Afd Politician calles Boris Becker's son a little halbneger

Afd Politician calles Boris Becker's son a little halbneger

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AfD politician sparks outcry with racial slur against Boris Becker’s son

German tennis star’s family pursuing legal action.
An MP from the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) sparked outcry over a tweet that used a racial slur against tennis star Boris Becker’s son.

After Noah Becker, who is mixed race, said he had been attacked due to his skin color, a tweet from AfD MP Jens Maier’s account called him a “little Halbneger looking for attention” — which roughly translates as half-nigger. The tweet, sent on Tuesday, also said the only thing that could explain the younger Becker’s behavior was that he “apparently just got too little attention.”

The tweet was later deleted. Maier told a Bild journalist via Twitter on Wednesday that “an employee” had posted the message and that it was removed “immediately once it became known.” Bild reported that Maier would not name the employee nor what consequences the person could face.

this is now all over european MSM

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Proposal: We hijack that dumb Soros I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white ass meme and use it to poke fun at half-breeds who are pretending to be European

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He should be publicly crucified to set an example. Crucifixions really ought to come back.

Great idea. It's so cruel and mean-spirited that leftists won't be able to help spreading it themselves by talking about how horrible it is. There's also white women who can't stand being socially shamed and out-grouped, and will think twice before burning coal.

I'm already trolling on some msm sites.
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Need I remind you that's not the real Boris, right? I hate to add another thump to the well-beaten drum but the real deal died sometime in the 80s and was replaced around the time he got famous.

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Boris Becker reveals he no longer feels German and wants to be buried in Wimbledon

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I thought that was whole point of the meme originally anyway, to shame half-breeds or those who begated them and to overall generate disgust over race-mixing

Shitskin on the left will never Teutisch, National Socialists will ensure this.

Becker and his wife split after seven-year fight against racism

By Hugh Davies and Hannah Cleaver in Berlin

12:00AM GMT 06 Dec 2000

THE former Wimbledon champion Boris Becker has separated from his wife, Barbara, after seven years of marriage.

The move surprised the tennis world, which for so long had admired their stand against racial hatred. The prejudice had driven them from their home in Munich into exile in Miami, although they found America as intolerant as their native Germany.


However, with neo-Nazism on the rise, they had to be under 24-hour protection because of telephone threats and racial abuse. Becker went on German television three years ago, saying he had no wish to bring up his son, Noah, in a land where "he will be confronted with problems which are not his own but those of his parents".

To the outside world, they seemed a devoted couple. However, in the summer Becker hinted at the strains in his life, saying: "I have a black wife and black children and I'm not just talking about it. I live with this problem day to day."

But he also said that he felt the problem was just as bad in other countries. "When we travel we always find that the intolerance in countries such as Britain, France and the USA is even worse than in Germany. The paradise where people with different religions and skin colours can live together without problems does not exist."



Obviously Noah's not a half-nigger,he's a

I live with this problem day to day."

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So close and yet so far, if only he would realize also that it ~cannot~ exist.

Becker was infamous for only dicking mudwomen as soon as he had success.
He's also a disgusting narcissist who threw all of his trainers and mentors under the bus repeadetly but that's another story

The tweet emerged after an article in a German magazine in which Noah, 23, said Berlin was a "white city" compared with London or Paris, and that he'd been attacked there because of his skin colour.

"Yes, I have also been attacked because of my brown skin colour," he said. "In comparison to London or Paris, Berlin is a white city."

Maier, a member of the Alternative for Germany party, reacted on Tuesday by posting a racist slur on Twitter that he later deleted.

The politician later denied writing the controversial Tweet himself. He said one of his employees had written the tweet, the German news agency dpa reported.

Last year Maier, a judge from the eastern German state of Saxony, was reprimanded by a court in Dresden for using far-right slogans, according to dpa.

Noah Becker is the son of three-time Wimbledon champion and his ex-wife Barbara Becker, who has a German mother and an African-American father. He works as an artist and musician and lives in Berlin.

In the interview with emotion magazine, which first published excerpts on Tuesday, Noah Becker was asked if he has experienced racism in Berlin.

He's regretting drilling oil for sure.
WHat bothers me most is Noah is also racemixing and this is unacceptable

Is this a good red-pilling chance? I think so.

This is good AND easy to do.
1. Link the meme to racemixing.
2. Watch it become blackface 2.0

Exactly. It's a delusion.


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Boris Becker isn't white. He's jewish.,3722045&dq=boris-becker-talks-to-eleanor-mills-about-his-days-on
His mother is a jewish convert to Catholicism.
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No loss, his seed was already corrupted by the Curse of Canaan

This seems to trigger lefties alot.
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I thought he looked "off."

So because Becker is now a "jew" this is not a great troll opportunity to go balls in against racemixing?


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Not how it works.
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Shhhhhhiiiiiittttttt I thought that was just a meme. Turns out it was based on a real mong.

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What makes the one drop rule not work, when mischlings failed the German reich?

Ever the optimist. kek

He should know there are people willing to help.

He does not even look like Becker.

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Shit. I think that black bitch cucked Becker with her Spic "partner". The oldest son looks more like Juan than Boris.

Berlin is a white city."





The religious neo-German crusade against the "far right" continues unabated.



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Niggers routinely chop up women in that country and rape them in front of crowds. None of that is reason for concern. But name calling is where they draw the line. Somebody's career has to end over this.

Made some crude memes.
I don't have good equipment for this.

If you can make these better, without fucking cucking about it and watering down the message.
Feel free to do so.

Fuck normies, and pandering to their "mild redpill" just tell them how it is.

Miscegenation is truly a mental illness.

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the final result should be more disgusting, add maggots or something






In my country leftards are trying to spin this as annuda Hitler. Constant attacks on AfD

Funny enough the Man in the Mirror has a link to Mona and her mirror which is through which the Man in the Moon communes with Middle-Earth. The rune poem on him states he shall draw the roots of the vile by fungus and everyone knows the rootless tree falls.

Funny enough look at this thread next to kurz for max.lulz
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Well this got slid. I don't really mind tbqh. I trolled the everliving fuck out of it in my msm


Sometimes I just have to treat mYself to a honey tea and a morbidelli to remind myself how brilliant I am

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I saw on Holla Forums a while ago that watching maggots squirm elicits the same disgust response as watching faggots kiss or racemixed couples. Could be interesting to add maggots.

This is good -

I am actually wondering weather or not this is true or if the mongrelspawners are just virtue signalling their ass off.

That is how i imagine Robinson Crusoe on his Island.

I don't what that thing next to him is but I don't think it is white. Looks more like mystery meat to me in which case the halfnigger can't make it worse.

I know it is for the lulz but translating that phrase into german just makes it sound utterly retarded.

Congrats you triggered my linguistic autism

Memes only require the truth, user. Most people will, when seeing the juxtaposition, feel the impact. Every man has memories of their father.

if there is nothing wrong with being a nigger?
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I wouldn't use that last pic. It looks like 2 ugly parents produced half-decent looking offspring.

It's perfectly usable.

While I tend to agree with that user, I hope you noticed that pic 1 and last pic feature the same racemixing cunts.

The point is that none of them look white.
It's like he never had children at all.

i put the pics together but added some shitty text, maybe someone can edit it properly

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Good version, too. Snappy and to the point.