All the activity of the modern far-right is just blah blah blah chat. They talk about what Soros and Rothschild are bad greedy kikes, but they did not even try to kill the rich juden, to give their lives for it. wow, but there are whores like Laurn “black cock queen” Southn, there is a fucking meme war for children. POWERFUL. when discussing about feat of Dylan the Roof, they start to squeal "oh no it's too hard no no it’s brutal." these weaklings feel sorry for a couple of black monkeys, just fucking wow. the leftwingers killed tzars, the leftwingers slaughtered children in the name of their ideas. Modern far-right are pathetic cocksuckers who can neither arrange a teract or kill a pair of colored ones. but they can PRAISE KEK and download new Kendrick Lamar album…wow. so much…POWERFUL like dumb hashtags #MAGA #find_Jewus. so fucking powerful. You see? Everything ok now just post some shit on twitter rt Dickey Spencer and everythin go ok
White people are pathetic and doomed. Kill or be killed and replaced. Modern days conservatism can't change nothing it's a cancer for weak white trump cucks

You forgot your hat, sir.

Not an argument, impotent

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We need to kickstart a meteor hitting earth.

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Oh, so it is now of being an attention whore and begging for someone to reply to this thread so you can keep it in page one? Well Talking to yourself is another option which you prefer, so have a go and show everyone what a big boy you are.

ITT triggered christcuck

Left and right are illusions. Killing jews is the only thing you should be thinking about. Then putting the thoughts into action.

When I studied the history of my country, red revolutionaries were always described as cowards who would use terror tactics against their enemies and would never engage in direct fights. They also knew that taking over the weakened government after WW2 wouldn't result in anything good as even the poorest farmers would rise up against a commie government, so they waited for the good old USSR to do the work for them by force.
Very brave, indeed.

Yep. Rich top NWO kikes

Our duty is waking up the masses.
Their duty is pouring out justice upon the Enemy.

ITT: Babbies first encounter with the alt-right.

Good thing Holla Forums isn't alt-right though.



Yeah next time I bump into either of them I'll give em what's for.


Hi there FBI. Still sucking at your job I see


You are right, but this place is just reddit where you can say nigger.

Watcha slidin' Tyrone Silverstein?

ITT the smartest post

Your not wrong about right wingers. But personally, go kill some niggers then


Trump was jewish cuck since 2000x
MAGA retards real brainlets

OP, what do you want message to convey by forcing this thread to be afloat since you keep using your proxies, hopping around, acting like a retard and embarrassing yourself in front of everyone?

I am FBI. see
Also use 113032023940230 proxies (!wow). Welcome fellow white people, let's watch new Netflix series Western World will be saved

Are you having a stroke?

killing some individuals will change nothing. Its the time for propaganda and gaining manpower, for moving our ideas from fringe to mainstream, to optimize our odds before the great is not over, it has only just begun.