of course it could be fake news, as in Trump will lock up Hillary fake news, but nonetheless, Trump himself is going along with this attack between Donald and "sloppy Steve"

Yet you are the one here plainly lying and pretending none of this is happening, yet it's being played out in real-time,all easily corroborated by just loading up Trump's twitter page.

While it is a plausible scenario.
For us it's irrelevant.
Trump and Bannon have already done what we needed them to do.

They could both drop this moment and it would change nothing for us. Our goal and desires for them have been obtained.
The white man has realised he is not alone and the overton window has been widened enough to allow people to advocate for the existence of whites without being immediately shunned and imprisoned.

If we get a wall out of him then that's just gravy.

That's a lot of pilpul, not so many sources.

Again a moron comes along with a piss poor attempt at damage limitation.

While the entire Trump/Bannon spat may be another jewish hoax, Trump and Bannon are at least very publicly acting out like they are now fighting, as confirmed by Trump and his son Jnr's public twitter accounts.

I do agree with one thing you damage limitation anons are pushing though, it most likely is fake news, only it's fake news that Trump and Bannon are propagating and playing out in the public eye.

The user you originally replied to said this is fake news, and you said he was talking bullshit. Now you're saying it's fake news after being asked for sources. Terrible jewing 3/10 see me after the shoah.

Being a boomer I could see Bannon really thinking Kushner and Don Jr. talking to Russian lawyers to get dirt on Hillary is treason.

Now they totally fucked up by giving this Wolff guy any access, they should have looked into him and seen he'd pulled a similar stunt against Rupert Murdoch and then told him to fuck off.

Bannon is proving ineffective at fighting the GOPe.

What this is really showing is that cucky "economic nationalism" doesn't work, what you really need is extremism. Bannon cucked and it got him nowhere.

ESL foreign interloper detected. Fuck off.